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Character   Played By Apeared
George Baily
  Blake Butler  
Tom Bainbridge
School teacher who lodged with Betty Eagleton and became Kelly Windsor's lover.
Jeremy Turner-Welch (Autumn 1996-Spring 1997)
Mr Bakewell
  Jim Wiggins  
PC Ball
  Christopher Wray  
P C Banks Kate Trafford 13th August 2004,
Heather Bannerman
  Wanda Ventham  
Steven Bannerman
  Jon Laurimore  
Joan Barnes
  Sally Sheridan  
Jane Barnet
  Deborah Chad (2 episodes 1998, 5 episodes 1999)
Dave Barnham
  Phil Corbitt  
Tony Barclay
Alun Lewis would come back to Emmerdale as another character, Vic Windsor (1993-1998). Alun Lewis (1989)
Paula Barker
  Judy Brooke  
Ted Barker
  Roger Bizley  
DS Karen Barnborough
Joanne Mitchell first appeared 18th July 2003, seen again 22 July 2003
Joan Barnes
  Sally Sheridan (1997)
Mr Barnes
Geoffrey Andrews  
  George Melpas  
Susan Barr
  Emma Nanson (September 1997)
Renee Barstow
  Tessa Worsley  
Joanna Barton
Kim's solicitor Fiona MacPherson (1996-1997)
Tim Bascombe
  John Gower  
  Peter Denyer  
Colin Batty
  Andrew Livingston (1997)
Jimmy Batty
  Jack Marsden (1997)
Margaret Beckett
  Susan Wooldridge  
Dezzy Bell
The actres later turned up as another Helen Ackroyd, see All Time cast A. Kathryn Apanowicz (arond 1992)
Mickey Bell
  James McMartin (12 episodes 1998)
Nurse Bell
Hired by Frank Tate to keep an eye on his wife Kim during the final stages of her pregnancy. Jane Hollowood Summer 1996
Tony Bell
(Ray Mullan's assistant - character revealed to Louise Appleton as having been murdered by Ray on the 25 December 2002)
Phil Atkinson re-occuring role from end of 2001, last seen June 2002
  Gareth Duxbury (March 1999)
Dr Beneke Maxine Finch 25th August 2004,
Carol Benfield
  Ann Holloway  
Martin Bennett
  John Pickles  
Sandra Bennett
  Joanna Cooper  
Big Mick   Billy Trotter 19th August 2004,
  William Ivory  
Shirley Stelfox (25 May 2000 - )
Raine Davison 31 August 2001 - January 2002
  Noel Coleman  
The Bishop
  Ronald Leigh-Hunt  
The Bishop
The Bishop to Ashley Thomas
Peter Cartwright Re-occuring role since July 2000 - last seen to date 16tth - 18th December 2003, 21st January 2004, 6th August 2004, 27th August 2004,
David Blackmore
  Louis Sheldon  
George Bladon
  Geoffrey Leesley  
  John Gatrell  
Mike Blake
  Barry James Anderson (2000)
Rod Blake
  Peter Attard  
Frank Blakey
  Eric Allan  
Janie Blakey
  Diane Grayson  
Edward Blanchard
  Edward Applewhite (3 episodes 2000)
Mrs Blenkinsop
  Olive Pendleton  
  Michael Prince  
James Bonfils
  Tom Browne  
Ian Botham
  Ian Botham as himself February 1995
Bouncer (nightclub)
  Adam Fogerty

one episode 1996

would later play fireman "Jez Hudson" in April 1998 who briefly dated Kathy Glover

  Liz Hume-Dawson (January 1999)
Eileen Bowker
  Pauline Letts  
  Roger Walker  
Jonny Bradley
  Ben Bryant (6 episodes 2000)
Dr Pam Bradshaw
  Nicola Burnett-Smith  
Arthur Braithwaite
  Max Wall  
Julie Bramhope
  Ruth Whitehead  
Gus Brantford
  Kenneth Watson  
  Rosalind Bailey  
Craig Briggs Nick Stanley 1st August 2004, 4th August 2004,
April Brooks
  Anna Keaveney  
Tony Pitts (August 1983 -30 December 1993)
Suzi Brown
  Sian Foulkes 21 - 22 November 2002
Letty Brewer
  Diana Davies  
Hilary Browning
  Sarah Parks  
PC Bruce
  Jenni Williams 21, 25 November 2002, December 2002
Poppy Bruce
  Anna Friel (1992)
DC Brundel
  Ian Ralph (2000)
Harriet Buchan
  Sheila Grier  
  Norman Mitchell  
Gladys Bullock
  Sandra Voe  
Mrs Bulstrode
  Stephanie Cole  
Percy Bunskip
  Clifford Kershaw  

Chantelle Burgess
(fostered by Paddy & Emily)
Lucy Madden Featured week of 9th December 2002

Carly Burgess
(fostered by Paddy & Emily)
Nicola Headley Featured week of 9th December 2002
Jacob Burleigh
Fostered by Emily and Paddy Kirk Jack Lloyd Davies Featured week of 2nd December 2002
Desmond ("Des") Burtenshaw
Old friend of Frank Tate's
Tony Barton (featured, 1995-1997)
William Snape 17 January 2003 - 22 May 2003
Martin Butler
  Steve Morle  
Wilf Butler
Peter Armitage 13 January 2003 - May 2003
Debbie Buttershaw
  Rebekah Joy Gilgan