Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3240-3244; 12 August - 16 August 2002

Updated 21st August 2002

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Cast List

Alan Turner
Ashley Thomas
Latisha Daggert
Rodney Blackstock
Sydney Woolfe
Ray Mullan
Len Reynolds
Bill Shepherd
Rhona Goskirk
Cynthia Daggert
Tricia Stokes
Marlon Dingle
Zak Dingle
Lisa Dingle
Wally Foggin
Emily Dingle
Paddy Kirk
Christopher Tate
Diane Blackstock
Bob Hope
Joseph Tate
Robert Sugden
Zoë Tate
Nicola Blackstock
Viv Hope
Edna Birch
Jerry Mackinley
Donna Windsor
Richard Thorp
John Middleton
Danielle Henry
Patrick Mower
Nathan Gladwell
Seamus Gubbins
Peter Martin
John Griffin
Zoe Henry
Kay Purcell
Sheree Murphy
Mark Charnock
Steve Halliwell
Jane Cox
James Quinn
Kate McGregor
Dominic Brunt
Peter Amory
Elizabeth Estensen
Anthony Audenshaw
Oliver Young
Karl Davies
Leah Bracknell
Nicola Wheeler
Deena Payne
Shirley Stelfox
Rob Dixon
Verity Rushworth

Episode #3240

Date: Monday 12 August 2002 Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Tricia is forced to take drastic steps. Nicola and Robert stand up to the gossips. Zoe's long journey to recovery receives a boost when Joseph visits her. Written by Mark Illis.

Feeling vulnerable after their row, Tricia is subdued. Concerned, Marlon urges Tricia to believe there is nothing going in between him and Rhona.

Somehow Tricia is still not convinced. Feeling humiliated, she reluctantly accepts that he is not having an affair, but the whole experience has left their relationship hollow.

Spotting Tricia packing her luggage case, Turner jokingly asks her if she’s off on holiday again. Fed up at always being the brunt of the jokes she realises no one seems to take her seriously.

Sadly, her insecurities get the better of her and after a brief phone call to Bernice, Tricia decides to follow her friend’s footsteps.

Alarm bells ring as Terry tells Marlon that he has just spotted Tricia with bags packed. Overcome by a horrible strange sense of deja vu, Marlon realises this is what happened last time she got cold feet about their relationship.

Trying to drum up as much moral support for Zoe as possible, Chris asks Paddy if he wants to go to the clinic with him. Declining, Paddy confesses his guilt that his failure to cope with her illness has caused irrevocable damage.

Chris brings Joseph to the clinic to visit Zoe. Worried that Joseph might reject her in her mental state, Zoe braces herself for the worst but is extremely relieved when Joseph runs into her arms. Reunited, they share an emotional embrace.

Gossip is still spreading like wildfire about Nicola and Robert sleeping together, Diane can’t condone the age gap, but notes that Robert is probably at least as emotionally mature as his seductress, Nicola.

Episode #3241

Date: Tuesday 13 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Marlon sets off in pursuit of Tricia. Nicola faces homelessness when her liaison with Robert causes friction with Paddy and Emily. Chris is optimistic about Zoe's recovery. Written by Bill Taylor.

At home, Marlon is panic stricken as he searches for a clue to where Tricia has gone. Little does he know that Tricia is at the airport with a newly purchased ticket in hand.

It’s a race against time for Marlon, having done some detective work it becomes apparent that Tricia may be on her way back to see Bernice. Commandeering Turner’s car, he races off to the airport to try and catch her before it is too late!

At the airport, Tricia hears the final call for her flight, over the tannoy and heads towards the gate.

Marlon is hot on her trail, as he screeches to the airport. Having found out where Bernice is currently staying, Marlon races to the gate, only to be told by a guard that the flight has left.

Just about to give up all hope of ever seeing Tricia again, Marlon is devastated, that he didn’t see this coming.

Luckily for Marlon, something has kept Tricia firmly grounded, in a daze he doesn’t see Tricia approach him. But when she makes her presence noticed, he is so relieved he nearly faints!

The reunited couple have a heart felt discussion. Marlon questions her reasons for leaving, she explains she is fed up of feeling inadequate around Rhona and taken for a fool.

Marlon is overwhelmed by Tricia’s insecurities and his desire to look after her. He is hopelessly in love with her, but she seems to think she means nothing to him. There is only one way to prove he is sincere, by asking her to marry him.

When Marlon pops the question in the airport, Tricia is so shocked she turns him down.

Joseph’s visit seems to have had a really positive effect on Zoe, his innocence as a child means he has a carefree acceptance of Zoe’s condition, which gives her strength.

Nicola appears to be leading poor Robert up the garden path again. He has certainly got the wrong end of the stick, as he attempts to make a pass at her in the Woolpack. She quickly puts him in his place!

Episode #3242

Date: Wednesday 14 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Nicola schemes to prolong her stay at Paddy and Emily's. The Dingles rejoice as Marlon and Tricia get engaged. Donna is mortified as her modelling job turns out to be less glamorous than she hoped. Written by Paul Quiney.

Nicola has outstayed her welcome, and Emily is determined to send her packing. She tentatively questions if Nicola has had her boiler fixed and when she’ll be moving out. Trying to hide her bitterness, Nicola insists she’ll be out tonight.

Paddy has had to cancel a fostering meeting, due to a last minute surgery call out. Emily is annoyed, hoping it won’t reflect badly on their chance to foster.

The prospect of being homeless dawns on Nicola until she spies the perfect opportunity to stay another night by offering to keep Emily company, while Paddy works late.

True to form, Nicola sets about stirring up trouble between Emily and Paddy, insisting that Paddy has a habit of working late, and neglecting Emily. Annoyed, Emily invites Nicola to stay another night!

Marlon is desperate to make a fuss of Tricia after the episode at the airport. Aware that she is insecure about their relationship, he is pushing the boat out to make her feel loved.

In the Woolpack, Tricia is secretly revelling in the adoring attention he is giving her. With the man of her dreams pandering to her every need, she is very glad she didn’t get on the plane.

She tentatively reminds Marlon of his proposal from the previous day, asking him to repeat his gesture. As he gets down on bended knee, and asks for her hand, Tricia is the happiest woman in the world as she accepts!

Mack is conscious that the work in Emmerdale is drying up and before long he will be out of a job. Feeling strangely attached to the village, he is suddenly realising that his priorities lie with Diane.

[Donna's modelling job turns out to be for a Fishing Magazine and she is required to stand in the middle of a lake in full fishing clothing.]

Episode #3243

Date: Thursday 15 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Nicola is stunned to feel the full force of Emily's rage. Diane is shaken by news from Bernice, while Mack displays the depth of his feelings for her. Suspecting Tricia of sabotage, Viv vows to get revenge. Written by Lesley Clare O'Neill.

Having set Paddy and Emily against each other, Nicola is sheepish at breakfast after her stirring tactics the evening before. There is a frosty atmosphere all round!

But Nicola’s trouble causing doesn’t stop there - Paddy and Emily have rescheduled their fostering meeting and are just welcoming the councillor into the house, only to find that Robert is inside being made to feel very welcome too!

Manipulative Nicola feigns tears as Emily later confronts her over her behaviour. Furious that she could have affected their chances of fostering Paddy berates her stupidity.

But soft touch, Emily runs after Nicola who takes refuge in her own garden at Dale View. As Emily catches up with her, she consoles Nicola and volunteers to put the kettle on to soothe away the tears.

In the kitchen, Emily is puzzled to find the tap issues hot water. She checks to find Nicola’s boiler is working. As the penny drops Emily realises the whole boiler issue has been a lie. Paddy and Emily have been taken for fools!

Diane is dumbfounded to hear that Bernice is intent on selling her half of the pub! Desperately upset that her daughter will be severing her only tie with the village, Diane is torn.

Episode #3244

Date: Friday 16 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Diane is worried by Mack's heartfelt declaration of love. As Tricia threatens Edna with the police, Bob fears for Viv. Nicola is devastated and alone after her bust-up with Emily. Written by Stephen Bennett.

Diane is strangely unnerved as she finally hears what she’s been waiting for from Mack. Aware that he is implying a deepening of their relationship, she tentatively reminds him they’ve always been casual before.

The couple have a heart to heart and he finds it hard to open up, but she teases out his true feelings. He admits he wants to stay around for the long term, stressing it is because of her.

He admits he’s never settled in one place, been committed to a relationship or faithful to one woman before but wants to change for Diane. Diane is overwhelmed but uneasy at Mack’s declaration.

Emily and Paddy are still bitter with freeloading Nicola, annoyed that she allowed them to play one off against each other, the couple can’t believe they were so naďve!

Having betrayed her closest friends, Nicola attempts remorse, but Emily will not be taken in again. At the surgery Nicola is met by Paddy, aware that she is clearly not welcome anymore, she offers to clear her desk.

Robert seems to be the only one left in the village that has any time for Nicola. He questions her why she lied to Paddy and Emily in the first place. Nicola insists she was lonely. When Robert offers his company for the evening her true colours show through and she reveals she’s not that desperate!

Zak and Foggin are still competing to be top-dog at the Dingles'. Zak feels decidedly threatened by his old pal and his relationship history with Lisa. Tempers start to fray as they are all under the same roof!

Reliving their old fighting days, things start to get a little rough as the men challenge each other to arm wrestling matches!

[It is Sam Dingle's birthday.]

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