Emmerdale is 30 Years Old
Episodes #3286; 16 October 2002

Updated 17th October 2002

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  Main Cast List 16 October 2002 Click here to go back 30 years to the 1st episode:
Sydney Woolfe
Jerry Mackinley
Paddy Kirk
Marlon Dingle
Tricia Stokes
Charity Tate
Zoë Tate
Viv Hope
Stephanie Stokes
Latisha Daggert
Emily Dingle
Eric Pollard
Christopher Tate
Ashley Thomas
Chloe Atkinson
Edna Birch
Ryan Leader
Zak Dingle
Lisa Dingle
Cain Dingle
Cynthia Daggert
Nicola Blackstock
Diane Blackstock
Louise Appleton
Betty Eagleton
Laurel Potts
Sam Dingle
Terry Woods
Paul Slater
Len Reynolds
Angie Reynolds
Nathan Gladwell
Rob Dixon
Dominic Brunt
Mark Charnock
Sheree Murphy
Emma Atkins
Leah Bracknell
Deena Payne
Lorraine Chase
Danielle Henry
Kate McGregor
Christopher Chittell
Peter Amory
John Middleton
Amy Nuttall
Shirley Stelfox
Daniel Pape
Steve Halliwell
Jane Cox
Jeff Hordley
Kay Purcell
Nicola Wheeler
Elizabeth Estensen
Emily Symons
Paula Tilbrook
Charlotte Bellamy
James Hooton
Billy Hartman
Eric Coudrill
Peter Martin
Freya Copeland

Jack Sugden..........Andrew Burt
Annie Sugden........Sheila Mercier
Joe Sugden............Frazer Hines
Sam Pearson.........Toke Townley
Peggy Skilbeck......Jo Kendall
Matt Skilbeck........Frederick Pyne
Amos Brearly.........Ronald Magill
Henry Wilks...........Arthur Pentelow
Marion Wilks.........Gail Harrison
Alec Saunders........Alan Tucker

30 years ago on this date it started with the funeral of Jacob Sugden.





Marlon is greeted by a stripper nun at his stag night.  None other than yet another Dingle - Chasitity.  Zak looks on

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Wednesday 16 October 2002 at 7:00pm

The dream wedding has been scuppered, but everyone rallies round to ensure that Marlon and Tricia still have a day to remember. But before then, Marlon must survive a pig, a curry and a stripper at a Dingle stag night from hell. Charity spills the beans about Zoe's pregnancy. Written by John Chambers.

Steph and Marlon Kiss

Having paid Mack's ransom to save their wedding, Marlon and Tricia are distraught. Now penniless, they contemplate cancelling their big day all together, as they can't afford a decent reception. They reflect on how they had envisioned the Woolpack to look on their big day, now they'll be lucky to afford a few balloons and a party popper.

True to form, Lisa does her best to cheer them up, stressing they'll all rally round to make the wedding work. Zak is insistent the wedding take place as he has invested time and money into organising a Dingle stag-night extravaganza. Marlon is more than a little apprehensive as the evening unfolds and the party gets under way. Desperate not to be caught out by Zak and one of his pranks, Marlon is determined to stay alert.

In the pub, Marlon cleverly thinks he has spied a kissogram and sends Paddy to investigate. He is horrified when the heavily made woman hits Paddy - as the real kissogram, dressed as a nun walks in!

The Dingles - Marlon is horrified as his cousin Chastity strips off.  Zak, Sam and Shadrach look on.

But that isn't the only case of mistaken identity that night As the evening unfolds, the Dingle's mistake Ashley, the vicar, for Marlon and "abduct" him - throwing him in the back of a van with the kissogram. As the real Marlon weaves unsteadily home, through hazy eyes he spots who he thinks is Tricia and moves in for a kiss. Little does he realise he is kissing his future mother-in-law Steph, and she is responding eagerly.

Meanwhile, Zoe's doctor arranges to perform an abortion the following week. She returns from the surgery shaken, but determined to go ahead with the termination.

BBC Puresoap:-

Wednesday 16th October Marlon and Tricia paid the ransom but it left them without a penny and they considered cancelling the wedding.

Lisa did her best to cheer them up and promised everyone would rally round to make it a day to remember.

Marlon’s stag party was a great success but he accidentally kissed Steph when he mistook her for Tricia.

Zoe’s doctor arranged to perform an abortion the following week.


Emily and Paddy caught Steph kissing Marlon. Ashley became the victim of a stag-night prank. Zoe arranged an abortion. ITV 1 Wednesday

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30 Years of Emmerdale

Date: Wednesday 16 October Time: 8:30pm to 9:50pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Matthew Kelly narrates a celebration of the rural soap. Stars past and present reflect on how the serial has changed from its early farming background to today’s blockbusting storylines of sex, intrigue and action – which have tempted up to 16 million viewers a night to tune in to events in the Yorkshire village of Emmerdale.

Documentary celebrating 30 years of the rural soap. The show looks back at old storylines and introduces characters past and present. From Graham the psycho who killed Rachel and tried to drive Kathy over a cliff, to the aeroplane disaster and Butch Dingle's deathbed marriage to Emily, we go behind the scenes to meet the cast and creators.

30 years of Emmerdale - Wednesday 16 October 2002 at 8:30pm

As the nation's favourite raunchy rural soap celebrates 30 glorious years on our screens this October, ITV1 marks the special occasion with an hour long documentary, 30 Years of Emmerdale.

The show recalls the sizzling storylines that have kept the soap's 10 million strong audience gripped over a mammoth 3,288 episodes, and introduces the characters past and present who have endeared us to the five-night-a-week soap.

30 Years of Emmerdale reminds viewers that in the early days, if they weren't sitting around Annie's table eating breakfast, they were spending their days with hands up cows, shearing sheep or plucking geese. Fond memories, but they soon made way for sex, intrigue and action, with blockbusting storylines that have had audiences of up to 16 million tuning in.

Highlights include:

  • Graham Clark, a quiet schoolteacher turned serial killer, who rocked the village in 1999 when he bumped off Rachel, then later tried to drive Kathy over the cliff, before ending up at the bottom of it himself.
  • The endearing love story of Edna and Batley the dog which ended in tears earlier this year when Batley had to be put to sleep. Actress Shirley Stelfox reveals that it wasn't just the viewers who reached for the hankies as 'Bracken', aka Batley, was affected by the storyline too.
  • A plane crash in 1994 which changed the face of the former village of Beckindale forever. The village name was changed to Emmerdale, and 16 million viewers tuned in to a special effects spectacular and a stunning example of how the soap says goodbye to its favourite characters.
  • A barnfire that killed Sarah Sugden in 2000. Actress Alyson Spiro reveals what things were like in the heat of the moment, and Dave Glover actor Ian Kelsey reveals the messy make-up secrets when you go up in flames - as he did rescuing baby James Tate from a fire in 1996.
  • Butch Dingle's involvement in a bus crash in 2000. Actor Paul Loughran reveals he had a little extra help playing his deathbed scenes with Emily, played by actress Kate McGregor, courtesy of his leaving party the night before!
  • Emmerdale saw the return of bad girl Kim Tate, who came back to engineer the demise of husband Frank Tate, before leaving again 18 months later in an award-winning exit.

30 Years of Emmerdale goes behind the scenes to meet the cast and creators who've made Emmerdale the hottest soap on the box.

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