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Episodes #3204; - 21 June 2002

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Episode #3204

Friday 21 June 2002 at 7:00pm

[NOTE: My first experiment with screen captures. Sorry if they are poor, I'll try better next time. That is, if I do it again as it was so Time consuming.]


Diane doesn't look too happy about her Birthday but chears up when Marlon and Tricia present her with a present
ABOVE Happy Birthday Diane

On the morning of her birthday, Diane is filled with dread, as she fears a repeat performance of the previous night's disastrous meal.

Mack arrives at the bar and asks Tricia for Diane, Emily, Viv & Edna look on.
Mack's Here Diane

Convinced that Mack does not share her affections and is just being polite, Diane is troubled and not looking forward to their date tonight! Mack has his own dilemma and is desperate to make it up to Diane. Realising he may have blown it, he wonders if the party can be called off so he can be alone with Diane.

Rodney Mack
Rodney has a friendly word with Mack
Tricia tends to her garden Marlon relaxs on a sunbed
"This is the life" delcares Tricia
Tricia, Diane & Gabby Tricia, Diane & Gabby

ABOVE Later in the pub, Tricia & Diane (holding baby Gabby) are looking forward to their trip. Tricia is to work on the ship.

Diane & Gabby
Ashley promises to have Gabby ready for her travels the following day when Diane and Tricia plan to pick her up.

Diane & Mack in the car off to their date.
off to a romantic dinner

Misunderstandings between Diane & Mack
These two seem to be going round in circles with the feelings for one another and after one misunderstanding after another...

On the way to the meal, Mack is still pondering what to do. He's fed up with Diane's small talk and skirting round the subject, he is forced to bring the car to an emergency stop as Diane finally speaks her mind! As a few home truths surface,

It's time for Mack to come clean.
ABOVE Diane is not happy about the surprise

Mack confesses his feelings for Diane and reveals the organised surprise party at the Woolpack. Diane breathes a sigh of relief and Mack is slightly embarrassed, as he has worn his heart on his sleeve.

Mack & Diane Mack & Diane Mack & Diane kiss
At last Mack tells Diane How He Feels

Mischievously, they decide not to make an appearance at Diane's surprise party, as they are quite content on their own.

Diane & Mack
Diane's enjoying herself by not attending the party

To make up for rushing out on her the night before, Scott has booked a surprise trip for Chloe.

Scott talks to Chloe Chloe is delighted. With Chloe happy, Scott looks like the cat who got the cream.
ABOVE Scott only wants to make Chloe Happy and offers her a weekend away
Little does Viv realise how much money her son earns from dubious means
ABOVE Viv is far from pleased to hear from this and insists that "Chloe is bleeding you dry" and insists that she is taking lessons from Charity.

Viv has words with Scott while he works on dodgy cars Butter doesn't melt in Scott's mouth Viv.
ABOVE "I don't want my son taken for a ride"
As they pack their bags, Syd is irked by the idea of being left alone with Nicola all weekend!
Syd & Nicola. Syd and Nicola - who is grinning like a cheshire cat Nicola & Syd

ABOVE Nicola has plans of her own & BELOW she explains to Emily.Nicola looks very atisfied with herself

Nothing new, Latisha wants her Mum to babysit
Latisha asks Cynthia to babysit

Having not learned from her previous mistakes, Latisha lets her heart rule her head. She can't help herself as she tells a few white lies to get Cynthia to babysit.

Meanwhile in the Woolpack Diane's surprise party is in full swing without the guest of honour!

Jack, Betty, Tricia, Nicola & Marlon
The pub marvel at Tricia's handy work with the Birthday banner
Nicola can't resist to ask, "How old is she?" (Rodney tells her that it is not polite to ask a lady's age).

The Guests are getting impatient and wonder where Diane has got to.
Len & Edna - who believes Diane and Mack are upto sex L to R - Alan, Rodney & Viv
Edna has her own ideas of why Diane hasn't turned up to her party Rodney tries to defend Diane's repulation, afterall its her birthday and she is entitled to be out enjoying herself.

After a few drinks Nicola is growing impatient with Syd and suggests they make the most of an empty house and more importantly an empty bedroom!

Squirming at the thought, Syd makes one too many excuses.

Syd tries to get Nicola to back off
Syd tells Nicola she is getting too heavy

Nicola's not happy

Nicola has had enough of his dithering. She's angry and makes no attempt to hide it. In full view of the Woolpack, Syd is on the receiving end of Nicola's right hook!

Sorry missed the screen cap where she hit him
Nicola gives Syd a piece of her mind.

Nicola & Rodne
Rodney tries to calm his 'ittle princess' down

Now what is she up to?

Despite revealing she is 55 and Mack realising he is a "toy-boy" (or so he says), all ends happy ever fter as the credits role.

The End!

Meanwhile in other stories:-

Betty Andy looks for Katie on the web Jack talks to Diane Jack with Len & Edna
Betty tells everyone she is back with Seth Andy explains to Robert that he is looking for Katie's Mum's address on the web Jack Blames Himself for the mess with Andy and Katie. Jack is feeling very dejected with his children and his friends. This is compounded when Brian refuses to accept a drink from him.
Jack tries to make conversation with Robert An excited Nicola tells Emily of her plans for a romantic weekend Betty gives her thanks to Edna
Robert's is hard at revision (while his brother sulks) Nicola has plans for Syd Edna is her usual self Thank you for helping us get ack together
Betty is horrified when Seth says he is closing the webcam. She has plans for a weekly show


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