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Character   Played By Apeared



PC Calburn
Danny Lawrence 15th December 2003, 8th February 2004, 29th February 2004, 18th May 2004, 18th May 2004, 19th May 2004, 7th July 2004, 14th July 2004, 15th July 2004, 13th August 2004,
Chelsea Campbell
School Friend of Donna's and a bad influence
Elizabeth Ingram (7 episodes 1998)
Michael Howley (March 1999)
Don't confuse with Carlos Diaz
Ellis Jones  
Lindsay Carmichael
A girlfriend of Archie Brooks. Michelle Holmes later came back to play Britt Woods.
Michelle Holmes  
Brian Carter
Ray Float  
Had a fling with Scott while he was in the army
JACINTA MULCAHY Featured September- October 1998
Denise Carter
Maxine Burth (2000)
John Carter   Nicholas Fry  
Richie Carter
Glenn Lamont (May 1999- 2001)
Maggie Cassidy
Juliette Ellis 8 episodes 1999)
Alison Caswell   Juile Brennan  
Jacqueline Pilton

15th May 2003, 26-27, 30 June 2003,re-appeared throughout July-August 2003

Previously appeared :-
as Phylis 7 th January 1999 ep 2469

Mick Cavan   David Kelly  
Celia   Penelope Horner  
Rev Hugh Chadband   Ted Richards  
Rev Tony Charlton
Stephen Rashbrook  
Chuck   Stuart Wolfenden  
Graham Clark
Kevin Pallister (160 episodes 1998-2000)
Faye Clarke
Girlfriend of Steve Marchant
Helena Calvert (August - October 1996)
Barry Clegg
1st husband of Lisa Clegg/Dingle
Bernard Wrigley (1997)
Martine H. Davis (4 episodes 1999)
Clerk (billed as "Court Usher" on the 5th August 2004 episode)
Duncan Holmes 19th January 2004, 20th January 2004, 21st January 2004, 22nd January 2004, 5th August 2004,
Melanie Clifford   Joanne Woodcock  
Judge Clifton Dinah Handley 25th June 2004, 18th Julyy 2004, 5th August 2004,
Ms. Clough
Naomie Thompson (January 2000)
Naomi Clough
Pat Becket  
Ian Cook   Michael Greatorex  
D.I. Cooke
Susie Baxter (15 episodes 1997)
Colin   Martyn Jacobs  
DC Collins
died in the same car crash as Angie Reynolds Trevor Fox
November - 22 November 2002
Arthur Collins   John McGregor  
Pete Collins
Kirk Smith (81 episodes 1999-2000)
Conjuror   Robert Sinclair  
Jed Connell
Ian Bowler (featured March-April 1996)
Mr Cornwall   Barry Cookson  
Mrs Coulter   Sally Adams  
Pip Coulter   Julie Dawn Cole  
Will Coulter   Peter Wallis  
Rev David Cowper   John Abbott  
Badger Cox   Norman Pitt  
Greg Cox
ex-boyfriend of Charlie Cairns who turned out to be Father of Geri Cairns - after a one night stand with 13 year old Emma Cairns
Danny Seward (1997)
Julie Croft
Gwyneth Powell (1976)
Will Croft
William Simons (1976)
Lily Cropper   Gwen Harris  
James Crossley (gladiator Hunter) James Crossley [as himself]  
Beryl Crossthwaite
2nd cousin of Annie..

Joan Scott

Ronnie Crossthwaite
Royston Tickner  
Sharon Crossthwaite
First character to be killed in "Emmerdale Farm", she was raped and murdered.

Louise Jameson (1973)
Anne Cullen
Andy's teacher
Heather Peace (1996-1997)
Kate Cunningham
Helen Kay Featured Week Beginning 14th April 2003
Margaret Cunningham
June Broughton (September 1996, 5 episodes 1998)
Roger Harrington (1997)
DC Collins

Trevor Fox November - 22 November 2002
Curator   Roger Harrington  
Ms Curtis
Helen Kay (9-11/1999)
Willy Cuthbertson   Ken Hayward  
Cyril   Frederick Peisley