Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3229; 26 July 2002

As I'm going away, I'm putting these up early. Updated 28th July 2002

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Episode #3229

Date: Friday 26 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

A lads' night out turns nasty when Syd boasts about bedding Chloe. Mack is jealous of Syd's interest in Angie. Latisha decides to stay on at the Dingles, much to Cain's dismay. Written by Bill Taylor.

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Scott and Syd agree to put their differences behind them and go out for a pint. But as the drinks flow, male pride and rivalry get the better of them and their discussion begins to get heated.

The topic of discussion turns to infidelity and Scott admits that he would be unfaithful but is sure that Chloe would never be. Syd sees an opportunity to wind him up and suggests she may already have!

Things quickly get out of hand. The alcohol-fuelled conversation becomes aggressive when Syd drops a bombshell by admitting that he and Chloe had slept together that week. He then sticks the knife in further by bragging about how great it was!

As Chloe and Charity enter the pub, Scott’s enraged and tries to floor Syd. He then turns his aggression on Chloe but Angie is on hand to arrest him as his anger turns the air blue.

Diane is still struggling to compete for Mack’s attention with Angie. Despite updating her wardrobe, Diane feels increasingly self-conscious and out of her depth.

Cynthia and Latisha finally talk through their differences and agree to work on their troublesome relationship. Realising that it will never work living under the same roof, they both recognise there is a chance for them to still be friends if they live apart.