Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3227-3228; 24 July 2002

As I'm going away, I'm putting these up early. Updated 23rd July 2002

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This Week's Cast List

Louise Appleton
Ray Mullan
Ollie Reynolds
Terry Woods
Danny Daggert
Wally Foggin
Jerry Mackinley
Diane Blackstock
Cheryl Thomas
Angie Reynolds
Len Reynolds
Marc Reynolds
Seth Armstrong
Sydney Woolfe
Chloe Atkinson
Scott Windsor
Lisa Dingle
Cain Dingle
Sam Dingle
Zak Dingle
Eric Pollard
Gloria Pollard
Charity Tate
Viv Hope
Betty Eagleton
Latisha Daggert
Cynthia Daggert
Elvis Dingle
Bob Hope
Emily Symons
Seamus Gubbins
Vicky Binns
Billy Hartman
Cleveland Campbell
James Quinn
Rob Dixon
Elizabeth Estensen
Leanne Burrows
Freya Copeland
Peter Martin
Anthony Lewis
Stan Richards
Nathan Gladwell
Amy Nuttall
Ben Freeman
Jane Cox
Jeff Hordley
James Hooton
Steve Halliwell
Christopher Chittell
Janice McKenzie
Emma Atkins
Deena Payne
Paula Tilbrook
Danielle Henry
Kay Purcell
Martin Walsh
Antony Audenshaw


Date: Wednesday 24 July Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Lisa enjoys the memory of Foggin, but is horrified when he turns up in the flesh. Mack worries he may have lost his touch with the ladies. Diane struggles to keep her jealousy of Angie at bay. Latisha makes the first move to rebuild her relationship with Cynthia. Written by Lesley Clare O'Neill.

Episode #3227 - Airing Wednesday, 24th July 2002 at 7:00 pm

Once again Latisha is forced to face up to the consequences of her actions, this time it is not only her own family she has let down, but the Dingles too!

Having burned her bridges with her family and now her friends, Latisha is swiftly running out of places to turn.

Meanwhile, Cynthia has been up all night, desperately struggling to make sense of Latishaís reason for leaving them with the stolen goods. Danny is angry with his mother for taking the flack for his sisterís stupidity.

The pressure is getting to Chloe as Syd has seemingly forgotten about their fling and brings home a new conquest. Living with Syd and Scott under the same roof is proving unbearable.

Lisa confides in Cynthia that she has bumped into an ex-boyfriend and was a little disappointed he didnít recognise her!

Inspired by Fogginís explosive tales, Sam is making a menace of himself, trying to blow something up - a recipe for disaster!

Zak teases Lisa about having dated Foggin, until she puts his nose out of joint by admitting Firecracker was her first love and there certainly were fireworks when he took her virginity!

Syd winds Mack up as he is rejected twice in a day. Diane is busy working and Angie insists it is not convenient for him to do any work at the Reynolds. Mack wonders where he went wrong, not so long ago they were both vying for his attention!

Episode #3228 - Wednesday 24 July 2002 at 7.30 pm

It appears Foggin has taken up the Dinglesí offer of somewhere to crash for a couple of days as they find him asleep in his van - in their driveway! A Dingle never retracts an invitation of hospitality.

Sam is over the moon, eagerly helping Foggin unpack. Like a kid in a sweet shop, he is thrilled when Foggin unlocks a huge metal chest of explosives

Foggin admits heís keeping a low profile as the police are after him for the cannabis debacle and asks if Zakís offer of a room remains. However, Lisa is dubious about Fogginís intentions when he attempts to take her down memory lane!

Latisha is still feeling very sorry for herself after Cynthia took the rap for the stolen sunglasses. Convinced she has overstepped the mark this time, she is desperate to make amends.

Diane is plagued by jealousy as she watches Angie flirting with Mack in the pub but no sooner than Angie has left the pub, Mack turns his attentions to Diane.

Diane isnít in the mood for playing Mackís games and he is left confused, wondering what he has to do to please her!