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Episodes #3341; 30 December 2002

Updated: 1 January 2003

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Date: Monday 30 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

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Lisa is astounded to realise Zak is serious about going to South America. Louise struggles to maintain her nerve as the police investigation intensifies. Jarvis's secret is uncovered by Len.

Episode 3341

The episode opens with a Police Car outside the Woolpack

The police presence in the village shows no signs of abating - but their door to door inquiries are only hindering the investigation as it becomes apparent that there is a lot of alcohol fuelled confusion over people’s movements on Christmas Day.

PC Tyrel interviews Alan

Louise is starting to feel the heat, though, and it is surely only a matter of time before the net closes in on her and the pressure to confess becomes unbearable. She anxiously awaits the results of the forensic tests – but they prove to be far from helpful.

Louise talks to Terry and asks him why she couldn't see what Ray really was like when Charity and Terry knew for years.

The penny finally drops for Lisa and she realises that Zak really does intend to leave the family in search of Jed’s hidden loot. Shell shocked that he would desert them, she berates him for his selfishness. Their heated discussion quickly escalates and Lisa storms out forbidding him to go.

Realisation hits Lisa
Zak explains to LisaZak

Ahead of the dancing competition, Viv revels in delight as she sees Len and Edna struggle to make any progress. Edna does not take kindly to mockery, though, and loses her cool as Viv and Bob glide effortlessly around the hall.

Edna and Jarvis have their usual bickering session

In a desperate plea for help, Len goes to see Jarvis in the hope that he can fix his two left feet in time for the competition – he doesn’t want to suffer the wrath of Edna anymore. But former ballroom champion Jarvis tells Len to mind his own business and sends him packing.

Debbie and Paddy

Paddy and Emily bid a fond farewell to Debbie as she goes back to her adoptive mother Pat. It won’t be long before they miss her quirky ways but insist the door is always open.

Zak shows Lisa the photograph of Jed and the newspaper cutting of the bank robbery Jed was supposedly involved in.

Lisa is far from pleasedZak tells Lisa

[The episode ends with Lisa telling Zak that she will not be waiting for him should he ever come back from Chile.]


The Heat is on Louise

Teletext :-

Zak told Lisa that he was going to South America. Diane gave Laurel a job behind the bar. A tearful Louise was comforted by Terry. ITV 1 Monday

BBC Puresoap :-

Monday 30th December The police presence in the village remained oppressive as they continued their door-to-door inquiries.

Louise was beginning to really feel the heat and thought it was only a matter of time before she confessed.

Lisa realised Zak was serious about going to South America and stormed out, accusing him of being selfish.

Paddy and Emily bid a fond farewell to Debbie, pleased with their effort.

Other pictures from this episode :-

Ashley and DianeLaurel and Diane discuss the death of Ray while Louise overhears

Laurel, Bob and Diane behind the barBelle rides her pony through the village (the Woolpack can be seen behind) while Zak talks to Sam about his problems with Lisa


DI Dove interviews LouiseRodney and Steph



Producer Steve Frost

Executive Prducer Keith Richardson

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