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Character   Played By Apeared
Bishop Gardner   John Bird  
Smarty Garret   David Park  
Garath   Michael Norris  
Gary (1)   Paul Rosebury  
Gary (2)   Gary Halliday  
Gorden Kaye (1972)
Prof. Georgeson   Gary Merry  
Alison Gibbons
Carolyn Moody (1973-1975)
Lesley Gibson   Jane Collins  
Mr. Gibson.   John Rolls  
Mrs Gibson.   Joan Heath  
Jessi Gillin   John Abineri  
Davy Gimbe   Graig Porteous  
Freda Gimbel   Mary Henry  
Jim Gimbel   John Atkinson  
Kathy Gimbel   Polly Hemmingway  
Martin Gimbel   George Fenton  


Penny Golightly.   Louisa Martin  
Fiona Goodwin   Olwen May  
Rhona Goskirk
Zoë Henry (small part 17th September - 1st October 2001 and returned in a bigger role 24th June 2002 - 24 June 2002 - December 2002)
Geoff Graham
  Jack Lord Featured from 30 September 2002 -
Grainger   Roy Alon  
Dr Maurice Grant   Arthur Hewlett  

Lila Griffith

social worker dealing with Jean Tate's adoption

Liz Stooke Featured week beginning 24th February 2003, week beginning 3rd March 2003
Nicky Groves   David Barnes  
Winn Groves   Jane Wood  
Gunnerson   Peter Welch  
Asta Gunnerson   Madeline Hine  
Mrs Gunnerson   Shiela Mathews  
Olof Gunnerson   Jurgen Mathews  
Gypsy Gaye Brown 18th August 2004, 19th August 2004,
Gypsy (1)
(not connected with the one played by Gay Brown)
Craig Fairbass Appearance not known
Gypsy (2)
(not connected with the one played by Gay Brown)
Clare Kelly Appearance not known