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Note: These birthdays have been collected mainly from the scripts and gravestones shown in the programme. In some instances backed up by "30 Years of Emmerdal" (Lance Parkin 2002). In many cases there are controdictions and scripts have been changed. All that are known are noted.

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Actor Actor's Birthday Character Character's Birthday
Martin Reeve   Brian Addyman ?? ?? 1960
Emily Symons 10 August 1969 Louise Appleton 1968
Stan Richards December 8th 1930 Seth Armstrong 12 or 26 November 1926
Ursula Camm

Ruth Holden
  Margaret ("Meg") Armstrong wife of Seth
Born: 12 August 1934
Died: 2 February 1993

Kimberley Hewitt

Rachel Tolboys


Alice Rose Bates (1991-1993)

Alice Rose Bates (1993-1999), 2001)

14 February 1991
Tom Adams 3 September 1938, Malcolm Bates  
Cy Chadwick 2 June 1969, Nick Bates 3 September 1969
?? ??   William Malcolm Bates b 29 Oct 1987, son of Malcolm Bates by Sonia
Peter Cartwright 30 August 1935, The Bishop (2000)  
Elizabeth Estensen, August 10th 1949 Diane Blackstock 21 June 1947
Nicola Wheeler   Nicola Blackstock 1978
Patrick Mower, September 12th 1940 Rodney Blackstock 1949
Shirley Stelfox April 11th 1941 Edna Birch 1937
Raine Davieson   Evelyn Birch 1985
Sheila Mercier January 1st 1919 Annie Sugden/Brearly

Official birthdate: 5th July 1920.

However scipts have varied over the years.

Born: 4 July or December 1920.

Ronald Magill, April 21st 1920 Amos Brearly 1 April 1920
Tony Pitts   Archie Brooks Born: 12 November 1963
Died: 30 December 1983
Tony Barton 1950 Desmond Burtenshaw  
Sarah Graham   Charlotte ("Charlie") Cairns B. 15/16 July 1979
Georgina Annett,
Anna Cunningham
  Geri Cairns Daughter of Emma, who was only thirteen years old at the time of Geri's birth.
B. 31 March 1997
Father: Greg Cox
Paul Fox 1979 William ("Will") Cairns Born: 15 September 1980
 Kevin Pallister   Graham Clark Born: 11 July 1971
Died: 18 February 2000
Glenn Lamont March 1st 1974 Richie Carter 4 October 1980
Stephen Rashbrook   Rev. Tony Charlton 26 February 1961

Naomi Lewis

Natasha Gray

  Elsa Feldmann/Chappell 4 February 1972
Louise Jameson 20 April 1951 Sharon Crossthwaite  
Kay Purcell   Cynthia Daggert 1967
Cleveland Campbell   Danny Daggert 1985
Alexander Fothergil   Kirk Daggert 9 July 2001
Danielle Henry   Latisha Daggert 1983
Steve Fury   Ben Dingle Born: 18 February 1974
Died: 9 August 1994
Jack Bodiemead   Brando Dingle 31st May 2004
Paul Loughran July 7th 1969 Butch Dingle Born: 23 August 1972
Died: 24 March 2000
 Jeff Hordley   Cain Dingle 30 November 1974
 Kate McGregor   Emily Wylie/Dingle/Kirk 1978
Jane Cox   Lisa Dingle 18 February 1956
Lisa Riley June 13th 1976 Mandy Dingle 1 March 1977
Cormac Golden & Cillian Golden   Mark & Matthew Dingle Born: 21st November 1996
 Mark Charnock   Marlon Dingle 23 March 1974

Nathan Dingle








Don't have a birthdte but he is worth a mention.

The scriptwriters have forgotten all about him or now choose to ignore the fact they created him.

However going on the few facts we have about Nathan and the ages of Butch and Ben, it sounds like Nathan is Zak & Nellie's eldest son.

Tina made a reference to a brother Nathan who lived in Londan and the family hadn't spoken to him in about six years in the 23rd May 1995 episode They fell out at his wedding following a family row.

"She loves a wedding though, me Mam, there hasn't been one in our family since Nathan's about six years back. [Jessica] Nathan? [Tina] me brother that lives in London. Stuck up git! We haven't spoken to him since [Nick] why not? [Tina] Summit and nothing really, it were 'er side's fault...our Butch had too much to drink and did his white-eared elephant trick, her mother fainted and her Dad...there was a bit of a brawl."

 James Hooton   Sam Dingle 16 August 1977

Jacqueline Pirie









October 1st or 10th 1975








Tina Dingle








Officially May 1977 but:-

More likely to be May 1978 and this is why.

There is a myth that Sam is Zak & Nellie's youngest child. Consistantly through 1995-1996 however, this is not the case.

Throughout Tina's stay in Emmerdale, she was the youngest. The boys drink alcahol, while Tina is frowned upon from doing so and is usually not allowed. Sam we known was definately to have been born in August 1977. Tina was said to be still 16 in May 1995 and we knew her to be still at school, Announced to be 18 in 1996 and still a teenager when she left the series at the end of 1996.

Steve Halliwell March 19th 1954 Zak Dingle 19 January 1952
Paula Tilbrook   Bettina ("Betty") Eagleton 22 January 1934
Robert Beck 1968, Gavin Ferris 1970
 Matthew Vaughan   Michael Feldmann 30 July 1966
Stuart Wade   Brian Ian Francis ("Biff") Fowler 9 August 1976
Tonicha Jeronimo 4 November 1977 Linda Jane Glover/Fowler AKA Linda Glover - daughter of Ned and Jan.
Married Biff Fowler 24 December 1996.
Born: 5 March 1978
Died (in car crash): 16 October 1997 (actual pronouncement of death took place in the 21st October 1997 episode)
Tim Vincent November 4th 1972 Adam Forrester  
Ian Kelsey December 22nd 1972 or 17 December 1966 David Edward ("Dave") Glover

Officially 13 February 1973. However:-

According to his grave stone - Born: 31 May 1973
Married 28 Nov 1996: Kathy Tate
Died (in Home Farm nursery fire): 26 December 1996

Malandra Burrows November 4th 1965 Kathy Bates/Merrick/Tate/Glover 29 September 1967 (she celebrated her birthday 30th September in 1997, so however there wasn't an episode on the 29th that yeart).
 Linzi McGuire   Louise Merrick November 1983
Adele Silva November 19th 1980 Kelly Windsor/Glover 5 Dec 1980
Roberta Kerr   Jan Glover b.1950
Johnny Leeze   Edward ("Ned") Glover 4 September 1947
Nicky Evans April 20th 1979 Roy Glover 20 Jun 1980
Jay Benedict 1951, Doug Hamilton  
Mark Powley 4 October 1963 Liam James Hammond Illigitimate son of Frank
Born: 9 Aug 1961
Died ('lawfully killed' by Zoe Tate): 11 November 1999
Wendy Alnutt 1 May 1946 Susan Haskell  
Hugh Manning, August 19th 1920 Rev Donald Hinton  
Roy Boyd 18 August 1938, Dryden Hogben  
Deena Payne August 29th 1954 Viv Windsor/Hope Born: 14 , 19, May 1956 or 22 May 1956
Craig MacKay   Mark Hughes 19th November 1973
 Anne-Marie Jowett   Kirsty Hutchinson 1984
Sally Walsh 1978 Lyn Hutchinson 1981
Louise Beattie 1964 Laura Johnstone 29 February 1968
Charley Webb   Debbie Jones b 26 Oct 1989
 Stephanie Schonfield   Stella Jones 1962
Ceryen Dean   Anya King 23rd January ????
Nick Miles   James ("Jimmy") King 1st March 1965
Patsy Kensit 4 March 1968
Hounslow, London, England, UK
Sadie King
Dominic Brunt April 15th 1970 Paddy Kirk 1st July 1969
Mathew Bose   Paul Lambert 3rd August 1974
Danny Webb   Aaron Livesey b 8th March 1993
Ross Kemp   Graham Lodsworth son of Dolly Skilbeck ne Acaster & Richard Roper (b circa 1966) adopted & renamed
Camilla Power 13 November 1976 Jessica McAllister Said to be suxteen in February 1995
Noah Huntley 7 September 1974 Luke McAllister Said to be eighteen in February 1995
 Martin Dale   Sgt Terry MacArthur 9 September 1939
Claire King January 10th 1963 Kimberley Jane ("Kim") Barker/TATE/Marchant M 1st as his 2nd wife, Frank Tate
Mother of James Tate.
Born: 19 (or less likely 21) January 1959
Married 2nd 17 May 1998: Steven ("Steve") Marchant.
Paul Opacic   Steve Marchant 1968
Ian Sharrock 20 December 1959 Jackie Merrick Son of Jack and Pat Sugden. Pat was pregnant with Jackie when Jack left Beckindale in 1965.
 Johnny Ceasar   Bill Middleton 16 March 1943
Ray Ashcroft 28 June 1952
Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, UK
Ronnie Marsden  
 Seamus Gubbins   Ray Mullan 1956
 Toke Townley Birth: 6 November 1912,
Died: 28 September 1984,
Sam Pearson

Father of Annie Sugden


(Gravestone says he died in his 83rd year on the 27th November 1984. It also says his wife's name was Grace where as other sources say Mary.)

Claudia Malkovich   Dee Pollard 9 October 1974
 Kate Dove   Elizabeth Feldmann/Pollard 3 May 1947
Chris Chittell May 19th 1948 Eric Charles Pollard 11 June 1945
 Charlotte Bellamy   Laurel Potts 31 May 1974
Janice McKenzie   Gloria Catherine Weaver/Pollard 1953
Joanne Whalley 25 August 1964 Angela Read (1977)  
    David Reece 12th June ? (how exactly not known by this site, however his birthday was revealed in the 1973 episode of this date)
Andrew Whipp   Callum Rennie 18th April ????
Freya Copeland December 3rd 1969 Angie Reynolds Born: 1965
Died: 22nd November 2002
Anthony Lewis March 31st 1983 Marc Reynolds 12 December 1983 or according to The Little Book of Emmerdale (2002) sometimes in 1984
Vicky Binns 1981, Olivia ("Ollie") Reynolds 11 August 1985
Stephen McGann   Sean Reynolds 1964
Beverley Callard 1957, Angie Richards  
Lorraine Chase   Mary Stephanie ("Steph") Stokes originally 1956 however this has now been changed in the scripts to 2nd July 1953
Sheree Murphy   Patricia Susan ("Tricia") Stokes Born: 6 June 1976
Clinically died 1st January 2004. However life support machine turned off 8th January 2004.
Jean Rogers February 2nd 1942 (Dolly Skilbeck (1989-1991)  
Frederick Pyne, December 30th 1936 Matt Skilbeck  
 Jo Kendall   Peggy Skilbeck Born: 28 August 1948
Died: 16 July 1973
    Sam & Sally Skilbeck Born: 10 April 1973
Died (in road accident):
13 January 1976
Benjamin Whitehead   Samuel David Skilbeck 23 December 1982
Lorraine Chase 16 July 1951, South London, England, UK Mary Stephanie ("Steph") Stokes In the official books said to be Born: 1956, however this has now been revised and she was born 2nd July 1953.
Kelvin Fletcher 17th January 1984 Andy Sugden Born: 28 Jan 1986
(never seen)
N/A Jacab Sugden
(never seen in the series)
1st husband of Annie, father of Jack, Peggy and Joe
Son of Joseph & Margaret
Born: 30 January 1916
M. 1945: Annie Pearson
Died: 10 October 1972
Buried: 16 Oct 1972
Clive Hornby October 20th 1944 Jack Sugden B. 1946 (according to the original script) or according to the official Finnish site, 28.11.47. (Although he celebrated his 50th birthday on the 27th Nov 1997, an episode didn't air on the 28th. However it still doesn't explain the fact when the series started he was born in 1946.)
Frazer Hines September 22nd 1944 Joe Sugden Youngest child of Annie & Jacob.
Born: 31st May 1949
Died: 6 June 1995 (off-screen aged 46 years in a car accident in Spain.)
 Sally Knyvette   Kate Hughes/Sugden Born: 13 October 1951
Died (offscreen): 30 July 1997
Sammy Winward October 12th 1985 Katherine ("Katie") Addyman/Sugden

Since she arrived in the series, it was implied always that she was born in 1986. Later this was backed up as she was still fifteen in June 2002, however she took her GCSE's in 2003. so was due to be sixteen in 2002.

Her sixteenth birthday was celebrated in an episode aired on 2nd September 2002. However Katie celebrated her 18th Birthday on the 9th September 2004.

(Official books say she was born September 1987.)

Emmerdale confirmed to Emmerdale.org in October 2004 that Katie's birthdate is supposed to be 2nd September 1986. They were aware that due to scheduling Katie's 18th was celebrated wrong.

Helen Weir April 9th 1942 Pat Sugden  
Christopher Smith October 16th 1984 Robert Sugden (1989-2001) Born 22 April 1986
Madeleine Howard,
Alyson Spiro
  Sarah Sugden ne Connolly Born: 25 March 1952
Married: 19 May 1994 Jack Sugden
Died: (in barn fire)16 November 2000
Jessica Haywood
Hannah Midgley
  Victoria Anne Sugden B. 31 Mar 1994
Emma Atkins March 31st 1975 Charity Dingle/Tate 1978 (but later scripts suggest 1976 as she was 13 when Debbie was born).
Peter Amory November 2nd 1962 Christopher Francis ("Chris") Tate 11 December 1963
Norman Bowler 1 August 1932, Francis ("Frank") Ronald Tate Born: 1 October 1937
Married 1st: Jean
Married 2nd 1986 Kim Barker divorced 1993/94, re-married: 22 Dec 1994
Died: 27 May 1997
Elliot Suckley,
Jake Meays.
Sam Silson.
Oliver Carroll,
Bradley White.
  James Francis Tate Son of Frank and Kim
Born: 24 September 1996.
Meg Pearson   Jean Tate born 24 January 2003
Oliver Young   Joseph Mark Tate Son of Chris and Rachel
Born: 8 June 1995.
    Noah Tate

b 1 Mar 2004
Glenda McKay   Rachel Hughes/Tate 2nd wife of Chris Tate.
Daughter of Kate Hughes from her 1st marriage to a David Hughes.
Stepdaughter of Joe Sugden.
Mother of Joseph Tate.
Born: 16 September 1971
Married: 7 Dec 1995 Chris Tate
Divorced: around 1997
Died: (murdered by Graham Clark) 11 May 1999
Leah Bracknell, July 12th 1964 Zo Tate 27 April 1968
John Middleton, September 7th 1953 Ashley Thomas 12 November 1961
Samantha Giles, July 2nd 1971 Bernice Blackstock/ Thomas 29 December 1968
 Heather Franks/
Jemma Giles/
Annelise Manojlvic
  Gabrielle Bernice("Gabby") Thomas 25 December 2001
Jenna-Louise Coleman   Jasmine Thomas 16th August (1989? as she was supposed to be 15 already when she arrived in June 2005)
Anna Brecon 1971 Lady Tara Thornfield 1974
Richard Thorp January 2nd 1932 Alan Turner 5 (or less likely 8) August 1935
Angela Thorne January 25 1939
Karachi, British India (now Pakistan)
Charlotte Verney  
Patrick Holt b. 31 January 1912
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, UK -
d. 12 October 1993
George Verney Character died 1978 off-screen
Matthew Marsden 3 March 1972
Walsall, West Midlands, UK
Danny Weir  
Teddy Turner   William ("Bill") Whiteley Born: 31 October 1918
Died: 30th July 1991
Jim Millea   Pete Whiteley Born: 6 July ?
Died: 16 August 1990
Sam Walker   Peter Whiteley Jr b. 28 August 1990, son of Pete & Lynn
Arthur Pentelow February 14th 1924 Henry Wilks Born: 2nd December 1921
Died: 3 October 1991 aged 69
Carolyn Pickles   Michelle Lindsay ("Shelly") Williams Born: 1st February 1955

Sophie Jeffrey


Verity Rushworth


Donna Windsor (1993-1998)

Donna Windsor (1998- )

31st December 1985 - this was revealed for the first time in December 2003.

For years it looked like Donna had been born 1985/1986 and the script has been changed. In December 1994, she was 9 years old indicating that she was born in 1985. This age seems to be consistant through to 1997 at least as she was going to Secondary School in 1996. However the scripts have subseqeuntly changed her birth year to 1986 to fit her in with today's brat pack.

(In the episode of 27th December 1994, she said she was nine years old). She is the only one of the Windser children that a birth date hasn't been given for.

Toby Cockerell


Ben Freeman

17 October 1976


8 April 1980

Scott Windsor (1993 - 1996 )

Scott Windsor (1998 - )

Born: 20 Jul 1980
Alun Lewis   Victor ("Vic") Windsor Vic was born: 3 May 1958
Died (killed by Billy Hopwood in post office robbery): 25 December 1998
Michelle Holmes 1 January 1967 Britt Woods  
Connor Lee   Terry ("TJ") Woods born 19th October 2003
Billy Hartman   Terry Woods 1957
Jane Cameron 29 November 19?? Sophie Wright  

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