Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3265-3269; 16 September -20 September 2002

Updated: 23rd September 2002

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Eric and Glynis go wild in the country
Eric & Glynis go wild in the country
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Date: Monday 16 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

After failing to find the right moment for days, Ray proposes to Louise in the Woolpack. Edith's sudden death leaves Marlon and Tricia devastated. Zoe searches in vain for a diagnosis in a bid to understand her illness.

As Diane and Louise discuss plans to celebrate their new partnership at the Woolpack, Ray is planning a celebration of his own.

After dropping in on Louise at the pub, he stuns her by pulling out a ring and proposing to her.

Unsure of her feelings for Ray, Louise finds it difficult to accept the unexpected offer and makes it clear that she thinks it may be too soon for them to be thinking of marriage. And when Ray mentions the pub sale and the money he gave her, it’s clear that Louise feels she is being bought.

At a time when Tricia and Marlon think everything in the garden is rosy, they are brought back down to earth with a devastating bump when Mack and Syd break the news to them that Edith has died.

Tricia is inconsolable and, for once, is glad that her mother Steph is on hand to support her. She encourages her daughter to take comfort in the fact that Edith has passed away peacefully.

Still troubled by Viv’s verbal assault on her, Zoe is frustrated that the doctors have failed to serve up a diagnosis and resolves to find answers herself. But as she digs deeper into the illness, Zoe starts to realise the pain that she must have put her family and friends through.

Meanwhile, Glynis is forced to cancel dinner with Gloria and Pollard, fearful that she wouldn’t be able to hide her feelings for Pollard in front of his wife.

Date: Tuesday 17 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise's rejection of Ray's proposal causes a major crisis in their relationship. Pollard is struck by how important his political ambitions are to Gloria. Zoe causes a stir when she visits the pub for the first time since she was sectioned.

Still reeling from the Ray’s proposal and the subsequent row, Louise feels that she should try and build some bridges. But Ray is in no mood for listening and makes it perfectly clear that he has taken Louise’s words to heart.

Diane serves up some words of wisdom to Louise, while Ashley tries the same tact with Ray.

Their heart-to-hearts seem to do the trick and the couple finally sit down to talk through their problems – but will it mean wedding bells?

Under pressure from Glynis, Pollard begins to deceive Gloria and arranges a secret tryst. Their rendezvous is nearly rumbled but Rodney steps in to cover Pollard’s tracks.

With Gloria closing in on him and Glynis playing hardball, it soon becomes apparent that Pollard is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Still mourning the death of Edith, Marlon and Tricia sort through her belongings at the cottage. But they are stunned to discover her will and their inclusion in it.

Zoe continues to try to diagnose her problems and decides it is time to face up to the world.

She takes the brave decision to join Chris and Charity for a drink in the Woolpack – refusing to be phased by the wagging tongues.

Over at the Sugden’s, Robert is planning a party with Donna’s full support. But Andy and Katie quickly discard the idea, deciding to spend some quality time together instead.

Date: Wednesday 18 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

The Woolpack regulars hold a school days disco in celebration of Louise becoming the licensee. Pollard is forced to agree to Glynis' sexual demands. Andy and Katie anticipate spending some time alone.

Diane, Louise and Laurel are busy making plans for the “School Disco” at the Woolpack to mark their partnership.

Louise’s excitement is dented, however, when Ray reveals that he may have to miss the bash to finish some work.

But as locals don their shorts and miniskirts to make the party go with a bang, Ray’s true plans become clear.

He stops the party in its tracks by making a grand arrival to present Louise with a licensee sign embossed with names of Louise Appleton and Diane Blackstock.

Glynis is still pursuing Pollard with a vengeance and makes it clear she will do whatever it takes to make him see things her way – even blackmail.

After talking things through with Rodney, he realises that he has no choice but to give in to her demands and suggests they meet the following day.

Robert is busy rounding up guests for his party, but brother Andy has other things on his mind.

He raises the issue of sex with Katie but she is troubled that it may harm their unborn child.

Andy seeks the advice of Cynthia, but even her assurance that they will be safe isn’t enough to convince Katie.

Despite his tender years, Andy shows is maturity and tells Katie he fully understands her reservations and is happy to wait.

Date: Thursday 19th September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Andy and Katie enjoy an evening alone and look forward to their future together. Pollard feels guilty after his liaison with Glynis. Lisa is incapacitated as she falls and damages her back

Despite wanting to spend precious time together with Andy, Katie is under pressure to show her face at Robert’s party to prove that she is still young and capable of enjoying herself.

Andy is on hand to make sure she is okay but soon begins to worry about Katie being bullied when Maria makes barbed comments about Katie being pregnant and drinking.

The young couple finally decide that enough is enough and leave the party to spend the evening alone and look forward to life when the baby is born.

Back at the party, Robert makes targets Maria and leads her upstairs.

Zak is planning another poaching trip and asks Marlon to deliver a bag of ice for his return.

But the delivery is bad news for Lisa who fails to spot it on the doorstep and comes a cropper – damaging her back.

Fresh from the discovery of Edith’s will, her solicitor confirms that she has left most her belongings and the cottage to Marlon and Tricia.

They are filled with a mixture of sadness and excitement as they make plans for both her funeral and their future in the house.

With little choice but to deceive Gloria, Pollard reluctantly goes to meet Glynis.

Her plans haven’t changed and he is forced to give into her demands before guiltily returning to stress his love to Gloria.


Glynis took Eric to a hotel for a steamy liaison. Lisa fell over and hurt her back. Katie and Andy had a romantic evening.

BBC Puresoap:-

Andy and Katie went to Robert's party but didn't stay long. They preferred spending time together at home.

Lisa fell and hurt her back when she failed to spot a bag of ice which had been left on the doorstep for Zak.

The solicitor confirmed that Edith had left the cottage and most of her belongings to Marlon and Tricia.

Pollard met Glynis and reluctantly gave in to her demands for a kiss.

Date: Friday 20 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Andy feels distraught and helpless as a terrified Katie suffers a miscarriage. Marlon and Tricia are shocked by Mack's excessive bill for the house. Lisa is forced to suffer Zak's attempts to look after her.

Andy holds Katie's hand, while she  looses their baby

Katie and Andy’s world is turned upside down when she becomes distressed and tells him that she thinks she is spotting blood.

In a panic, Andy races to seek help from Cynthia. She is at work and it is Latisha who comes to their aid. She insists that they cannot wait for an ambulance to arrive and suggests it would be quicker if Cain drove them to the hospital.

Doctors are on hand to see Katie quickly, but what news will they have on the baby?

Marlon and Tricia start making plans to move into Edith’s house after the funeral, but they are stunned when Gloria accuses them of using the old lady just to get her cottage.

Louise is keen to show her support, though, and tells Tricia that her and Marlon’s intentions were good and they deserve some happiness. But the couple are then shattered when Mack delivers his bill for work on the house and they discover it far exceeds the estimate. Despite doubting they can ever raise the money, Marlon promises to pay.

Lisa is in agony following her fall on the ice and Zak is forced to try and run things – as Lisa instructs him from the board she is lying on. Meanwhile, Gloria is convinced that Lisa is skiving and is sure that Zak is bluffing by asking for sick pay while she is ill.

Ollie is thrilled to hear that Danny has been offered a job by Rodney and makes plans for how he can spend his money on her at the weekend.



Katie suffered a miscarriage. Rodney took Danny on as his apprentice. Mack presented Marlon and Tricia with an exorbitant bill.

BBC Puresoap:-

Katie started bleeding. Andy ran for help and Cain drove them to hospital where she suffered a miscarriage.

Lisa was in agony after her fall so Zak had to run the house while she instructed him from her bed.

Marlon and Tricia were stunned when Gloria accused them of befriending Edith just to get her cottage.

Ollie was thrilled to hear Danny had been offered a job by Rodney.