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All Time Cast & Characters

The Armstrongs & Eagletons

Character   Played By Apeared
Born: 12 November 1926 Stan Richards 16 May 1978 -
wife of Seth
Born: 12 August 1934
Died: 2 February 1993
Ursula Camm
Ruth Holden
appeared periodically between 1978-1993

(née Prendagast - used du Pont as a working name in her youth)
claimes to be Born 22 January 1934

childhood sweetheart of Seth and now live-in companions.

Paula Tilbrook 12 April 1994 -
Fred Armstrong Son of Seth Juilan Garlick  
Jimmy Armstrong. Son of Seth Lennox Greeve  
Susan Armstrong Married to Jimmy Catherine Terris  
  Betty's father   Appeared Autumn 1994
Wally Eagleton late husband of Betty,   not seen?

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