Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3488-3492 --- 14th July - 18th July 2003

Updated: 21st July 2003 Finished 31st July 2003

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Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by
Duncan Foster

These episodes were written by :-
Sarah Bagshaw (Mon & Tue)
Mark Illis (Wed & Thur)
Bill Lyons (Fri)

An excellent week in Emmerdale, Tuesday-Thursday episodes were perhaps some of the best in ages. Good performances, good writing, good directing and editing by everyone involved with the production.

Monday 14 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) and Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) wrestle with their consciences over Jean's injury.

Monday 14 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Andy (KELVIN FLETCHER) and Katie (SAMMY WINWARD) get romantic

Tuesday 15 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network The hospital social worker arrives at Pear Tree Cottage to interview Chloe which alarms Scott into thinking there is more to the situation than he knows

Wednesday 16 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) finds out that Scott (BEN FREEMAN) is the father of her baby.

Thursday 17 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chloe is devastated when she find out about Scott and turns to Syd for comfort.

Thursday 17 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Scott faces up to a shocked Zoe about the events surround Baby Jean's conception and Chris accuses Scott of rape .

Thursday 17 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chloe is devastated when she find out about Scott and Zoe needs answers.

Friday 18 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Scott (BEN FREEMAN) admits to the police that he slept with Zoe.

Friday 18 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chloe tries to come to terms with Scotts revelation and to get her own back tells him about her affair with Syd.

Friday 18 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Scott (BEN FREEMAN) (left) punches Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) when he finds out about his affair with Chloe.

Click to see larger image of Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) and Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) wrestle with their consciences over Jean's injury.

Zoe is shocked to hear about Jean's old injury

guilty conscience Chloe?

The females of Emmerdale are finding adapting to life with their new finger appendices rather challenging  Viv wants Shelley to remove her nails

Click to see larger image ofAndy (KELVIN FLETCHER) and Katie (SAMMY WINWARD) get romantic

Date: Monday 14 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zoe is horrified as another injury to Jean comes to light. Syd and Chloe wrestle with their consciences over Jean's injury. Chris laments his failing relationship when Charity agrees to meet Cain again.

Cast List includes :-
Leah Bracknell, Nathan Gladwell, Amy Nuttall, Peter Amory, Emma Atkins, Jeff Hordley

BBC Puresoap :-

Monday 14th July Zoe was stunned when the doctors performing Jean's operation told her they'd found she had a broken rib.Their questions were quite aggressive and Zoe was later told the social services would be investigating. Chloe panicked when she heard, as the injury was really her fault, while Scott thought Zoe was harming Jean.Steph and Shelly's nail bar got off to a bad start with many complaints.

ITV.COM More shock for Zoe Monday 14.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Zoe has suffered a tense night at hospital after Jean’s emergency operation. Watching over her baby on a ventilator she confides in Chris that she’s being punished for initially giving Jean away.

Meanwhile Scott and Chloe are both worried sick about the baby’s health, but as they head off to hospital Syd warns Scott to keep his paternal concerns under wraps.

Zoe gets word from the doctor that her daughter is on the road to recovery having responded well to the treatment.

But Zoe’s relieve comes to an abrupt end when she learns of an undetected earlier injury to her baby which must have occurred in the past few weeks. Zoe is horrified to hear that Jean has been suffering with a broken rib all the time she thought it was teething problems.

Despite the knowledge of Jean’s previous fall Chloe keeps quiet, so with Zoe unable to give a feasible explanation, the doctor is forced to launch an official investigation into the possibility of non-accidental injury.

The females of Emmerdale are finding adapting to life with their new finger appendices rather challenging. After an embarrassing incident with a zip, Viv returns to the nail bar to demand instant removal of the claws. It’s not too long before a queue starts to form requiring the same service.

Elsewhere Charity and Chris are still frosty with each other, and Cain insists on a meeting at Home Farm to discuss Debbie’s education.


Eithne's Review © 2003

Monday 14th July 2003, Episode 3488

This was the first episode of the five episode week, nearly all about Jean’s parentage. At the hospital Zoe was upset, as she watched her child. Chris tried to comfort her, but she was still upset. She sent him home to get her some of Jean’s things. Later Dr. Galloway looked at Jean’s x-ray’s and noticed something. She asked to examine Jean, while Zoe went to wait in the parent’s room.

Zoe was upset as the doctor told her that Jean had fractured her rib in the last six weeks. Dr. Galloway asked her how it happened, but Zoe didn’t know. The doctor told Zoe that there would have to be an investigation.

Scott and Chloe were worried about Jean, Scott especially. They arrived at the hospital, and Chloe comforted Zoe, who told her about the investigation.

Back at Home Farm Debbie was blaming herself for the accident. She and Charity were walking around the garden’s, and then the village, where they ran into Cain. Cain told Charity he wanted to meet so they could discuss Debbie’s education. When Chris arrived back, Charity tried to be honest with her husband, but he was snapping at her and Debbie, who he blamed for the accident. He told them that they couldn’t go to the hospital.


Katie and Andy were at the farm, partying and sun bathing. Jack wasn’t happy with Andy’s lack of help from the skiving Ben. Jack and Katie had a barbeque, with Elaine, Robert and Donna.

The women of the village, and Bob, had all their nails done. There were some problems though. Viv couldn’t do her belt up, Louise and Diane couldn’t do their jobs properly, and Katie’s melted in the toaster and also cut Andy on the back. All the nails were removed, apart from Donna’s, were removed by Shelly.

Jarvis and Pollard had a preliminary meeting to discuss the preliminary meeting for the historical society.

Date: Tuesday 15 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zoe is accused of injuring her baby. As Jean appears to be in danger, Scott thinks it may be time to reveal himself as her father. Charity and Chris clash over an accusation against Debbie.

Cast List
Leah Bracknell, Ben Freeman, Emma Atkins, Peter Amory

Chloe and Syd

After a horrendous night at the hospital, Zoe and Chris are on tenterhooks as they wait to see whether baby Jean will recover from her life-saving operation. The doctor asserts that Jean stands a good chance of full recovery, but delivers further bad news about her health, as they have discovered a broken rib from a previous accident.

Zoe and Chris are stunned when the doctor begins to quiz them about how it occurred. They are flabbergasted by the suggestive tone in which they are being questioned, but can offer no explanation. To make matters worse, just when they think Jean has pulled through and everything is going to be OK, Zoe is told social services will be investigating Jean’s injuries.

Meanwhile, Scott and Chloe are both anxious about Jean for different reasons. Chloe worries her old injury might be uncovered and Scott worries that his daughter may not pull through. Scott can’t contain his emotion and calls the hospital claiming to be a family friend, to ask about Jean’s well being. He is left frustrated, when they refuse to give him information on the grounds that he is not close family.

In desperation, Scott and Chloe race down to the hospital in an attempt to find out more. On their arrival, Chloe is horrified that the doctors have discovered evidence of Jean’s previous fall. The broken rib adds fuel to the fire for Scott as he begins to think schizophrenic Zoe is harming his daughter.

Zoe breaks down Tuesday 15.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Although baby Tate is off the ventilator her family are in turmoil over the shocking revelations that Jean may have been abused.

The hospital social worker begins her investigation with Zoe, who is initially unco-operative, still in denial that they could suspect her of hurting her child.

After Chloe once again pointedly denies knowledge of any earlier accident, the social worker can’t rule out the possibility that Zoe’s schizophrenia could be to blame.

The other residents of Home Farm don’t escape interrogation from social services. Chris is quick to point the finger of blame at young Debbie - she is a blood Dingle after all.

Distraught by the accusations against her Debbie packs her bags to leave until Charity reassures her that Chris is only lashing out. However Charity is furious with her husband for alienating her daughter, telling him that he’s taking out his jealously over Cain on Debbie.

Scott is emotionally wrecked over the news that his daughter may have suffered abuse from Zoe. But Syd tells him that it’s time to find another shoulder to cry on – he’s had enough of it.

Faced with the prospect of losing her child Zoe breaks down in front of a guilty Chloe. But will she do the right thing and admit the accident, or does she feel she’s in too deep?

Over at Butler’s farm Andy is burning the candle at both ends. Jack is concerned for his son’s health and a comment to Katie hits home, making her realise that Andy needs some more support. So, after recruiting a reluctant Donna to help out, they offer to give him a hand with some farming duties. After being tasked with moving a herd of cows into a field, it all ends in tears for Donna when she ends up face down in a muddy puddle!

webmaster's comments :-

after just finishing tonight's episode (Tuesday 15th July 2003), it is no wonder why Corrie fans have been saying that they are enjoying Emmerdale more than Corrie at the moment.

I hadn't watched Em properly for a month, but we were going out and the beginning started and I could tell it was good right from the start so had to record.

I have to say it was the best of Emmerdale episode I'd seen in years and with its combination of humour, high drama and the incidental. Also well acted. I was reminded that when it is good, Emmerdale is good and I prefer it to Corrie but that is personal taste.

Zoe, Zoe and more Zoe, excellent - although the screeching got a bit much, but I suppose understanding Zoe's predictement.

Chloe squirming knowing fall well she is responsible for the baby's injury and now Zoe might loose her daughter, Zoe's anguish and the tweenies thrown in to keep the youngsters happy, they were actually quite entertaining

oh Chris went off the deep end with Debbie and he was as loathsome as he alway used to be. And Debbie moves nearer to moving in with the Dingles where she belongs.

Katie and Donna were going round like beach bunnies in bikinis while Andy slaved away on the farm, then finally Katie decided they should help and had Donna running round after these cows it was a funny sight particularly when a nearly naked Donna fell in a load cow dung and was covered breasts and everywhere. You knew it was coming but it still lightened an otherwise tension packed episode.

Then back to the village gossips, but Edna is on Zoe's side and Viv was gossiping and Edna gave her a piece of her mind and then muddy Donna walked in and had a go at Viv for not noticing her.

All these stories and characters going on. It was a pleasant mix.

Never mind that Peter Barlow is about to be exposed for the cheat he is in Coronation Street, Scott Windsor is getting ever nearer to cracking up over his secret child.

There was a trailor for Coronation Street and my husband remarked Em doesn't need a trailor of Scott being exposed and it was true, its fans will tune in or out no matter. But Corrie needs to grab for any shred of senssationlism these days to get in the viewers.


Eithne's Review © 2003

Tuesday 15th July 2003, Episode 3489

Jean was getting better, but Zoe was still worried that she’d been the one who harmed Jean. Joy, the hospital social worker, asked Zoe a few questions about her illness. Zoe got angry and walked out.

Back at Home Farm Chris was accusing Debbie of being the one who broke Jean’s rib. Charity stood up for her daughter, but Debbie was offended when Ashley and Zoe asked her if she had hurt Jean. Debbie decided to move in with Cain, but Charity persuaded her daughter to stay.

Elsewhere in the village:

Andy was on his own, shearing the sheep as Ben was missing again. This angered Jack, as Katie and Donna were lying nearby sunning themselves. He had a go at them, and later they arrived to help. Andy suggested they help him move some animals into another pasture, and they did this. Donna wasn’t sure, and thought that the animals were going to jump at her and she started to run away. But she tripped and fell in a large pile of cow dung.

Back at café Hope, Viv lost her eternity ring. And just in case you are wondering, this isn’t a summer repeat of Emmerdale. It just show’s what a great soap Emmerdale is for recycling. This time she thought it was down in the sink, rather than down her throat.

Joy, that’s the social worker, turned up at Pear Tree Cottage to ask Chloe some questions about Jean. She told Scott about the broken rib, who was worried that Zoe was harming his daughter. Syd and Chloe fought over what to do, and he persuaded Chloe to own up. At the hospital Zoe broke down, as a guilty Chloe looked on, unable to confess.


Scott confesses to his mother Viv that she is a grandmother.

Chloe is about to confess, but Zoe receives a phone call telling her that Jean's father is at the hospital, so Chloe is literally saved by the bell.

click to see larger version - Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) finds out that Scott (BEN FREEMAN) is the father of her baby



Its time to face the music for Scott as Zoe enters the room to confront the father of her child

Date: Wednesday 16 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zoe is shocked when she finally comes face-to-face with the father of her child. Debbie is determined to move out of Home Farm. Viv is stunned by the truth about Scott.

Face to face with the truth - Scott and Zoe

Cast List includes :-
Leah Bracknell, Ben Freeman, Charley Webb, Deena Payne

Syd tries in vain to get Chloe to come clean about baby Jean’s first accident. When she refuses, he gives her an ultimatum by threatening to tell Zoe himself if she doesn’t come forward.

Meanwhile, Viv is busy gossiping to a reluctant Scott about the rumours of child abuse. Unable to listen to her jibes any more, Scott decides to tell his mother the truth about Jean. Viv can’t believe her ears and remembering the rumours of rape surrounding Zoe’s pregnancy, she can’t help but question her son. Scott is deeply offended that his mother could even consider that he raped Zoe. Viv quickly backs down and insists she will stand by him, but that he needs to come forward to stop Jean going into care.

Zoe can’t believe social services think she harmed her baby, but she has no way of proving her innocence. She quizzes their lawyer, asking for a worst case scenario, and is horrified to hear that Jean may be taken into care. Having nearly lost her baby once, the news comes as a massive blow.

In desperation, Zoe again begs Chloe to recall any incident where Jean may have been hurt. Despite Syd’s harsh advice Chloe can’t bring herself to tell the truth. Just as she contemplates coming clean, there is a call for Zoe from the hospital to saying Jean has had a visitor who insists he is her father.

While all the commotion is going on at the hospital, Debbie takes refuge at the Dingles. She can’t help but admit to Cain she has been accused by Chris of hurting the baby. Cain is furious and heads to Home Farm to confront Chris. Comforted by his protective actions, Debbie declares that she wants to live with Cain at the Dingles.

ITV.COM Beam me up Scotty Wednesday 16.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

A distraught Zoe confides in nanny, Chloe, over the Tate solicitor’s confirmation that social services could place the baby into a temporary care home, based on the current facts of the investigation. Chloe fights with her conscience as Zoe begs her to rack her brains for any incident that could explain the injuries to Jean. As Chloe begins to crack under the pressure, Zoe’s mobile phone rings, distracting her from learning the important truth.

Meanwhile, having been given his marching orders from best mate Syd, Scott can’t cope with the burden of his secret any longer and so confides in his mother. Having spend the last few hours gossiping about Zoe and the baby, the blood drains from Viv’s face as she learns the scandalous truth about the very mystery that’s been bugging her since Zoe’s pregnancy. The initial shock dies down after Scott explains the circumstances of the conception, assuring Viv that Zoe was a willing party. Viv demands that Scott claim the right to his daughter immediately.

After receiving a call saying that Jean’s father is waiting at the hospital, Zoe anxiously prepares herself to come face to face with the man who may well have raped her. As she opens the door to the waiting room Viv and Bob move aside as Scott tentatively walks forward to declare he’s Jean’s dad.

Elsewhere, after Debbie lets it slip to Cain about Chris’s accusations against her over Jean’s injuries, another row erupts between her parents. Debbie takes the opportunity to drop a bombshell – she is unhappy living at Home Farm with Chris and wants to move to the Dingles.

Katie gets a job as a cleaner for Nicola allowing Andy to employ a sheepshearer.


Eithne's Review © 2003

Wednesday 16th July 2003, Episode 3490

Zoe and Chris met with his solicitor Rachael, to discuss what could happen to Jean if nobody could prove that her broken rib was just an accident. They were shocked as she revealed that Jean could be put in temporary care, by a court order.

Meanwhile Scott was looking for Viv’s eternity ring, and found it in the corner of the press. Upstairs he seemed upset as Viv went on about Zoe abusing Jean. Viv asked him what the matter was, and he revealed to her that he knew who Jean’s father was.

Chloe told Syd that she couldn’t tell Zoe the previous day. He told her that she had to go and tell Zoe, and she arrived at Home Farm, about to tell Zoe the truth.

Viv asked if it was Syd – but was speechless (for once) when Scott told her it was him. Viv talked to him about what he should do, and she persuaded him to phone the hospital. He did and he told them that he was on the way.

Chloe’s confession was interrupted by a phone call from the hospital, telling Zoe that Jean’s father was on their way to the hospital. Zoe rushed to the hospital, with Chris. She walked down the corridor and pushed open the door to see Bob standing there. He told her that he wasn’t the father, and then Scott came forward and told her he was Jean’s father.

Elsewhere in Emmerdale:

Katie decided to get a job for the summer, but Viv refused. Later Mavis and Laurel suggested she try Nicola. She got work for Nicola, earning £3.60 an hour. This meant that Andy would be able to take on someone else at the farm, to help him. Jack was slightly put out when arrived and heard that Andy had everything sorted at the farm. But Andy said that he had to stay and help the teenagers finish off their sausages at the second BBQ of the week.

Debbie visited the Dingle abode, and told Cain about Chris’s rantings that she’d injured Jean deliberately. He then decided to go to Home Farm, and give Chris a piece of his mind. But Chris and Zoe were leaving for the hospital, so Charity had to deal with her angry ex-lover.

Elaine and Robert’s bet (for the £10, it was mentioned a few weeks ago) was featured. Robert had his test date before Elaine’s, but she was confident he was going to fail.

Scott confesses to chloe







click to see larger version - Scott faces up to a shocked Zoe about the events surround Baby Jean's conception and Chris accuses Scott of rape . Pictured: (L-R) Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Chris (PETER AMORY), Viv (DEENA PAYNE), Bob (ANTHONY AUDENSHAW) and Scott (BEN FREEMAN).

Zoe cries as events continue to spiral out of control

click to see larger version - Chloe is devastated when she find out about Scott and turns to Syd for comfort. Pictured: (L-R) Scott (BEN FREEMAN), Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and Chloe (AMY NUTTALL).


click to see larger version - Chloe is devastated when she find out about Scott and Zoe needs answers. Pictured: (L-R) Chloe (AMY NUTTALL), Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and Scott (BEN FREEMAN).

Zoe wants answers from Scott


Chloe is distraught and shocked at what she has just heard.


Date: Thursday 17 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

As Zoe struggles with Scott's story of Jean's conception, Chris swears revenge on Scott. Shell-shocked by events around her, Chloe kicks Scott out.

Cast List
Leah Bracknell, Ben Freeman, Peter Amory, Amy Nuttall

Scott has some home truths for Chloe

As the dust settles Zoe refuses to accept that Scott is Jean’s father, convinced she would have remembered. But Scott is insistent, regretfully admitting he was scared to come forward sooner.

Chris is furious and accuses Scott of rape. The idea repulses Zoe and she insists Chris take her home. Scott tries to explain but the revelation is all too much for Zoe and she flees from the hospital.

Bob and Viv are quick to comfort Scott, but remind him he should tell Chloe, before she finds out from another source.

Acknowledging his responsibility Scott braces himself, and prepares to tell his girlfriend he is a dad. Chloe thinks it’s a sick joke at first, but when Bob, Viv and Syd sheepishly make themselves scarce, she knows it must be true.

As temperatures rise Syd answers the door to the Tates’, who also want some answers.

Alone with Zoe, Scott reveals the incident when Jean was conceived. Although she is shocked she has no reason to doubt he is the father, but when he admits he wants to play an active role as her dad, Zoe becomes very distressed. Zoe’s guard goes up, worried that Scott may have custody rights should she be charged with child abuse.

Viv decides to exercise her rights as grandmother.

With her life turned upside down once again, Zoe breaks down as she tells Chris that Scott’s revelation has made her doubt her own mind. She worries it may have been possible she hurt Jean but has no recollection.

Tate shock Thursday 17.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Zoe is confronted with the face of Jean’s father, but she has no recollection of the conception. Chris is taking no prisoners and, convinced that Scott is a rapist, he’s after blood. Scott tries to explain the true events but the situation in the hospital becomes unbearable for Zoe as she begs her brother to take her home.

Back at Home Farm Chris tries to persuade Zoe to call the police, seeking revenge for all the agony his sister has endured over the pregnancy. However Zoe doesn’t want to jump the gun before hearing what Scott has to say.

Meanwhile Chloe admits to Syd that Zoe still doesn’t know about the accident with Jean. As she tells him about Zoe’s shock phone call from the hospital, Syd braces himself for the inevitable.

Viv tries to reassure Scott he’s done the right thing, however he’s not convinced, particularly when faced with the unenviable task of coming clean to Chloe. At first she thinks it’s a sick joke, but once the penny drops Chloe is both livid and distraught.

As Scott desperately tries to explain, in a bid to save his relationship, the Tate’s appear at the door.

Alone in Scott’s bedroom he reveals to Zoe the events leading up to them having sex, including how she instigated it. But still none of it triggers Zoe’s memory.

Scott pleads with her, saying that he didn’t realise she was sick and was too scared of Chloe finding out to tell the truth at the time. An emotional Scott wants to be a part of Jean’s life, but when he offers to help out, Zoe tells him resolutely that he will have nothing to do with her baby.

Downstairs the sparks are flying as Chris accuses Scott of rape, Viv demands her grandmother rights and an inconsolable Chloe sobs in Charity’s arms.

The conversation with Scott affirms to Zoe that the police should be contacted to help get Scott removed from her life.

Distraught Scott is left to turn to his mother after Chloe throws in out the house.


Eithne's Review © 2003

Thursday 17th July 2003, Episode 3491

Zoe was shocked as she came face to face with Jean’s father, Scott. Everyone reacted in different ways to the news, with Viv going on about how she wanted custody of her daughter, Chris threatening Scott and Zoe in total silence. Chris and Zoe left the hospital, and returned to Home Farm. Charity was filled in on Jean’s paternity and laughed, which angered Chris. She tried to help Zoe remember Jean’s conception, but nothing came back.

In the village Scott, Viv and Bob arrived. Scott was dreading being called a rapist. He started to tell Chloe the truth about Jean. She reacted badly. Zoe, Charity and Chris then arrived at the cottage, so Zoe could ask Scott more questions. They went upstairs, and Scott told Zoe everything. He wanted access, but Zoe said he couldn’t.

Downstairs Chris and Viv argued, as Chloe was comforted by Charity. Viv brought Chris the baby photos of Scott, and showed him how alike he and Jean were. Chris wanted revenge on Scott, for raping his sister. He tried to get Zoe to press rape charges. At first she wasn’t sure, but after her meeting with Scott she agreed.

Viv broke down in Bob’s arm, as Scott and Chloe talked. She kicked him out and he returned to Viv’s.


The police question Zoe about Scott

click to see larger version - Scott (BEN FREEMAN) admits to the police that he slept with Zoe.

Zoe goes to Chloe for one desperate last bid of help.  Syd confesses that Jean's accident happened while he and Chloe were making love in another room.

click to see larger version - Scott (BEN FREEMAN) (left) punches Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) when he finds out about his affair with Chloe.

click to see larger version -  Scott (BEN FREEMAN) punches Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) when he finds out about his affair with Chloe.

Scott and Syd fight

click to see larger verison - Chloe tries to come to terms with Scotts revelation and to get her own back tells him about her affair with Syd.

click to see larger version - Scott finds out about Syd's affair with Chloe and punches him. Pictured: (L-R) Scott (BEN FREEMAN), Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and Chloe (AMY NUTTALL).

Chloe feels betrayed by both her men

Date: Friday 18 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Syd steps in to clear Zoe of child abuse accusations, but Chris is determined to punish Scott. Scott is stunned to learn about Chloe's indiscretion with Syd.

Cast List
Nathan Gladwell, Leah Bracknell, Peter Amory, Ben Freeman, Amy Nuttall

Home Farm is a hive of activity as the police question Zoe over allegations that Scott raped her.

Although Chris reported the crime, Zoe is unable to give evidence as she has completely blanked out the evening in question.

To make matters worse, social services have been in touch to organise a child protection meeting. They are keen to determine whether it is safe for Jean to go back to Home Farm or whether she needs to go into care.

Zoe is going out of her mind, trying to remember if she has ever been heavy-handed with Jean but is unable to recall the past. As a last resort she goes to see Chloe to see if she can shed any light on the matter.

Meanwhile, Syd is still trying to convince Chloe to confess, but as she refuses, there is a knock at the door. Distraught Zoe enters begging for answers and Syd can no longer hold the secret in. He tells Zoe the truth about Jean’s first accident.

Finally things are starting to fall into place for Zoe, she feels relieved that she wasn’t to blame for Jean’s broken rib, but when Chloe refuses to confess to social services she feels like she is banging her head against a brick wall.

Syd, however, is not prepared to see Zoe and Jean suffer for Chloe’s selfishness – Chloe is horrified when he tells Zoe he will speak to social services and tell them exactly what happened.

Elsewhere in the village, Scott has agreed to take a DNA test to prove he is Jean’s father. But his attempts to smooth things over with Chloe are flung back in his face when she spitefully tells him about her affair with Syd.

Devastated, Scott attacks Syd, while flippant Chloe tells them they can beat each other to death for all she cares.

It's a fair cop Friday 18.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

The police arrive at Home Farm to discuss the Tate’s allegations against Scott, and Chris does his best to discredit Scott by filling them in on the darker side to his past. However after tracking down the man in question to get a statement they decide that there is no case to answer.

Having already dealt with the cops Zoe turns her attentions to a visit from social services, the outcome of which leaves her in trepidation of a subsequent child protection meeting. Chris palms it off as just a formality however Zoe is sure that it will determine Jean’s future.

Elsewhere Chloe is adamant not to tell Zoe about Jean’s accident, despite Syd’s appeals. But when Zoe unexpectedly appears at their door Syd decides that it’s down to him to do the right thing. As Chloe looks on in horror Syd reveals how Jean fell while they were together.

Furious with her nanny’s silence after all the begs for help with getting her off the hook with social services, Zoe immediately contacts the authorities.

Having been relinquished on any rape charges, Scott tries to make amends with his girlfriend, unawares of the recent revelation. Chloe is not feeling very forgiving, however, deciding to seek revenge on both the men in her life by telling Scott about her own infidelity – with his best friend!

After recovering from the wrath of Scott, Syd suggests to Chloe that perhaps things have worked out for the best for them. The fiery redhead coldly retorts that their relationship was nothing more than a fling that turned sour.

Chris is on the warpath after the events of the day, vowing that both Scott and Zoe will wish they had never been born by the time he’s finished with him.

Charity is forced to visit Cain to discuss Debbie’s request to stay with her dad over the summer holidays.

Eithne's Review © 2003

Friday 18th July 2003, Episode 3492

The police were at home Farm, talking to Zoe about the claims that Scott raped her. Chris filled the police in on Scott’s history, his thieving which led to him being put in the army, his affair which led to him being kicked out etc.

In the village Scott tried to talk to Chloe, but she was comfortable with Syd. Zoe was still worried about how Jean had broken her rib, and talked to Chloe. Chloe told her she didn’t know, but Syd caved in and told Zoe everything. This angered Chloe, who ran into Scott in the street and told him about her and Syds affair. Scott and Syd argued in the street. Back at the cottage Chloe told Syd that they were over.

The police turned up at Windsor’s garage, looking for Scott. Nicola followed them to Café Hope, and watched them as they talked to Scott. Meanwhile, Chris plotted his revenge on the terrible three (Syd, Chloe and Scott) back at Home Farm.


Debbie wanted to move into the Dingle’s as the strain of living at Home Farm took its toll. Charity agreed she could stay with Cain until the holidays ended.

Robert’s car was causing trouble.

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