Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3493-3497 --- 21st July - 25th July 2003

Updated: 7th August 2003

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Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by
Oliver Horsbrugh

These episodes were written by :-
Peter Kerry (Mon & Tue)
Margaret Simpson (Wed & Thur)
Chris Thompson (Fri)

Date: Monday 21 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Frustrated with the law, Chris seeks his own revenge against Scott. Scott's anger boils over as he realises the extent of Chloe and Syd's betrayal. Charity is desperate in her fight for Debbie to stay at Home Farm.

Cast List includes :-
Peter Amory, Ben Freeman, Amy Nuttall, Nathan Gladwell, Emma Atkins, Charley Webb

Business becomes scarce at the garage for Scott, as rumors flood the village that he’s being questioned for rape. Even taking refuge in the pub becomes confrontational when he bumps into Syd.

The tension is clear between the two and over a few icy words Syd accidentally lets it slip that Chloe is responsible for one of Jean’s injuries. This is one revelation too many for Scott and once again Chloe is caught in the middle as a fight breaks out.

Chloe tries to stop the fight

The situation worsens when they notice the Tate’s have sent round bailiffs and all the worldly possessions have been dumped in the street.

Scott and Chloe look through the black sacks which is all that is left of their home

As they scramble to rescue their belongings, the troublesome three begin to realise that this is just the start of Chris Tate’s revenge against Scott.

Meanwhile, recently sacked Chloe has greater issues on her mind. Having been informed that her actions with baby Jean constitute serious neglect, she worries about the consequences of the investigation.

Zoe however is shocked when the DNA tests confirm that Scott is Jean’s natural father. Worried he might try and get custody, Zoe wonders whether they will uncover evidence that confirms she was raped.

Elsewhere in the village Cain and Charity play tug of war over Debbie, as they ask her to decide where she wants to live. Will Debbie stay in the comfort of Home Farm or rough it with the Dingles?

ITV.COM Chloe gets the cold shoulder Monday 21.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

The revelations of the past few days have left Chloe jobless, without a boyfriend and alienated so she decides to pay Zoe a visit to try to mend one of her bridges. Th ex-nanny receives a frosty welcome as she launches into her apology to Zoe closely followed by a plea to refrain from mentioning the child neglect incident in any future job references. A shocked Zoe delivers a sobering speech, emphasising that she’ll do everything in her power to stop Chloe from ever working with children again.


Chloe tries to engage Charity’s help with talking Zoe round but her friend isn’t feeling very charitable, after all the trouble Chloe’s lies have caused young Debbie.

Charity’s hopes that Debbie will change her mind about staying at Home Farm are dashed when her daughter explains that she doesn’t feel welcome there and would much rather live with her dad than with unloving Chris. When Chris refuses to apologise to Debbie for the false accusations, Charity is left feeling exasperated. It’s clear that he's far too preoccupied with seeking revenge against Scott having decided to take matters into his own hands after the police reiterate that without hard evidence there are no grounds for a rape charge.

Charity’s hopes that Debbie will change her mind about staying at Home Farm are dashed

After Donna puts her foot in it by telling her brother everyone thinks he’s a rapist Viv is determined that Scott puts on a brave face and goes to the Woolpack. The quiet drink is cut short, however, when Syd lets it slip that Chloe was responsible for Jean’s accident.

As Scott chases Syd outside they bump into Chloe who breaks up the imminent street brawl between the feuding friends.

Monday 21 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chloe steps in as a fight breaks out between Syd and Scott.Monday 21 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chloe steps in as a fight breaks out between Syd and Scott.

Just as Scott tells them he’s throwing them out of the house they hear a crash coming in that very direction – it seems Chris has already sent round the heavies to evict them all.

Click to see larger and better picture - Syd, Chloe and Scott finds themselves with nowhere to live when they are evicted from the cottage by bailiff's.

Zoe discusses Jean’s homecoming with social services. Nanny-less Zoe must now consider alternative arrangements for her baby’s care before she returns back home.

Meanwhile, after a driving lesson with Jack taints Robert’s reputation as an able driver, the teenager decides to prove his motoring skills by upping the stakes in his bet with Elaine that he’ll pass with flying colours.


Date: Tuesday 22 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris continues to persecute Scott. Charity is furious as Debbie moves in with Cain. The driving tests push Robert and Elaine closer.

Cast List includes :-
Peter Amory, Ben Freeman, Emma Atkins, Charley Webb, Jeff Hordley, Karl Davies

Woeful Scott

Distraught and homeless Chloe has no option but to turn to Syd in her hour of need. Having been kicked out of the cottage they are forced to stay at the B&B.

But Chloe’s worst nightmare is about to unfold. She realises her negligence could result in the loss of her freedom, as she is told baby Jean’s fall could lead to imprisonment.

Meanwhile at Home Farm, Charity makes a desperate plea to Chris asking him to convince Debbie to stay. But Chris is in no mood to tackle Debbie’s insecurities and is far too busy scheming up ways to make Scott’s life hell.

Reluctant Charity has no option but let Debbie go, but she can’t help feeling she has abandoned her daughter for the second time as she takes her to live with the Dingles. To make matters worse, Cain decides to stir an already emotional Charity by asking her where her loyalties lie. Charity reflects on her changing relationship with Chris. Will she be tempted to give up her status and return to her roots?

Elsewhere in the village competition is rife as both Robert and Elaine take their driving tests. But there are tears of sorrow and tears of joy as the youngsters get opposing results.

ITV.COM Revenge on the 'rapist' Tuesday 22.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Scott attempts to confront Chris over his unlawful eviction but the prospect of engaging in a retracted court case fighting the Tate’s top class lawyers leaves Scott with a feeling of trepidation. When Scott tries to explain that he is innocent of rape Chris gets violent, throwing objects from his desk at the unwelcome guest.

While the villagers gossip and pass judgement on the latest goings on, Chris continues his revenge campaign against Scott by commissioning some artwork across the garage doors.

click to see larger and better version of picture - Scott (BEN FREEMAN) returns to the garage to find the word 'rapist' written across the doors

Meanwhile Ashley shocks Zoe by revealing that whilst she was ill she propositioned him in a very persuasive manner, suggesting that Scott may have legitimately thought she was in her right mind.

Syd and Chloe spend their first night at the B&B together, after being made homeless.

Click to see larger and better picture - Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) is asked to go down to the police station Click to see larger version of picture - Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) is asked to go down to the police station

Later in the day the police turn up to interrogate Chloe about Jean’s injury and, although they appreciate that it was an accident initially, the fact that Chloe didn’t take her to hospital could result in charges of neglect. Chloe and Syd become closer after Syd offers to take some of the heat away by telling the cops he was responsible for distracting Chloe away from her nannying duties. They agree to find some accommodation together, as either a couple or housemates depending on how things go.

Charity is at her wit’s end over Debbie leaving Home Farm and her husband’s disinterest in smoothing things over by apologising to her daughter. At the Dingles a nasty comment from Shadrach hits her hard and uncharacteristically Cain jumps to Charity’s defence. Alone, in a moment of weakness, she confesses her troubles to Cain, who tells her that it all comes with the territory!

Click to see larger version of picture - Charity is upset when Debbie moves into the Dingles.

Elsewhere Robert passes his driving test, despite being a bag of nerves beforehand. Donna is excited about the prospect of a drive in the countryside, however boyfriend Robert doesn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm.

Andy is left to deal with the sheep alone, after the shearer phones in sick.

Date: Wednesday 23 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris grows suspicious of Charity's intentions as she spends more time at the Dingles. Scott and Chloe find themselves ostracised from the village. Jack rescues Andy from his struggle with the sheep shears.

Cast List includes :-
Peter Amory, Emma Atkins, Ben Freeman, Amy Nuttall, Clive Hornby, Kelvin Fletcher

With Debbie out of the way Chris does his best to patch up problems at home. But Charity is pre-occupied and worried about Debbie being at the Dingles rather than Home Farm.

Chris’s plans to spend some quality time with his wife are thwarted when she leaves him in the Woolpack and goes to visit Debbie. As time ticks by his imagination is running wild, and he anxiously watches the clock.

Meanwhile up at the Dingles, Debbie is pleased when Charity decides to stay for tea. After a meal and a few beers, Cain challenges Charity to a game of poker – and after a drink or two she accepts!

Several hours later Chris is pulling his hair out in the Woolpack while
Charity is nowhere to be seen. She has had one too many drinks but is aware that Chris will be worried about her.

Deciding to make tracks, she stumbles down to the pub with Cain in close pursuit. She tries to reject his flirtations, but a play fight sees Charity loose her balance and fall straight into his arms.

Little does she know Chris was just leaving the pub and has witnessed the incident so he furiously demands that a reluctant Charity get in the car.

Elsewhere in the village, Scott and Chloe find themselves ostracised for different reasons. Jobless Chloe finds herself barred from the café and shop whilst Scott puts on a brave face to deal with the rapist rumours.

ITV.COM Charity ges Cained Wednesday 23.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

The bad atmosphere between Charity and Chris, that has been progressively worse, mars the happy occasion of Jean’s homecoming. The situation deteriorates when a row erupts over the circumstances of Debbie leaving. While Chris embraces the fact they are alone again, Charity is suffering over her daughter’s decision to leave Home Farm because of Chris. Fed up, Charity escapes to the Dingles to join them for the evening and by the time Cain returns home from the Woolpack Charity is quite sozzled on Sam’s homebrew.

Charity is quite sozzled on Sam’s homebrew.   Debbie and Cain look on

After being challenged to stay for a few more rounds of poker and drinks Charity soon forgets that she’s due to meet Chris at the pub for dinner.

Click to see largerand better  picture - A tipsy Charity (EMMA ATKINS) enjoys time out at The Dingles and reluctantly agrees to let Cain (JEFF HORDLEY) walk her back to The Woolpack.

Having seen Cain leave some time earlier Chris starts to get suspicious when Charity doesn’t appear as arranged, and presuming the worst, sets off home.

Meanwhile Cain attempts to escort a staggering, giggling Charity down the road. But Chris interrupts what looks to him like a cosy encounter, demanding that his wife get in the car.

For once an innocent Cain trys to get a drunken Charity to the Woolpack in one piece

Back at home Chris accuses Charity of having an affair with Cain behind his back. He is certain that her new devotion as a mother is a cover for spending time with her ex-lover.

Elsewhere Syd tries in vain to get Chloe out of a sticky situation with the police by saying he was to blame. However the confession doesn’t make any difference in the eyes of the law, as Chloe was the person responsible for the baby’s welfare.

Syd and Chloe

Scott is suffering the wrath of the villagers over the alleged rape, even Len is finding it hard to understand why he didn’t own up to being Jean’s father at the beginning.

Meanwhile Viv is throwing her weight around confronting Chris in the Woolpack about her new status of grandmother as well as having a showdown with Chloe in the shop. Chloe is quick to remind Viv about the derogatory comments she made about the baby’s looks and father’s genetics!

Andy really needs his dad’s help with the sheep shearing but is too proud to ask, whereas Jack is dying to help but refuses to make the first move. Robert cooks up plan with Katie to bang father and son’s heads together…gently.

Robert persuades Jack to lend more money for car repairs while Elaine tries to invest Ronnie’s help with more driving lessons.

Date: Thursday 24 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Terry acts as private eye when Chris becomes paranoid about Charity and Cain. The joke is on Laurel when she goes in search of a sexy new farmhand. Robert is desperate to get his car - and his love life - on the road.

Cast List includes :-
Billy Hartman, Peter Amory, Emma Atkins, Jeff Hordley, Charlotte Bellamy, Karl Davies

It’s the morning after the night before and Charity wakes up with a hangover. Chris is far from impressed by her drunken antics and is in no mood for excuses. Her actions have fuelled his insecurities and he gives her a grave warning to keep her distance from Cain and instructs Terry to keep an eye on her.

But with Debbie living at the Dingles, it makes it virtually impossible to avoid her old flame. Unbeknown to Charity her movements are being tracked as she spends more time with her daughter in Cain’s company.


Chris is later incensed when Terry reports back. He decides to take matters into his own hands. He collars Cain warning him to stay away from his wife. But smug Cain is quick to fight back telling Chris he could have his wife any day he wants.

Meanwhile Andy finally swallows his pride and lets Jack teach him a thing or two about farming. Having struggled on his own on the farm, he is relieved when the much-needed extra pair of hands ease the workload.

Elsewhere in the village, Scott continues to suffer the wrath of Chris Tate as he arrives for work to find his garage has been vandalised.

To make matters worse, Scott confronts Zoe about Chris’s behaviour, asking her to tell him to back off. Zoe panics when he is aggressive towards her and this fuels her fears that she was raped.

ITV.COM More disaster for Scott Thursday 24.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Scott’s week gets worst when he arrives at the garage to find it vandalised. Determined not to let the Tate’s put him out of business Scott asks Zoe to consider backing off. The response is not positive, however, as Zoe tells him to stay away from Jean and herself.

Scott’s week gets worst when he arrives at the garage to find it vandalised.

Emily is worried about Debbie’s move to the Dingle resident but is reassured when Lisa explains that Charity was not the reason. Instead she puts her mind to helping Sam grasp the high way code, using his eggs as teaching tools!

Robert and Katie’s plan to get Jack onto the shearing job goes swimmingly. With Jack teaching his son some tricks of the trade it seems that their relationship is back on track after the troubles of late.

Click to see larger and better picture - Jack (CLIVE HORNBY) shows Andy (KELVIN FLETCHER) how to shear sheep.

Later, a BBQ at Butler’s farm causes embarrassment for Laurel after she gets the wrong end of the stick about the new shearer. Thinking that a steamy liaison with a hunk is on the cards she gets dressed up to the nines only to find that Jack Sugden’s the mystery man.

Charity is feeling rough after all the Dingle homebrew, but Chris is not cutting her any slack. Paranoid that she is cheating on him, Chris insists that a reluctant Terry spy on his wife over the next few days.

So, when Charity drops Debbie back at the Dingles after a shopping trip in Hotten, she is closely watched. As the girls model their new clothes Cain arrives home, immediately winding Charity up about dressing for his benefit.

Chris is livid when Terry dutifully reports back to his boss on Charity’s whereabouts so heads off to the Dingles in a rage. Passing Cain on the roadside he demands to know what’s been going on. Cool as a cucumber Cain assures him that nothing has happened between them but fuels the fire by adding that he could have Charity any day he wanted.

Date: Friday 25 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Cain's pleased to be the cause of tension in Charity's marriage. Terry is worried about Chris' state of mind as his jealousy grows. Scott is stunned by the explosive revenge Chris has in store.

Cast List includes :-
Jeff Hordley, Emma Atkins, Billy Hartman, Ben Freeman

There is trouble up at Home Farm as the Dingles have driven a firm wedge between Charity and Chris. Charity is beginning to feel like a caged animal under Chris’s watchful eye.

Terry is keen to convince Chris that his wife is not having an affair, but with Cain’s smug words fresh in his mind he finds it difficult to trust her. Will his distrust eventually drive Charity away from Home Farm?

Charity’s attempts to appease the situation backfire when she tries to get Debbie to come home. Cain asks his daughter to stay until the end of the summer holidays and Debbie happily obliges.

Meanwhile there is more trouble for Scott when he gets to work and is horrified to find the garage up in smoke. As the inferno burns, Scott is convinced Chris is responsible for the fire and feels utterly helpless as he endures revenge for something he hasn’t done!

Later, Terry witnesses the cars burning, including his own which Scott had been fixing. He realises Chris is responsible and is furious when his boss later proudly admits to it.

When Chris goes on to offer him money to have Cain beaten up, Terry is in utter disbelief and refuses to have any part in such criminal activity. But for how long can he contain Chris’s irrational behaviour.

Elsewhere in the village, Donna is bubbling with excitement as Robert’s car has passed its MOT. She is thrilled when he offers to take her on a date.

ITV.COM Up in flames Friday 25.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Terry advises Chris to start trusting Charity or he could make himself ill for worrying. But Chris has tunnel vision despite Terry’s assurances that it’s only Cain trying to make him jealous.

Click to see larger and better picture - Scott's garage goes up in flames - but who is responsible ....?

After dealing with his boss Terry looks for refuge in the Woolpack but is soon confronted by an angry Viv, who gives him grief over his lack of support for Scott. When Robert interrupts with news of a fire at the garage the villagers rush outside to watch the drama unfold. Terry is horrified to see that his car, in for repairs, is also ablaze.

Terry's car is one of the things that burns

His boss is nonchalant about the incident, however, offering Terry some compensation cash if he arranges for Cain to be beaten up. But when Terry refuses to get involved Chris tells him to close the door on his way out.


After another frosty morning at the Tate’s Charity heads off to a more welcoming environment to visit her daughter. However Debbie is off searching for rabbits with Sam, leaving Cain alone in the house. They discuss Chris’s attitude to Debbie with Cain provocatively suggesting that Charity’s marriage is on the rocks.

Syd and Chloe start settling into their new home together, while Scott is finding life increasingly difficult sharing with his family.

Syd anc Chloe kiss

Elaine’s driving lesson with her mum doesn’t go well, as they don’t see eye to eye over the speed levels. Matters don’t improve when Robert pulls up behind them in his new set of wheels.

Having enjoyed helping his son with the shearing Jack is keen to start on other odd jobs around the farm until he amicably takes Andy’s hint that he’s overstepping the mark.

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