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The Blackstocks/Lambert/Thomas' Families

Baby Gabby's christening - from L to R, Nicola, Ashley, Bernice, Gabby, Rodney and Diane

Character   Played By Apeared

Born: 1961
Married Bernice Blackstock
25 December 2000
Divorced 2002
Daughter Gabrielle Thomas.


John Middleton 5 December 1996 -
Eldest Daughter of Rodney Blackstock by his 1st wife Diane Lambert.
Born: 29 December 1968. (In June 2002 Diane said her daughter was aged thirty-three and the date was confirmed by the 30 Years of Ememrdale book.)
Married 1st Anthony Binns. Divorced
Married 2nd Ashley Thomas 25 December 2000. Divorced 2002.
Mother of Gabrielle Thomas
As of September 2004 Bernice is pregnant with her 2nd child off screen. Father unknown to viewers.
Bernice had a brief ill-fated engagement to Gavin Ferris in 1999.
Samantha Giles 25 November 1998 - 21 April 2002
Voice heard in 1st January 2004 episode on an answering machine
16th January 2004 - 30th January 2004

nee Lambert
Mother of Bernice, 1st wife of Rodney Blackstock
Born 21 June 1947.
Diane Married 2nd Jack Sugden 21 September 2004

Elizabeth Estensen 23 November 1999 -

Born: 1949
Married 1stMarried 1st 1960s Diane Lambert
divorced circa 1974/1975
Married 2nd Maureen divorced
Two daughters:- Bernice (from 1st marriage) and Nicola (from 2nd marriage). 1 Son Paul Lambert.


Patrick Mower 24 October 2000 -

Half-sister of Bernice, younger daughter of Rodney - by his 2nd wife Maureen..
Revealed around the 12 August 2002 to be 24 years old.
The Little Book of Emmerdale (2002) confirmed that she was born 1978
Currently engaged to Simon Meredith (previously engaged in 2001 to Carlos Diaz however they never married).


Nicola Wheeler 10 January 2001 -

younger sister of Diane Blackstock. Has two children one gay son Paul Lambert and a daughter Sharon.

Had a long standing relationship with Jimmy Pepper (possibly was even married to him). Until 21 Sept 2004 he was thought to be Paul's father. However then it was revealed Paul was in fact Rodney Blackstock's son.



Charlie Hardwick 1st February 2004 -

Son of Val Lambert & Rodney Blackstock.
(Paul grew up thinking Jimmy Pepper was his father, however the viewers suspected long before it was reveailed he was Rodney Blackstock's son from his affair with Val when she was 19).


Mathew Bose 10th September 2004 -

Mother of Nicola, 2nd wife of Rodney Blackstock.



Joanna Monro 2nd 10th October 2001

Born: 25 December 2001
Daughter of Ashley Thomas and Bernice Blackstock



Heather Franks
Jemma Giles
Annelise Manojlvic (who currently plays her)
(25 December 2001- )
Jimmy Pepper
Val Lambert's ex and until 22nd August 2005, he thought he was Paul Lambert's real father.
Michael Gunn 23rd August 2005, 24th August 2005, 25th August 2005, 5th Septmeber 2005, 6th September 2005, 7th September 2005,
Sharon Lambert
Daughter of Val Lambert. Not alot is known about her other than she is younger than Paul. As of the 21st August 2005 her family no longer know where she lives other turning up at her address in Newcastle to find that she had run off with no forwarding address and a whole host of people looking for her as she had taken their money. Her father could be Jimmy Pepper but that is looking doubtful following her last mention.
N/A not yet seen
Diane N.
("Little Diane")
Daughte of Bernice and her new partner Charlie N. "Little Diane" was born off-screen 21st September 2004.
N/A not seen
She is 15 in 2005 and is Ashley's niece (daughter of Ashley's brother Luke). Birthday 16th August. Her year of birth is probably 1989 as we were led to believe she was 15 when she arrived in Emmerdale.
Jenna-Louise Coleman 30th June 2005 -
Luke Thomas
Brother of Ashley. Father of Jasmine. He is an atheist.
?? ?? ?? ?? Not Yet Seen
?? Thomas
Father of Ashley and Luke. Grandfather of Jasmine.
Freddie Jones Coming Soon

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