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Episodes #3200-3203; 17 June - 20 June 2002

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Episode #3200

Monday 17 June 2002 at 7:00pm

It's the day after Father's Day and newly expectant father Andy begins to regret the consequences of his relationship with Katie. The reality of being a parent by this time next year begins to hit home, as he considers the bigger picture. He is too young for parenthood and he's beginning to wish they hadn't planned the pregnancy.

Determined to overcome a series of knock backs, he plucks up the courage to ask Viv for a job. True to form, Viv isn't sympathetic and sends him packing with a flea in his ear! Her harsh put down is the last straw, as Andy realises the future looks bleak and he has some serious thinking to do! Jack has opened his eyes to impending fatherhood and this weighs heavily on his mind. Jack has also refused to help him find work and has, in effect, turned his back on his son.

Seeing through Cain's scheming ways, Chloe warns her friend Latisha she's setting herself up for another fall. Cain Dingle is a manipulative charmer and Latisha is drawn in as he promises the answer to her debt problems.

In the pub Tricia puts Mack on the spot. What has he arranged for Diane's birthday? "Nothing " is the reply, which prompts fun-loving Tricia to suggest a surprise party in Diane's honour.

Paranoid Zoe lies to Ashley when he asks after her. Concerned for her state of mind, he queries where she's been staying. Fearing that he's in on the conspiracy to poison her, Zoe tells him she's been with friends. Ashley doesn't believe her but feels it best to drop the matter.

Episode #3201 - Tuesday 18 June 2002 at 7:00pm

As Katie proudly announces to Andy that she has morning sickness, the novelty of being a father has rapidly worn off. Andy begins to feel he is on his own, as Katie is as enthusiastic as ever. Doing things that boys do, Danny and Robert invite Andy for a game of football. Jealous of their carefree attitude Andy begrudgingly admits he has to see Katie.

With Jack on his back, Andy is troubled about their discussion on abortion, wondering if he should broach the subject with Katie. He tentatively suggests they've made a mistake, to see her reaction. Katie is horrified at the suggestion they get rid of their baby! Aware that he may have just made the biggest decision of his life, Andy regrets that Katie doesn't feel the same. She's aghast and feels she's only one choice and that choice doesn't involve Andy!

As Nicola's stalking of Syd becomes increasingly apparent, his desire to move away from Emmerdale grows stronger. On the other hand Mack appears to have settled into village life and is enjoying the perks. Is Mack's growing relationship with Diane getting in the way of his "business" partnership with Syd? Deciding to tease Mack, Syd hopes to restore their working relationship to its former glory!

Paddy is relieved that Zoe appears to be regaining her sense of humour, when he learns she's arranged an aromatherapy massage for Ashley! When the conversation strays to work, Zoe comes back down to earth with a bump. Paddy has brought in Rhona to cover her work.

Edna is alarmed, as Betty appears to be taking to the limelight like a duck to water. They bicker as Betty invites journalists to interview her about the website.

Episode #3202

Wednesday 19 June 2002 at 7:00pm

As the dust settles from the events of the day before, Andy is hit by the realisation that he suggested Katie have an abortion. He's desperate to see her and fears that she may shut him out permanently. His anxieties are realised when she refuses to see him.

With his domestic situation playing on his mind, Andy walks out of his exam and is determined to see Katie. He's decided to stand by her and wants to let her know that he loves her. Andy's efforts are wasted as he arrives at Connelton View, only to discover Katie has left the area, to live with her mother. After begging Brian for the address, Andy is turned away empty-handed.

As the two burly builders arrive home from a night on the tiles, Mack complains of a bad back and lack of sleep. Diane instantly mistrusts Mack and believes he has been messing about with other women. Angered that Diane has jumped to conclusions, Mack sets the cat among the pigeons and confirms the worst. Later he regrets lying to her and wishes he hadn't hurt her feelings. He knows he's got to win her back and offers to cook her a special meal.

Chris is relieved to see that Zoe is taking a keen interest in her own welfare once again. Charity is suspicious of Zoe's moods.

Edna's patience is wearing thin, as she finds Betty feeding tit bits to Tootsie. The two women come to blows and it is clear that Betty has out stayed her welcome. Taking the matter into her own hands, Edna approaches Seth in an attempt to rekindle Betty's lost relationship!

Episode #3203

Thursday 20 June 2002 at 7:00pm

Desperate to make it up to Diane, Mack asks Turner if he can borrow the kitchen to cook her a meal. Turner agrees as it leaves the rest of the village free to organise Diane's surprise birthday party in the Woolpack!

Avoiding Nicola's affections like the plague, Syd finds himself making excuses about his recent whereabouts! He doesn't want to give her any encouragement. To get her off his back, Syd invites Nicola round to the B&B for dinner, knowing full well they won't be alone.

Mack and Diane are far from impressed, as uninvited guests gatecrash their romantic meal. They had hoped to have a serious talk, but the conversation becomes frosty as Syd tells tales of their old conquests. Diane is deeply hurt.

As Scott and Chloe settle down for a romantic night in, he takes an urgent work call and tells her their romantic evening will have to be postponed! Rousing suspicions, Chloe questions the urgency of Scott's work commitments. He is forced to confess the work is not quite legal.

Voting on the web is not looking good for Seth, as the public have obviously taken more of a shine to Betty and are voting against the couple being reunited. Faced with the consequences of the vote going against a reunion, Edna puts Plan B into action and she forces Seth out onto the street to canvas. Betty is enjoying the hype, and is done up to the nines as she awaits the result of the vote. The atmosphere is tense and Seth crosses his fingers, as Len prepares to reveal the results.

In Hope Café the crowds gather as they avidly await the results. You could hear a pin drop, as the tension mounts. Will Seth and Betty get back together? The voting is close but which way will it go?

[Betty is to return to Seth.]


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