Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
#3476-3481 --- 30th June - 4th July 2003

Updated: 8th July 2003 Finished 31st July 2003

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Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by :-

Judith Dine
Tim O'Mara

These episodes were written by :-

Karin Young
Paul Quiney
Stephen Bennett
Fintan O'Higgins
Lesley Clare O'Neal

Highlights W/B 30th June 2003

EMMERDALE Monday 30 June 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Sam (JAMES HOOTON) gets stopped by the police when he is driving without a licence. He gives Marlon's name .........

EMMERDALE Monday 30 June 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Laurel and Nicola both find themselves in trouble for moonlighting ........

EMMERDALE Monday 30 June 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chris is less than pleased when Cain turns up at the school for a meeting with Debbie's teacher.

EMMERDALE Tuesday 1 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Marlon attempts to perfect his Sam impersonation.

Wednesday 2 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Steph (LORRAINE CHASE) turns 50 and propositions Rodney (PATRICK MOWER).

Thursday 3 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) is unnerved by Scott's suggestion of having children. She talks to Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and they end up in a clinch

EMMERDALE Friday 4 July 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Rodney (PATRICK MOWER) proposes to Steph















Terry and Diane



Laurel and Nicola both find themselves in trouble for moonlighting ........ Pictured: (L-R) Laurel (CHARLOTTE BELLAMY), Nicola (NICOLA WHEELER) and Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT).

Debbie bunks off school to spend time with Cain

Two Episodes Joined Together

Date: Monday 30 June  Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris is enraged when Debbie brings him head-to-head with Cain. Louise decides to win Terry for herself. Nicola hatches a plan to crush her business rivals.

Cast List includes
Peter Amory, Charley Webb, Jeff Hordley

Episode 3476 & 3477 - Monday 30 June 2003 at 7:00pm - 1 hour long **This is probably two episodes together as has been the case the previous two Mondays.**

Terry is surprised when Diane turns up at Home Farm and asks for him. She gets straight to the point and confronts him about Ray’s death, leaving Terry shocked that Louise had confessed. Terry fears irate Diane will go straight to the police and blow their cover, but admits that he only got involved to try and get closer to Louise. Later in the Woolpack, Louise is still struggling to deal with Diane’s reaction to her revelation. Expecting support, Louise is upset that Diane has turned her back on her. But Louise will not be swayed by Diane’s advice to steer clear of Terry. She is still determined to declare her love to him personally and ignores Diane’s pleading as she heads out the door.

Meanwhile, Nicola has masterminded a plan to take over the rival cleaning company. On a mission she takes them on guns blazing, but will they play ball?

Charity gets a shock when she receives a letter from Debbie’s school, saying she hasn’t attended for two weeks. Horrified that she has been playing truant, she is sure Cain has got something to do with it. More bad news from the school infuriates Charity as she marches round to the Dingles to have it out with Cain. The last thing she expects is to see Debbie there - when she is supposed to be at school. Determined to sort out Debbie’s schooling once and for all, Charity organises a meeting with the head teacher. But when Cain gets wind that Debbie’s future is being discussed he insists on making an appearance too.


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Monday 30th June 2003, Episode 3476

Diane was still in turmoil after discovering the truth about Ray’s death. She turned up at Home Farm, to get some answers from a surprised Terry. Terry admitted that he had helped Louise to get closer to her, but then had met Dawn and fallen in love. Jack interrupted the chat, and Diane was forced to lie to him. Back at the Woolpack Diane and Louise argued, as Louise was still wanting to tell Terry that she loved him. But Diane, despite Diane’s warnings which included her threatening to dissolve their partnership, Louise still went ahead.

When she arrived at Terry and Dawn’s, she saw Bob, Terry and Dawn all joking around in the street and couldn’t do it. She broke down in Terry’s arms, and later left. Diane then found her crying on the stairs back at the Woolpack.

Elsewhere in the village:

Charity got a letter, informing her that Debbie had been bunking off school and that they wanted to meet to discuss the problem. Charity confronted Debbie, though this didn’t help. Later Chris tried to talk to Debbie, but Debbie told him that he wouldn’t be going to the meeting – as it was only for her parents.

Dawn and Terry bought things for the baby.

Betty was helping Mavis with some cleaning work. Mavis was trying to persuade Laurel to join in, and revealed that it was Home Farm. Laurel and Betty were delighted, but were forced to sign confidentiality agreements by Chris. They were amazed by credit card bills, but couldn’t tell anyone what had been bought.

Laurel’s work for Mavis caused problems for Nicola, who’d been having angry customers on the phone. Paddy was also irate, caused by Nicola’s calls using the phone at the vets. Later Nicola turned up at Betty’s and started pounding on the door. She, Betty, Laurel and Mavis had afternoon tea to sort out their argument. Mavis told how she loved to clean, but just hated the business side. Nicola offered to buy her company and Mavis agreed.

Sam needed someone to drive him. He asked Cain, but he was to busy with school runs and trips to swimming pools to help Sam. Cain told Sam that he should do things for himself. Sam decided to drive himself, though was caught by the police. He did come up with a brainwave though, giving his name as Marlon Dingle, which of course angered the real Marlon.


Sam (JAMES HOOTON) gets stopped by the police when he is driving without a licence. He gives Marlon's name .

click for larger image - Chris is less than pleased when Cain turns up at the school for a meeting with Debbie's teacher. Pictured: (L-R) Chris (PETER AMORY), Charity (EMMA ATKINS), teacher, Cain (JEFF HORDLEY) and Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB).

Click for larger picture - Chris is less than pleased when Cain turns up at the school for a meeting with Debbie's teacher. Pictured: (L-R) Chris (PETER AMORY), Charity (EMMA ATKINS), teacher, Cain (JEFF HORDLEY) and Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB).

3477 - Monday 30 June 2003 at 7:30pm

Cain’s presence at the school causes havoc, and Chris insists he leave, but Cain retaliates by pointing out he is Debbie’s natural father and Chris gets thrown out of the meeting. Chris is left fuming as he is forced to wait outside.

Elsewhere in the village, Sam gets into a spot of bother, when he is caught driving his van without a licence. Surprisingly for Sam, he thinks up a clever way of avoiding being charged.












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Monday 30th June 2003, Episode 3477

It was the day of Debbie’s meeting at the school. She dropped by the Dingle’s to tell Cain about it. At the school Charity, Cain and Chris all arrived. Chris wasn’t happy about Cain’s presence and they all argued in the corridor. Chris left. The meeting began, and Cain handled things quite well. Later Charity told Debbie off for going behind her back. Debbie told her mother that she would not miss anymore school if she could go on a day out with her parents – Charity and Cain. Charity told Chris, which angered him. He told her she had to choose.


After a heavy night drinking, Louise and Diane were on better terms, though Diane was also feeling ill after too much drink. Terry’s visit to Louise, to check she was alright after the previous night angered Diane slightly.

Marlon had to go to the police station, dressed like Sam. The trick worked. Paddy then suggested that Marlon should to Sam’s theory test for him, though Marlon wasn’t happy about it.

Nicola faced her first major problem, as she didn’t have anyway of getting the £4,000 needed to buy Mavis out. Rodney wouldn’t give her the money. She met with Mavis to discuss the terms and the customer list. Mavis wanted there to be a job for her and a few of the other cleaners at the company, which didn’t please Nicola.

Jack and Diane were still having problems.


ITV.COM Confessions of a bar maid Monday 30.06.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Diane is frosty with Louise when she comes down for breakfast. Diane explains that she doesn’t feel comfortable around Louise in the light of Louise’s recent confession. Later, Diane pays a visit to Terry and tells him that he knows Louise murdered Ray. She attacks him for his compliance in her secret, and says that she doesn’t trust Terry’s motives for getting involved considering how much he fancied Louise at the time. Diane tells Terry that now she knows the secret, his bond with Louise is broken. But when Diane returns to the pub, Louise confesses she still loves Terry.

Charity receives a letter from Debbie’s headmistress informing her that Debbie has been skipping classes. She persuades Chris to join her when she goes to see the headmistress later on. But the next day when Debbie tells Cain about the appointment, he insists that he come along to see the headmistress too. There’s a bit of an ugly scene when Chris, Charity and Cain meet up at the school, resulting in an angry Chris leaving the family unit to it. Afterwards, Charity is left frustrated yet again at the friction between Chris and Cain, and Debbie’s attitude.

Meanwhile Sam goes for a drive without a license and is pulled over by the police. After trying to bribe the copper with a dozen eggs, Sam is asked for his details – and gives Marlon’s!

Later, Louise attempts to tell Terry of her love but can’t bring herself to do it, leaving Terry concerned that Diane’s earlier chat has upset Louise.

Debbie tries to persuade Charity to go on one day out with her and Cain. Charity resists at first, but after some consistent nagging finally agrees to the family trip. Chris over-hears and explodes at Charity for agreeing to the ludicrous trip.



Steph with her father Alan Turner


Marlon is far from pleased with Sam

Click for larger version Marlon attempts to perfect his Sam impersonation. Pictured: (L-R) Marlon (MARK CHARNOCK), Sam (JAMES HOOTON) and Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT).

A variant on the above picture




Date: Tuesday 01 July  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris feels frozen out as Charity plans to spend a day with Cain. Steph hatches a plan to snare a man and make some money. Marlon attempts to perfect his Sam impersonation ahead of the driving theory test.

Cast List includes :-
Peter Amory, Emma Atkins, Lorraine Chase

Episode 3478

Having been kicked out of the parents’ meeting at school, Chris is further annoyed and humiliated to hear that Cain and Charity are organising a family day out with Debbie. To make matters worse, Chris had booked a weekend in Disneyland Paris for them and Cain definitely wasn’t in the equation. Charity is far from impressed when he gives her an ultimatum about where she chooses to spend her weekend. But his disgruntled comments fall on deaf ears, as Charity decides it would be unfair on Debbie to cancel their plans, and goes along with Cain’s day out.

Meanwhile with her 50th birthday looming, Steph is depressed when she receives a card from an old school chum - Fat Shelly! She reflects on her life so far and feels a sudden sense of underachievement. When Turner tells her to follow her dreams and make something of herself, the cogs begin to turn and Steph starts concocting a plan.

Marlon isn’t impressed when he finds out Sam decided to impersonate him, after being stopped by the police. Marlon’s concerns are further fuelled when he is forced to produce his own documents. Determined to help his cousin pass his driving test, Marlon agrees to help Sam, by testing him on the Highway Code. But unsurprisingly his efforts go in one ear and out the other. Realising that Sam is beyond help, Marlon resigns himself to hatch a plan to see Sam sail through his test.

Elsewhere in the village, Scott can’t help feeling a pang of jealousy when he sees Dawn proudly showing off her baby scan. He is beginning to struggle with the guilty secret that he is Jean’s father. Trying to compensate for his paternal feelings, Scott confides in Syd that one day he would like to have a baby with Chloe. He vows to discuss the idea of having children with her – but Syd can’t help feeling insanely jealous, as Chloe plays them both off against each other.

ITV.COM Charity begins at home Tuesday 01.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Chris suggests that he and Charity forget where they left of for once and start the day on a positive note. Charity is suspicious of Chris’s turn around, but Chris admits he was over-acting yesterday. Meanwhile Debbie visits Cain to tell him about the day trip she’s planned for him, her and Charity. After some persuasion, Cain agrees to the day out. Later, Chris surprises Debbie and Charity with a trip to Eurodisney – on the exact day of Cain and Charity’s trip with Debbie. Could this be a deliberate ploy of Chris’s, who overheard the earlier conversation?

Sam and Paddy have persuaded Marlon to help Sam pass his driving test by sitting the theory test for him. Beforehand Marlon gives Sam a driving lesson which goes disastrously. Back at the house, Marlon begins practising his Sam Dingle impression in front of a mirror. Paddy and Sam provide an audience while Marlon perfects his performance!

Also, Scott, after seeing the scan of Dawn’s baby, experiences a bit of paternal jealousy and feels the weight of the secret that he is Jean’s father.

Steph is in a funny mood much to Rodney’s confusion. Terry arrives with a letter for her – it’s from her old school friend Fat Shelley. This prompts Steph to reflect on her life. She feels that she has not achieved that much in her life as she’s about to hit 50. Father Alan tries to advise her that happiness is not all about money, but Steph doesn’t seem convinced.

Meanwhile, Debbie declines Chris’s offer of the trip to Eurodisney. Charity, convinced that Chris knew about the date of the day trip, accuses him of interfering. Chris begrudgingly agrees to back off to give their marriage a chance.


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Tuesday 1st July 2003, Episode 3478

Charity and Chris were on better terms after their argument the previous night. Debbie told Charity that they could go on the day out with Cain on Monday, as she had a day off from school. Chris overheard and started plotting. He booked a trip to Disneyland Paris, leaving on Sunday and returning on Monday night for the three of them. But when he told Debbie about it, she said that she was going out with Cain and Charity, and that she couldn’t go. Charity and Chris started arguing over this and the episode ended with them still at loggerheads (just like the last one, and the one before that).

Elsewhere in Emmerdale:

Steph was down in the dumps as her fiftieth birthday neared and still she hadn’t got her villa in the south of France. Alan gave her a card, from her old friend Fat Shelly, but that didn’t cheer her up either.

Nicola continued to try and get a loan from Rodney, as she stalled Mavis.

Marlon tested Sam ahead of his theory test on Thursday. It didn’t go well, but he was sure that he would be able to teach Sam.

Dawn and Terry went for a scan of their baby, and Terry showed half the village the picture.

The Chloe, Syd and Scott triangle continued, with Scott feeling envious of Terry becoming a father. He made Syd very jealous, telling him that he wanted to have kids with Chloe and vowed to discuss the idea with her. Chloe continued to play both her men off one another.

Jack got Diane flowers.

Steph and Rodney


click for larger image - Steph (LORRAINE CHASE) turns 50 and propositions Rodney (PATRICK MOWER).


click for larger image - Steph (LORRAINE CHASE) turns 50 and propositions Rodney (PATRICK MOWER) - much to the disgust of Nicola (NICOLA WHEELER).

Steph makes Rodney a lifetime offer he can't refuse









Chloe is all over Scott






Date: Wednesday 02 July  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Steph marks her 50th birthday by press-ganging Rodney into marriage. Scott's obsession with Zoe's baby leads to thoughts of starting his own family. Emily almost stumbles upon Marlon's driving test duplicity.

Cast List includes
Lorraine Chase, Patrick Mower, Ben Freeman

Episode 3479

It’s Steph’s big day as she wakes up to her 50th birthday. But she can’t help feeling down hearted as the postman arrives with nothing but bills. Even though she has been dreading the day for months, she wishes at least someone had bothered to remember.

Nicola is disheartened as her business ambitions are shattered when she is refused a bank loan, so as a last resort she decides to tap into her final resource – Rodney! As a result Steph suddenly sees Rodney in a whole new light, after hearing Nicola boast about her father’s endless bank supply.

Elsewhere in the village, the locals have been busy preparing a surprise party in the Woolpack to celebrate Steph’s half-century. But Rodney is having difficulty coaxing the birthday girl along, as she is sulking at Mill Cottage. Suddenly convinced that Rodney may be the answer to her financial prayers, Steph decides to go. The whole village has turned out to wish her many happy returns as she walks into the surprise party at the pub. Mortified at first, but then overwhelmed by her popularity, Steph makes Rodney a lifetime offer her cannot refuse – much to Nicola’s disgust.

Paternal Scott is downhearted when Chloe tells him she is not ready for kids. He can’t stop thinking about baby Jean and his conscience is getting the better of him.

Having been persuaded to take Sam’s theory test for him, Marlon worries that they will see straight through his disguise. The fact that he’s over a foot taller than Sam doesn’t make it any easier.

Cain finds great amusement in making Charity squirm, when he talks about their family day out. She is quick to make it clear she is only there because of Debbie.

ITV.COM Steph turns 50 Wednesday 02.07.03
for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Syd is finding Scott and Chloe’s smooching a bit too stomach churning. Later, Chloe begins talking about baby Jean, and Scott misinterprets this as broodiness. But, it seems, Chloe is not thinking about motherhood yet.

Rodney enlists the help of Diane to prepare a surprise 50th birthday party for Steph. He finds Steph in a surprisingly light mood considering her reflective frame of mind yesterday. Interested by Nicola’s comments about Rodney’s fortunes, Steph does some fishing of her own to try and find out how much Rodney is really worth.

It’s still a bit tense between Chris and Charity. After another damning letter from the school, Chris takes it upon himself to punish Debbie by disallowing her to go on the trip. Charity confronts Chris about his decision, feeling as though she has been over-ruled by Chris, even though she is Debbie’s mother.

Marlon is brushing up on the highway code in preparation for the driving theory test he is about to sit on Sam’s behalf. But Emily, unaware of the scam, takes it upon herself to teach Sam the highway code. Will he give the game away?

Later, the Woolpack is all dressed up and ready for Steph’s party. When she arrives, she seems a bit overwhelmed but is secretly pleased at the effort Rodney has gone to. Rodney tells her that he thinks she’s a special lady and Steph, no doubt with pound signs in her eyes, is more than interested. She proposes a toast to the entire pub which makes it appear that Rodney has just proposed. Confused, Rodney is left slack jawed at what just happened – has he been tricked into getting engaged to Steph?


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Wednesday 2nd July 2003, Episode 3479

Steph was still down, though Rodney was planning a surprise birthday party for her at the Woolpack. Steph was taking to Nicola, who gave the impression that Rodney was wealthy after several good business deals. Steph started plotting. She was delighted at her party. As she and Rodney talked, she raised her glass to their engagement, shocking Rodney just as much as everyone else. Nicola, of course, was angered by the news.

Charity and Chris were still on bad terms, and Cain was winding Charity up. Despite her best efforts Charity couldn’t bring Chris around. She eventually told him that he should let her make all the decisions regarding Debbie.

Scott was broody and Syd was jealous as Chloe played games with his mind.

Nicola was rejected by the bank.

Marlon had agreed to help Sam. Emily was testing Sam on his driving theory skills. Paddy and Marlon were worried that Sam wouldn’t play along, but he did.


Nicola is sickened as Rodney and Steph beam with pride

Steph starts to have doubts about pmarrying Rodney when a few home truths regarding his finances come out

Syd and Chloe

 click for larger version - Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) is unnerved by Scott's suggestion of having children. She talks to Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and they end up in a clinch

Chloe and Syd kiss





Date: Thursday 03 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Steph is mortified to discover that her man is broke. Cain has plans for the day out with Charity but swears Debbie to secrecy. Marlon's attempts to be Sam's doppelganger are put to the test.

Cast List includes :-
Lorraine Chase, Patrick Mower, Charley Webb

Episode 3480

Nicola is sickened as Rodney and Steph beam with pride over the news of their engagement. To make matters worse they decide to tell the world by having by having an engagement party. Later on, with the party in full swing, at Mill Cottage, Steph shows everyone the ring she wants and all the ladies coo over its expense. But to throw a spanner in the works, Steph later realises she may have got the wrong end of the stick about Rodney’s finances – and begins to wonder whether she has done the right thing.

Debbie is bubbling with excitement at the prospect of a family outing, but her schoolwork is evidently suffering. When Charity is called in for a meeting about her truancy, Chris suggests they send her to boarding school. But education is the last thing on Debbie’s mind when Cain later rings to tell her he has decided where they are going on their day trip, but wants to keep it a secret from Charity.

Meanwhile, Marlon is nervous as he prepares to dupe the DVLA by taking Sam’s theory test for him. But there is a shock in store for him when the test proves to be harder than he thought. Will Sam ever be road-worthy, or will he be destined to transport his egg stock by bus for the rest of his working life?

With Scott at work, temptress Chloe is determined to keep Syd’s attention. Knowing full well that he is putty in her hands, she shamelessly teases him. Although Syd is trying to stay loyal to Scott, he finds it harder to refuse her advances and they end up in a passionate embrace.

Rule of engagement Thursday 03.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Nicola tries hard to humour the newly engaged Steph and Rodney at breakfast, but even Rodney doesn’t sound confident he knows what he’s got himself into. Later, Alan pulls Steph aside for a quick chat. He asks Steph why she’s suddenly taken an interest in Rodney – he’s worried that the marriage is a quick fix solution to Steph’s mid-life doubts. She doesn’t entirely convince him otherwise. In the Woolpack, Rodney announces an engagement party in Mill cottage tonight, and everyone’s invited.

Scott yet again brings up the idea of babies with Chloe, who again acts slightly bewildered. He later confesses to Syd that since Jeans birth, he’s been thinking more and more about being a father to a child of Chloe’s.

Later Syd and Chloe go back to the house for lunch, but all that’s on the menu is a bit of nookie upstairs, despite Syd’s initial reluctance to betray Scott.

Also there’s trouble at Home Farm when Charity gives Debbie an ultimatum: try harder at school or get sent to boarding school.

Marlon dons full Sam get-up and heads off to the DVLA to take Sam’s theory driving test for him. He returns to tell Sam and Paddy that he failed the test – maybe Sam could have done better after all?

At the engagement party, Nicola and Alan share their doubts about the relationship, but Rodney, having got used to the idea, is all misty eyed optimism. But Nicola soon changes her tune when Steph promises her the £4,000 she needs to buy the cleaning business. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that Rodney is almost penniless! Steph is visibly shocked.


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Thursday 3rd July 2003, Episode 3480

Chris wasn’t backing Charity up, when she was telling Debbie off. She confronted Chris and reminded her of the previous night. She had another meeting with Debbie’s teacher, which again angered her. Later she checked Debbie’s homework, to discover it was all wrong. Charity said that she would have to send her to boarding school if she didn’t improve. This angered Chris, who thought it was bad parenting.


The village (and even Rodney himself) were surprised by the engagement the previous night. Nobody thought they were serious. Danny suggested an engagement party, as Rodney gave Steph a fake ring from the antiques barn. At the party Steph tried to talk to Nicola, who wanted a loan of £5,000 (Mavis had now upped the price). Steph asked Rodney, but he told them both that he hadn’t got the money, it was all tied up in the antiques barn and Mill Cottage. Steph was shocked.

Marlon dressed up as Sam, and did the theory test. He failed it though, his concentration lost when it came to the multiple choice. At the party Sam revealed to Emily what had been going on. She told Sam she would teach him herself.

click here for larger version - Rodney (PATRICK MOWER) proposes to Steph (LORRAINE CHASE).

Rodney with the ring he bought for Steph

Charity, Debbie and cain disscuss their day out

Nicola consoles her father




















Date: Friday 04 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Rodney's bubble bursts when Steph walks out. Charity is disturbed by Cain's plan to revisit their past. Ollie impresses Paddy when she saves the day at the vet's surgery.

Cast List includes :-
Patrick Mower, Emma Atkins, Vicky Binns

Episode 3481

The honeymoon period is over before it even began for Steph and Rodney, as Steph gets a nasty surprise when she looks in to her fiancé’s finances. She sneaks a peek at his bank statements and realises he is practically broke. All her plans for a comfortable retirement are suddenly shattered. But before she can scarper, Rodney decides to make their engagement more official as he gets down on bended knee and proposes. Steph is horrified when she sees the ring is not the one she has chosen, but a cheap looking antique he found in the barn. When the going gets tough the tough get going and true to form, Steph decides to make a hasty exit leaving Rodney bewildered by her actions. Turner is disheartened to find his daughter back knocking at the door.

Meanwhile, Charity struggles to hide her discomfort when Cain reveals the secret location for their day out – the place where they had lost their virginity. Debbie is keen to know why the place is so special, but Charity remains avoids her questions. Adding fuel to the fire, Chris tries to contain his jealousy, but warns Cain to stay away from Charity or he risks having his life made hell.

Robert is keen to pass his driving test, as it will give him the independence he craves. He is also convinced it will be a pulling magnet and decides Donna is going to be his first victim.

With Paddy out on a call, Ollie finds herself in a bit of a scrape at the vet’s surgery on her own. But her resourceful nature shines through as she tends to an injured dog on her own.

For richer for poorer? Friday 04.07.03 (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Steph takes a peek through Rodney’s bank statements and finds the confirmation she dreaded – Rodney is not the rich man about town she took him for. Meanwhile Rodney shows Nicola the modest engagement ring he’s bought. He catches Steph at lunchtime and proposes – but Steph’s already getting cold feet! She tells Rodney they should wait a while and not rush into things. Rodney soon realises that Steph was only interested in his money. They agree to call the engagement off. Steph packs her bags and heads back to Alan to explain the recent change of events!

Rodney is consoled by Nicola in the pub. He says that he could maybe help to support Nicola’s business plan now Steph’s out of the way. But, eager to separate herself as much from Steph as possible, Nicola declines the offer and says that she would rather stand on her own two feet.

Outside the pub later, Nicola sees Steph and gives her a piece of her mind. Steph resolves that this village is too small for her, even though Alan tries to persuade her to stay. But her answer is final: “I don’t do poor men!” she says.

There’s more drama at the Tates. Chris attacks Charity for letting Debbie get her own way all the time, but really he’s sulking about the family day trip he’s excluded from. Debbie’s insistence on videoing all of the action with a camcorder only antagonises the situation.

Then Cain drops round to help organise the trip on Monday. Cain hints at where he’s decided they’ll go – it’s a place that is full of secrets for both of them. Charity is highly suspicious. On his way out, Cain takes the opportunity to wind Chris up, and he falls for it.

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Friday 4th July 2003, Episode 3481

Rodney decided to actually propose to Steph, but she said no. She’d been looking into his finances and saw that he only had a few pounds in his account. She told him the truth – how she had only gotten engaged to him for his money. She then left and turned up at the B&B. Nicola left work to comfort her father.


Debbie made Chris snap by pointing her new camera in his face. Later he didn’t turn up for dinner with Charity and Debbie. Cain turned up though, and told Charity and Debbie where the three of them would be going Monday – Almscliffe Crag (the place where Debbie was conceived).

Paddy was called out on an emergency, and with Nicola gone to comfort Rodney, Ollie was left at the vet’s all on her own. She helped a dog who had been injured on its paw. Paddy was delighted with her resourcefulness.

Jack asked Louise to find out what was wrong with Diane. Louise hinted that it was the menopause.

Robert was looking forward to his test, so he could use his car as a passion wagon. He was doing it up over at the garage, which delighted Donna. Elaine and Robert made a bet. The first one who passed got £10.

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