Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3255-3259; 2 September - 6 September 2002

Updated 10th September 2002

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This Week's Cast List :-

Brian Addyman
Katie Addyman
Joseph Tate
Christopher Tate
Charity Tate
Jack Sugden
Andy Sugden
Tricia Stokes
Marlon Dingle
Zak Dingle
Edith Weatherall
Betty Eagleton
Robert Sugden
Laurel Potts

Martin Reeve
Sammy Winward
Oliver Young
Peter Amory
Emma Atkins
Clive Hornby
Kelvin Fletcher
Sheree Murphy
Mark Charnock
Steve Halliwell
Elizabeth Kelly
Paula Tilbrook
Karl Davies
Charlotte Bellamy

Lorraine Chase as Mary Stephanie ("Steph") Stokes.
Jennifer Metcalfe as Jade

Lorraine Chase joins the cast plying Tricia's Mum. & Alan's daughter, Steph  Seen here are Tricia (left) and Steph.

Episode #3255 & 2356

Date: Monday 02 September Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Young love triumphs as Andy and Katie are reunited. As work continues on Edith's house, Marlon fears it is a money trap. Tricia forges ahead with engagement party plans. Zak is enterprising in getting Marlon and Tricia's engagement present. Written by Allison Penneles & Margaret Simpson

Andy & Katie

Airing Monday, 2nd September 2002 at 7:00 pm on ITV1

First of two episodes tonight.

As Katie struggles to put on her now too tight school clothes, she is apprehensive about the reception she will receive from her old school friends.

Andy has been up early too, busy wrapping a present for the future mother of his child. He takes it to the bus stop for her. His effort pays off as she is grateful to see that he has bought her something she has always wanted.

Andy has been deliberately playing it cool, as Katie has made her intentions about their relationship clear. But when Katie admits she has really missed him and would like to be more than just friends, he is stunned. Promising to make her happy and never let her down again he embraces her.

Marlon and Tricia discuss the preparations for their engagement celebrations. Not surprisingly Tricia wants the fairy-tale party as well as the wedding, leaving Marlon disgruntled about the costs. He offers to do the catering to cut costs but Tricia has other ideas, insisting that he will be too busy enjoying himself to get his hands dirty. Tricia seems to think that money grows on trees, but is quickly brought back down to earth when Mack hands them an estimate for the building work at Edith’s.

Charity is still clearly shaken up after her encounter with Ray. Putting on a brave face, she hides her ordeal from Chris, suddenly aware of what she is really dealing with.

Airing Monday, 2nd September 2002 at 7:30 pm on ITV1

Second of two episodes tonight.

Having rekindled their relationship, Andy and Katie can’t contain their excitement for long, confiding only in their closest of friends. They reveal their secret, insisting that it must by kept quiet, as they haven’t told their parents yet.

Petrified that their parents will attempt to split them up again, they tread carefully - hiding their elation. But Katie is sure things are different now and that they are beyond sneaking about. They decide it is time to come clean.

Surprisingly, Katie’s dad Brian reasons that she is better off with the father of her child than as a single mother. They are relieved he has finally come to terms with their relationship. Now they only have to convince Jack.

Katie and Andy can’t believe their luck, when Jack – although surprised at Brian’s acceptance of their news, also agrees to give them his consent. Having had such a rocky beginning to their relationship, the couple have finally got the reaction they wanted, although they‘ve had to become parents to achieve it.

Lisa sends Zak out to get Marlon and Tricia an engagement present, Zak however has other ideas and takes Cain out fishing with him. The trip is successful as the duo catch two large trout.

On their return, Zak cheekily tries to sell Marlon the fish, in order to generate money to pay for his own present. Marlon foolishly accepts the fish, giving Zak £20. The happy entrepreneur then goes to town with the cash and purchases Marlon and Tricia an engagement present with their own money!

Chris and Charity are growing increasingly concerned about Joseph as his behaviour is getting out of hand. Brought on by the bullying at school, he is being more difficult than ever at home. They discuss the possibility of boarding school.


Monday 2nd September 2002: Andy and Katie got back together. Joseph was bullied about Zoe's illness. Marlon secretly cooked food for his engagement party.

BBC Puresoap:-

Monday 2nd September

Katie woke on her sixteenth birthday but struggled to fit into her school uniform as she was so pregnant.

Andy met Katie at the bus stop and was stunned when she told him she wanted to be more than just friends.

Tricia wanted the works for her engagement party which left Marlon grumbling about the expense.

Charity was shaken and disturbed after her encounter with Ray.

Episode #3257

Date: Tuesday 03 September Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Marlon is floored by the unexpected arrival of Tricia's mother. Katie is thrilled as Andy and Brian start to get along. Written by Janys Chambers

Tricia looks on in horror as her estranged mother turns up and promptly hits Marlon.

In the Woolpack the final preparations for the engagement party are underway. Marlon is acting very sheepishly as he has promised to pull out all the stops for Tricia, but instead of getting the caterers in he has done it himself and is sneaking food around so as not to get found out.

Little do they know there are some fireworks in store. Laurel, the hired entertainer, limbers up outside the Woolpack. Dressed as a bumblebee, she clumsily practises her dance routine.

The party gets underway and the pub quickly fills up. Turner has generously laid on the champagne, which the punters are readily tucking in to. Everything appears to be going to plan until Tricia finds out that Marlon’s done the catering.

Marlon tries to explain but Tricia is furious. As he gets a severe ticking off, a Mercedes pulls up outside the pub. Hearing the commotion inside, Steph is keen to find out what’s going on.

Seeing the daughter she hasn’t seen for years clearly upset, Steph storms over to Marlon and slaps him, and is shocked by her own strength as she floors him. From the ground, looking up at the rest of the pub, Marlon is dazed and very confused and Tricia is stunned to see it’s her mother.

Zak is annoyed to find out that he will be expected to buy the couple a wedding present as well as an engagement gift and suggests to Lisa they take it back and give it at a later date. Lisa is not amused.

Chris is still worried about Joseph as things appear to be no better at school. Determined to sort things out, he races straight to the school to see the principle about the bullying, leaving a disgruntled Terry babysitting.

BBC Puresoap:-

Chris went to see the school principle about Joseph being bullied, leaving Terry to baby-sit.

Tricia found out Marlon had secretly done the catering for their party and publicly berated him in the pub.

Tricia’s estranged mother, Steph, turned up unannounced and slapped Marlon for upsetting her daughter.

Zak wasn’t pleased at having to buy a separate engagement and wedding gift.


Andy went for tea at Katie's house. Chris discovered Joseph was a school bully. Tricia's mother arrived at the Woolpack.

Episode #3258

Wednesday 4th September 2002 at 7pm on ITV1. Written by Matthew Westwood.

Tricia is understandably horrified that the man she is just about to marry is lying dazed on the floor, after her mother has hit him. After many years of not seeing eye to eye, Tricia berates her mother for turning up unannounced and ruining her engagement party.

As the penny drops, Steph realises that she has just punched her future son in law and has jumped to conclusions, on hearing them arguing, that Marlon was cheating on her.

As she helps Marlon up, Steph struggles to explain that she was being protective towards her daughter and had turned up to reconcile their relationship.

Outside the Woolpack, Laurel, the singing bumblebee entertainer, is oblivious to the eruption at the bar, she ignores the pain in her abdomen as she bounds into action and bursts through the pub door!

The all singing all dancing bumblebee begins her act but appears to be in pain. Singing with as much gusto as she can muster and kicking her legs about in the maddest dance the locals have even seen, Laurel suddenly grabs her stomach and collapses to the floor.
No one is quite sure as to whether it is part of the act, but when Laurel starts to resemble a dead bee, rather than a ‘singagram’. Betty jumps in to the rescue insisting they call an ambulance.

Aside from all the commotion Tricia is not impressed by her mother’s attempts to rekindle their friendship, and asks her to leave. Turner volunteers to see her out. Steph is unwilling.

Chris and Charity have cunningly planned to hold their village hall meeting about their proposals for a land fill site at exactly the same time as Tricia and Marlon's engagement party. Their plan to clash with the happy couple’s celebration has worked as only Edna and Jack have turned up to hear their plans.

During the meeting, Joseph has been running wild around Home Farm, as Terry neglects his baby sitting duties to watch TV alone. Charity returns to find the youngster has made Harry Potter potions with all her cosmetics, and applied them liberally around the house.

Teletext Page 118:-

EMMERDALE Wed 4 Sep Tricia told Alan to make her estranged mother leave. Charity was angry when Joseph messed with some of her designer make-up.

BBC Puresoap:-

Wednesday 4th September

At the party, Laurel the singing bumble bee collapsed halfway through her routine with appendicitis.

Tricia was furious with her mother for turning up out of the blue but Steph refused to leave.

Chris and Charity held a meeting for the landfill site at the same time as the party so only Jack and Edna went.

Charity returned home to find Joseph had put make-up all over the house.

Episode #3259

Friday 6th September 2002 at 7pm on ITV1

Tricia is desperate to be rid of her mother, but Stephanie has other plans. Charity decides it is time to be rid of Joseph. Emily wants a driving lesson, but Paddy is underwhelmed by the idea Witten by Karin Young

The day after the engagement party, Tricia admits she can’t face getting out of bed to go to work. Looking out of the window she can see her mum’s car, still parked outside the B&B. She is annoyed she has the bottle to stay around after yesterday’s episodes. Being Steph’s dad, Turner is making an effort to smooth over the previous day’s events.

Marlon tiptoes around the subject as he asks Tricia if there is any chance of reconciliation with her mother. Tricia stands firm - it is out of the question.

Later in the Woolpack, Steph calls in once again to see Tricia, greeting her warmly despite the frostiness she receives in return as she asks Diane to bar her. However, Steph does not back down, insisting that she has decided to stay for a while. Tricia is far from impressed.

Joseph has decided to try a new tactic, claiming he cannot go to school as he has no uniform. As Terry heads off to investigate his claims, he is shocked to find them true, as Joseph has cut his uniform to shreds.

Insisting his pocket money will pay for a new uniform, Charity reluctantly takes him shopping. But the rascal decides to give her the slip. As she searches the department store, Joseph is no where to be seen. Panicking, Charity is relieved to see Joseph with a security guard and explains she is his mother. Defiant Joseph claims she is not, but refuses to say anything else. The guard then asks Charity to provide Joseph’s passport to prove her connection. She is furious when she is forced to comply.

Having suffered from appendicitis, Betty and Edna have taken Laurel under their wing, and are regularly visiting her in the hospital. Worried that she will need care after she is discharged, Betty insists she come and live with her and Seth.

Nicola attempts to make a half-hearted apology to Emily by offering to take her out for a driving lesson. However Emily stands firm politely refusing any help, upsetting Nicola who really has lost her only true friend.

Tiscali TV Guide:-

Tricia struggles to cope in the aftermath of the party, refusing to consider a reconciliation with her mother, although a determined Steph has other ideas.

Joseph tackles his problems in true Tate style - by cutting his uniform into shreds and running rings around Charity as she attempts to buy him a new one.

Betty takes Laurel under her wing, insisting she come to stay - but how will Seth feel about it?

BBC Puresoap:-

Tricia wasn't happy that Steph was in the village

Terry was shocked to find Joseph had cut his school uniform to shreds so that he couldn’t go to school.

Charity took him into town to buy a new one. Joseph ran off, denying that he knew Charity. Joseph told the security guard she wasn’t his mother.

Charity suggested to Chris that Joseph might be better off at boarding school

Steph and Alan put the past behind them. Steph decided to stay in the village for a while. Tricia wasn't happy.

Jack caught Zak poaching but turned a blind eye.

Nicola tried to apologise to Emily and offered her a driving lesson but her efforts were ignored.

Betty insisted Laurel stay with her when she got out of hospital.


Alan and Stephanie agreed to make up.

Charity took Joseph shopping, and ended up losing him.

Jack caught Zak poaching at Home Farm.

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