Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3250-3254; 26 August - 30 August 2002

Updated 12th October 2002

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Charity confronts Ray at her own cost.

Cast List For This Week:-

Zak Dingle
Lisa Dingle
Jerry Mackinley
Diane Blackstock
Andy Sugden
Rodney Blackstock
Robert Sugden
Sydney Woolfe
Nicola Blackstock
Ashley Thomas
Jack Sugden
Marlon Dingle
Alan Turner
Ashley Thomas
Latisha Daggert
Ray Mullan
Len Reynolds
Rhona Goskirk
Cynthia Daggert
Edith Weatherall
Steve Halliwell
Jane Cox
Rob Dixon
Elizabeth Estensen
Kelvin Fletcher
Patrick Mower
Karl Davies
Nathan Gladwell
Nicola Wheeler
John Middleton
Clive Hornby
Mark Charnock
Richard Thorp
John Middleton
Danielle Henry
Seamus Gubbins
Peter Martin
Zoe Henry
Kay Purcell
Elizabeth Kelly
Ivana Basic


Episode #3250

Date: Monday 26 August Time: 7:30pm to 8:00pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Diane kicks Jerry into touch before he gets too comfortable in her life. Ray's lack of party spirit leads to a bust-up with Louise. Nicola teaches Robert a harsh lesson. Written by Karen Young

Official Synopsis:-

At Mill cottage, Louise and Rays moving in party is in full swing. As the barbecue sizzles Charity flirts openly with Mack.

Diane is treading very carefully around Mack, although he has promised to commit to her she puts barriers up, scared he will break her heart.

Sensing her insecurity, Mack goes out of his way to express his genuine interest in sticking around. Diane can’t believe her ears when he suggests living together!

Having doubts about Mack’s desire to settle down, Diane is unsure whether it is too soon for him to move in. Diane has heard promises of change before and been let down, she makes a pre-emptive strike and ends the relationship, over-riding his protests. Mack is devastated.

Ray has been acting like a wet blanket all day, embarrassing Louise who is trying to be the perfect host at Mill cottage.

Trying to liven up the party, tipsy Louise suggests a game of rounders. Ray is not in the mood to plays games and grumbles at the prospect of having broken windows!

Louise teases him for being a spoilsport. Ray is wounded as she inadvertently hits upon his insecurity.

Having decided to come home, Katie settles back into life in Connelton view. Brian is delighted to have her trust once more.

Robert is still brooding about his brief affair with Nicola. But hard-faced Nicola insists she’s done him a favour in the long run and that he should be grateful to have learnt such a valuable lesson!

Ceefax Page 594:-

EMMERDALE, AUGUST 26 Robert was upset by Nicola and stood outside her house till she came out.

Mack asked Diane if he could move in with her but Diane said she didn't wan him to.

Katie accepted the pram from Andy, and Brian came round regarding Katie and Andy's relationship.

Ray wasn't happy about the whole village descending on his house. He and Louise had their first argument.

Episode #3251

Date: Tuesday 27 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Diane is on a roll as she dashes Rodney's dreams. Ray and Louise patch up their differences. Marlon fears financial ruin as Tricia plans an engagement party. Written by Sarah Bagshaw

Official Synopsis:-

Diane visits hungover Louise, filling her in on the events from the evening before. Louise is shocked that she has finished things with Mack, wondering what he did to provoke it.

Diane confesses that if she continues the relationship he may break her heart and she is not willing to set herself up for such a fall. Louise is confused by her friend’s logic.

Later in the Woolpack, Diane is uneasy as Mack enters and heads over to join Angie. As Angie tells lurid holiday stories, Diane is haunted by Mack’s laughter.

Rodney presents Diane with a draft partnership agreement for the Woolpack. Faced with the reality of their partnership in black and white, she begins to get cold feet.

When Diane tells him what he can do with his new sign, Rodney is so shocked he drops the sign, which breaks at his feet.

Louise tries to broach the subject of the party with Ray. Feeling a hypoglycaemic attack coming on, Ray is evasive.

Convinced he is annoyed with her, Louise is horrified when she follows him into the kitchen to find him shaking as he opens a sugary drink.

Assuming the worst, Louise panics and reaches for his insulin injections. This just angers Ray further as he berates her for knowing nothing about his illness. Louise is fuming at this comment insisting she is not pyschic!

The couple have a heart to heart and Ray opens up to Louise about the illness. She is shocked to her that his mother died from a complication of diabetes. His admission touches Louise, as she feels immense compassion for him, pleased they’re closer now she’s learnt more about him.

Teletext Page 118:-

EMMERDALE Tue 27 Aug Nicola returned to work for Paddy after getting a pay rise. Rodney's idea of a partnership agreement for the pub angered Diane.

Ceefax Page 594:-

EMMERDALE, AUGUST 27 Ray told Louise he was moody because of his diabetes, and apologised for being rude at the party.

Paddy asked Nicola to go back to the vets. She agreed after he offered a wage rise. Diane was jealous when Mack chatted to Angie.

Rodney told Diane he wanted to be joint licensee of the Woolpack, and bought a new sign. She wasn't pleased and told him the deal was off.

Episode #3252

Date: Wednesday 28 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Lily's untimely arrival pitches Charity into new conflict with Ray. Jerry seeks solace with Angie after being dumped by Diane. Andy is hopeful that reconciliation with Katie is on the cards. Written by ?? ??

Official Synopsis:-

Ray’s hypoglycaemic attack has brought Ray and Louise closer. Upbeat, Louise confides in Diane that he is starting to let her in at last.

Having told Rodney she wouldn’t want him as a business partner if he was the last person on earth, Diane tells Louise her plans to put Bernice’s half of the pub on the market. Louise daydreams wishing she could afford it!

As Zak is driving in his van, he comes across a bedraggled looking woman, by the roadside. Stopping to see if she is all right, he sees the heel has broken off her shoe.

Insisting she has to get to Emmerdale, Zak tells her its her lucky day and offers to give her a lift. The lady cautiously accepts, asking to be taken to Tate Haulage!

After her horrific ordeal, Lily is desperate to see a familiar face as she walks up to Home Farm. On arrival however, her reception is far from warm.

Charity instantly recognises Lily to be the illegal immigrant that was stowed away in their Haulage van. Lily reveals that she has been forced into prostitution and had run away, but had nowhere to turn. Charity is horrified sure that Ray is behind this!

Ray is still weaving his magic spell around Louise. When he offers to buy Bernice’s half of the pub for her, Louise refuses such a huge offer until Ray tells her he loves her for the first time. Overwhelmed, she promises to think about his generous offer.

When Mack calls round at the Reynolds to ask Angie if she would like to go out for a drink, she is taken aback by his offer. She turns him down worried he is on the rebound but invites him round for dinner sometime.

Giving fatherly advice, Jack warns Andy not to put too much pressure on Katie. As Andy keeps his distance, Katie is confused by his detachment from her, finding his independent attitude difficult to handle.

Ceefax Page 594:-

EMMERDALE, AUGUST 28 Terry and Charity were shocked when Lily, a refugee they had picked up on a run for Ray, turned up. She wanted help to get home. Lily told them she had been forced to become a prostitute.

Diane decided that Louise would make a perfect business partner after the disaster with Rodney.

Ray offered to give Louise the money to go into partnership with Diane. Louise thought it was a loan but Ray pointed out he was giving her the money.

Episode #3253

Date: Thursday 29 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Charity tells Louise about Ray's racketeering, but Louise is more interested in his offer of buying her the pub. Marlon and Tricia edge closer to their dream. Brian allows Andy to get temporary work at Home Farm. Written by Chris Thompson

Official Synopsis:-

Ray asks if Louise has reached a decision about him buying Bernice’s half of the pub for her. Noting what a big decision it is, Louise needs more time.

Ray’s rattled but covers as he receives a phone call about Lily. Making an excuse about work, Ray heads out.

Charity presses Lily for details of the prostitution racket. Disgusted, Terry’s convinced Ray is to blame. Charity resolves to confront Ray with the allegations.

Chris is aware of what Ray is capable of and warns Charity not to get involved. But stubborn Charity will not be dissuaded as she makes her way to Mill cottage.

Seething, Charity arrives at Mill cottage demanding to see Ray but Louise explains he’s at work. Seeing Charity’s agitation, Louise wonders what’s wrong. When Charity confronts her with the prostitution allegations, Louise is stunned.

Meanwhile Chris is intent on hiding the evidence, as he gives Lily enough money to see her on her way and tells Terry to take her to the station. Lily is grateful.
Terry pays a visit to Louise to back up Charity’s warning. She is rocked by his words, could it be the man she thought she was just getting to know is a criminal and a fraud?

After Angie has had a clear out at the Reynolds, Danny decides to try his luck in flogging some of the rubbish. Taking advice from Rodney on some of the items, Danny is chuffed when he made £85.

As time goes by Edith has become more and more frail. Tricia invites her to come and stay with herself and Marlon for a while. Lonely Edith is happy to accept.

Teletext Page 118:-

EMMERDALE Thu 29 Aqg Tricia and Marlon discovered Edith's house suffared from dry rot. Louise redused to believe Ray was involved in prostitution.

Ceefax Page 594:-

EMMERDALE, AUGUST 29 Chris decided to pay Lily off and Terry put her on a train to London for him. Charity told Louise what Ray was up to, but Louise didn't believe her.

Brian told Jack he now accepted Andy as the father of Katie's baby, and he would be OK working with Andy.

Tricia asked Edith to stay a few days. She and Marlon discovered that Edith's old cottage was rotten.

Terry tried to convince Louise that Ray was up to no good.

Episode #3254

Date: Friday 30 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise sticks by Ray as he reveals his darker side to a terrified Charity. Things hot up for Andy and Katie. Danny discovers a flair for antiques. Written by John Chambers

Official Synopsis:-

Louise is subdued and preoccupied as Ray makes provisional plans for the sale of the pub and debates going to see his accountants. Reminding him she hasn’t accepted his offer yet, Louise hides her growing mistrust of Ray.

Ray is surprised as Charity arrives at Mill Cottage and confronts him about the prostitution allegations. He seethes as she explains that Lily’s been at Home Farm, but is safe from him now.

But when Charity goes on to mention that she has told Louise about his criminal activities, Ray is livid. Enraged, he flies across the room and pins her to the wall, warning her she has no idea what she is dealing with.

As Charity leaves Mill Cottage, she is deeply shaken. Louise is taken aback as she sees her friend clearly distressed. Charity shoots Louise a look of hurt and warning.

As Louise confronts Ray, he twists the truth, insisting that Charity has been spreading vicious rumours about him. Louise admits she knows all about Charity’s allegation and doesn’t believe a word. Even Ray is surprised when she tells him that she accepts the money for the pub!

Things are looking up for Andy, as he has been given his first job, working at Home Farm. He is chuffed when Brian lets him inside Connelton View to see Katie, things appear to be getting back on track.

Teletext Page 118:-

EMMERDALE Fri 30 Aug Ray told Charity to stay out of his affairs. Louise accepted Ray's offer. Mack quoped Marlon £4,000 for the house repairs.

BBC Pure Soap:-

Friday 30th August

Charity went to confront Ray about his Prostitute racket, he got violent with her. Louise decided to accept Ray's money so she could buy into the Woolpack.

Andy started his job at Home Farm, Brian mellowed to him. Chris told Terry and Charity to steer clear of Ray.

Alan confessed to Rodney he was upset that Mary hadn’t been in touch. Diane was pleased when Louise told her she was going to accept Ray’s offer.

Ceefax Page 594:-

Charity went to see Ray. He got violent
with her and told her to mind her own
business and leave things alone.

Louise listened to Ray's plans to buy
into the Woolpack. Andy started his job
at the farm. Brian was all right to him.

Chris told Terry and Charity to steer
clear of Ray. Alan told Rodney that he
was sad that Mary hadn't been in touch.

Diane was pleased when Louise told her
she was going to accept Ray’s offer.

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