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Episodes #3508-3512 --- 11th - 15th August 2003

Updated: 31st August 2003

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Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by
David Kester

These episodes were written by :-
Stephen Bennet
Peter Kerry
Chris Thompson
Bill Lyons

Channel: ITV1
Date: Monday 11 August  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Viv is defiant when confronted by Laurel and Bob about her web of lies. Scott and Zoe clash as he demands access to his daughter. Steph has something to prove as she endures a difficult first day at the factory.

Cast List includes :-
Deena Payne, Charlotte Bellamy, Tony Audenshaw

click to see larger image - EMMERDALE, Monday 11th August at 7pm on ITV1 Network Laurel (CHARLOTTE BELLAMY) confronts Viv (DEENA PAYNE) about stealing her prize. Bob (TONY AUDENSHAW) is ashamed.

Having won the holiday of a lifetime and the opportunity to become the new face of Shift Bleach, Viv is over the moon. Nothing can persuade her to her part with the prize - not even the fact that they rightfully belong to Laurel.

Laurel is shocked as the truth dawns on her

Just as she thinks she has got away with the deception, a furious Laurel storms into the shop and demands to know what is going on. But red-faced Viv refuses to budge and tells helpless Laurel to get stuffed! Ashamed of his wife’s callous behaviour, Bob is incensed to discover Viv’s double deception. He finds her lost eternity ring and realises the one on her finger is a cheap replacement.

Having found out that Marlon and Tricia are set to inherit Turner’s wealth in her place, Steph reluctantly sets off with Shelly for her first day working at Pollard's factory. But her lack of enthusiasm is clear, as she struggles to find common ground with the rest of the workers. Meanwhile, Shelly is clearly having a whale of a time leaving Steph deflated and jealous.

Having heard rumours about the potential historical value of Rodney’s land, Pollard has been secretly sniffing around with a metal detector. He is convinced he’s struck gold, when he finds some ancient coins and is overjoyed when he determines their value. Positive Rodney will be clueless to their worth, he sets about trying to persuade his pal to part with the plot of land. Little does he know, Rodney has a trick up his sleeve and is not as stupid as he looks…

Elsewhere in the village, Scott tells a fearful Zoe, that he is going to fight for custody of baby Jean.

ITV.COM Laurel discovers Viv's treachery Monday 11.08.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Laurel’s hopes of cruising the Caribbean sea with Sam are dashed when she hears the local radio advertise that the competition winner is due to be announced live on air that evening. Certain that she would have heard something by now she resigns herself to a normal day in the village. Meanwhile Donna’s pleas for her mum to consider the ethical side of the situation fail miserably, as Viv has her heart firmly set on taking the prize, even if it means having to lie to Bob.

Later, at the factory, Laurel hears her slogan announced as the winner on the radio but can’t believe her ears when Viv’s exited voice comes on air.

Meanwhile, having discovered Viv’s lost eternity ring in the laundry basket, Bob goes to confront his wife about the mystery of the two identical rings. Presuming that Donna has told Bob about the competition she blurts out the truth about the slogan. Bob is furious that Viv has been keeping multiple secrets from him again and can’t believe that his wife would stoop so low.

At the first opportunity Viv tells Zoe that Scott is applying for access to Jean. Worried about the implications Zoe warns Scott off crossing the Tate’s in a law court.

Danny's candle lit dinner surprise for Ollie

It’s Ollie’s 18th birthday, but after blowing hot and cold about having a party Danny decides to play safe by covering all options by arranging a romantic candle lit meal in the antiques shop, followed by a party in the Woolpack with her friends.

Emmerdale, Monday 11th August 2003 at 7pm on ITV1 Network Pictured: Danny (CLEVELAND CAMPBELL) organises a secret party to celebrate Ollie's (VICKY BINNS) 18th birthday.

Under the impression that valuable coins have been found on a part of Rodney’s land Eric gets up early to partake in some metal detection. Discovering his own coin Pollard is sure that a gold mine lies beneath so approaches Rodney to persuade him to hand the land over to the historical society. When Rodney refuses Pollard offers him a handsome price to buy the land instead.

Steph swans into the factory for her first day’s work over an hour late. It’s not long before her snide comments start to alienate her from her new coworkers.

Date: Tuesday 12 August  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Yolanda makes an unexpected appearance in Scott's life. Bob forces a battling Viv and Laurel to reach a compromise over the competition prize. Steph sets about ingratiating herself at the factory.

Cast List
Charlotte Faber-Scott, Ben Freeman, Tony Audenshaw

The return of Yolanda

Viv still refuses to give up the holiday that is rightfully Laurel’s, so Bob hatches a master plan to keep everybody happy.

Hours before they set off on their cruise, Bob offers Laurel the chance to have her face pictured in every supermarket in the land, as the new face of the brand’s advertising campaign. Although Viv is reluctant to give up her newly found star status, Laurel jumps at the chance to become famous. In return she gives up the holiday and quickly recruits Nicola to help dig out her best clothes for the impending photo-shoot.

Steph finally finds a way to make menial work light in the factory. Beginning to bond with her co-workers, she provides entertainment for the rest of the day, by playing tricks on Pollard.

With his mother jetting off on holiday, Scott is feeling lonely and the issue of getting custody of baby Jean is weighing heavily on his mind. But an encounter with Yolanda offers a welcome distraction.

Tuesday 12th August 2003 at 7.00pm on the ITV1 Network Yolanda (CHARLOTTE SABER-SCOTT) gives lonely Scott her card asking him to give her a call.

Elsewhere in the village, Pollard is furious when he realises Rodney had planted the valuable coins on his land and he has been swindled. Meanwhile, Rodney is like the cat that got the cream, as he finally gets his revenge!

Pollard is furious

ITV.COM Facing up to it Tuesday 12.08.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

The feud over the competition prize recipient finally reaches a resolve after Bob refuses to join Viv on the cruise unless she first makes things right with the winning slogan writer, Laurel. A showdown commences when Betty and Nicola persuade Laurel to stand up to Viv with a compromise being reached – Viv gets the cruise and a beaming Laurel prepares to be the new face of Shift toilet-cleaner.

Nicola and a happy Laurel

Donna is not impressed that her mum has insisted that she join them on the cruise. When she informs boyfriend Robert about being away for three weeks he doesn’t seem too bothered.

Having purchased a piece of Rodney’s land with the belief that it has historical value, Pollard starts to dig. However his excitement soon turns to anguish when Danny points out that, according to the map in Rodney’s barn, the archaeological site is ten feet in a different direction.

After being caught red-handed breaking into the barn to sneak a look at the map Pollard is horrified to learn that he has been scammed by Rodney, who strategically dropped the gold coins to send him on a wild goose chase. Rodney feels that they are now evens, following the chair swindle, but Pollard is not about to take this deception lying down.

Scott is surprised when Yolanda turns up at the garage unexpected, leaving her card with an invitation to give her a call. When he sees Syd and Chloe in the Woolpack it’s just the fuel he needs to dial Yolanda’s number to arrange a date.

Yolanda turns up at the garage unexpected, leaving her card

Syd is hurt after overhearing Chloe tell her mum that she’s living with a friend. Later in the Woolpack Chloe promises Syd that she meant nothing by the comment.

Tuesday 12th August 2003 at 7pm on the ITV1 Network Pictured: Bets are taken on how long Steph (LORRAINE CHASE) will last at the factory...

Steph’s coworkers decide to start a book on how long madam will stick the factory job. But when Shelley fills her in, Steph decides to play them at their own game by arranging for Shelley to win. Meanwhile Carol accepts Alan’s offer on the B&B.

Date: Wednesday 13 August  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Scott is devastated when a date with Yolanda ends in his arrest. Chris and Charity clash when an injured Debbie comes between them and an important business meeting. Ashley finds an unlikely dinner companion in Louise.

Cast List
Ben Freeman, Charlotte Faber-Scott, Peter Amory

Wednesday 13th August at 7pm on ITV1 Network Pictured: Chris (PETER AMORY), Scott (BEN FREEMAN) and Yolanda (CHARLOTTE SABER-SCOTT) Chris is smug when he sees his plans to frame Scott roll into action.

As Scott embarks on his date with Yolanda, he is keen to show her off and insists they drink in the Woolpack. His actions have the desired effect as Chloe and Syd watch on in astonishment. After several drinks Yolanda makes her intentions clear and tells Scott to take her to bed.

Wednesday 13th August at 7pm on ITV1 Network Pictured: Chris (PETER AMORY), Scott (BEN FREEMAN) and Yolanda (CHARLOTTE SABER-SCOTT) Chris is smug when he sees his plans to frame Scott roll into action.

At home, Scott is overwhelmed by her forward approach and can’t believe his luck when she rips her shirt open and engages him in a passionate embrace. Shortly afterwards, Scott is left confused by Yolanda’s sense of urgency to leave. She picks up her torn shirt and heads straight for the door.

Wednesday 13 August 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Scott (BEN FREEMAN) and Yolanda kiss passionately.

During the early hours, the police banging at the door wake a dazed and groggy Scott. He can’t believe his ears when he is told he is being arrested for rape. Once again he finds himself pleading innocence, insisting he didn’t rape Zoe Tate. He is dumbfounded when the officers tell him they are arresting him for allegedly raping Yolanda.

Click to see larger image - Wednesday 13 August 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Scott (BEN FREEMAN) is arrested for rape.

Wednesday 13 August 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Scott (BEN FREEMAN) is arrested for rape.


Wednesday 13 August 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Scott (BEN FREEMAN) is arrested for rape.

Meanwhile, Syd worries that Chloe may still have feelings for Scott, when he witnesses her jealousy at seeing Scott with Yolanda. But deceitful Chloe insists she is over her old flame, claiming she’ll never forgive him for sleeping with Zoe. But when Chloe tells Syd she is considering moving abroad, it is clear she has no intentions of including him in her future. He is left saddened that his love is not reciprocated.

After her glamorous photo-shoot, Laurel is on cloud nine, while sarcastic Nicola is determined to bring her back down to earth with a bump by questioning why she is excited about being the new face of a toilet-cleaning product!

ITV.COM Rip roaring date Wednesday 13.08.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Scott’s hot date with Yolanda goes off with a bang when he decides to show her off in the Woolpack. As they smooch at the bar a jealous Chloe retaliates by exaggerating her affections towards Syd. The tension rises and a row erupts between Yolanda and Chloe as each one insults the other in front of a captivated pub audience. But before the argument turns physical Scott leads Yolanda back to his place and it’s not long before she embraces him passionately, ripping off her shirt.

Yolanda rips off her shirt

Yolanda leaves Scott bemused by rushing off after the liaison, but all becomes clear when he’s later woken by the police who arrest him on suspicion of rape – allegations made by Yolanda not Zoe.

Meanwhile Chloe tries her best to enjoy the night with Syd, but both the incident at the Woolpack and a job offer from her mum to be a nanny in Paris are playing on her mind.

Louise gets more than she bargained for when Diane persuades her to accompany Ashley to a social event. The buxom blond makes a lasting impression at the young farmers harvest dinner dance and Ashley gets kudos from the guests.

Charity struggles to juggle business with motherhood when she chooses to miss an important meeting with a client so she can take Debbie to hospital after a bicycle accident. The gap between husband and wife continues to widen when Chris finds out.

injured Debbie

Laurel is on cloud nine after her photo shoot for Shift despite the fact they think she’s Viv Hope. Laurel sends a copy of the newspaper article to her parents, keen to get some recognition from her non-supportive family.

Pearl's still pursuing Len’s affections, despite the fact he’s been avoiding her like the plague ever since the infamous kiss. Sure that he is just playing hard to get, Pearl finally catches up with him in the Woolpack – only to witness his disappearing act once again.


Date: Thursday 14 August  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Scott is shocked to find that the rape allegation is taken seriously. Debbie tells Lisa she saw Charity and Cain kissing. Chris's concerns about his health continue to grow.

Cast List
Charley Webb, Jane Cox, Emma Atkins

Tired and dishevelled, Scott paces around his cell determined to find an explanation for the evening’s events. But his pleas fall on deaf ears, as the police can’t seem to shed any light on the matter telling him they are waiting for medical evidence. Having been originally accused of raping Zoe, the officers are taking the allegation very seriously and Scott fears for his freedom when he is told it is likely he will be charged now there is a second victim.

As word spreads round the village and eyewitnesses are asked to come forward, Scott is put under an increasing amount of pressure to confess to something he hasn’t done. When he sees Yolanda escorted from the station with a fresh black eye and torn clothes, it is all too much for Scott. He goes ballistic, but his angry cries that he has been set up by Chris Tate are ignored.

click for larger image - EMMERDALE Thursday 14 August 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Scott (BEN FREEMAN) lunges towards Yolanda (CHARLOTTE SABER-SCOTT) as he is led back to his cell.

EMMERDALE Thursday 14 August 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Scott (BEN FREEMAN) lunges towards Yolanda (CHARLOTTE SABER-SCOTT) as he is led back to his cell.

Meanwhile, Chris is clearly concerned by a letter confirming his appointment for a scan. Although he is in a severe amount of discomfort, he manages to hide his painkillers from Charity. To make matters worse, relations between them are at rock bottom. Chris’s suspicions that she is having an affair with Cain are driving a huge wedge between them and they are hardly talking.

Meanwhile, Debbie’s head is still spinning with the anticipation that her mother and father will reunite, having seen them kiss some days before. Although sworn to secrecy she can’t help but tell Lisa, who is disbelieving at first then becomes suspicious.

Chris lies to Charity about his scan telling her he has some business in Leeds to attend to. He asks Terry to accompany him, to which Terry agrees hoping it will be a good opportunity to ask for a pay rise.

Robert sails through his exams, much to Jack’s delight. But knowing that his father is intent on seeing him graduate from university, Robert worries about unveiling his new car venture and admitting he plans to leave school.

ITV.COM Yolanda cries rape Thursday 14.08.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

After the midnight arrest innocent Scott remains locked up while the police try to piece together the events of the night and unearth any supporting evidence for Yolanda’s rape allegations against Scott.

Scott all alone in a prison cell

Having established some discriminating facts about their suspect the police finally question Scott, insinuating that Yolanda was just a tool to prove he was over Chloe and when she refused sex he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Leaving the interrogation room for another night in the slammer Scott spots Yolanda complete with black eye and, realising that he’s been set up, immediately requests a solicitor.

For Chris the good news that Scott’s been arrested is heavily dampened by a letter from Leeds hospital following on from his recent tests. Arranging a mysterious business trip to Leeds, Chris asks Terry to accompany him. Unaware that the excursion is to Leeds hospital
Terry hopes it will be a good opportunity to ask for a pay rise.

For Chris the good news that Scott’s been arrested is heavily dampened by a letter from Leeds hospital f

Having promised Chris that Debbie’s dentist appointment would not interfere with the important client meeting, Charity has to admit to her husband that not only was she late but the big haulage contract was not renewed. Another row erupts as Chris accuses Charity of spending more time at the Dingles than at Home Farm.

EMMERDALE, Thursday 14th August 2003 at 7pm on the ITV1 Network Ollie (VICKY BINNS) is delighted with her A-level results. Danny (CLEVELAND CAMPBELL) helps her celebrate.
Nerves are apparent around the village as the A-Level students prepare to pick up their exam results. Despite all the worrying both Robert and Ollie pass with flying colours, although Robert is subdued as he ponders over his future. When Edna joins the celebrations in the Woolpack she tenderly reminds Len that if Ollie ever leaves Emmerdale he will still have his friends
.Ollie celebrates her exam results

Debbie has to backtrack when she lets it slip to Lisa that she witnessed her parents kissing. Remembering that Charity had made her promise not to tell anyone Debbie later tells an understanding Lisa that she made the story up because all she wants is to have a proper family.

Date: Friday 15 August  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris reveals to a shocked Terry the truth about his recent health problems. An angry Scott forces his way into Home Farm to confront Chris Tate. Cain is convinced that Charity is starting to succumb to his charms.

Cast List
Peter Amory, Billy Hartman, Jeff Hordley

Chris still hasn’t told Terry or Charity about the scan in the morning as he and his right hand man set off for Leeds. Convinced they’re away for business, Terry notices Chris is acting out of sorts and questions his well being. Sure that his depression is due to the situation at home, Terry is shocked when after several drinks in the hotel, Chris reveals he may be seriously ill.

EMMERDALE Friday 15 August 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chris (PETER AMORY) (right) tells Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) about his hospital appointment

Sensing Chris’s fear, Terry insists on accompanying his boss to the hospital in the morning. Having burned many bridges, Chris feels relieved when Terry turns down money for his time and begins to think he has a friendship after all.

Click for larger image - EMMERDALE Friday 15 August 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chris (PETER AMORY) (right) tells Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) about his hospital appointment

Lisa is keen to observe Charity and Cain together to see if there is any truth in Debbie’s revelation that they kissed. Having invited Charity around, her fears are confirmed when she detects the tension between them.
Lisa and Charity

Meanwhile, Charity is fighting her feelings for Cain and, determined not to give herself away, she tries to avoid him. But Cain can read her like a book and is sure that she wants him. Is it only a matter of time before they give into their lust for one another?

Word spreads to Home Farm and Zoe wonders whether she should go to the police to ask them to re-open her case against Scott. Ashley tries to dissuade her, relaying the implications it may have on her health. Will Zoe jeopardise falling seriously ill again, or keep quite in the hope that the truth will prevail?

Its been a bad week for Scott
Meanwhile, Scott has been granted bail and told to keep out of trouble while the investigation continues. But when he sees the story in print in the local rag, he is incensed and tears up to Home Farm.

Scott barges into Home Farm seen here with Ashley and Zoe

Unsuspecting Zoe gets the shock of her life when Scott bursts through the door. Having taken hold of Jean, he demands to see Chris, leaving Zoe in despair.

ITV.COM Lisa's intuition Friday 15.08.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Following Debbie’s strange retracted revelation the previous day Lisa starts to detect some vibes between Charity and Cain which awaken her suspicions that perhaps there could be some truth to Debbie’s tales. Sensing potential danger Lisa warns Cain to stay away when Charity comes round to see Debbie the following day.

At Home Farm Charity struggles to keep her marriage on track with Chris continuing to ignore her attempts to make peace. When she suggests joining him on the business trip to Leeds he shuns her company in favour of loyal Terry.

As Terry and Chris knock back the drinks in the hotel bar Chris starts to get sentimental, thanking his right-hand man for all he’s done over the years. Seizing the opportunity to ask for the much needed pay rise, Terry is amazed to be presented with a cheque for £20,000.

When Chris reveals the true nature of the trip – that he’s going in to hospital for a brain scan to detect a potential tumour, Terry shows his loyalty by insisting on accompanying him there as his friend, not his employee.

Crunch time for Chris

When Ashley tells Zoe the news about Scott’s arrest he advises her not to get involved and to let the police take care of it.

Meanwhile Scott is released on bail, with a stark warning to stay out of trouble. But the words go in one ear and out the other as he storms straight round to Home Farm firing accusations at Zoe that the Tate's have set him up.

Elsewhere Elaine reveals to an amused Robert that her ambition is to drive her own lorry.

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