Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3270-3274; 23 September - 27 September 2002

Uploaded 5th October 2002

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Cast List

Andy Sugden
Katie Addyman
Jerry Mackinley
Marlon Dingle
Lisa Dingle
Zak Dingle
Sam Dingle
Cain Dingle
Diane Blackstock
Brian Addyman
Edna Birch
Stephanie Stokes
Eric Pollard
Gloria Pollard
Glynis Hardy
Sydney Woolfe
Angie Reynolds
Cynthia Daggert
Betty Eagleton
Louise Appleton
Danny Daggert
Rodney Blackstock
Jack Sugden
Victoria Sugden
Ollie Reynolds
Ashley Thomas
Tricia Stokes
Christopher Tate
Zoë Tate
Robert Sugden
Laurel Potts
Terry Woods
Alan Turner
Kelvin Fletcher
Sammy Winward
Rob Dixon
Mark Charnock
Jane Cox
Steve Halliwell
James Hooton
Jeff Hordley
Elizabeth Estensen
Martin Reeve
Shirley Stelfox
Lorraine Chase
Christopher Chittell
Janice McKenzie
Christine Cox
Nathan Gladwell
Freya Copeland
Kay Purcell
Paula Tilbrook
Emily Symons
Cleveland Campbell
Patrick Mower
Clive Hornby
Hannah Midgley
Vicky Binns
John Middleton
Sheree Murphy
Peter Amory
Leah Bracknell
Karl Davies
Charlotte Bellamy
Billy Hartman
Richard Thorp
?? ??

Betty, Marlon, Ashley, Tricia and Elsie (Edith's sister) attend Edith's funeral.

Date: Monday 23 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Andy is devastated after Katie's miscarriage, but her grief is more reserved. Mack gives Marlon and Tricia a strict deadline for payment of his bill. The Dingles are amused by Zak's hopeless attempts to cook for the family. Written by Mark Illis.

After the miscarriage Katie is in a state of shock but has subconsciously suppressed her emotions and switched off her grief. But the pain is real for Andy as Jack finds him crying alone in his bedroom. After everything they’ve been through he feels helpless as he tearfully explains to his father he doesn’t know what to say to Katie.

Having issued Marlon and Tricia with an outrageous bill [£7,000] for the building work at Edith’s house, Mack is beginning to throw his weight around. With the wedding looming, Marlon is concerned for his finances but is forced to admit he’ll pay up, even though it would leave him penniless and possibly wedding-less! Steph does her best to use her womanly charms to get Mack to back off, but he rebuffs her flirtation insisting he has a business to run!

With Lisa feeling under the weather, Cynthia gives Zak foolproof instructions on re-heating a meal she’s prepared. He is offended that she is implying that he can’t cook. Doing as he’s told, Zak pops the stew in the oven and heads off to do some poaching. He later returns home to find Cynthia examining the remains of the meal that have been burnt to a cinder. Zak smugly offers to cook the fish he has caught instead, but Lisa insists he clean the oven first. As he is eager to prove he is a natural in the kitchen the women leave Zak to cook the fish.

As the trout cooks away, they’re all puzzled as there is a terrible smell coming from the kitchen. On further investigation Cynthia retrieves the remains of a burnt scouring pad from the oven. As Zak's second attempt to feed the family follows the first - to the bin, sheepish Zak is forced to accept defeat and offers to go to the chippy. Surely he can’t mess that up, will it be third time lucky or will there be another ‘Dingled’ dinner?

Date: Tuesday 24 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Andy struggles to understand Katie's reaction to losing their child. Tricia is stressed out by Edith's funeral the following day and her impending marriage. Lisa hides the fact that her back is better. Written by Margaret Simpson.

Katie bravely decides she will go back to school, ignoring Brian’s pleas to stay at home and rest. Determined to get her life back on track, Katie struggles to put her miscarriage behind her but is grateful for the support she is receiving from fellow villagers. But when Andy hears that Katie has gone to school, he is furious with Brian for letting her go. Storming down to the school, she is horrified as he causes a scene in front of her friends, blurting out that she’s just had a miscarriage! Later, Andy tells Katie that he feels she is shutting him out and they can get over it together. She accuses him of being selfish and angrily tells him to give her some space.

Steph and Tricia have been looking at wedding dresses, but Marlon puts a damper on things by telling her it’ll have be cheap, as they will be broke when they’ve paid off Mack! Fishing for an invite, Steph hints that she is ready to move out of the B&B. Tricia quickly dismisses any ideas of Steph moving in with them. Wanting to get on with his future mother in law, Marlon takes Steph aside and apologises. As they hug to make up, Steph’s embrace lingers a little too long for Marlon’s liking - What is she playing at?

Seth has taken it upon himself to organise Edith’s funeral, Tricia is put out by his efforts as she felt close to Edith and is overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility for her.

Lisa is feeling much better, but when Cynthia tells her that she is glad but she’ll miss hanging around at the Dingles’ place, Lisa decides that she could stretch her symptoms out for a few days, insisting Cynthia is a great home help!


Andy was furious when Katie returned to school. Ashley had lots of volunteers for the nude calendar. Zoe made a bet with Terry.

BBC Puresoap:-

Katie decided to go back to school despite conflicting advice. Andy was angry with Brian for letting her go.

Marlon put a dampener on Tricia’s wedding plans when he told her they could only afford a cheap dress.

Lisa started pretending her back was still painful so that Cynthia had to stay and help around the house.

Seth upset Tricia when he started organising Edith’s funeral.

Date: Wednesday 25 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Edith's sister Elsie lays claim to her house, leaving Marlon and Tricia shocked. Chris agrees to look into going horse riding with Zoe. Andy takes comfort from Ashley's advice. Written by Lesley Clare O'Neill.

With the church out of action after the fire, Ashley performs Edith’s funeral at the village hall. Tricia spots Elsie who later introduces herself as Edith’s sister. Tricia and Marlon invite her to the pub for the wake. Seth begins to play the piano and Len sings along. Elsie is touched. She admits that she regrets falling out with Edith but is comforted by the support her friends have shown. After the wake, Tricia and Marlon stroll to their new house. They are alarmed to see the lights on. They look through the window and see Elsie. When Marlon asks her what she is doing there she insists it is her house. Marlon protests that Edith bequeathed the house to them, but Elsie says that it wasn’t Edith’s house to give, ushers them out and slams the door. Marlon and Tricia are shocked.

Zoe goes behind Chris’s back and arranges for Chris to visit the stables. Chris is annoyed and insists he’s busy with Charity away. Despite Zoe’s attempts to change his mind he refuses. She is annoyed and goes riding on her own. Zoe discovers her horse is unwell. She arrives at the vets for medical supplies. Paddy is worried, but Zoe explains that she is still officially a practicing vet. Chris admires Zoe’s confidence in treating the horse. Zoe admits it made her feel normal again. Touched by her bravery, Chris offers to try to ride with her the following day.

Andy is very worried by Katie’s behaviour as he finds her swigging cider with Robert. Having made himself clear that he doesn’t approve, Katie tells him to lighten up, pointing out that she can drink now that she isn’t pregnant. Hurt, Andy leaves.

Date: Thursday 26 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Marlon and Tricia lose their dream home. Chris challenges his disability by going horse riding. Andy can't help being impatient with Katie, despite Ashley's advice. Written by Ian Fenton.

Having consulted their solicitor, Marlon and Tricia are worried that they may lose the house. They both resolve to go and make Elsie see sense. They arrive and try to explain Edith’s plans for the house. Marlon attempts to remain optimistic about the house but his arguments are not convincing. Greg, the solicitor, tells them they could attempt to get the money back that they’ve spent by claiming to be contractors for Edith. However it looks as if they have lost and can’t pay Mack.

Chris decides to try riding at Home Farm. He has invited an expert to join them, but Terry is scared. Chris is nervous but takes comfort in Zoe’s encouragement as she promises him her support.

Brian and Jack discuss Andy and Katie. Brian tells Jack he is worried that Katie has been drinking and that he can’t get close to her. But Katie appears to be getting on with things, she is keen to function as normally as possible. In Café Hope, Viv is run off her feet and short staffed. Katie is keen to do some hours to help out, so Viv gives her a job.

Pollard attempts to call things off with Glynis, warning her about the wrath of Gloria. But she will not be dissuaded leaving him stumped and in a bit of a sticky situation!

Date: Friday 27 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Marlon and Tricia refuse to pay Mack's bill after losing their home. Pollard is seduced into another tryst with Glynis. Mack and Syd make a bet as they each set their sights on Angie. Written by Dave Simpson.

Marlon and Tricia won’t give up the fight, when Mack comes for his money they refuse to pay up suggesting he get his money from Elsie. This seems to go down well until it backfires when Elsie pays her own visit and berates Marlon for sending Mack round to threaten her. Marlon suggests they just pay Mack the money, but he is talked out of it as Zak and Cain claim Mack is guilty of extortion. There’s a near confrontation when Mack and Syd go to visit Marlon and Tricia, they are surprised to find a sitting room full of Dingles. Realising they are outnumbered, they back off. Marlon’s unnerved again as Steph flirts with him. Not wanting to upset her he nervously brushes off her advances!

Glynis is desperate to get her man and her desires are firmly set on Pollard. She has lured him to a hotel and booked into a room. Despite his efforts to tell her the affairs off, Pollard succumbs to Glynis’ charms and takes her up on her offer! Later Pollard is forced to find excuses for his tardiness, while Gloria is in the mood for love and suggests an early night to an already knackered Pollard!

Mack reckons Angie was flirting with him, but Syd brags he’d have more of a chance himself. As the Angie challenge becomes clear, the terrible twosome strike a bet to bed her! Who will be the lucky fella?

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