Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3483-3487 --- 7th July - 11th July 2003

Updated: 15th July 2003 Finished 31st July 2003

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Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by

Tim O'Mara (Mon)
Daniel Wilson (rest of week)

These episodes were written by :-

John Chambers (Mon)
Bill Taylor (Tue)
Karin Young (Wed & Thu)
Josephine Burke (Fri)

This Week's Highlights

EMMERDALE Monday 7 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Cain (JEFF HORDLEY) shows Charity (EMMA ATKINS) where he had carved their initials in the rock.

EMMERDALE Monday 7 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Charity, Debbie and Cain go on a picnic .........

EMMERDALE Monday 7 June 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Cain (JEFF HORDLEY) and Charity (EMMA ATKINS) share a moment ...............

EMMERDALE Tuesday 8 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chris promises to trust Charity

EMMERDALE Tuesday 8 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Steph uses Turner's credit card and Viv's computer to order equipment for her new venture with Shelly.

EMMERDALE Wednesday 9 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network The mail order hairdressing equipment arrives and Turner orders it to be taken back .............

EMMERDALE Thursday 10 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Diane (ELIZABETH ESTENSEN) and Louise (EMILY SYMONS) exorcise their demons in a police cell ..........

EMMERDALE Friday 11 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) is devastated as Baby Jeans lays critically ill in hospital.

Debbie, Charity and Cain embark on their picknic with the usual rows.

Debbie and Cain - a private moment between father and daughter

click to see larger version -Cain (JEFF HORDLEY) shows Charity (EMMA ATKINS) where he had carved their initials in the rock.

click to see larger version - Charity, Debbie and Cain go on a picnic ......... Pictured: (L-R) Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB), Charity (EMMA ATKINS) and Cain (JEFF HORDLEY).

click to see larger version - Cain (JEFF HORDLEY) and Charity (EMMA ATKINS) share a moment


"Fat Shelley" arrives to see Steph


Date: Monday 07 July Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris senses danger when Cain and Charity revisit the past. Diane finds it increasingly difficult keeping up with Louise's lies.

Cast List includes :-
Peter Amory, Jeff Hordley, Emma Atkins

Hard times a head for Chris

Episode 2483 - a true 1 hour special

Chris watches in anguish as Cain packs his new found family into his clapped out car in preparation for their day out. Charity applies her makeup and he can’t help but notice the effort she is going to for a day trip to The Moors.

Cain teases Charity in front of Debbie, telling her what a special place Almscliffe Crag is. Naturally inquisitive, Debbie puts Charity on the spot asking her to explain. Little does she know that she was conceived at the rocks, as red-faced Charity ignores her questions.

Debbie is determined to break the ice between her mother and father. But her attempts at matchmaking end up in disaster as they all get covered in mud! Cold, wet and dirty, they all set off back to the car but just as it seems things can’t get any worse Cain loses the car keys and they find themselves stranded on The Moors.

With no reception on their mobiles, they are forced to check into a local hotel to clean up. Once at the hotel Debbie settles down for the night. Charity tries to follow suit but Cain has other ideas. Still determined not to crumble, Charity tries to deny the love she once felt for Cain and go to sleep.

Meanwhile at Home Farm - after a phone call from Charity - Chris is going out of his mind with jealousy. Having been drinking heavily, he gets in his car determined to bring his wife home.

ITV.COM It's a family affair Monday 07.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Charity, Cain and Debbie arrive at their day trip destination – Almscliffe Crag. Cain begins strolling down memory lane, explaining to Debbie that this place has significance for him and Charity. It’s the very spot Debbie was conceived, but the whole situation makes Charity uncomfortable. The mood lightens, however, when Debbie initiates a mud fight that covers all three of them in dirt. Is that a smile creeping onto Charity’s face? It soon fades, though, when they try to leave and Cain can’t find the car keys. Charity suggests they take refuge in a hotel until Terry can pick them up.

Jack is stepping on eggshells around Diane, believing her to be going through ‘the change’. Diane, miffed, asks Jack why he’s acting so strangely. When he tells her Louise told him she was going through the menopause, Diane is far from impressed. She confronts Louise, who apologises. After all, it is Louise’s fault Diane’s acting weirdly.

Rodney is surprised to see Steph pay him a visit. He tells her in no uncertain terms that not only is she sacked, but he never wants to see her again. Steph soon cheers up, however, when old school friend Fat Shelley arrives at the B&B.

Meanwhile back at Home Farm, Chris is get remose after a few drinks. He tells Terry that Charity has never loved him, not in the same way Debbie loves Charity. Charity calls from the hotel, asking Chris to pick her up. When Chris tells her that he’s too drunk to drive, Charity says they’ll stay the night. Enraged, Chris hangs up on her. The drinking continues, and Terry begins to feel a bit edgy when Chris says he’ll kill both Charity and Cain if he finds out anything has happened between them.





Eithne's Review © 2003

Monday 7th July 2003, Part I

Cain arrived at Home Farm to take Debbie and Charity out. Terry warned him to be careful. Chris was annoyed at all the effort Charity was putting into the trip, including a picnic basket. They later arrived at the Cragg, a rocky area in the Moors. They talked about the past, when Shadrach had beaten Cain and Charity’s pregnancy, unaware that Debbie was filming them. Later Debbie hid and started throwing mud at her parents, leading to all three of them to be covered in mud.


Alan was wound up by Steph’s presence at the B&B. He suggested she visit Rodney and see if she still had her job at the antiques barn. Rodney told her she was sacked. Later Steph’s old friend (formerly) Fat Shelly Williams arrived.

Diane found out about Louise’s menopause lie, and was angry. But she was forced to play along with the game, so Jack wouldn’t be suspicious.

Danny wanted Ollie to spend the day with him, but she had to go on call with Paddy.

Monday 7th July 2003, Part II

Cain deliberately lost his car keys. He refused to break into his car so they could drive home. Charity, Cain and Debbie had to walk to a local hotel to use the phone. Charity paid for a room, just to use the phone. But Chris couldn’t collect them as he was over the limit, and Cain had left a message with Shadrach for Lisa, but that she probably wouldn’t get until the next day. The trio was forced to spend the night at the hotel, though with separate rooms.

Cain’s room was next door to Charity and Debbie’s, and Debbie filmed her parents as Cain tried to come onto Charity in the bedroom. Later, when Debbie was asleep, Cain told Charity that he’d be waiting for her next door. She almost left her room, but instead turned and fell asleep next to Debbie.

Back at Home Farm Chris was drunk and told Terry that he would kill Charity and Cain if he found out they’d been sleeping together. As Terry was preparing to leave for the night, he spotted Chris driving towards the exit. Chris almost ran over Terry, but Terry wasn’t injured.


Ollie had a good day, helping Paddy when he was on call. Nicola was jealous though.

Rodney and Alan talked in the Woolpack about the engagement. Pollard made a few jokes about Rodney and Steph, which angered Rodney.

Steph and Shelly caught up, getting drunk.


click for larger version - Chris promises to trust Charity (EMMA ATKINS).



Click for larger version - Steph uses Turner's credit card and Viv's computer to order equipment for her new venture with Shelly. Pictured: (L-R) Viv (DEENA PAYNE), Steph (LORRAINE CHASE) and Shelly (CAROLYN PICKLES).




Debbie, Chris and Charity


Louise and Diane

Charity and chris talk

Date: Tuesday 08 July  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris promises to trust Charity, but he is far from convinced. Turner suspects Steph and her best friend Fat Shelly are up to no good. Ollie is on the back foot when Zoe returns to work at the vets.

Cast List
Richard Thorp, Lorraine Chase, Carolyn Pickles

Episode 2484

Charity calls Terry and asks him to pick her up from the hotel. As he arrives he is shocked to find Cain has stayed over as well and Charity is forced to make excuses.

Zoe has returned to Home Farm after her holiday. Sensing there is trouble ahead she quizzes Chris, who is clearly irate about Charity’s absence. The sparks certainly fly on her return as Chris accuses Charity of having an affair with Cain. Once again, Debbie is caught in the middle as a row ensues. However, paranoid Chris knows he has to back down, fully aware if Charity was given an ultimatum she would choose Debbie over him.

Meanwhile at the B&B, Steph is up to her old tricks again. With her old friend Fat Shelly in tow they are already upsetting the residents with their late night antics. To make matters worse, Steph’s got her money making hat on again and has decided to open up a beauty salon inside Turner’s B&B, without asking his permission.

Turner is in for a shock when Steph takes advantage of his good nature and runs his credit card up to the limit, buying stock for the salon. He is later dumbfounded when his card is refused in the post office.

Elsewhere in the village, Scott is secretly pleased to see baby Jean as they chat to Zoe about her holiday. Chloe is relieved when Jean seems to look better, but when Zoe reveals she has been very tearful, Chloe nervously suggests she must be teething.

ITV.COM A matter of trust Tuesday 08.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Terry arrives at the hotel to pick up Charity and Debbie, but is surprised to see Cain has also stayed over. Charity arrives home to see Chris – she lies about last night, telling him that Cain did not stay in the hotel with her and Debbie. Later, Chris grills Debbie about the previous night, but she doesn’t crack and tell the truth – she’s too similar to her parents to be caught out so easily. But it’s Terry who let’s the cat out of the bag, confirming Chris’s worse fears. Chris erupts at Charity, accusing her of cheating, but it’s Charity who leaves, disgusted that Chris doesn’t trust her.

Meanwhile at the Tates, Zoe and baby Jean return to find a grumpy and hungover Chris. He explains the situation to Zoe, who can’t believe Chris’s suspicion that Charity is cheating on him with Cain.

Diane continues to be surprised by Louise’s flippant attitude to her murky past. Wishing to explain Diane’s frosty outward appearance, Louise continues to spread Diane’s mythical menopause through the village as an excuse. She even informs Terry that Diane is acting strangely at the moment because of ‘the change’. Diane is far from pleased.

Steph and Shelley ask Alan if they can borrow his credit card to set up a Salon in the village. Alan reluctantly agrees, presuming that Shelley has more business sense than Steph. Later, Alan has his card rejected in Viv’s shop – what exactly did Steph and Shelley buy? Alan finds them in the pub and angrily instructs them to return the goods they’ve bought – all twelve hundred pounds worth.

And finally, Chris and Charity have a calmer conversation in which Charity tells him she loves him. Chris says his life is worthless without Charity.


Eithne's Review © 2003

Tuesday 8th July 2003, Episode 3484

Terry arrived to pick Debbie and Charity up from the hotel. He also saw Cain there. Back at Home Farm, Zoe had returned from Brighton and was shocked by how much Chris and Charity’s marriage had deteriorated. Chris asked Terry if Cain was at the hotel, and Terry said yes. Charity, who had lied to Chris about Cain’s whereabouts during the night, was confronted by Chris. She tried to apologise to him.

Elsewhere in Emmerdale:

Turner was unhappy, having had complaints from the guests about Steph and Shelly’s behaviour. Steph referred to Turner’s past, when he was an alcoholic back in the 1970’s. Her manipulations worked and Turner agreed to give Steph his credit card, so she and Shelly could set up a salon and nail bar in the village. She spent too much though, and he was annoyed.

Chloe caught up with Zoe, and was worried when she told her that Jean was crying a lot in Brighton. Chloe said it was probably teething.

Diane and Louise






Diane is having a crisis


The mail order hairdressing equipment arrives and Turner orders it to be taken back ............. Pictured: (L-R) Shelly (CAROLYN PICKLES), Steph (LORRAINE CHASE) and Turner (RICHARD THORP).

Turner sees the size of his credit card bill and demands to Shelley and Steph that it all goes back








the police come to arrest Louise and Diane

Date: Wednesday 09 July  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Diane's anger with Louise leads to a night in the cells when a lock-in turns ugly. Steph convinces Turner to fund her latest business venture. Rodney backs Nicola's plans to expand her cleaning empire.

Cast List
Elizabeth Estensen, Emily Symons, Lorraine Chase

Episode 2485

Louise is keeping herself busy arranging for a designer to come and have a look at the Woolpack living quarters, with a revamp in mind. Decoration is the last thing on Diane’s mind as she still struggles to contain Louise’s guilty secret. To make matters worse Jack is convinced the menopause is to blame for her mood swings.

When he gives her some vitamins that are supposed to help women through the change it is the final straw for Diane – she sends him packing and decides to get drunk. Several drinks later a the idea of a lock-in becomes very appealing but the late night drinking ends up with disastrous consequences, as Diane and Louise get carted off by the police, thanks to Viv’s trouble making.

Elsewhere in the village, Turner is inundated with deliveries from the hairdressing supplier. He is fuming, insisting Steph send it back. But crafty Steph is determined to find a way of keeping the stock and decides to persuade Diane to help.

Unable to get Cain out of her head, Charity can’t bring herself to lie to Chris when he asks if she has seen him since. When she admits she has, Chris is insanely jealous. He later stumbles across Debbie’s video camera – watching the footage from the trip to the Moors breaks his heart.

ITV.COM Bar brawls and manicures Wednesday 09.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Shelley’s Salon merchandise and equipment arrives, much to Alan’s annoyance. He demands it be taken back, but as soon as he’s gone, Steph tells the delivery man to take it round the back of the Woolpack.

Thinking that the girls have returned they’re purchases, Alan feels slightly guilty and gives them one hundred pounds to go towards their business. Steph, unsurprisingly, thinks this is no more than an insult.

Later, Steph convinces Laurel that the goods are the prize for a competition she’s won. Naive Laurel believes every word…

Meanwhile, Diane is growing increasingly stressed at the liberties those around her are placing her under. It is the final straw, however, when Jack buys her some Menopace hormonal supplements to make her feel better. Diane explodes, informing the punters of the Woolpack that she is NOT going through the menopause. Jack, feeling that he can’t win, storms out, leaving Diane even more shakey than before. As the evening wears on, Diane hits the bottle harder and harder.

Diane, a tad the worse for wear, tells Steph to get her stuff out of her living room, and insults Laurel, calling her a gormless half-wit for falling for Steph’s rouse.

As last orders are about to be called, drunken Diane declares a lock in to the unsuspecting customers. But it turns out that two of the drinkers at the bar are in fact under cover police. Dianne can’t believe her luck, and before she knows it, she and Louise are bundled out of the Woolpack and into a waiting police car for a night to cool off in the cells!


Eithne's Review © 2003

Wednesday 9th July 2003, Episode 3485

Jack got a present for Diane – a magazine about the menopause. She was angry and told everyone in the Woolpack that she wasn’t going through the menopause. She then started drinking and argued with Jack. Louise was flirting with two men in the Woolpack, as Diane continued drinking. Near closing time she announced that there was going to be a lock in. When she spotted Laurel being used by Steph, Diane insulted Laurel, who ran out of the pub in tears. She also told Steph and Shelly to move the salon things from her back room.

The two men turned out to be police officers and a whole gang of them burst through the pub doors. Diane started attacking one of them and soon she and Louise were being taken away by the police.


Chris was moody after his arguments with Charity. He was devastated when he watched footage from the trip to the Moors on Debbie’s camera.

Turner was annoyed when all the things for the salon started arriving at the B&B. He said that it all had to be returned. Steph got Shelly to pay the delivery man to tell Laurel it was all hers, and that she’d won it on a competition. It arrived at the Woolpack, and angered Diane. Later she told Laurel that it was actually hers and that she wanted it stored at the Woolpack.

Diane said that she couldn’t and got her to move it. Back at the B&B she and Shelly started hiding the things in their room.

Louise was planning a revamp for the living quarters at the Woolpack.

Rodney was happy when Nicola told him her financial problems were sorted – Mavis had agreed that she could pay the money off in weekly instalments.


make or break time for Louise and Diane - can their friendship survive?

click to see larger version - Diane (ELIZABETH ESTENSEN) (left) and Louise (EMILY SYMONS) exorcise their demons in a police cell

Louise and Diane in jail



















Jack and Diane have a heart to heart after he picks her and Louise up from jail

Turner and Steph

Date: Thursday 10 July  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Trapped in a cell, Diane and Louise are forced to resolve their differences. Steph reminds Turner of a past he would rather forget.

Cast List
Elizabeth Estensen, Emily Symons, Richard Thorp

Episode 2486

After a horrendous night in a police cell, Diane and Louise squabble about who is responsible for the arrest. Diane is furious with Louise when she fails to realise the impact her revelation has had on her. Not being able to tell Jack about Ray’s death is affecting their relationship but Louise is insistent Diane remains tight-lipped.

A few home truths are aired and Louise begins to see the effect her behaviour is having on Diane. Overwhelmed by a sudden sense of guilt, Louise decides to put everyone out of their misery by confessing to killing Ray to the police. But will Diane prevent her friend from revealing all about Ray and risking prison?

At the B&B, Steph and Shelly are getting into more mischief as they hide the salon equipment under their bed. But attempts to hide their stock ends in disaster, as perm solution spills all over the carpet! Turner is spitting feathers and decides to have it out once and for all with his daughter. He demands to know how long she intends on staying, reminding her she hasn’t paid any rent.

But manipulative Steph manages to turn around the argument, making her father feel ashamed of his behaviour towards her. He eventually backs down and lets his daughter have her own way again yet again.

A hard cell for Diane and Louise Thursday 10.07.03
(copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Locked in a cell together and with no distractions at all, Diane has the best opportunity yet to tell Louise what she’s been going through all week. Diane breaks down telling Louise she can’t cope, and that she needs someone to talk to. Diane accuses Louise of being reckless and bringing on all of her problems herself.

Although Diane feels sorry for Louise, she says she doesn’t know if she likes her any more, hurting Louise deeply. Suddenly Louise leaps up asking for a police officer, desperate to confess the murder!

But by the time the police officer arrives, Diane has talked her out of it, taking back what she said earlier.

The police officer, confused, has the situation explained when Diane tells him she’s going through the menopause! As it’s the coppers last night before retirement, he lets them both go without being charged.

Jack picks them up, and once in the car Louise tells him about Ray. With the burden shared, Diane can now talk about this with Jack, relieving her of the horrible responsibility.

Back at the B&B, Alan goes mad when he stumbles across Steph and Shelley storing the merchandise in his property. Steph tries to sweet talk Alan round, but he doesn’t buy it. Steph retorts by claiming that Alan never cared about her. Alan, hurt, tells her this isn’t true, but something she says rings a bell, and he begins to think hard about what kind of a father he’s been.

The next day, Alan confronts Steph about her comments from the night before. Steph claims it still stands, but Alan puts her in her place by claiming she’s not been that great a mother to Tricia.


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Thursday 10th July 2003, Episode 3486

Diane and Louise spent the night together in the cells of the police station. It was one of the officer’s last night working, and he was talking to Bob on the phone. Diane and Louise were talking about Terry and Ray. Louise realised the effect her secret was having on Diane and decided to confess all.

Diane wouldn’t let Louise confess though, and stopped her. They made up all their differences. When Jack arrived to pick them up, Louise told him the truth about Ray’s death. Diane was relieved.

Elsewhere in the village:

Steph was caught by Turner as she and Shelly hid the things for the salon in their room. She manipulated her father, using a sob story. But he didn’t believe it. She then tried another tactic, using the past. This did work.

Jarvis and Pollard clashed a little, over Pollard’s lack of work as a counselor and employer.






















Zoe looks on as a doctor tries to save baby Jean



click to see enlarrgement - Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) is devastated as Baby Jeans lays critically ill in hospital.

Viv has her nails done and Bob is dragged along too

Zoe is distraught

Zoe and Chris have baby Jean's condition explained to them

Date: Friday 11 July  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zoe is horrified when an accident leaves Jean fighting for her life in hospital. Scott struggles to hide his anxieties as he worries about Jean. Diane is relieved to have unburdened herself, and finds comfort in Jack's support.

Cast List
Leah Bracknell, Ben Freeman, Elizabeth Estensen

Episode 2487

Eithne's Review © 2003

Friday 11th July 2003, Episode 3487

Chris was jealous of Zoe and Charity as they talked about Zoe’s holiday in Brighton. Debbie was playing with Jean, but left her down beside the fireplace when Charity called. Jean pulled at a wire, and a heavy light fell on her head. Her eyes were rolling as the ambulance service was called. They took Jean to the hospital, where Zoe was deeply upset.

Elsewhere in Emmerdale:

Steph and Shelly’s story continued. The salon opened for business as Turner made amends with Steph, by giving her one hundred pounds, the same amount he gives Tricia. But Turner was again annoyed by Steph as she used two bottles of whiskey from the bar at the B&B.

Jarvis and Pollard’s argument turned into a historical meeting.

Over at Pear Tree Cottage, Syd was jealous of Scott and Chloe.

Teletext :-

Jean underwent emergency surgery after suffering another accident while in Debbie's care. Steph opened a nail bar.
ITV 1 Friday

Pure Soap :-

Friday 11th July

Jean was left alone and managed to pull a lamp onto herself while Chris and Charity were arguing about Cain.

They heard the crash and ran in to find Jean losing consciousness, so they rushed her to hospital.

The doctor told them she was bleeding badly under her skull and would have to be operated on immediately.

Chloe heard and worried it could be her fault from the previous accident.

Steph and Shelley open a salon Friday 11.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Steph and Shelley hatch a plan to set up a nail bar in the B&B. They set about spreading the word throughout the Woolpack, and Laurel and Diane are among the first to make appointments. They manage to persuade Bob to come along too.

Alan almost can’t believe his eyes when he returns from Hotten to find a nail bar. He tells Steph that she is taking advantage – she retorts that at least now she is living up to her father’s expectations.

Chris interrupts Zoe and Charity having a chinwag and is immediately suspicious when the conversation falters.

Once Charity has gone, he has a go at Zoe for conspiring against him with Charity. Chris reminds her of the time she had an affair with Charity, and tells her family loyalty means nothing to her.

Meanwhile Debbie is playing with baby Jean in the living room. When Charity calls her away to tidy her room, she leaves Jean alone under a precariously balanced lamp.

There’s a clatter, and Charity and Debbie rush into the living room to find Jean in the arms of Zoe, having been hit on the head by the falling lamp. The ambulance arrives soon after, but before they leave Chris explodes at Debbie for leaving the baby unattended.

Terry rushes into the Woolpack to tell Ashley the bad news – Scott overhears and feels deep concern. In the hospital, baby Jean is rushed into the operating theatre. The doctor tells Zoe that the next 48 hours will be critical.

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