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All Time Cast & Characters

The Blackstocks/Lambert/Thomas' Families

Baby Gabby's christening - from L to R, Nicola, Ashley, Bernice, Gabby, Rodney and Diane

Character   Played By Apeared
Born: 1961 John Middleton 5 December 1996 -
nee Blackstock
Born: 29 December 1968. (In June 2002 Diane said her daughter was aged thirty-three.)
Married 1st Anthony Binns
Married 2nd Ashley Thomas 24 December 2000, Mother of Gabrielle
Samantha Giles 25 November 1998 - 21 April 2002
nee Lambert
Mother of Bernice, 1st wife of Rodney
Born 21 June 1947.
According to "30 Years of Emmerdale" she has a nephew called Paul who may or may not have featured/mentioned in the seriel.
Elizabeth Estensen 23 November 1999 -
Father of Bernice.
Born: 1949
Patrick Mower 24 October 2000 -

Half-sister of Bernice, younger daughter of Rodney.
Revealed around the 12 August 2002 to be 24 years old.
The Little Book of Emmerdale (2002) confirmed that she was born 1978

Nicola Wheeler 10 January 2001 -
younger sister of Diane Blackstock. Has two children one gay son Paul who lives in Canada and a daughter. Charlie Hardwick 1st February 2004 -
Mother of Nicola, 2nd wife of Rodney. Joanna Monro (2nd – 10th October 2001)
Born: 25 December 2001 Heather Franks
Jemma Giles
Annelise Manojlvic
(25 December 2001- )

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