Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3220-3224; 15 July-19 July 2002

Updated & for now Finished 16th July 2002

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Cast List For This Week:-

Nicola Blackstock
Maggie Calder
Zak Dingle
Christopher Tate
ZoŽ Tate
Rodney Blackstock
Andy Sugden
Lisa Dingle
Elvis Dingle
Peg Dingle
Katie Addyman
Phil Weston
Scott Windsor
Marlon Dingle
Ashley Thomas
Edna Birch
Robert Sugden
Craig Calder
Lucy Calder
Donna Windsor
Rhona Goskirk
Agnes Swinden
Melanie Say
Cheryl Thomas
Bob Hope
Sydney Woolfe
Jack Sugden
Charity Tate
Louise Appleton
Shadrach Dingle
Caroline Addyman/Kershaw
Nicola Wheeler
Dee Whitehead
Steve Halliwell
Peter Amory
Leah Bracknell
Patrick Mower
Kelvin Fletcher
Jane Cox
Martin Walsh
Jeanne Hepple
Sammy Winward
Mark Jardine
Ben Freeman
Mark Charnock
John Middleton
Shirley Stelfox
Karl Davies
Jason Hain
Elspeth Brodie
Verity Rushworth
Zoe Henry
Ella Burton
Kelli Hollis
Leanna Burrows
Antony Audenshaw
Nathan Gladwell
Clive Hornby
Emma Atkins
Emily Symons
Andy Devine
Daryl Fishwick

Episode #3220

Date: Monday 15 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Maggie plots to use Rodney for her own gain. Andy's pleas to Katie fall on deaf ears. Christmas comes early at the Dingles when Peg says she wants to move out. Written by Margaret Simpson.

Maggie learns that she has been invited for an interview as the manager of Dale Park, but is irked to find she will be up against her arch rival, Nicola. Aware that Nicola might pip her to the post, Maggie flirtatiously asks Rodney for a reference too. Rodney rises to the bate offering any service he can. Working her girlish charms, Maggie sets about a plan to ensure her reference will be positively glowing.

Robert is desperate to have his wicked way with Lucy, but he becomes increasingly frustrated, as she seems to be running hot and cold with him.

Andy continues to suffer in silence, as he still hasn't had any word from Katie. Finally caving into pressure from Donna, Lucy approaches Andy and explains she has heard from Katie. Overwhelmed, Andy besieges Lucy with questions and is stunned when Lucy suggests that he find out for himself and hands him her address. Andy can't believe his luck, finally having a chance to put right where he went wrong. He sets off for Macclesfield, where Katie is staying with her mother. His hopes are promptly dashed, as Caroline refuses to let him see her daughter, insisting that Katie never wants to see him again. Frustrated at being so close to Katie but so far away from repairing their relationship, Andy insists he won't give up.

Episode #3221

Date: Tuesday 16 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Nicola becomes the unwilling participant in a menage-a-trois when Maggie succumbs to Rodney. Zak contrives a foolproof plan to get Peg off his hands. Chris challenges Zoe's treatment. Written by Matthew Westwood.

Nicola is furious to find out that Rodney has agreed to write Maggie's reference as well. To add to her disgust, Rodney and Maggie are openly flirtatious in front of her. Recognising the glint in Rodney's eye, Nicola fears that he may favour her rival in the race for the Dale Park Manager's job. She takes it upon her self to find the references to see what she's up against. While Nicola is busy snooping through Rodney's paper work, she is alarmed to hear familiar voices entering the B&B. As Rodney and Maggie pour themselves generous drinks, Nicola is trapped and forced to hide under the bed. As the drinks continue to flow, Rodney steps up his flirtatious behaviour, insisting he would like to be more than just friends. With her career in mind Maggie obliges as Rodney invites her to the bedroom. Nicola is horrified as they enter and strip off with her still under the bed.

Having decided they are both unhappy with their current living situation, Peg and Zak join forces as they come up with a seemingly foolproof plan to scam their relatives. Having proved her wonderful acting skills, they agree to pretend Peg has won a huge sum on a prize draw, in the hope that Marilyn and Elvis will take her back. But they will need proof of the winning to convince their wily relatives. Zak recruits Rodney to act as the prize giver as he takes a photo of the presentation of the fake cheque.

Episode #3222

Date: Wednesday 17 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Nicola spills the beans and Phil takes revenge on Rodney. Zak's foolproof plan fails. Scott and Chloe's relationship is strained to breaking point. Written by Bill Lyons.

The morning after the night before and Maggie is dumbfounded by her own behaviour, having slept with Rodney. Hungover, she confesses her sins to an equally shocked Chloe. Although Nicola is dishevelled and exhausted, she is determined to get her own back on Maggie for putting her through such an ordeal. She sets off to find Phil and wastes no time filling him in on all the sordid details of the affair.

On her return from the interview, Maggie is upbeat to find Phil home early. It is fairly obvious that he isn't in the slightest bit interested in whether she has got the job. As the accusations fly, Maggie flounders and her reaction confirms the truth. Phil feels utterly betrayed after all he gave up for her.

Later in the Woolpack, the repercussions of the one night stand become violent as emotions run high. As Phil hits Rodney, Maggie turns her attention to Nicola. A brawl breaks out, much to the amusement of the rest of the pub.

Things appear to going to plan for Zak and Peg, as Elvis is quick to arrive at the mention of Peg's new found wealth. But a trip to the pub to celebrate proves Zak's undoing. Elvis recognises Rodney from the prize giving photo and realises he's been conned. Foiled, Peg and Zak are back to square one.

As the distance between Scott and Chloe grows, the affection from their relationship is lost. Will they ever regain the trust they have lost, or are their attentions starting to wander elsewhere?

Episode #3223

Date: Thursday 18 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Zak decides that the only way Peg will leave is in a coffin. Scott and Chloe struggle to rekindle their passion. Lisa tries to help Cynthia and Latisha resolve their differences. Written by Karin Young.

There is gloom hanging over the Dingles as they lament the failure of yesterday's plan to off-load Peg on their relatives. Putting their heads together they are forced to have a re-think. The plot thickens as they hatch plan B, a morbid scheme to get Marilyn and Elvis to take Peg, once and for allÖ.. in a coffin! Surprisingly Peg is quite taken by the idea of staging her own death again and the plans for the wake get under way. Peg speedily puts together a list of final demands. Zak does the deed and rings Elvis and Marilyn with the grave news that their rejection of their mother had finally killed her off and asks them to attend.

After days of tip toeing around each other, Scott and Chloe have a heart to heart. They are forced to acknowledge the cracks in their relationship and promise to try harder. Despite their promises, there is an underlying air of doubt.

Things have been very quiet at the Daggerts' since Cynthia threw Latisha and Kirk out. Cynthia is missing them both badly, but Latisha is intent on making the wound deeper as they meet in the street. She pointedly tells Kirk that Cynthia used to be his grandmother.

Episode #3224

Date: Friday 19 July Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Zak's scam goes according to plan as Peg enjoys her own wake. Chloe falls into the arms of Syd as Scott refuses to accept that their relationship is over. Written by Tim Dynevor.

The Dingle's dastardly plan to offload Peg onto Shadrach and Elvis moves into the final stages when Zak and Lisa fake her wake. As Shadrach and Elvis arrive, dressed for mourning, Zak delivers a flowery eulogy for Peg and Sam sheds some genuine tears. Lisa, laying it on thick, recalls Peg's dying wish was for her ashes to be scattered at the caravan. The Dingles' can't believe their luck when Elvis agrees to abide by Peg's final demand and they bundle the coffin into the back of their car. Little do they know as they set off with the coffin, that Peg is actually the living dead!

Scott seems convinced he and Chloe have sorted out their relationship problems, but she is less convinced. Tension is high and it isn't long before they are bickering again.

As Scott storms out, Chloe finds herself home alone. But Syd is soon on the scene and provides a shoulder to cry on. But he offers her more and they are soon sharing a kiss.

Having faced up to the consequences of Maggie's affair with Rodney, Phil feels betrayed. Despite her attempts to get him to stay, he reveals he is leaving the village to be closer to Jess. They exchange a tearful goodbye, as they realise their relationship is truly over.

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