Updated 21 October 2002

Emmerdale Picture Gallery - with photos spread across 30 years of Emmerdale

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The Cairns Family - Tony, Becky and their children Charlie, Will and Emma arrived in February 1997

The Hughes family joined Emmerdale Farm in 1988 and consisted of Rachel, Craig and mother Kate The Tates arrived in November 1989 - Frank, Kim, Zoe and Chris Archie, Alice and Nick circa 1992
Early family portrait of the Tates - Frank, Kim, Chris and Zoe Frank forgave Kim for cheating on him by remarrying her in December 1994.  However a little over six months later she would be at it again. - Zoe, Chris Frank Tate and Kim
Lorraine & Carol Nelson appeared around 1991-1993 The Windsors moved from the South in August 1993.  They consisted of Vic and  Viv, their daughter Donnay (played by Sophie Jeffrey), Viv's son Scott from her 1s marriage (played by Toby Cockerall) and Vic's daughter Kelly from his 1st marriage. The Tates 1989 - Chris, Zoe, Kim and Frank
Viv and her son Scott and vic and his daughter Kelly (circa 1993) Joseph Tate as a toddler - son of Chris Tate and Rachel Hughes Chris and Rachel married six months after Joseph was born
The original Dingles - Tina, Sam Nellie, Butch, Zak and one Dingle dog Dee Pollard, she and Eric were married in May 1997 but it lasted barely a year. The Windsor children grown up - circa 2000, Scott (played by Ben Freeman), Donna (played by Verity Rushworth) and Kelly, the only one not to be recast.  Adele Silva remained in the role for seven years until she quit in November 2000
The Soapstars - 7 November 2001 The Soapstars arrived in the village in November 2001
The Dingles Christmas 1999, Butch, Zak, Mandy Marlon and Lisa The Reynolds arrived in 1996 consisting of Ollie, Sean, Angie and Marc The Dingles - Marlon is horrified as his cousin Chastity strips off.  Zak, Sam and Shadrach look on.

The National Television Awards October 2002 - Emily Symons (who plays Louise Appleton), Leah Bracknall (who plays Zoe Tate) and Sammy Winward (who plays Katie Addyman)

Old Central Television Publicity shot of Norman Bowler.  Hand-signed by him. Katie Addyman Ashley and Bernice's Wedding Henry Wilks Ashley, Bernice and baby Gabby
Stuart Wade as Biff Adam Forrester Emmerdale's legendary double act Henry Wilks and Amos Brearly Joe Sugden Andrew Burt as the original Jack Sugden
Butch Dingle Chris Tate reads his son Joseph a story Widow Kathy Merrick marries Chris Tate in November 1991 1989 was a very bad year for Kathy Merrick, not only did she miscarrie her baby but her husband died in a tragic accident Glossy colour picture of the original Dingles, Zak, Nellie, Sam, Tina and Butch along with two Dingle dogs.
Zak, Tina, Sam Butch and Nellie sitting in front with their two dogs Dolly as played by Jean Rogers Edna Birch as you have never seen her before Katie Addyman Frank Tate
A youngish Kelly Windsor Dr. Bernard McAllister, his wife Angharad and children Luke and Jessica arrived in the village in December 1993, within a day of their arrival, the infamous plane crash occurred Pat Sugden The Glovers 1994 - Dave, Jan, Ned, Linda Roy and family dog The Windsor children in 1993 - Scott (played by Toby Cockerall, Kelly played by Adele Silva and Donna played by Sophie Jeffrey.
Zak Dingle Zak confides in Marlon about having cancer in 2001 Zak and Lisa with their baby daugher Belle December 1998 Emma Atkins who plays Charity Dingle
The Sugdens cira 1995 - Jack, Sarah and children Robert and baby Victoria Tina Dingle all set in her wedding dress ready marry Luke McAllister in July 1995.  However unbeknown to everyone else, Tina had no plans to say "I do" at the altar. Vic Windsor Viv Windsor/Hope Jacqueline Pirie who played Tina Dingle
Christmas 1992 Frank threw Kim out of Home Farm after discovering she had ben having an affair with the Rt Hon Neil Kincaid Gloria Weaver The Glovers outside their caravan in 1994 - Dave, Roy, Jan, Linda, the family dog and the had of the family Ned at the back. Sandie Merrick The happy couple - Paddy and Emily on their wedding day.