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Episodes #3217-3219; 9 July -11 July 2002

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Cast List

Christopher Tate
Diane Blackstock
Angie Reynolds
Lucy Calder
Andy Sugden
Latisha Daggert
Chairty Tate
Zoe Tate

Jerry Mackinley
Ashley Thomas
Marlon Dingle
Rhona Goskirk
Maggie Calder
Phil Weston
Donna Windsor
Nicola Blackstock
Eric Pollard
Louise Appleton
Ray Mullan
Cain Dingle
Chloe Atkinson
Scott Windsor
Joseph Tate
Gloria Pollard
Jack Sugden
ZoŽ Tate
Gloria Weaver
Zak Dingle
Terry Woods
Dr Michael Carrodus
Marc Reynolds
Cynthia Daggert
Peter Amory
Elizabeth Estensen
Freya Copeland
Elspeth Brodie
Kelvin Fletcher
Danielle Henry
Emma Atkins
Leah Bracknell
Rob Dixon
John Middleton
Mark Charnock
Zoe Henry
Dee Whitehead
Mark Jardine
Verity Rushworth
Nicola Wheeler
Christopher Chittell
Emily Symons
Seamus Gubbins
Jeff Hordley
Amy Nuttall
Ben Freeman
Oliver Young
Janice McKensie
Clive Hornby
Leah Bracknell
Janice McKenzie
Steve Halliwell
Billy Hartman
Tom Roberts
Anthony Lewis
Kay Purcell

Episode #3217: TUESDAY 09 JULY 2002

Chris confronts his critics as he struggles to defend the family name. Diane conceals her jealousy as Mack and Angie share an evening together. Although Lucy knows where Katie is staying, she refuses to tell Andy.

Written by Chris Thompson.

The locals come up with novel ideas to raise money to rebuild the church. Ashley organises a service in the village hall to reaffirm the congregation and prompt village unity.

At Home Farm, wary of facing gossips and public reaction, Charity and Chris suffer from cabin fever. Aware that they can't hide forever, Chris and Charity brave village scrutiny to attend the church service.

At the village hall there is a frosty reception, as the service is read in Zoe's honour. Struck by the words, Chris becomes emotional and the shock of recent events hits him. Charity discreetly comforts him, as Chris tries to fight back the tears.

Angie is grateful to Mack for the work he has done at the Reynolds' house and invites him and Diane round for a meal. Mack gratefully accepts, although he later finds Diane can't go!

Hoping that Mack would refuse to go without her, Diane is miffed when he accepts the dinner date. Little does Diane know, Angie is secretly pleased that she's busy!

Lucy finds herself in a moral dilemma, as she admits to Donna that she knows where Katie is. With Andy tearing his hair out with worry, Donna puts the pressure on Lucy to reveal her whereabouts.

Rhona notices Marlon is down in the dumps about Tricia's pro-longed holiday. Keen to spend some more time alone with Marlon, Rhona enthusiastically offers to keep him company.

Marlon temporarily stops pining for Tricia, as he realises he and Rhona have a lot in common, more in fact than he appears to have with Tricia. The couple are in hysterics as they share a cosy evening in watching their favourite films.

Latisha is a little too close for comfort for Cain now, having spent the night at the Dingles'. But his gentle persuasion to go home does not appear to be working!

Peg meanwhile has become addicted to junk mail, answering every free gift offer that comes through the door. Zak is at the end of his tether as a home multi-gym arrives at their front door!

[also the Dingle's, ie Zak & Cain, are supposed to be decorating Edith's house.]

Episode #3218: WEDNESDAY 10 JULY 2002

Zoe is certain that she will be released following her appeal, but Ashley has doubts. There's trouble for Marlon as Rhona falls for him. Work pressures take their toll on Maggie and Phil's relationship.

Written by Bill Taylor and Peter Kerry.

[Phil's birthday, but there is some tension between Maggie & Phil, particularly as Jess hasn't come, although she has sent to her father. He is really missing Jess and arranges to go and see her the following day.]

Zoe is pinning all her hopes on her appeal for release which is set for tomorrow, but it appears the doctors have serious concerns about her state of mind. Allowing her home isn't high on their agenda.

Chris is frustrated as the doctor insists it is too early to diagnose Zoe's illness. He's close to breaking point and Charity tries to lend her support.

The emotional highs are too much for Zoe when Ashley arrives. After all she's been through she's grateful to see a friendly face, and bursts into tears on his shoulder.

Having spent a lot of time together, Marlon and Rhona have been getting on very well since her return to the village. Intrigued to hear more about Edith's house, Marlon offers to take her there.

At the house, the couple are surprised by their similar tastes. Marlon shares a joke that Tricia's taste in interior design is a little far out! As they giggle it is clear there is still a spark between them.

After a sleepless night Cain decides to put a stop to Latisha staying with them, as Kirk, as baby's often do, has been screaming non-stop all night!

Cunningly insisting that his bedroom is unfit for a baby, Cain hopes that Latisha will get the message. But Lisa is quite taken with having another female around the house and suggests they move in to Belle's room.

Cain's attempts to get a little space are thwarted, as Latisha gratefully accepts Lisa's offer.

[There's trouble for Marlon as Rhona falls for him. Work pressures take their toll on Maggie and Phil's relationship.]

Episode #3219: THURSDAY 11 JULY 2002

Andy's hope is renewed when Donna tells him where Katie is. Zoe is devastated when her appeal for release fails. Nicola enjoys meddling in Maggie and Phil's relationship.

Written by Janys Chambers.

Zoe is devastated when her appeal for release is refused. Sadly she is forced to accept that she is not capable of making decisions about her health.

She refuses to give up without a fight, insisting the doctors have made a mistake. The realisation that she will not be leaving the hospital of her own free will hits home.

Feeling imprisoned, Zoe desperately confides in Ashley that she is afraid to fall asleep for fear of what will happen around her.

Zoe clings to Ashley for dear life, as she is desperate to hold on to a face that she knows and trusts. She is aware that things are out of her control, and begs Ashley not to desert her. The nurse almost has to prise them apart.

As Ashley leaves the ward, Zoe's pleas echo down the hallway. He feels like he has abandoned a dear friend. Emotionally drained from the whole ordeal, Ashley calls upon his faith for guidance.

Donna steps up the pressure on Lucy, insisting Andy has a right to know where Katie is. Lucy is torn, unwilling to break Katie's confidence but knowing Donna is right. unwilling to break Katie's confidence but knowing Donna is right.

[Marlon isn't pleased to discover that Zak & Cain haven't done much on Edith's House. Rhona goes looking for Marlon at the house, but he isn't there and Cain tries to make a pass at her. Marlon arrives at the house with Edith, where Rhona catches up with him. Edith is suspicious of Rhona, particulary when she finds out from Cain that Rhona and Tricia don't know each other. Rhona shows some designs to Edith, but Edith makes it quite clear that her loyalties are to Tricia and she wants house designed how Tricia's it to be]

No Episode on Friday 09 July 2002 because Monday's episode was an hour long.