Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3230-3234; 29 July - 2 August 2002

Updated 29th July 2002

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Cast List For This Week

Jerry Mackinley
Sydney Wolfe
Chloe Atkinson
Ray Mullan
Louise Appleton
Diane Blackstock
Len Reynolds
Marlon Dingle
Tricia Stokes
Rhona Goskirk
Chris Tate
ZoŽ Tate
Robert Sugden
Melanie Say
Angie Reynolds
Maggie Calder
Rodney Blackstock
Lucy Calder
Charity Tate
Zak Dingle
Lisa Dingle
Wally Foggin
Emily Dingle
Paddy Kirk
Viv Hope
Scott Windsor
Bob Hope
Marc Reynolds
Ollie Reynolds
Gloria Pollard
Rob Dixon
Nathan Gladwell
Amy Nuttall
Seamus Gubbins
Emily Symons
Elizabeth Estensen
Peter Martin
Mark Charnock
Sheree Murphy
Zoe Henry
Peter Amory
Leah Bracknell
Karl Davies
Kelli Hollis
Freya Copeland
Dee Whitehead
Patrick Mower
Elspeth Brodie
Emma Atkins
Steve Halliwell
Jane Cox
James Quinn
Kate McGregor
Dominic Brunt
Deena Payne
Ben Freeman
Antony Audenshaw
Anthony Lewis
Vicky Binns
Janice McKenzie

Episode #3230

Date: Monday 29 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Mack is jealous of Syd's flirtation with Angie. Chloe and Scott reach the end of the road. Ray surprises Louise with a romantic gesture. Written by Ian Fenton.

Diane winds Syd up about the fight in the Woolpack, suggesting he might have better luck going after unattached women - like Angie.

Oblivious to the extent of the trouble caused by his last encounter with the opposite sex, Syd takes Diane at her word and heads for the Reynolds household to lure his next victim.

Mack is unimpressed when Syd turns up at the Woolpack, with Angie in tow and warns him to keep his mitts to himself. Syd is rattled by the intensity of his friendís demands. He is forced to make a silent exit from the Woolpack, leaving Diane suspicious that Mack has warned him off Angie.

Chloe is nursing her wounds at Pear Tree Cottage and berates Syd for revealing their infidelity to Scott - asking if he intended to split them up.

Showing no remorse, Syd relays his conversation about infidelity, insisting Scott said he would cheat on her. Chloe is furious but wonders whether he is lying to defend himself.

When Scott returns from a night in a police cell, he has cooled off, but not enough to forget the accusation of the night before. He bitterly quizzes Chloe about how long the affair has been going on.

As recriminations fly, the couple both reveal some home truths about their relationship. Chloe delivers the final blow, insisting she has wanted to leave him for some time. Scott is stunned when she finally acts on her words and walks out.

Diane is keen to utilise Fogginís expertise in explosives to aid the celebrations for the Village in Bloom. Readily accepting, Foggin suggests a Woolpack firework extravaganza. Diane is tickled as she knows it will get right up Vivís nose.

Episode #3231

Date: Tuesday 30 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Diane's jealousy leads her to spy on Mack. Lousie decides to take the plunge with Ray. Marlon fears there'll be fireworks when Tricia returns to find Rhona in the village. Written by Paul Quiney.

Louise does her best to reassure Diane that she is jumping to conclusions when she confesses her worries that Mack fancies Angie.

When Syd turns up at the Woolpack without his partner in crime, Diane quizzes him about the whereabouts of Mack. Syd cheekily explains that heís working on Angieís plumbing Ė fuelling Dianeís fears.

Letting her emotions get the better of her, Diane can take no more and decides to pay them a surprise visit.

As she approaches the house, Diane is relieved to see Mack harmlessly working. Guilt ridden for doubting his intentions, she tries to sneak away unseen. But her sharp exit is spotted by Mack and Diane is forced to dream up a feeble excuse. Mack is furious and disbelieving, pointing out she has no right to interfere.

Angie watches the exchange of words as Diane berates her stupidity for making things worse. The course of love is never smooth, but with Diane it seems permanently rocky.

Louise is cautious about letting her head rule her heart when Ray tries to persuade her to move in. Having had her fingers burnt once before, she is torn.

But when Ray gives her a little bit too much space to think about his proposal, Louise worries that he is losing interest. She finally bites the bullet and accepts his offer, leaving Ray ecstatic that he finally has Louise under his spell.

Rhona and Marlonís rapport is obvious as they eat dinner with Paddy and Emily. Paddy teases them about facing the wrath of Tricia on her return. It is an innocent remark made in jest, but Marlon is defensive and apprehensive about Triciaís return.

Episode #3232

Date: Wednesday 31 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Diane's fears grow as Mack steals a kiss from Angie. Rhona is worried that Marlon has not told Tricia the truth. Maggie is encouraged by Rodney's romantic advances. Written by Alison Pennells.

Diane is angry with herself for succumbing to jealousy and spying on Mack. Cringing at the thought that she was caught in the act, she is forced to acknowledge she has only herself to blame if she has driven him away.

Meanwhile, Angie stresses that Dianeís suspicions are unfounded and apologises to Mack for causing ructions.

Angie is pleased to think they can remain friends and gives him a reassuring hug. Caught up in the moment, they kiss until Mack pulls away, shocked. Angie tries to apologise, while Mack hides his feelings and makes his excuses to leave.

Marlon is delighted to hear from Tricia and her tales of the ocean waves. But he conveniently forgets to mention that Rhonaís back in town.

Maggie is determined to make the most of her time left in Emmerdale. Having been offered work at a holiday park in Scotland, she is keen to make a fresh start and is optimistic about the future.

As Louise moves in to Rayís, the couple toast their own domestic bliss. As he showers her with flowers, all her doubts fade away. But how long can he continue to pull the wool over her eyes now they are under the same roof?       

Episode #3233

Date: Thursday 01 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Marlon finds himself in trouble when Tricia bumps into Rhona at the bar. Chris is concerned about Zoe's return home. Maggie has a dalliance with Rodney but decides not to tell the kids. Written by Peter Kerry.

Tricia is back from her break - but Marlon is nowhere to be seen.

Keen to get back behind the bar, she races to the Woolpack to share her experiences from her trip and sets about teaching Bob some of the exotic cocktails she has leant on her travels.

Taking a deep breath, Rhona introduces herself to Tricia. As the penny drops, the bubbly barmaid realises who the newcomer is and wonders why Marlon has kept it quiet.

The colour is quick to drain from Marlonís face when he discovers Tricia and Rhona deep in conversation. He soon finds himself summoned for a private chat and Tricia rips him apart for filling the village with his floozies in her absence.

Tricia gives Marlon a stern grilling and he does himself no favours, tying himself in knots trying to talk his way out of the predicament.

ZoŽ has made friends with another patient, Mel, but she soons gets a reality check when it dawns on her that Mel isnít in the clinic voluntarily. Melís situation makes ZoŽ realise that the possibility of being locked up for years against her own will is very real.

Rodney makes renewed overtures towards Maggie, much to the disgust of Nicola who is horrified that her father seems to be acting distinctively lovesick. 

Episode #3234

Date: Friday 02 August Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Afraid of the outside world, Zoe opts to stay in hospital. Tricia attempts to be mature about Marlon and Rhona's friendship, but fails. Robert has one thing on his mind as he tricks Lucy into restarting their relationship. Written by Chris Thompson.

In the clinic, Mel finds a scared ZoŽ huddled on her bed and asks her whatís wrong. Unburdening herself, she opens up about her experience in the church, revealing that she thought God was talking to her.

For a moment ZoŽ laughs but then breaks down, terrified by her realisation of how ill she really is.

Tricia is pleased to be home, but at the back of her mind she is worried about what Marlon has been up to in her absence.

He does his best to ease her insecurities, assuring her she has nothing to worry about and that he and Rhona are just friends.

Wanting to appear mature, Tricia invites Rhona to dinner. She is also irresistibly curious to meet Rhona and check out the competition on her own turf.

Robert is still trying live up to his brotherís standards and get his wicked way with Lucy. Convinced the chocolates will do the trick, he is intent on bedding her, but it may take more than chocolates.