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Episodes #3287-3288; 17 October 2002

18th October 2002

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Ashley greets Paddy & Marlon at the church on the wedding day.  However will there be a wedding?

  Main Cast List 17 October 2002
Sydney Woolfe
Jerry Mackinley
Paddy Kirk
Marlon Dingle
Tricia Stokes
Charity Tate
ZoŽ Tate
Viv Hope
Stephanie Stokes
Latisha Daggert
Emily Dingle
Eric Pollard
Christopher Tate
Ashley Thomas
Chloe Atkinson
Edna Birch
Ryan Leader
Zak Dingle
Lisa Dingle
Cain Dingle
Cynthia Daggert
Nicola Blackstock
Diane Blackstock
Louise Appleton
Betty Eagleton
Laurel Potts
Sam Dingle
Terry Woods
Paul Slater
Len Reynolds
Angie Reynolds
Nathan Gladwell
Rob Dixon
Dominic Brunt
Mark Charnock
Sheree Murphy
Emma Atkins
Leah Bracknell
Deena Payne
Lorraine Chase
Danielle Henry
Kate McGregor
Christopher Chittell
Peter Amory
John Middleton
Amy Nuttall
Shirley Stelfox
Daniel Pape
Steve Halliwell
Jane Cox
Jeff Hordley
Kay Purcell
Nicola Wheeler
Elizabeth Estensen
Emily Symons
Paula Tilbrook
Charlotte Bellamy
James Hooton
Billy Hartman
Eric Coudrill
Peter Martin
Freya Copeland

Date: Thursday 17 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Tricia's hen night ends in a clinch for Viv and a shock for Marlon as Steph declares her love. Meanwhile, the villagers are putting together a rather makeshift wedding. Written by Karin Young.

It's the morning after the night before and a very hung over Marlon can't remember much. He certainly doesn't know that Paddy and Emily witnessed his steamy encounter with Steph. But as his memory comes flooding back, Marlon turns to Paddy who confirms his worst fears.

Meanwhile Tricia's hen night is proving to be a raging success as the ladies pile out of their limo into the bars of Leeds. As the drinks flow, Steph is having difficulty controlling her jealousy as the women congratulate Tricia on how wonderful Marlon is. Worse for wear, Emily can't hold her tongue any longer as she reveals to Steph that she saw the kiss and knows about her sordid past. Convinced she'll blab, Steph offers to take drunken Emily home, threatening her to keep silent.

Drink also gets the better of Viv, who is in her element when the limo driver tells her how attractive she is. While all the other girls dance the night away, she is unable to resist his flirtatious charms and takes him up on his offer in the back of the limo.

Back at the village, Marlon nervously approaches Steph to find out what she's playing at. But he isn't prepared for Steph's honesty as she declares he's the man for her and begging him not to go down the aisle with her daughter.

True to their word, the Dingles have all rallied round to gather the now unaffordable essentials for Tricia and Marlons wedding. But they cunningly haven't spent a penny. Gatecrashing another wedding proves to be very profitable indeed, as they swipe all the decorations they can - while the reception is in full swing.

Much to the Dingles' amusement, there is still no sign of Ashley - last seen disappearing into the night with a nun in suspenders in the back of a van. Abandoned in the countryside, the vicar and the "nun" wait to be rescued, but will Ashley make it back to conduct the big wedding?

The moment has come for Tricia to get married, but it isn't the dream wedding she had hoped for.

Date: Thursday 17 October Time: 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Having limped towards their wedding day, Marlon and Tricia are determined that nothing else can go wrong. But with Steph chasing Marlon and Latisha dropping gum in Tricia's hair, it seems that the worst is yet to come. Paddy and Emily watch and wait, and pray for a happy ending. It's certainly a wedding to remember. Written by Chris Thompson.

Thursday 17 October 2002 at 8:00pm **Hour-long special**

It's the day of the wedding and over the course of the morning the village buzzes with excitement as the residents busy themselves with the final preparations. Steph and Marlon both appear pre-occupied - but nobody suspects their secret and put it down to last minute nerves. But the trouble doesn't end there as Paddy encourages a despondent Marlon to open up. He reveals that Steph declared her love for him and fears that Steph may tell Tricia.

Bubbling with excitement, the girls gather to get the bride to the church on time - but they hadn't planned for Latisha to accidentally get chewing gum stuck in Tricia's hair. Seizing an opportunity to throw a spanner in the works, Steph blows the situation out of all proportion. Things go from bad to worse, though, when Tricia spins round to see the damage - only to crick her neck!

Members of the congregation arrive and begin to anticipate the wedding with excitement. But with Tricia in a neck brace and Steph insisting they go to hospital - things certainly aren't going to plan. Meanwhile Marlon takes Steph aside and launches into an impassioned attack on her pursuit of him. He deplores her selfishness and her hypocritical gestures of support to Tricia. Steph's devastated by the final rejection - but how far will she go to spoil the big day?

With the odds now stacked against Tricia and Marlon, can the happy couple make it down the aisle or are there still more surprises to come?

The Happy Couple!

Okay Tricia and Marlon didn't get married, but Paddy and Emily Did!

Teletext episode summery:-

Tricia and Marlon look very happy in this picture, however it wasn't to be

Scott learned of Zoe's pregnancy.

Paddy and Emily got married after Tricia and Marlon decided to postpone their wedding.ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap episode summery:-

Thursday 17th October On the morning of the big day the village was buzzing with excitement as

Tricia and Marlon got ready. Things started going wrong when Tricia got chewing gum stuck in her hair and ended up in a neck brace.

Marlon tried talking to Steph and pleaded with her to leave him alone. She was devastated and swore revenge.

Tricia didn't want the wedding to go ahead because her hair was a mess and she was wearing a neck brace. So, as is traditional on those occasions, the best man married the bridesmaid - Paddy and Emily walked down the aisle and said 'I do'!!








The happy couple

BBC Puresoap News:-

Emmerdale fans tuning in for a showpiece wedding were stunned to see a switch in the couple trotting down the aisle.

Fans had been hoping to witness the climax of the "will they, won't they?" storyline as Marlon and Tricia prepared to tie the knot.

But their dreams turned into a nightmare when Tricia suffered a bad hair day and a cricked neck - and so Paddy and Emily decided to step in at the last minute so the arrangements were not wasted.

The outcome of the wedding plot had been veiled in secrecy. Actors and the production team had been barred from letting the secret of the 30th anniversary hour-long episode slip.

There had been doubts about whether there would be a happy ending after Marlon (played by Mark Charnock) was in a clinch with his fiancee's mum, Steph (Lorraine Chase), at his stag do.

Then, as she got ready for the wedding, Tricia (Sheree Murphy) got chewing gum caught in her hair, forcing her to have a chunk cut out, and then cricks her neck leaving her in a neckbrace.

The pair decide to pull the plug on their big day. But with best man Paddy (Dominic Brunt) and bridesmaid Emily (Kate McGregor) already dressed for the part, they decide to marry themselves.

Their banns had already been read and they thought it a shame to waste all the arrangements.

An Emmerdale spokesman said: "It was one of the best kept secrets in soap and a real treat for viewers.

"There was always a doubt as to whether Marlon and Tricia would ever make it down the aisle - but nobody had guessed that Paddy and Emily would take their place."



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