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Episode #3594 --- 26th November 2003

Created 10th December 2003

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Production Credits :-

Director Tracey Rooney
Series Producer Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

Date: Wednesday 26 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

An oblivious Andy asks Robert to be his best man. Simon helps Nicola drum up some new trade. A glum Eddie packs his bags but can Bob forgive and forget?

Cast List includes :-
Kelvin Fletcher, Karl Davies, Dale Meeks, Nicola Wheeler, Nigel Betts

Wednesday 26th November 2003

Main title

Episode: 3594
Written by: Mark Illis



Katie Addyman - Sammy Winward
Andy Sugden - Kelvin Fletcher
Will Cookson - Michael Keogh
Nicola Blackstock- Nicola Wheeler
Zak Dingle - Steve Halliwell
Cain Dingle - .left Hordley
Marion Dingle - Mark Charnock
Robert Sugden- Karl Davies
Diane Blackstock - Elizabeth Estensen
Pearl Ladderbanks - Meg .lohnson
Bob Hope - Tony Audenshaw
Viv Hope - Deena Payne
Emily Kirk - Kate McGregor
Simon Meredith - Dale Meeks
Victoria Sugden - Hannah Midgley
Eddie Hope - Nigel Betts
Darren Eden - Luke Tittensor
.lack Sugden - Clive Hornby
Charity Tate - Emma Atkins
Alistair Marsden - Danny Tennant
Donna Windsor - Verity Rushworth


Andy asks Robert to be his best man, oblivious he's about to do his worst with Katie.

Simon is off to a flyer as he helps Nicola. drum up some new trade.

A glum 'Eddie packs his bags but can Bob forgive and forget?

From YTV EMMERDALE Wednesday 26 November 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Robert (KARL DAVIES) jealously watches Andy (KELVIN FLETCHER) and Katie (SAMMY WINWARD).

Andy is ecstatic when Jack reveals he will free up some money from a trust fund to help pay for the wedding. Chuffed that things are finally falling into place for him and his bride-to-be, Andy asks Robert to be his best man. Little does he know that Robert has got his desires set on his fiancee despite accepting the honour.

From YTV EMMERDALE Wednesday 26 November 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Katie (SAMMIE WINWARD) and Robert (KARL DAVIES) sleep together.

Meanwhile, Katie is troubled by her feelings for Robert and decides to tell him they must put an end to things before they get out of hand. But her stern words end in a passionate clinch, as the young couple can’t resist each other and Robert leads her upstairs.

After their steamy encounter, the reality of the situation quickly hits home. They scramble to find their clothes as Jack and Andy arrive back. Will they be able to hide their guilt as Andy questions the flustered couple about what they were doing upstairs together?

From YTV EMMERDALE Wednesday 26 November 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Katie (SAMMIE WINWARD) and Robert (KARL DAVIES) sleep together. EMBARGO DATE: NEWSPAPERS 22.11.03/MAGS 18.11.03

Nicola receives a delivery of flyers at the vets and is relieved when Simon offers to help carry them to Mill Cottage. She is amused when Simon jokes that she will have to sleep with him as payment for his assistance.

Blood is clearly thicker than water as Bob decides to make amends with his brother before he leaves the village. The pair share a heartfelt moment as Eddie bids Emmerdale goodbye.

Elsewhere in the village, Marlon grows more anxious by the minute as Tricia is due back the following week and pregnant Charity is bleeding him dry to pay for her new solicitor.

ITV.COM Goodbye Eddie Wednesday 26.11.03
bob & Eddie
Katie wants some time with Andy to set herself back on track, but he’s too busy until the evening. One of the jobs is to ask Robert to be his best man. Robert makes a joke of it, but eventually says yes. Katie slips out of the pub to see Robert to talk things through, but he sneaks in first with a kiss, and all is lost. ‘How’s this happened?’ she asks, kissing her husband’s best man, and the two of them disappear upstairs.

Meanwhile, Bob is too preoccupied with Eddie to work. Eventually he decides, despite Viv, he has to go and make his peace. Eddie is overjoyed, promising that he’ll make Bob proud of him again, returning to what he was born to – selling. Bob says that he’ll help Eddie – in the hope that Viv will see some of that money again – and brings the old samples of underwear that the two of them used to sell together. They part, with Eddie promising he has the steely resolve to make Bob proud of him again.
Marlon & Charity
Marlon has had a hard day with the rest of the Dingles arguing about housekeeping, so when he meets Charity at the café he can see no-one’s problems but his own. He reluctantly admits that Charity might be in a worse position than he is, topped when she tells him she’s sacked her lawyer.

Katie and Robert spend most of the afternoon in bed together – continually finding excuses to stay a little longer.

Viv is furious that Bob might have been seeing Eddie, but has to back down when Donna - her own daughter - points out that Scott isn’t that different. Eddie makes his first sale, and – reconciled with his brother – goes on his way.
Andy is overjoyed when Jack says he’ll release some of his trust fund early to help pay for it and agrees to come home for a meal. After hunting everywhere for Robert and Katie, they return to the house puzzled, only to disturb the two lovers. They get their clothes on in the nick of time, and claim they’ve been talking about the wedding. Andy breaks the news of the money, and embraces a very confused Katie indeed.

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