Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3275-3279; 30 September - 4 October 2002

Updated 5th October 2002

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Cast List

Edna Birch
Betty Eagleton
Eric Pollard
Gloria Pollard
Marlon Dingle
Glynis Hardy
Sydney Woolfe
Jerry Mackinley
Angie Reynolds
Stephanie Stokes
Cain Dingle
Christopher Tate
Zoë Tate
Katie Addyman
Andy Sugden
Brian Addyman
Viv Hope
Cynthia Daggert
Zak Dingle
Louise Appleton
Diane Blackstock
Marc Reynolds
Laurel Potts
Tricia Stokes
Bob Hope
Geoff Graham
Ashley Thomas
Seth Armstrong
Latisha Daggert
Emily Dingle
Donna Windsor
Shirley Stelfox
Paula Tilbrook
Christopher Chittell
Janice McKenzie
Mark Charnock
Christine Cox
Nathan Gladwell
Rob Dixon
Freya Copeland
Lorraine Chase
Jeff Hordley
Peter Amory
Leah Bracknell
Sammy Winward
Kelvin Fletcher
Martin Reeve
Deena Payne
Kay Purcell
Steve Halliwell
Emily Symons
Elizabeth Estensen
Anthony Lewis
Charlotte Bellamy
Sheree Murphy
Tony Audenshaw
Jack Lord
John Middleton
Stan Richards
Danielle Henry
Kate McGregor
Verity Rushworth
Richard Stone


Pollard is braced for a slap
Pollard is braced for a slap
© Yorkshire Television 2002

Date: Monday 30 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Pollard is disturbed to learn that Glynis has her sights on him. Mack fails miserably to make Marlon pay up. Betty finds herself a lodger. Written by Janys Chambers

At a press conference, Pollard gets an awful fright when he over hears Glynis telling Gloria all about the hotel where they did done the dirty. Having had enough of being Pollard's bit on the side, she quietly threatens to make their affair public - leaving Pollard trapped like a rabbit in the headlights.

But that is not the only thing he has to worry about, a journalist is insistent on a demonstration of his life saving tactics. But Pollard has no idea where to begin, as it was Gloria that gave Harry Partridge the kiss of life and they had lied for the publicity & things are not looking good.

Mack and Syd stage a devious stunt to get their money back from Marlon for the building work they have done on Edith's house. They cut off the water in the hope that the drought might encourage the money to appear. But Marlon, who is not in a rush to part with his money, is suspicious of their motives and hangs fire. Thwarted, Mack is forced to put his thinking cap on - blackmail is on the cards.

Having recovered from her appendicitis, Laurel tells Betty she is well enough to go home. Betty is protective over Laurel and tells her not to over do things. The truth of the matter is she is used to having her around the house and would be sad to see her leave. Betty and Seth talk about the positive impact Laurel has had on their lives.

At tea, Betty hints at the spare room being available and tells of how she once had Bernice as a lodger. Laurel is thrilled to be asked and agrees. She'll stay and pay her way.

Months of arguing come to an end when the results are in for the nude calendar. Top of the pops is Louise who scoops first prize. Vain Viv has been looking forward to the results all day but is horrified to realise that she has been beaten by Betty, getting fourteenth place.

Date: Tuesday 01 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Horrified by Glynis's demands, Pollard comes clean to Gloria. Syd and Mack continue to pressure Marlon for money. Chris and Zoe enjoy causing a stir in the village. Written by Sarah Bagshaw

Gloria gets ready to hit Eric

Glynis is still making a pest of herself, making frequent calls to Pollard throughout the day. As she lures him away for a dangerous liaison, she makes her desires clear but Pollard is insistent that the harassment has to stop. But Glynis will not be dissuaded as she relays her threats about revealing their affair.

Mack and Syd have pulled another dirty trick on Marlon in an attempt to get payment for the work on Edith's house - the local Environmental Health Inspector has had a tip off and is paying the Woolpack kitchen a surprise visit.

But burning bridges with the landlady of the pub leaves them high and dry as Diane bars them both. With no other local for miles the troublesome two are miffed.

But their scare tactics don't stop there, as they have been caught red handed trying to break into Tricia and Marlon's cottage. Mack gives Angie a lame excuse for their actions, while Syd tries to flirt his way out of trouble.

Pollard walks into the factory to find everyone has downed tools to listen to Ledbetter on the radio. Gloria is gobsmacked as the opposition refers to Pollard as a con man and a fraud.

As Gloria calls an emergency meeting, Pollard announces he is pulling out of the campaign. He is forced to tell Gloria about his recent affair with Glynis and understandably she hits him.

Date: Wednesday 02 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Gloria is shocked by Pollard's infidelity, but her solution to matters is even more shocking. Steph is captivated by Marlon. Cain is unimpressed to learn that Syd is dating Angie. Written by Karin Young

Pollard admits to Rodney that he would be devastated if he lost Gloria over his affair with Glynis. When Rodney offers some re-assuring advice Pollard is not so sure. Fearing the worst, he decides her has some grovelling do and begs Gloria to give their marriage a second chance. Pollard thinks he is hearing things when she tells him to continue the affair.

Confused by Gloria ;s strange logic, Pollard refuses to go along with it but as the women run his life he realises he has little choice in the matter. Glynis has been fundamental to his campaign developments so far, and they cannot afford to lose her help.

Marlon is put out by Tricia's odd behaviour to her mother, as Steph has been keen to help out as much as possible with the wedding preparations. Stubborn Tricia finally agrees that Steph can be involved but only on her own terms.

Steph is touched by Marlon's caring nature. It is clear she has taken a real shine to her future son in law.

There are rumours in the village that Edith's sister Elsie has gone back to New Zealand [or Canada] putting Marlon and Tricia's dream home on the market.

Tricia contemplates whether they should put in an offer, but sensible Marlon reminds her that they have already lost thousands on the house.

Cain has been watching the blossoming relationship between his ex Angie and Syd from afar until now. He decides to confront Angie about it, making it clear he is jealous. She re-buffs his childish remarks.

Mack's food poisoning scare is playing havoc at the Woolpack as Diane has to tell Betty off for bringing in her own packed lunch.

Zoe has been feeling under the weather for days. But she faces village gossip to attend Ashley's service, but during the mass Zoe is overwhelmed by a strangle feeling. Dizzy, she is worried that she is going to be sick and leaves immediately.


Diane allowed Mack and Syd back into the Woolpack.
Gloria moved back with Eric.
Zoe attended one of Ashley's church services.


EMMERDALE, OCTOBER 2 Pollard was stunned when he begged Gloria for another chance and she told him to carry on with the affamr.

Cain made it clear he didn't approve of Angie's blossoming relationship with Syd but she laughed him off.

Zoe ignored village gossip to attend church but became dizzy and had to leave qumckly befozu she was sick.

Rumours spread that Elsie had gone away and put tle cottage up for sale.

Date: Thursday 03 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Marlon has cause for concern as Steph oversteps the mark. Zoe decides it is time to take stock of her life. Katie assures Brian she doesn't need counselling. Written by Matthew Westwood

Donna models a wedding dress while Tricia and Marlon look on

Marlon, Tricia and Steph attend the wedding fair. Tricia and Steph look forward to seeing the beautiful dresses on the catwalk, but deep down both Marlon and Tricia are worried that their wedding plans are last minute c will they have time to prepare everything? As the grooms walk down the catwalk, Steph hints how handsome Marlon will look leaving him feeling uncomfortable. She gives him a kiss on the cheek followed by a knowing smile when Tricia isnt looking. He is concerned that there might be something about Steph that Tricia isnt telling him. Their feud is still a puzzle to Marlon. They see a friendly face when Donna comes out modelling a wedding dress, Tricia falls in love with it. Marlon insists it is too expensive, but secretly has decided to empty his bank account for her.

Zoe tells Chris she has been up all night making plans for her future. With her life back to normal, she feels settled and at peace but cant really explain the dizzy feeling she has been experiencing.

After the miscarriage, Brain and Andy are doing their best to be there for Katie, but feeling smothered she rejects their concern. Andy is worried about Katie as he walks in to the café to find her laughing with Latisha. He feels jealous and asks Katie to go to the cinema with him. She says no and an argument starts. Andy complains to Brian about Katies bad mood and Brian worries, urging Katie to attend counselling at the hospital. Katie refuses and assures him she doesnt need it, but Brian is not convinced.


Marlon bought Tricia a wedding dress. Louise agreed to go for a meal with Rodney. Donna modelled dresses at the wedding fair. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap:-

Marlon, Tricia and Steph went to a wedding fair but worried they had left everything too late. Tricia found a beautiful dress and though Marlon told her it cost too much, he secretly vowed to buy it.

Andy was worried about Katie but she refused to let him comfort her and they ended up having a big argument.

Zoe told Chris she felt happy but was worried about her dizzy spell.

Date: Friday 04 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Marlon becomes convinced that Steph is trying to seduce him. Andy and Katie's relationship warms up. Pollard's tangled web of sex and power proves very unenjoyable. Written by Chris Thompson.

Marlon is increasingly horrified about Stephs flirtatious motives. While Tricia is busy chatting to Louise she gives Marlon a squeeze, witnessed by Bob who notes Marlons discomfort. Marlon and Turner discuss Tricia and Steph. Turner admits that he is pleased that they went to the wedding fair together. Marlon doesnt share his confidence. Still curious to find out what caused their rift, Marlon asks Tricia again the cause of her dispute with her mother. But Tricia fobs him off with a lame excuse and Marlon is convinced she is lying. Feeling guilty Tricia later feels it is time to come clean to Marlon, he has a right to know what his future mother in law did. Flabbergasted when he is told, Marlons biggest fears have come true.

Katie sees a "pram wanted" advertisement in the shop window. She suggests to Andy that they sell their pram. He reluctantly agrees but is concerned, as Katie is unsentimental as she heads off to arrange the sale. But the cracks are beginning to appear in Katies cool exterior as until now she has avoided her feelings and kept her emotions bottled up.

Zoe is still feeling off colour. Accompanying Ashley to Seth and Bettys cottage to discuss the plans for the calendar, she has a funny turn. As she collapses on the floor, Edna and Betty burst into chorus of bickering, questioning her mental state, insisting she is not fit to be in the community.


Tricia told Marlon that Steph seduced one of her former boyfriends. Emily decided not to be in the calendar. Zoe fainted at Betty's.

BBC Puresoap:-

Friday 4th October: Marlon became increasingly horrified with Steph’s flirting and decided to get to the bottom of it.

After pressing Tricia, she eventually told him their rift had started when Steph bedded one of her boyfriends.

The cracks were beginning to appear in Katie’s cool exterior although she continued to bottle her feelings.

Zoe collapsed on the floor in front of Edna and Betty.


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