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Episodes #3280-3284; 7 October - 11 October 2002

Uploaded 12th October 2002

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Charity tries to comfort a distraught Zoe

Cast List :-

Terry Woods
Christopher Tate
Zoe Tate
Marlon Dingle
Tricia Stokes
Bob Hope
Viv Hope
Katie Addyman
Charity Tate
Chloe Atkinson
Robert Sugden
Andy Sugden
Danny Daggert
Donna Windsor
Ollie Reynolds
Stephanie Stokes
Alan Turner
Gloria Pollard
Eric Pollard
Ashley Thomas
Brian Addyman
Nicola Blackstock
Paddy Kirk
Cynthia Daggert
Louise Appleton
Emily Dingle
Rodney Blackstock
Ray Mullan
Jack Sugden
Dr Ajit Devgan
Lisa Dingle
Laurel Potts
Billy Hartman
Peter Amory
Leah Bracknell
Mark Charnock
Sheree Murphy
Tony Audenshaw
Deena Payne
Sammy Winward
Emma Atkins
Amy Nuttall
Karl Davies
Kelvin Fletcher
Cleveland Campbell
Verity Rushworth
Vicky Binns
Lorraine Chase
Richard Thorp
Janice McKenzie
Christopher Chittell
John Middleton
Martin Reeve
Nicola Wheeler
Dominic Brunt
Kay Purcell
Emily Symons
Kate McGregor
Patrick Mower
Seamus Gubbins
Clive Hornby
Marc Anwar
Jane Cox
Charlotte Bellamy

Date: Monday 07 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Katie breaks down. Zoe panics that she is losing control again. Marlon confronts Steph about her rift with Tricia. Written by Bill Lyons.

Monday 7 October 2002 at 7:00pm

Having decided to sell the pram, Katie is busy cleaning it to make sure it is fit for the next mother and child. Andy is still worried by her numbness to the miscarriage. Later, as the kids play rounders, she notices Andy selling the pram and seeing him give away what was supposed to be a part of their life triggers her deep set grief. As Robert shouts at her for missing an easy catch, she is suddenly unable to control herself and breaks down, having suppressed all her emotions for so long. Andy sends the others away and speaks to Katie, who admits she doesnt know what to do with herself since the miscarriage. She is thankful that he is there for her and he is grateful he can finally console her.

As Charity returns home she is extremely proud to see Zoe has taught Chris how to ride a horse. Sensing they need some time alone, Zoe dismounts and tells Charity to get on. As they go off for a ride around their estate Chris is happy to have conquered his fear. Later that evening, Chris and Charity suggest going out for a meal, Zoe declines their offer. But home alone she becomes aware of all the strange noises around her. Needing reassurance she calls Ashley asking him to come over. His arrival has a soothing effect on Zoe - it dawns on her this is the first time she has been alone since she became ill.

Tricia feels like she taken the weight of her shoulders by admitting to Marlon that she fell out with her mother because shed made advances on her previous boyfriends. Ignoring Bobs advice, Marlon is dumbfounded but refuses to tell Tricia about Stephs advances on him - it would break her heart. Taking matters into his own hands Marlons takes Steph aside and asks her not to spoil the wedding. Having told her that history cannot repeat its self, he is worried by the glint in her eye as she promises no trouble. Later that day, as Tricia and her mother bury the hatchet they discuss honesty and its importance in successful relationships, Steph keeps her desires on her daughters man to herself.

Marlon was shocked at Tricia’s revelation but couldn’t tell her Steph was also making moves on him. He took matters into his own hands and told Steph not to cause trouble, but she didn’t pay any attention. Zoe became anxious when she found herself alone in the house and asked Ashley to come and keep her company. Seeing Andy sell the pram finally triggered Kate’s grief over her baby.

Emmerdale Steph agreed not to spoil the wedding. Zoe became restless on her own and called on Ashley. Katie was upset when Andy sold the pram. Visit the site ITV 1 Monday

Date: Tuesday 08 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Andy and Katie make a life-changing decision. Zoe fears that her medication is no longer helping her. And Marlon is driven to extremes in order to avoid Steph. Written by Dave Simpson.

Andy & Katie get engaged.

Katie has decided to take a few days off school and wants to spend some time with Andy. Brian is relieved that she has decided to stay at home and gives them some money to treat themselves. As they take a romantic walk, they come across a wishing well and both make a wish. They discuss the lengths that they had gone to, to be together and the effect the baby would have had on them if it were born. Katie realises she was not ready for that kind of responsibility. They joke about running away together suggesting that might have been an easier option than what theyve been through. But when Andy suggests they still should get married Katie realises that hes not joking when he gets down on one knee and proposes.

Zoe is still anxious about being left on her own, but is relieved to have company as she helps Cynthia clean Home Farm but feels panic when she leaves. Overwhelmed by a strange feeling, Zoe confides in Chris that she fears she may be having a relapse. They immediately book an appointment for some tests.

Steph approaches Marlon on the street but he tries to avoid her by going into the vets claiming he was going to see a man about a dog. Later, Turner enquires about the wedding plans and looks forward to it being a family occasion. Steph hugs Tricia and then Marlon, but lingers intentionally as she clings to him.

A girl should be thrilled to receive flowers out of the blue, but when Louise receives flowers from a mystery sender, she is uneasy and tries to hide them from Ray.

Andy & Katie


Emmerdale Nicola accepted Rodney's help to pay her rent. Katie accepted Andy's marriage proposal. Zoe thought she was having a relapse. Visit the site ITV 1 Tuesday

Date: Wednesday 9 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

An anguished Zoe

Zoe receives some devastating news. Andy and Katie convince their fathers that they are serious about spending the rest of their lives together. Steph's flirtatious behaviour causes Marlon to ruin his wedding cake. Written by Margaret Simpson.

Its the morning after Zoes distressing turn and she arrives at the doctors fearing the worst. She is sick with nerves before she goes, and has packed an overnight bag as she is convinced she will be readmitted. After several tests the doctor asks Zoe back into his surgery on her own. Chris and Charity wait patiently outside as Zoe enters bracing herself for bad news. But nothing could prepare Zoe for the doctors diagnosis. She is beside herself with disbelief, claiming it to be impossible.

Andy cant believe his luck that Katie has agreed to marry him. They decide to inform Jack and Brian of their wedding plans. Thrown by their revelation Jack and Brian are suspicious. But Brian points out to Jack that they are still together despite everything theyve been through and are obviously in love. They give the couple their blessing but Brian warns Andy to look after his daughter.

Marlon is under pressure to get the catering right. As Steph offers to lend a hand, he is cagey and rejects her offer. He makes a mess of the cake and takes his anger out on Steph who is hovering near by. As a row breaks out, clueless Tricia is quick to defend Steph leaving Marlon fuming that his future mother in law has been meddling again.

Viv is still trying to secure her place as a model for the nude calendar. She cunningly tries to convince other models to drop out with no success. It looks like shes going to have to try a different tact.

Following an anonymous delivery of flowers, Ray suggests to Louise that Syd might be the secret admirer and plants the suspicion in her mind.


Zoe found out that she was pregnant. Katie and Andy told their fathers about their engagement. Steph ruined Marlon's wedding cake. ITV 1 Wednesday

BBC Puresoap:-

Wednesday 9th October Zoe was struck with disbelief when the doctor carried out some tests and then told her she was pregnant.

Andy was thrilled that Katie had agreed to marry him. Their parents gave them their blessing.

Following another delivery of flowers, Ray suggested Syd might be the secret admirer.

Marlon was fuming when he and Steph had a row and Tricia defended Steph.

Date: Thursday 10 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

NOTE: This episode just features Chris, Zoe, Charity and the Doctor.

Chris and Charity wrestle with the traumatic news of Zoe's condition, and Chris upsets Zoe with his suggestions about how she got into her current state. Written by Janys Chambers.

Shock pregnancy

Airing Thursday, 10th October 2002 at 7:00 pm on ITV1

Zoe is struggling to come to terms with the news that she is pregnant, as she has no recollection of how she may have conceived. Being a lesbian the revelation seems completely impossible.

She questions the doctor s diagnosis, wondering whether it could be side effects of the medication she has been prescribed.

Wanting a second opinion, Zoe does a home pregnancy test, but it confirms her worst fears which escalate as she is convinced she must have been raped.

When Chris and Charity tell her she went missing for a few days in the height of her illness, Zoe can t remember a thing.

As Zoe tries to understand what has happened to her, she scrubs herself vigorously in the shower for hours, ignoring Charity s plea for her to come out.

It is all too much for Zoe as she worries that if raped she could have contracted HIV. Charity finds her in the kitchen considering whether to take an overdose in hope that it will abort the baby. Charity assures her it is not the answer.

Idle gossip about Zoe s trip to the clinic is spreading like wild fire amongst the villagers. Cynthia, Terry and Ashley speculate in the pub that she is having a relapse.


Emmerdale Zoe heard she was four months pregnant and feared she'd been raped. Chris had trouble coping with the news of Zoe's pregnancy. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap:-

Zoe was left to come to terms with being pregnant and had no memory of how or when she could have conceived.

When Charity told her she had gone missing for a couple of days, Zoe thought she must have been raped.

She realised it meant she could have contracted HIV, then considered taking an overdose to abort the baby.

Charity found her in time and convinced her it was not the answer.

Zoe confides in Ashley

Date: Friday 11 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Emily and Steph agree to be Tricia's bridesmaids. Marlon tries to avoid Dingle stag-night traditions. Zoe makes a decision about her baby's future. And Viv plots against Laurel's inclusion in the calendar shoot. Written by Paul Quiney.

Marlon has finished the cake and he and Tricia look forward to the wedding rehearsal. But to throw a spanner in the works Bernice phones Tricia to say she is too ill to travel up and be a bridesmaid, so Ashley suggests Emily. As Emily accepts the role of bridesmaid, Marlon is horrified when Tricia proceeds to ask Steph to be her Maid of Honour. Marlon turns the conversation to the stag night. He and Paddy are worried that the Dingle stag rituals will go too far. He doesnt want to end up abandoned in Scotland, but knows Zak and the rest of the clan wont let him get off lightly.

With money in mind, Mack overhears them talking about the wedding and announces he has a plan to get back the cash for the repairs on Ediths house.

As they try to piece together the pregnancy puzzle, Chris is horrified that Zoe may have conceived in the clinic and wants to report it to the police, but there is no evidence. Charity goes with Zoe for the scan. But Zoe cant bring herself to look at the screen. They are both stunned when she is told that she is 20 weeks pregnant or more. They try to work out what Zoe was doing five months ago c it was just before she was admitted to the clinic, at the height of her schizophrenia. Unable to bear the thought of never knowing who the father is, Zoe informs them that she doesnt want the baby and plans to have an abortion.

Viv continues to make attempts to make others drop out of the calendar shoot. First she makes a comment to Tricia about posing nude being an unsuitable activity before the wedding. She then targets Laurel, touching on her insecurities suggesting Louise and Chloe are far more striking. Will her bullying tactics finally get her a place on the nude calendar shoot?

Jack gives Andy his grandmothers engagement ring that she left for him to give to Katie. Brian has planted a rosebush in the garden as a memorial to the baby.

Keen to get in Angies good books, Syd probes Marc about her favourite hobbies, but loses his appetite when Marc tells him she enjoys outdoor pursuits.



Zoe decided to have a termination. Andy gave Katie her Great Grandma's ring. Trisha asked Steph to be her maid of honour. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap:-

Friday 11th October Zoe was told she was five months into the pregnancy, meaning she conceived at the height of her illness.

Unable to bear the thought of not knowing who the father was, she said she wanted to abort the baby.

Marlon was horrified when Tricia asked Steph to be maid of honour at the wedding.

Viv urged people to drop out of the calendar shoot, making room for her.

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