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Episodes #3523-3527 --- 1st - 5th September 2003

Uploaded: 18th September 2003

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Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by :-

Duncan Foster

These episodes were written by :-
Margaret Simpson
Karin Young
Bill Taylor

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Date: Monday 01 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris is surprised by Charity's spontaneous show of affection. Terry begins to suspect the worst of Charity. Robert helps the Marsdens with the post-party clear-up.

Cast List includes :-
Peter Amory, Emma Atkins, Billy Hartman, Karl Davies

Cain, Debbie and Charity

Episode 3523

Mortified Ashley wakes up with the hangover from hell and to make matters worse he has no recollection of his evening with Laurel. Horrified by the possibility that they might have slept together, Ashley spends the day desperately trying to piece together what went on. Eventually he realises that he has no option but to ask Laurel outright.

Meanwhile, Cain and Charity continue their affair with a secret meeting at Pear Tree Cottage. But after getting dressed in a hurry they fail to notice that Charity’s necklace has been left behind…

Cain confesses the affair to a delighted Debbie and insists that he needs her to move back to Home Farm to help him to split Charity and Chris up. But in her excitement, can Debbie keep the relationship quiet?

Later, Charity is concerned to find Chris looking bleak and they have a heart to heart about their relationship. The estranged husband and wife head upstairs to try and rekindle their marriage.

Elsewhere in the village, love-rat Robert is up to no good and plays Donna and Elaine off against each other. He lies to Elaine that he has told Donna that it is over between them, when in reality he has assured his travelling girlfriend that he is being faithful.

ITV.COM Dangerous liaison Monday 01.09.03
When Terry spots a flustered Charity leaving Pear Tree Cottage, at the same time sheís due to meet Louise for a lunch date, he concludes that Chris was right about the affair.

Meanwhile Charity and Cain reach an agreement over Debbie returning to Home Farm now that the summer holidays are over. It soon becomes clear that Cain has another motive behind allowing Debbie back into the Tate household. Confiding in Debbie over his relationship with Charity, Cain tells his daughter that her moving back may help to drive Charity and Chris further apart.
Having refused to take the life-prolonging medicine Chris starts to put his affairs in order. His lawyer advises him that Charity gets half his estate unless he writes a new will.

Sensing that Chris is not himself Charity reaches out to her husband, who emotionally asks her to move back into his bedroom so they can try to save their marriage.

Elsewhere Ollie is highly amused when Pearl appears at the door with a homemade trifle for Len. But the suggestion that Grandad could have some fun with Pearl provokes Len into revealing that he only has eyes for one - Edna Birch.
Ashley wakes up on the sofa to the sight of Laurel brandishing a smile and a cup of tea. The vicar canít remember what on earth happened in his drunken state so decides to get to the bottom of it. He finds broaching the subject with Laurel very embarrassing, however is relieved to learn that he did not get up to anything untoward. Besotted Laurel is left feeling disappointed when Ashley politely rejects her offer of a drink.

And Lothario Robert plays a dangerous game when he lies to Elaine, telling her that heís finished with Donna.

Date: Tuesday 02 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris's world falls apart when his worst fears about Charity are confirmed. Charity tries to distance herself from Cain. Marlon worries when his and Tricia's house goes up for sale.

Cast List includes :-
Peter Amory, Emma Atkins, Jeff Hordley, Mark Charnock

Terry and Chris see the passion between Charity and Cain

Episode 3524

Terry decides to tell Chris his suspicions that Charity is having an affair with Cain and is using Pear Tree cottage for liaisons. Despite having suspected as much all along, Chris reacts badly and goes into denial.

Meanwhile, with her recent reconciliation with Chris playing heavily on her mind, Charity is furious when Debbie admits that Cain has told her they are an item again. Panicked that the affair will get out, Charity loses her composure and slaps Debbie across the face.

Desperate to see Charity, Cain later heads up to Home Farm but as she tries to end the affair with him Cain snatches a kiss. Mortified and angry Charity pulls away from him, unaware that Chris has just seen the whole thing. With his worst fears realised, how will Chris react to the humiliation of his wife’s affair?

Marlon is distressed to hear that Victoria cottage is up for sale, having hoped he and Tricia would move back in once she returned. Desperate to raise funds to buy the cottage, he sets up a temporary campsite charging punters to pitch their tents.

Lamb to the slaughter Tuesday 02.09.03
Cain packs Debbie off to Home Farm to be his eyes and ears, but the teenager canít keep her secret for long, soon revealing to Charity that she knows about the affair. A hard slap round the face is Charity's knee jerk reaction to being accused of being a gold digging tart. Upset and scared Debbie flees from the house to phone Cain, who immediately makes his way to the Tateís, to demand an explanation.

Meanwhile, forced into investigating Pear Tree Cottage after more complaints from Edna about squatters, Terry discovers Charityís necklace. As he discusses the find with Dawn in the cafť, Cain comes over making a snide comment about Dawnís pregnancy. With his emotions running high livid Terry lands a punch on Cainís cheek, throwing him violently out of the cafť.
Cain and Charity
Back at Home Farm, having been warned by Dawn to keep his mouth shut about the affair, Terry tries his best to keep up the pretence that everything is normal. Chris is in a good mood as, despite his lack of performance in the bedroom the previous night, he feels his marriage is back on track. When Chris tells Terry that heís decided that Charity deserves to know about the illness Terry canít hold back, telling a devastated Chris that he was right all along about the affair with Cain. The bad news arrives just as they hear Cainís screeching tires on the driveway. Leaving the office to find out whatís happening Chris and Terry look on as Cain kisses Charity having forced her into an embrace after a fiery argument.
Elsewhere Robert drops the bombshell to Jack that heís decided to leave school to be a mechanic. With high hopes of at least one of his kids going to college, Jack is disappointed with his sonís decision. Diane defuses the situation by reminding Jack that Victoria may be the one to meet his educational expectations.

Len gets into Ednaís good books again by helping investigate Pear Tree Cottage, despite the fact they only discover Terry in the house.

Marlon gets a shock when he learns that Turner is selling Victoria Cottage.

Date: Wednesday 03 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Charity ends things with Cain in a bid to patch things up with Chris, but discovers that she is too late when Chris confronts her with evidence of her betrayal. Charity worries that this spells the end of her marriage.

Cast List includes :-
Emma Atkins, Jeff Hordley, Peter Amory

Chris drinks to the future

Episode 3525

Chris is devastated and feels utterly humiliated that Charity has been cheating on him with Cain. He takes his anger out on Terry who is shattered to see his friend in such a state.
Meanwhile, Charity meets Cain in the cricket pavilion and tells him he should never have told Debbie about their affair. They argue and Charity tells him it’s over and that it’s Chris she wants.

She goes on to confess to Cain that she slept with Chris the night before and his jealousy turns to fury. Terrified, Charity runs away in tears as Cain smashes up the pavilion before racing after her. Charity is adamant that she’s going home to tell Chris the truth.
But back at Home Farm Chris claims that he wants both Charity and Cain dead and proceeds to load up his shotgun, waiting for his wife to return home. Can he bring himself to pull the trigger?

Barrel of a shotgun Wednesday 03.09.03
Chris gets his gun out
Having discovered the truth about his wifeís affair first hand, Chris is in a terrible state. After hitting the bottle he turns on his only ally Terry for not informing him sooner. When Terry explains about finding Charityís necklace at Pear Tree Cottage Chrisís imagination goes into overdrive, declaring that he wants them both dead.
Later, alone in the house Chris loads up his shotgun and waits for Charity to return.
Meanwhile Charity makes peace with Debbie following the reactive slap she dished out to her daughter previously. Events are spiralling out of control for Charity, provoking her finish the affair with Cain. After an emotional argument Charity tells her lover that itís Chris she wants as Debbieís provider and her husband. Going on to confess that she slept with Chris the night before, Cainís jealousy turns to fury. Terrified, Charity runs away in tears as Cain smashes up the pavilion before racing after her. Charity is adamant that sheís going home to tell Chris the truth.
Charity makes her way back to Home Farm, but just as sheís unknowingly about to face the barrel of a shotgun Terry arrives and ushers her away from the house. He warns the adulterant that Chris knows all about the affair and wants her dead. But Charity is not about to give up on her life as a Tate that easily, returning to face the music and beg for forgiveness from Chris. She explains that Cain was just a relief from the depression and loneliness that had been building up over the weeks. However, as Charity is being thrown out Chris falters, asking her to stay. Is he about to reveal the truth about his trip to Leeds?

Date: Thursday 04 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris vows vengeance on Cain and Charity, resorting to desperate measures. Dawn is excited when she recognises a face from the past. Lisa is horrified to find intruders pitching camp on her land.

Cast List includes :-
Peter Amory,Emma Atkins,Jeff Hordley,Julia Mallam,Jane Cox

Episode 3526

Still reeling from the news of Charity’s affair, Chris decides to go to the Woolpack for lunch and desperate to make amends, Charity goes with him. On finding Cain already propping up the bar, Chris makes a point of kissing Charity to wind him up.

In response Cain announces to a captivated audience that he has been sleeping with Charity and crudely lists the places where they had sex to the entire pub. After a snide comment from Chris, Cain is pushed over the edge and hauls him out of his wheelchair.

As Cain heads home he is stunned to see a speeding car heading straight at him. Reacting quickly, he pulls Lisa out of the way but Shadrach is not so quick. The car hits him before speeding off, leaving Lisa screaming to Cain to call an ambulance. Realising that Chris must be behind the hit and run Cain swears to Lisa that he will kill him and doesn’t care if he ends up in prison for it.

After helping Edna out with some home chores optimistic Len misjudges her feelings and gives her a gentle kiss. But shocked Edna reacts badly, slapping poor Len across the face and rushing off in a fluster.

Breakfast with Frost Thursday 04.09.03
Chris and Charity have breakfast together
The atmosphere at the Tate breakfast table is stale, with Chris refusing to discuss the dramatic events of the previous night with a frustrated Charity who is keen to salvage her marriage. The situation is no better over at the Dingles, as Cain dishes out insults to his family including young Debbie. Having sorted Cain out with a good slap round the chops Lisa tells him that Debbie is the victim not him. When Chris finally agrees to talk, Charity pours her heart out to him, assuring him that she regrets the affair and loves Chris more than ever. He demands to hear all the gory details, heading off to the Woolpack afterwards for a stiff drink.
Charity and Lisa try to stop Cain laying into Chris in the Woolpack
Itís lunchbreak so most of the villagers are in the pub, including Cain, who has been drowning his sorrows all morning. Intent on winding Cain up Chris puts on an elaborate show, kissing his wife at every opportunity. It doesnít take long for Cain to snap, revealing sordid details of the affair to the riveted pub audience. However when Chris reacts indifferently, even making a joke out of it, Cain attacks and knocks him out of the wheelchair.
Chris's hitman runs over Shadrach while Cain pushes Lisa out of the way
Walking back home in disgrace Cain notices a car speeding down the lane, pulling Lisa out of the way in the nick of time. Unlucky Shadrach hits the bonnet and flies into the curb unconscious. Knowing that the car was meant for him Cain phones Chris to let him know that heís still alive. While Shadrach gets taken away to hospital Cain vows to kill Chris, and he doesnít care about the consequences.
Terry knows his boss is behind the accident but canít understand why Chris has welcomed Charity back with open arms. Chris darkly informs his friend that Charity is going to suffer in unimaginable ways.
Edna turns Len down
Elsewhere Lenís offer to assist Edna with some DIY backfires badly when some Woolpack Dutch courage spirits him to plant an unwelcome kiss on Ednaís lips!

Turner celebrates a buyerís offer on Victoria Cottage, while Steph continues her devious mission to get back into her dadís good books and more importantly his will.

Bobís brother Eddie Hope appears in the village but is displeased to learn that the welcoming committee is away on holiday.

Eddie Hope arrives in Emmerdale


Date: Friday 05 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris makes plans for a life without Charity. Shadrach and Marlon form an unlikely business partnership and conspire to make some money. Len realises that his love will always be unrequited.

Cast List includes :-
Peter Amory,Andy Devine,Mark Charnock,Peter Martin


Episode 3527

Out for revenge Chris meets with his solicitor again and tells her he wants to divorce Charity, demanding she is left penniless. But oblivious to his plans Charity is still desperate for forgiveness and cooks dinner for Chris in an attempt to make amends. She insists to her husband that she has changed and is going to make him happy. Little does she know that her days at Home Farm are numbered.

Meanwhile, Eddie tries to sell double-glazing to Rodney who is unimpressed and turns him down before proceeding to warn other villagers that Eddie will rip them off.

Indignant Edna tells Len that whilst she values his friendship, she is not interested in anything further. Distraught, Len confides to Ollie that he has made a complete fool of himself with Edna and is totally humiliated.

Elsewhere in the village, Shadrach goes to the Woolpack with both his arms in slings and wearing a neckbrace. He demands a drink after what he’s been through, only to be thrown out by Louise.

And Turner tells Steph he is proud of her for sticking with her job at the factory.

Less than charitable Friday 05.09.03
Chris with his lawyer Rachel
Terryís worried that Chris means to do something reckless to harvest revenge on his estranged wife. So heís relieved when Chris reveals that heís merely planning to divorce Charity on the sly.

Meeting with the Tate lawyer Chris stipulates that the divorce settlement must leave Charity with as little as possible. Meanwhile, ignorance is bliss for Charity, as she plays the attentive wife.
Marlon is left in charge of the Dingles when Lisa goes away, that includes feeding and changing Shadrach
It never rains but it pours for Lisa, who is summoned up to Carlisle by Granny Clegg for family business. Marlon is left holding the Dingle fort, including keeping Cain out of trouble and being nursemaid to an ungrateful Shadrach, whose first port of call from hospital is the Woolpack.

Pollard's left in the lurch at the factory, however Lisaís departure gives Steph the opportunity to offer her services.

Meanwhile Turner sings his daughterís praises to Shelley, who feels ashamed that Steph is only sticking at the factory job to get into Alan's will.
Eddie tries to sell Rodney his windows
Bobís brother Eddie is desperate to secure a double glazing sale, but isnít having much luck in the village. Particularly after he tries to scam Rodney by offering him free windows under the guise of making his house a showcase. When Eddie reveals the excessive installation cost of the Ďfreeí windows Rodney throws him out on his ear, and later warns people off his wares at the Woolpack.

Edna visits Len to tell him that, although she holds their relationship in high esteem, there will never ever be any romance between them.

The end's in sight for Chris

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