Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3235-3237; 5 August - 7 August 2002

Updated 8th August 2002

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This Week's Cast List:-
Tricia Stokes
Rhona Goskirk
Edna Birch
Ashley Thomas
Craig Calder
Lucy Calder
Maggie Calder
Rodney Blackstock
Charity Tate
Chris Tate
Nicola Blackstock
Nurse Wyatt
Nurse Harkness
Emily Dingle
Viv Hope
Marlon Dingle
Alan Turner
Bob Hope
Terry Woods
Dr Ajit Devgan
Bill Shepherd
Ryan Leader
Zoë Tate
Melanie Say
Jack Sugden
Robert Sugden
Donna Windsor
Paddy Kirk
Sheree Murphy
Zoe Henry
Shirley Stelfox
John Middleton
Jason Hain
Elspeth Brodie
Dee Whitehead
Patrick Mower
Emma Atkins
Peter Amory
Nicola Wheeler
Joanna Swain
Fiona MacPherson
Kate McGregor
Deena Payne
Mark Charnock
Richard Thorp
Antony Audenshaw
Billy Hartman
Mark Anwar
John Griffin
Daniel Pape
Leah Bracknell
Kelli Hollis
Clive Hornby
Karl Davies
Verity Rushworth
Dominic Brunt

Episode #3235

Date: Monday 05 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

It is a red letter day for Zoe as she sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Marlon is between a rock and a hard place as Tricia rows with Rhona. Paddy and Emily cannot rid themselves of Nicola.

Zoe is desperate to understand her illness and turns to those closest to her for help. Chris and Charity prove to be fully supportive and insist that she must accept the schizophrenia if she is to ever comprehend it and fully recover.

Zoe’s determination impresses everyone, even when her efforts to understand the medication she is taking prove frustrating. But she digs her heels in and tells Ashley about her quest to find out more and learns that the church fire was an accident.

Tricia continues to feel threatened by the presence of Rhona – convinced that she is out to steal her man. She decides to get to know Rhona better and invites her to dinner – feeling confident that she will have the advantage if she is on home turf.

Tricia soon discovers why everyone likes Rhona but is less than impressed when the vet is called away during dinner. Marlon isn’t happy with Tricia’s behaviour, however, and makes his feelings known.

Elsewhere in the village, Nicola continues to be a thorn in the side of Paddy and Emily as she tries to resolve her housing problems.

And Lucy comes up with a plan to humiliate Robert after discovering that he has been crudely plotting to get her into bed.

Episode #3236

Date: Tuesday 06 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Robert flees naked from Maggie, as Lucy exacts her humiliating revenge. Tricia resents Rhona's presence in the village. Paddy and Emily fear that Nicola won't help their bid to become foster parents.

Robert is on cloud nine after Lucy’s invitation to join him for a night of passion and heads to the chalet for the hot date. Lucy plies him with champagne and Robert jumps eagerly into Maggie’s bed where he waits while Lucy makes her excuses and disappears for a shower.

But any hopes that Robert has of breaking his duck are soon quashed when Lucy’s plan starts to take shape and Maggie arrives to discover Robert waiting beneath the sheets! A red-faced Robert flees in shame, but things go from bad to worse when he bumps into Nicola and makes a drunken pass at her before promptly being sick.

Growing increasingly tired of Rhona and her interest in Marlon, Tricia decides that the time has come to confront the vet once and for all. As she bursts into the surgery with all guns blazing, Tricia finds that Rhona is preoccupied with Edna and Tootsie and the moment is lost.

But Tricia turns the situation to her advantage when Rhona tracks her down and invites her to dinner once again.

Paddy and Emily are nervous as they anticipate the social worker’s visit as part of the fostering procedure. He is convinced that having Nicola as an unwanted lodger won’t look good for them. Emily tries to reassure him that he needn’t worry – but Paddy is right to be concerned.

Meanwhile, Chris finally persuades Zoe to go back to the private clinic

and there is disagreement over plans for the village in bloom competition.

Episode #3237

Date: Wednesday 07 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Nicola takes a disgraced Robert into her confidence, then lures him into her bed. Tricia tries being mature but her jealousy wins out. Zoe takes control of her life and leaves hospital. Written by Karin Young.

The embarrassment of the night before haunts Robert, but Jack is about to make him face his demons. Hangover or no hangover, he orders Robert to go to work - but only after apologising to Maggie. After a stern dressing down, Robert is left hanging his head in shame as word of his exploits spread through the village. In a bid to completely clear his conscience, he arms himself with a bunch of flowers and visits Nicola in a bid to make up for throwing up on the carpet. But Nicola proves to be a lot more understanding than Maggie and, after offering Robert a sympathetic ear - she goes on to offer him a whole lot more.

Marlon is tense as he prepares for yet another dinner with Tricia and Rhona at the same table so, at Bob's suggestion, he decides to invite Emily and Paddy to help lighten the atmosphere. But they are unable to make it and Marlon is left hoping that Tricia can keep her jealousy in check.

[Tricia enjoys her evening with Rhona, right up until Rhona makes some comment about fetching the cork screw and knows exactly which drawer Tricia and Marlon keep it in. This gets Tricia suspicious at how well Rhona knows their house and how often she visited while Tricia was away.]

Zoe bids a sad farewell to her friend Mel as she transfers to a private clinic with Chris. But her upbeat mood is soon blunted by the realities of the outside world.

[Zoe had wanted to take her friend with her to the private clinic, but Chris wouldn't allow her too.]

Paddy's frustration with Nicola grows as it becomes obvious that she sees his house as her home.

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