Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3245-3249; 19 August - 23 August 2002

Uploaded 8th August 2002
Updated 24th August 2002

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Cast List For This Week:-

Zak Dingle
Lisa Dingle
Jerry Mackinley
Diane Blackstock
Andy Sugden
Rodney Blackstock
Robert Sugden
Sydney Woolfe
Nicola Blackstock
Ashley Thomas
Jack Sugden
Marlon Dingle
Alan Turner
Ashley Thomas
Latisha Daggert
Ray Mullan
Len Reynolds
Bill Shepherd
Rhona Goskirk
Cynthia Daggert
Steve Halliwell
Jane Cox
Rob Dixon
Elizabeth Estensen
Kelvin Fletcher
Patrick Mower
Karl Davies
Nathan Gladwell
Nicola Wheeler
John Middleton
Clive Hornby
Mark Charnock
Richard Thorp
John Middleton
Danielle Henry
Seamus Gubbins
Peter Martin
John Griffin
Zoe Henry
Kay Purcell


Episodes 3245

Date: Monday 19 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

The villagers' rivalries over `Village in Bloom' are cut short by an explosive new development. Zak decides that it is time to fight Foggin. Diane despairs as she considers a new business partnership with Rodney. Written by Tim Dynevor.

The village is a hive of activity as the final preparations for the Village in Bloom Competition are underway – but things are running far from smoothly.

Tricia has her suspicions as to who has sabotaged her front garden display when her statues mysteriously disappear and accusations and counter accusations fly.

Edna thinks Tricia’s taste will lose them the competition, while Tricia thinks that’s rich coming from a woman with a pet cemetery in her garden!

Meanwhile, Gloria is busy cleaning up after everyone and berates Terry for dropping a smouldering cigarette butt in the street.

Doing her bit for the village, she tosses it into the rubbish truck – blissfully unaware of the damage her actions will bring.

Stunned villagers can only watch in disbelief as the truck explodes, showering the whole gloriously spotless village with litter – as Firecracker Foggin sheepishly makes a sharp exit.

As the dust clears, the devastation is clear, and with the judges rapidly approaching the village, panic sets in to get the place cleaned up.

Meanwhile the testosterone levels at the Dingles homestead are at fever pitch and Zak limbers up to get himself in optimum shape for his fight with Foggin.

Diane is still in a dilemma after Bernice’s revelations that she wants to sell her half of the pub. With the prospect of finding a new business partner or selling up completely, she is downhearted as she is refused a mortgage to buy the whole pub.

Brain is upset when he receives a letter through the post advising Katie to have her first pre-natal scan. It rubs salt in his wound as he misses her desperately now she is living with her mother.

Episodes 3246

Date: Tuesday 20 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Foggin gives Zak and Lisa cause to look at each other with fresh eyes. In the aftermath of the blast, the villagers rally round in a spirit of unwanted cooperation. Brian schemes to keep Katie's visit a secret from Andy. Written by Ian Fenton.

Airing Tuesday, 20th August 2002 at 7:00 pm on ITV1

Zak is furious as the villagers look towards him in their search for the cause of the explosion.

Foggin is lying low, but Zak is on the warpath and finally tracks him down – only to discover him trying to get cosy with Lisa. It’s more than Zak can take and he invites Firecracker outside.

Lisa is forced to intervene and a few home truths are aired between husband and wife as Zak admits he feels threatened by his old pal.

As Pollard stalls the Village in Bloom judges, everyone rallies around to tidy away the last of the litter caused by the blast. There is mayhem and Bob is sent to rescue Betty’s bloomers that have been catapulted to land on the TV aerial on the post office. But will it be enough to impress the judges?

Brian secretly makes arrangements for Katie to come back to the village for one day. Keen to discuss her future, he needs Andy out of the way.

[The Village come 2nd in the competition. There is one winner though, Seth, who wins £200 for betting the village would not take first place.]

Episodes 3247

Date: Wednesday 21 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Andy's advances are spurned by a furious Katie. Foggin flees, leaving Zak and Lisa to rekindle the flames of romance. Diane feels steamrollered by Mack and Rodney's grand design. Written by Dave Simpson.

Brian is apprehensive but relieved when Katie arrives and tells him how much she has missed him. She is worried about seeing Andy, but Brian can’t resist trying to turn her against him and says that he and Donna have become very close.

Brian broaches the subject of having Katie back permanently, insisting that he has accepted the baby, but Katie is not so sure. When she refuses to come home, Brian is hurt and is sure that Caroline has poisoned his daughter mind against him.

Andy has spent his life savings, and more, on a pram for Katie in the hope that it will convince her that he is sincere in wanting to look after them both. He can’t believe his eyes when he sees her in the village and races over to greet her, with the pram in tow. But Katie is in no mood for listening or accepting presents.

Convinced he will never see Katie again, Andy broods with a mixture of anger and hurt as she leaves the village again with all her belongings.

Lisa and Zak have happily recovered marital bliss having told Foggin to find somewhere else to live. But Foggin doesn’t leave without a fight and tries to steal a goodbye kiss.

Robert is acting like a dog that found a bone, but it’s surely only a matter of time before Nicola tires of her toyboy.

Episodes 3248

Date: Thursday 22 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Andy blames Brian for Katie's absence. Diane hopes Mack sees her as the hellraiser she is. Syd and Nicola scheme to dampen Robert's ardour. Written by Stephen Bennett.

Official Synopsis:-

Katie’s fleeting visit to the village has left both Andy and Brian down in the dumps.

Brian is glum after Katie rejected his offer to move back in. Andy, however, is more determined and Katie is surprised when he turns up on her doorstep in Macclesfield.

Andy tries to explain his misguided attempt to talk Katie into an abortion was way off the mark and asserts that he wants to be a part of the baby’s life. Seeing he is genuine, she agrees that Andy can have some involvement and invites him to come to her first scan the following day.

Back in the village, Diane is feeling uneasy about her relationship with Mack. Having fallen for his rebellious, flirtatious ways Diane is put out when he promises to change and commit to her.

Louise and Ray have opposing opinions as they plan their moving in party. While Ray is determined that Louise won’t ever need to get her hands dirty, Louise has other ideas.

Teletext Page 118:-

EMMERDALE Thu 22 Aug Andy and Katie settled their differences. Ray and Louise planned a party. Nicola told Syd she was growing tired of Robert.

CEEFAX Page 594:-


Jack was angry with Robert over his exam results. Donna got good results and hoped it would stop Viv pushing her to be a model.

Diane was fed up with people saying how Rodney could make a difference to the pub. Andy went to Katie's house in an effort to be supportive.

Katie started to mellow towards him. Robert wanted to get it on with Nicola ` but she had started to get tired of her toyboy.

Episodes 3249

Date: Friday 23 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Andy is thrilled as Brian gives in, and Katie returns to the village. The Woolpack staff are nervous of Rodney's ambitious plans and Diane is enraged by his cheek. Syd and Nicola's plot leaves Robert heartbroken. Written by Janys Chambers.

Official Synopsis:-

Andy meets an anxious Katie and her mother at hospital. Looking at those around them, it suddenly dawns on them that they are by far the youngest couple there.

[Brian was reluctant to go at first, despite Andy's pleading that Katie would like him there.]

As they wait for the scan, Katie’s taken aback as Brian enters. She worries that he is taking one last chance to press for an abortion, but Brian assures her that, just like Andy, he is there to support her now.

Rodney has set his sights on buying Bernice’s half of the Woolpack. But knowing that their marriage wasn’t the greatest of partnerships, Diane is not convinced it is a good idea

Already trying to make his mark, Rodney is intent on plenty of changes, even before he has signed on the dotted line.

Even Mack finds himself in hot water as the men discuss structural changes that could be made. Diane is furious with both men for even contemplating changes without consulting her.

[The plan was to join the B&B up with the Woolpack and turn the whole complex into a country hotel.]

As the final preparations to their moving-in party take place, Louise quizzes Ray as to why he hasn’t invited any of his business colleagues. Worried that he is embarrassed to be associated with her, Louise feels insecure.

Ray admits that he is unwilling to mix business with pleasure, but will take her to one of his nightclubs. Louise is thrilled that he is willing to let her into a previously hidden aspect of his life.

[After the scan Brian asks Katie if she wants to move back in with him. She agrees. Katie has been unhappy living in Chesire with mother Caroline and her stepfather Graham Kershaw. It seems Katie is left on her own a lot.]

[Robert bought Nicola an expensive paresent. Before he had chance to give it to her, she was acting out her plan with Syd.

Nicola's plan worked. Robert and Nicola's fling is truly over after he caught her kissing Syd. Robert later told Syd he'd never trust women again].

Teletext Page 118:-

EMMERDALE Fri 23 Aug Rodney made plans for the Woolpack - without consulting Diane. Katie moved back in with her dad. Robert saw Nicola and Syd kiss. .

Ceefax Page 594:-



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