Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3210-3214; 1 July - 5 July 2002

Updated & Finished 5 July 2002

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Episode #3210, Monday 1 July 2002

[Chloe finds it difficult to forgive Scott as they receive an ominous warning from Ray. Zoe finds sanctuary in Ashley's church. Louise confronts Ray about his involvement in the car scam.]

Having asked Ray to get Tony off his back, Scott is petrified as to how Tony may react! But when Ray drops another car off at the garage, Scott is shocked when he orders him not to look in the boot. Assuming the worst, Scott worries that Tony is back – in the form of a dead body! With impeccable timing, the police arrive on the garage forecourt and Scott and Chloe have some fast thinking to do in a desperate bid to explain Tony’s disappearance.

Will the police believe their story or is Scott about to find himself as an accomplice in Tony’s murder?

Zoe continues to feel increasingly pushed out at the vets when she discovers that Rhona has covered all of her shifts. And to make matters worse, the voices in her head are drowning out her thoughts and she has overlooked Paddy’s birthday. She flees the birthday lunch in search of peace and finds herself drawn to the church. Ashley is surprised to find Zoe seeking sanctuary and quietly praying. Acutely aware of her problems, Ashley assures her that God is on her side and will help her through this difficult time but Zoe remains unconvinced.

Louise is on the warpath and approaches Ray after getting word of the car ringing rumours. Despite being caught out, Ray remains cool and insists that there is no harm in dealing with a few cars! Louise is slightly alarmed by Ray’s frank admission.

Lisa is loosing her patience as Sam continues to evade his date, Michelle, and ducks out of sight every time the phone rings. [Eventually he is forced to talk to her and arranged a date for the next evening where he plans to tell her they have no future.]

[Now that Dale Park has/or is being sold, Maggie has to re-apply for her job. Nicola also decides to apply.

Episode #3211, Tuesday 2 July 2002

[Zoe loses it at the vets, turning to drugs to ease her tormented mind. Louise decides to turn a blind eye to Ray's way of life. Sam is troubled by having to end his relationship.]

Concerned by Zoe’s irrational behaviour despite her new found comfort in the church, Ashley calls on Zoe with a Biblical reading plan to help her through the difficult times. But the reading plan backfires and Zoe reads demonic quotes to Joseph as she helps him create a mask for his school play. Charity is horrified and is forced to drag Joseph out of harm’s way.

Zoe visits the surgery in a bid to talk herself into a positive state of mind, but the negative voices in her head are too powerful. In a fit of anger, Zoe rips up the appointment diary, targeting every entry that includes Rhona’s name. She then hits a new low and, in a bid to beat the demons in her head, seizes some tranquillisers from a shelf in the surgery. Taking a large dose, her body slumps and she collapses on to the desk.

Having been tipped off by Chloe, Louise is inquisitive about Ray’s criminal dealings. Prepared for the inevitable interrogation, Ray is calm and collected, cunningly putting her mind at rest. Turning the questioning round, Ray insists that if they are to stay together Louise must accept him warts and all. Unaware of what she is letting herself in for, Louise agrees to try.

Trying to carry on as normal, Scott and Chloe go to work pretending nothing has happened but are secretly petrified by Ray’s threats. Scott points out to Chloe that they didn’t actually see Tony’s body and have no hard proof that Ray killed Tony. [He confronts Ray, but it gets him no where.]

Episode #3212, Wednesday 3 July 2002

[Paddy is concerned as Zoe's behaviour becomes upsetting. Chloe realises her relationship with Scott is deteriorating. Mack and Angie flirt as he works on her house.]

Paddy turns up for work at the surgery and angrily notices the drugs cabinet wide open! As he enters the reception area, he is stunned to find Zoe slumped on the desk. As she starts to come round, Zoe refuses to seek help from a doctor. Paddy is increasingly concerned but, on discovering the shredded diary, his concern turns to despair and he suspends her from the practice. She faces further accusations from Chris who challenges her about the drug taking. It’s more than she can take and Zoe flees to the river. As the sound of children’s voices echo painfully in her head, she sinks herself deeper and deeper into the icy cold water in a bid to drown out the torment. But it is all to no avail and she is forced to retreat back to the safety of the church.

Blissfully unaware of Ray’s clever web of deceit, Louise is thrilled as Ray reminisces about having her all to himself on their holiday. Louise is blind to the fact that Ray is actually drawing her attention away from his criminal behaviour through flattery and pandering to her every need!

Unable to dig themselves out of the hole, Scott and Chloe’s relationship wounds are becoming deeper. Already feeling like prisoners in their own home, Scott and Chloe are shaken to the core when the car they dumped for Ray reappears in the village!

Episode #3213, Thursday 4 July 2002

[Zoe's behaviour leads to tragedy at Ashley's church. Chloe endeavours to save her relationship with Scott. Marc attempts to put his life back on track.]

Edna is alarmed when she arrives at the church to find Zoe engrossed in the bible, surrounded by torn out pages and lit candles. In a panic, she dashes to the Woolpack to report her discovery to Ashley, informing him that Zoe is vandalising the Holy Book. Ashley races to the church and is stunned to see that Edna wasn’t exaggerating. He talks calmly to Zoe in a desperate effort to try and reason with her in her hour of need. But when he fails to understand her claims that she is trying to decode a message from God, Zoe begins quoting manically from the bible. In a trance she is suddenly drawn to the children’s Sunday school display but, as Ashley tries to hold her back, the display collapses and smashes amongst the candles. A fire erupts and the torn Bible pages and Edna’s cleaning fluid combine to fuel a roaring column of fire which leaps towards the roof!

Elsewhere, Marc sets about planning his future, determined to leave his electronic tagging days behind as soon as possible.

Anxious to be rid of the car and Tony once and for all, Scott delivers it to a scrapyard and orders it to be crushed.

Episode #3214, Friday 5 July 2002

[The villagers are dragged into Zoe's nightmare as the church fire takes hold. Marc and Ashley save Zoe from certain death, but she is deemed to be a danger to herself and is sectioned.]

The fire at the church rages and, still trapped inside, Zoe is transfixed by the flames as Ashley tries to drag her to safety from the smouldering inferno. Hurrying to get home to meet his curfew, Marc sees the smoke rising from the church and runs to the vicarage. Alerted to the fire, a horrified Edna reveals that Ashley and Zoe are inside!

Mesmerised by the blaze, Zoe is oblivious to Ashley’s attempts to help her. The smoke is unbearable and the roof is beginning to cave in and yet, hypnotised by the flames, Zoe walks towards the fire, mumbling quotes from the Bible to herself. Fighting his way through the smoke, Marc returns in a bid to help Ashley rescue Zoe. The heat is overpowering but as Ashley bravely beats a path to Zoe, a burning beam crashes down and hits him.

The distant sound of fire engines and police cars is little consolation to those trapped inside the raging fire. And as shards of glass begin to rain down inside the church, the gathering villagers stand helpless outside knowing there is little they can do to help.