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Previews for Episodes #3592-3596 --- 24th November - 28th November 2003

Uploaded: 16th November 2003

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4 day week but 5 individual episodes


Date: Monday 24 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Eddie finds himself in a tight spot when Bob discovers him with his hand in the till. When temptation comes her way, can Katie resist Robert? Nicola prepares to trawl the village for a new man - not realising that she has a new admirer.

Cast List includes :-
Nigel Betts, Tony Audenshaw, Sammy Winward, Karl Davies, Nicola Wheeler

When Viv asks him to cash up, Eddie sees a golden opportunity to rid himself of his financial problems once and for all. Realising that Viv will be insured, he deviously plans to pocket the cash and claim it was stolen.

Once the coast is clear at the post office, Eddie puts his plan into action. But his efforts to stage a robbery fail miserably when Bob catches him red handed with a pair of tights over his head. Eddie confesses that he has been stealing from him for weeks but insists he would have paid it all back in time. Having put his big brother on a pedestal for years, Bob is devastated that Eddie could be so deceitful. Will Bob let him off the hook or ignore his pleas and call the police?

Meanwhile, Emily is mortified when she realises that she set Nicola up with the wrong bloke. But when Simon sees Nicola again in the Woolpack he takes great pleasure in winding her up.

Elsewhere in the village, Katie struggles to deal with her growing feelings towards her fiancee’s brother. Andy is none the wiser as love-rat Robert is smug that he seems to be having the desired effect on Katie.


Date: Tuesday 25 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Katie and Robert's passion intensifies. Eddie wonders if his life in Emmerdale has reached the end of the road. Nicola enjoys a game of darts with Simon, but has he hit the bullseye?

Cast List includes :-
Sammy Winward, Karl Davies, Nigel Betts, Nicola Wheeler, Dale Meeks

Unbeknown to Jack, Diane has been busy preparing a surprise medieval party for his birthday. As the locals gather in the Woolpack, Diane struggles to explain why she has given him a pair of tights for his birthday.

After much persuasion, Jack finally agrees to put on a Henry VIII costume, under the impression that he is going to be helping out with a promotion at the pub. He feels like a prize fool until he walks into the pub to find a medieval banquet in full swing in his honour. As the party gets underway, Katie and Robert flirt with each other and the chemistry between them intensifies. When Diane sends them to the backroom to light the candles on the birthday cake, sparks fly as their hands meet and they share an intimate kiss.

Having walked in on his scheming brother attempting to rob him blind, Bob gives Eddie the cold shoulder. Will depressed Eddie be forced to leave the village for good?

Bob and Viv visit Terry in hospital to show him the birthday celebrations on their camcorder. Recovering Terry is delighted to see familiar faces and is deeply touched by their gesture.

Elsewhere in the village, Rodney gives glum Nicola a credit card, claiming it is a perk of having an obscenely rich father. But feeling bored and miserable, it doesn’t do much to improve Nicola’s mood. Later she bumps into Simon again at the pub and apologises for her rude behaviour. As they have a game of darts, Emily and Paddy are amused that after the initial friction they seem to be getting on like a house on fire.


Date: Wednesday 26 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

An oblivious Andy asks Robert to be his best man. Simon helps Nicola drum up some new trade. A glum Eddie packs his bags but can Bob forgive and forget?

Cast List includes :-
Kelvin Fletcher, Karl Davies, Dale Meeks, Nicola Wheeler, Nigel Betts

Andy is ecstatic when Jack reveals he will free up some money from a trust fund to help pay for the wedding. Chuffed that things are finally falling into place for him and his bride-to-be, Andy asks Robert to be his best man. Little does he know that Robert has got his desires set on his fiancee despite accepting the honour.

Meanwhile, Katie is troubled by her feelings for Robert and decides to tell him they must put an end to things before they get out of hand. But her stern words end in a passionate clinch, as the young couple can’t resist each other and Robert leads her upstairs.

After their steamy encounter, the reality of the situation quickly hits home. They scramble to find their clothes as Jack and Andy arrive back. Will they be able to hide their guilt as Andy questions the flustered couple about what they were doing upstairs together?

Nicola receives a delivery of flyers at the vets and is relieved when Simon offers to help carry them to Mill Cottage. She is amused when Simon jokes that she will have to sleep with him as payment for his assistance.

Blood is clearly thicker than water as Bob decides to make amends with his brother before he leaves the village. The pair share a heartfelt moment as Eddie bids Emmerdale goodbye.

Elsewhere in the village, Marlon grows more anxious by the minute as Tricia is due back the following week and pregnant Charity is bleeding him dry to pay for her new solicitor.


Date: Thursday 27 November Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm - TWO EPISODES JOINED TOGETHER.

Subtitled, Widescreen

Katie tries to make wedding plans but struggles to put Robert out of her mind. Marlon succumbs to Charity's emotional blackmail. Syd quotes a client but the only figure interesting the businessman is Chloe's. Tricia makes a surprise return, only to find Marlon in a sorry state.

Cast List includes :-
Sammy Winward, Karl Davies, Mark Charnock, Emma Atkins, Dale Meeks, Nicola Wheeler

Airing Thursday, 27th November 2003 at 19:00 to 20:00 on ITV1 (scheduled to be two episodes joined together

Siobhan clings to the hope that Paul will forgive her for secretly aborting their unborn child as she tries to get him to see reason. However, Paul is far from compassionate when his wife turns up begging to see him and he tells Ronnie to turn her away.

Caught between a rock and hard place, Ronnie explains to Paul that he doesn’t want to get involved in their marital problems. With a soft spot for his daughter-in-law, Ronnie goes to visit Siobhan to check she is okay and to give her a reassuring hug.

Marlon’s worries spiral out of control as Charity decides to blackmail him for money, threatening to reveal all to Tricia otherwise. Shocked that his cousin would stoop so low he is forced to ask for an advance at work to cover Charity’s hefty legal bills.

Guilt ridden Katie tries once again to put a stop to her affair with Robert. His arrogant attitude towards their steamy liaison drives her mad but she struggles to resist his charm.

Meanwhile, Simon asks Nicola if she would like to go for a drink. Later in the pub he is amused when Nicola dramatically insists that they are not on a date. Simon can’t help himself and deliberately insults her by saying that she isn’t his type anyway.

Thursday, 27th November 2003 at 19:30 on ITV1

(originally meant to air Friday, 28th November 2003 at 19:00 on ITV1)

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Marlon is at the end of his tether. Penniless, he resorts to stealing from the Dingle pot to keep Charity at bay as she struggles to pay her solicitors.

Later, Marlon tries to replace the money without the family noticing, having been given an advance on his wages. But as he sneaks the cash back into the pot he is caught in the act by Zak. Marlon’s pleas fall on deaf ears as he is slung out of the house. Just when it looks as though things can’t get any worse for the haphazard chef, Tricia arrives back in the village and demands to know what’s going on

Meanwhile, Katie tries to pull herself together and get her relationship with Andy back on track by helping Victoria chose her bridesmaid dress. But after a day of making wedding arrangements she finds herself alone with Robert and they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Siobhan is shocked when Paul tells Turner he still wants to buy the cottage and that she will have to move out so that he can move back in. Paul is adamant that he is a single man again and Ronnie is left trying to comfort Siobhan.

Elsewhere in the village, Chas announces to Ashley that her son Aaron is coming to stay for the weekend. She explains to Diane that she lost custody of him when the courts decided that her stripping career and motherhood didn’t go together.



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