Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3260-3264; 9 September - 13 September 2002

Updated 23rd September 2002

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Date: Monday 09 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Although shocked by the death of their local MP, Pollard and Gloria are quick to see the benefits for themselves. As Emily nervously counts down to her driving test, a lonely Nicola regrets their rift. Steph continues to make amends, but Tricia is increasingly hostile.

Eric & Gloria fight in vain to save Harry Partridge

Official Synopsis:-

Emmerdale is a hive of activity as villagers rally round to oppose the Tates’ landfill scheme.

Publicity seeking Gloria suggests that opposing the landfill scheme will be a risk but might be a worthwhile investment for Pollard’s profile at the next election.

During all the commotion and arguing, Harry Partridge takes a turn for the worse and keels over in front of Gloria and Pollard. Realising he is not well Gloria jumps into action and performs CPR telling Pollard to call an ambulance.

As the paramedics arrive on the scene they are grateful to see Harry is being well looked after and praise them for administering CPR. Gloria humbly gives Pollard all the credit, although all he really has done is call the ambulance. But their efforts appear in vain, as later Pollard breaks the news that, after all attempts to revive him, Partridge died in hospital of a heart attack.

There is a general sense of loss amongst the villagers, although Gloria and Pollard are thinking about Hotten and District needing a new MP.

Bob has been roped in as the next victim to attempt to try to teach Emily how to drive.

Chris and Charity are worried about sending Joseph off to boarding school but the youngster is more than enthusiastic about being accepted re-assuring Chris that this may be the answer to his recent behavioural problems.

Marlon is still trying to fathom out where the rift lies between Tricia and her mother, but Tricia refuses to expand on the subject leaving Marlon puzzled.

BBC Puresoap:-

The villagers rallied round to oppose the landfill site and Gloria spotted a good publicity opportunity.

Harry Partridge had a heart attack and died later in hospital, despite Gloria giving him CPR.

Joseph was looking forward to boarding school but Chris and Charity were worried about sending him.

Bob was roped in as the next victim to try and teach Emily how to drive.


Harry died of a heart attack. Diane offered Terry a place to stay at the Woolpack. Bob was stressed out by Emily's driving.

Date: Tuesday 10 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

The likelihood of Pollard becoming an MP becomes more plausible as his popularity in the village rises. Emily offers Nicola an olive branch. Steph and Tricia lie about the cause of their rift to allay Marlon and Turner's concerns

Official Synopsis:-

True to form Pollard’s has happily taken all the credit for Gloria’s heroic actions in trying to revive Harry Partridge from his deathbed, having suffered a heart attack.

Latisha and Lisa give Pollard a round of applause and Gloria reminds him that this is great publicity for the launch of his campaign. Glynis admits he is the talk of the Town Hall, once again his dirty tricks are working a treat.

In the pub, Pollard lets it slip that he is considering standing for the election which is a surprise to the regulars, as Harry has not long been dead.

The regulars berate Pollard for ‘ambulance chasing,’ but it does little to dissuade him from standing for election, as he launches into a Churchillian speech.

Pollard is left uneasy as Glynis takes things one step too far and tells him she is looking forward to repeating her intimate involvement in his life. Watch out Gloria, Glynis is back!

Paddy is in hot water with a few of his patients at the surgery, as someone has changed the appointments around in the diary, upsetting his plans for the day. Presuming Nicola is to blame, he charges in full steam ahead and accuses her of making a mess of things. It later unfolds, that Rhona had changed the appointments. Paddy owes Nicola an apology. Emily also makes amends.

Joseph is on cloud nine at the prospect of going to boarding school, much to the relief of Charity and Chris, who were at their wits end trying cope with his unusually bad behaviour.

Desperate to make amends, Steph is keen to discuss wedding ideas with her daughter - Luckily for Steph the wedding is Tricia’s favourite topic of conversation, so they appear to be getting on again - at last.


Emmerdale Eric announced he was standing for Parliament. Paddy apologised to Nicola over a mistake at the surgery. Terry moved into the pub.

BBC Puresoap:-

Paddy accused Nicola of changing around all the appointments in his diary when really Rhona was to blame.

Steph made an effort to get on with Tricia and the two of them discussed wedding plans together.

Pollard mischievously took all the credit for trying to save Harry and was the talk! of the village.

Joseph convinced Chris he would be much happier at boarding school.

Date: Wednesday 11 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Nicola's driving test tips cannot be found in the Highway Code, but nevertheless help Emily pass. Zoe is alarmed by news that she is ready to leave the clinic. Glynis's unexpected visit leaves Pollard concerned about what she may be after.

Nicola knows the traditional methods of passing your driving test are always the best. She gives Emily a few handy pointers.

However, Nicola’s driving tips involve a bit of a makeover for Emily. Nicola proudly unveils Emily’s new look, leaving everyone flabbergasted as she emerges dressed in a tiny skirt and a low zipped top with more than an eyeful on show.

As Emily prepares to go out on her test, Bob decides to accompany her for moral support as he presumes failure is inevitable. Leaving the doubtful crowds behind, the test begins with Bob in tow on the back seat of the car.

As the villagers wait with baited breath, they prepare their condolence speeches - at the ready to comfort Emily on failing her test.

As the test car rolls up, Bob emerges in a state of shock as he announces she’s passed. Overwhelmed by the good news Bob asks Emily to demonstrate but swiftly regrets his request as she runs over his foot.

As Zoe’s mental health seems to be getting better by the day, the doctors tell Chris that she will be allowed home. But Zoe is apprehensive about returning so soon and leaving the safe haven of the clinic.

Pollard and Gloria plan their manifesto and policies ready to make an official announcement regarding Pollard’s plans to stand for Parliament.

Date: Thursday 12 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zoe is surprised by how well her trial home visit goes. Emily's first solo drive is an eventful one. Pollard is increasingly alarmed as Glynis contrives to get him alone.

Zoe is on her way home for a trial day, as she travels in the car with Terry she is deep in thought but notices Terry has taken a route to avoid the church - she thanks him for his thoughtfulness.

At Home Farm, Zoe chats with Cynthia and Ashley, and is mindful of how much she has missed out on in the last few months.

She offers to take Joseph out for the weekend, as she won’t see him until Christmas after he goes away. Chris agrees and Zoe is greateful for his support.

On the way back to the clinic, Zoe asks Terry to drive past the church. Seeing it makes her realise that she can’t hide away anymore and announces that she will be home for good the next day.

Emily and Viv both fuss over Bob and his poorly foot. He plays up to their matriarchal behaviour lapping up the attention both women are giving him.

Having made a bit of extra cash from modelling, Donna has got her eyes set on something racy. Although Viv doesn’t approve, Donna has her heart set on buying a scooter.

Glynis is still intent on hounding Pollard. Full of flattery for the loveable rogue, he is a little uneasy that Gloria may catch him in an uncompromising situation.

Date: Friday 13 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris is moved by Zoe's determination to recover from her illness. Ray plans to take Louise out but is thwarted when she has to cancel. Edith is delighted to return home.

Back at Home Farm, Zoe resolves to make up for lost time – she is determined to spend more time with Joseph and get back to work.

Zoe braves an awkward reception as she visits Paddy at the vet’s. As they talk business it is clear they are both nervous. Such a lot has happened, will things get back to normal?

Village gossip Viv has to stick her oar in calling Zoe an arsonist, but Zoe handles herself well and despite the run in and is proud of herself about the day’s events.

On her day off, Louise has planned a romantic picnic with Ray. Tricia is not used to taking orders from Louise, but as she is now the proud owner of half the pub she is going to have to comply.

It’s tough at the top for Louise, as tantrum Tricia decides to throw a spanner in the works, telling Louise she has worked well over her weekly requirement and refuses to come to work, leaving Louise no option but to cancel her plans with Ray.

Marlon, Tricia, Steph and Turner help Edith move back into her house. However, when they arrive, Mack tells them that there is a problem with the central heating and there is no way it can be fixed until Monday. But Edith is determined to move in, heating or no heating.