Updated 16th March 2003

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Emmerdale Picture Gallery - with photos spread across 30 years of Emmerdale

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Official Fan Cards - over 200

Fan Cards Page 1 - miscellaneous

Fan Cards Page 2 - Glovers, Cairns, Windsor/Hopes, Seth & Betty, and various others.

Fan Cards Page 3 - Tates, Blackstock/Thomas', Reynolds and associates

Fan Cards Page 4 - The Sugdens and their associates

Fan Cards Page 5 - The Dingles, Daggerts, Stokes/Turners, Syd & Mack, the Kirks.

Cast Pictures from particular time periods

Emmerdale Farm Fan Cards

Emmerdale Fan Cards circa 1989-1991

Emmerdale Fan Cards circa 1992-1994

Emmerdale Fan Cards circa 1994-1996

Emmerdale circa 1996-1999

Emmerdale circa 1999-2000

Emmerdale Fan Cards circa 2000-2002

Emmerdale - YTV Promotional Pictures circa 2000-2002

Emmerdale circa 2002-2003

Emmerdale - YTV Promotional Pictures circa 2002-2003

The above are Emmerdale fan cards ranging in size from 5x3, 5.5x3.5 and 6x4 and are sent out to fans of either the series or a particular star upon request.

Cast Group Lineups

Family Groups, Events and Other


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