Updated 3rd January 2003

Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002

Episodes #3336-3340; 23rd - 27th December 2002

The Stalker is exposed

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This week's episodes were directed by Duncan Foster
This Week's episodes were written by :-
Paul Quiney
Peter Kerry
Tim Dynevor
Chris Thompson

This Week's Cast List includes :-

Zoë Tate
Charity Tate
Marlon Dingle
Stephanie Stokes
Tricia Stokes
Gloria Pollard
Eric Pollard
Joseph Tate
Christopher Tate
Viv Hope
Chloe Atkinson
Ashley Thomas
Rodney Blackstock
Danny Daggert
Paddy Kirk
Emily Kirk
Alan Turner
Edna Birch
Laurel Potts
Louise Appleton
Nicola Blackstock
Lisa Dingle
Ray Mullan
Zak Dingle
Sydney Woolfe
Angie Reynolds
Brian Addyman
Andy Sugden
Katie Addyman
Sam Dingle
Marc Reynolds
Geoff Graham
Jack Sugden
Victoria Sugden
Belle Dingle

Leah Bracknell
Emma Atkins
Mark Charnock
Lorraine Chase
Sheree Murphy
Janice McKenzie
Christopher Chittell
Oliver Young
Peter Amory
Deena Payne
Amy Nuttall
John Middleton
Patrick Mower
Cleveland Campbell
Dominic Brunt
Kate McGregor
Richard Thorp
Shirley Stelfox
Charlotte Bellamy
Emily Symons
Nicola Wheeler
Jane Cox
Seamus Gubbins
Steve Halliwell
Nathan Gladwell
Freya Copeland
Martin Reeve
Kelvin Fletcher
Sammy Winward
James Hooton
Anthony Lewis
Jack Lord
Clive Hornby
Hanna Midgeley
Emily Mathers

Date: Monday 23 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Terry is down and out as the villagers close ranks against him. Diane is saddened by Louise's decision to leave. The villagers are in festive mood as they prepare for the carol service.

Having been forced out of the village she loves by her stalker, Louise is eager to leave as soon as possible. And given the misery that she has suffered in Emmerdale, nowhere is far enough away. The last place she was at peace was on holiday in Tuscany – a new life there seems a great option.

Ray tells Louise he has booked flights for Christmas day, and she is relieved
that the ordeal will soon be over. Diane is saddened to lose a good friend
and business partner under such tragic circumstances. But Louise stands firm, explaining that she can’t bear to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder.

However, her nightmare continues. Louise innocently answers the Woolpack
phone, only to discover that the fiend is now hounding her at work too.
Despite warnings from the police, she dials 1471 and rings the number. A
petrified Louise stays on the line – and is horrified to discover that the
call was made from the village phone box.

In the café, Bob asserts that Terry’s recent behaviour has led everyone to
think he is the stalker, he feels he has no choice but to ask him to leave
for the sake of his family. Dejected and rejected, Terry shelters in the
cricket pavilion, looking on Mill Cottage and the village in despair.

Meanwhile Laurel tries to drum up some Christmas cheer. She is intent on
rounding up the locals to support her Christmas choir – but everybody seems
to be making themselves scarce.

Jack is puzzled, as Victoria is acting strangely. She seems preoccupied by
her new friend Walter – as yet unseen by Jack.

Date: Tuesday 24 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

As Terry is arrested, Louise relaxes - but her hope is short-lived. Mayhem ensues when the village is plunged into darkness. Zak makes a fortune out of Chris.

Louise is wracked with guilt about leaving Diane in the lurch over the
festive period - but as the nightmare continues, nothing could convince her
to stay.

Meanwhile, Terry lurches from one temporary home to another. After being
given his marching orders by Bob, Terry is relieved when Turner agrees to put a roof over his head.

He still can’t resist Louise, however, and after spotting her in the street,
he decides to confront her about her decision to leave Emmerdale. But his
actions just spook her further and, as she makes to run away, he reaches out to grab hold of her to stop her fleeing. Outside the Woolpack, her struggles are witnessed and Donna promptly calls the police, while passers-by free Louise from Terry’s clutches.

Zoe is worried about attending the church service, as memories flood back of the night she nearly died in the inferno she unwittingly caused.

After months of being transformed, the new St Mary’s Church is ready for
action, but things end in darkness for the whole village, as the Christmas
lights fuse and the power is cut.

Paddy and Emily welcome another foster child into their home. Debbie is an
inquisitive 13-year-old, who keeps pestering Paddy about the original church
that burned down – with Zoe in earshot.

The Sun - Christmas Spoilers in Emmerdale

Emmerdale, ITV1 - After weeks of terror, Louise finally unmasks her stalker on Christmas Day. The shocking confrontation comes after Louise has decided to leave the pub and the village to start a new life elsewhere.

She has been driven to distraction by the vicious vendetta of creepy gifts and vile messages. Ray has booked flights for Christmas Day and he tries to reassure Louise that her ordeal is almost over.

But after saying her farewells at The Woolpack, Louise accepts a lift from someone who she considers a friend - and finds herself trapped with her stalker.


Louise stops her stalker - for good

She panics and there is a shocking sequence of events, leading to a desperate fight.

"Louise is terrified," says Emily Symons, who plays her.

"But she is also furious that this person has gone to such hideous lengths to cause her anguish and despair. She is fighting for her life but she is also hitting back in anger.

"Ray is not there so she is forced to struggle alone. It’s a terrible, terrible way to spend Christmas Day and the fight has a tragic end."

Louise is mortified by what she has done. In her shocked state, she realises she could be charged with murder.

"She begins a desperate attempt to cover her tracks," says Emily. "And she gets help from a surprise source."

There is also drama at the Dingles’ as Zak prepares for his trip to South America to search for his father’s lost treasure. He has to disappoint Sam, who thinks he is going along, and he still has to break the news to Lisa.

Naturally, Lisa is shocked when she finds out that Zak really is flying off to Chile to try to find Jed’s money. She is outraged that he is leaving her in the lurch and storms out.

Eventually, she calms down. She realises that if he finds a fortune, it will solve all their problems. Zak heads off, leaving Lisa to break the news to Sam that he is not going.

Ashley and Laurel have trouble rounding up some members of the choir for the procession. But Viv and Tricia are caught when they hide in the pub, only to find that is where Ashley’s decided to hold his practice.

Emmerdale also suffers a power cut on Christmas Day.

But when word spreads that Home Farm still has electricity, the villagers decide to join the Tates for their festive meal. Chris is annoyed but even he can’t turn people away on Christmas Day.

It’s a special Christmas for Paddy and Emily as they have 13-year-old foster child Debbie to complete their family.

Seth gets a shock when he surprises Jarvis and Len dancing together in the village hall. Seth can’t understand what’s going on until Jarvis reveals that he’s a former ballroom dancing champion giving Len a lesson.

Steph and Nicola clash over who is going to get off with Syd’s friend Neil. Steph is angry when Nicola tells her she should stick to older men and easily wins the contest. But Steph spitefully warns footloose Neil that Nicola is searching for a husband.

Date: Wednesday 25 December Time: 6:55pm to 7:55pmSubtitled, Widescreen

Louise is horrified to come face-to-face with her stalker and, unable to turn to Ray for help, she must face him alone. With the village plunged into darkness, Zoe invites the neighbours to Home Farm, not impressing Chris. Zak makes Christmas at the Dingles the best ever.

The Following is the official synopsis, so doesn't give anything away for those reading in foreign lands. However a visual update is available of the episode with graphic details of what happened at She Wolf's site www.emmerdale.tk. Carry on reading this page for subsequent episodes of the week.

Ray and Louise enjoy Christmas morning – blissfully unaware of the nightmare that is about to unfold. Keen to leave their troubles behind and wanting to get away from the village as soon as possible, Louise packs before heading to the Woolpack to say a sad farewell to Diane, Tricia and Bob.

Terry can only watch, heartbroken, as the woman of his dreams prepares to
walk out of his life for good. As Louise leaves the Woolpack, she foolishly
accepts a lift and unwittingly walks straight in to the hands of her stalker
and embarks on the drive from hell. Unable to turn to Ray to save her Louise
is forced to defend herself against the maniac – with tragic consequences.

Elsewhere, it’s an equally black Christmas for the other residents of
Emmerdale as the power fleetingly returns – only to fail again, leaving the
idea of turkey and the trimmings a distant dream.

The lucky Tate’s have escaped the blackout, however, and are enjoying all the power as always. But will Charity live up to her name when word gets out, and the humble villagers come knocking at their door?

The Dingles are as resourceful as ever, though, and deal with the power-cut
by lighting the barbecue. Zak, meanwhile, has lived up to his promise of
making it a Christmas to remember for Belle and Santa delivers a Shetland

Jack and Andy are still trying to puzzle out Victoria’s reasons for conjuring
up an imaginary friend. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Robert
decides to teach Victoria a lesson – but she doesn’t rise to the bait,
leaving them all baffled.

Updated Synopsis from the Press Office

Ray and Louise enjoy Christmas morning – both unaware of the nightmare that is about to unfold. Ray is keen for them to leave their troubles behind and wants to get away from the village as soon as possible.

Louise agrees and packs. She later calls in to the pub to say her sad goodbyes to Diane, Tricia and Bob.

Terry watches – heartbroken. The woman of his dreams is leaving his life forever.

As Louise leaves the Woolpack, she sees what she thinks is a friendly face and agrees to getting a lift from them. But as they drive away from the pub, Louise soon realises that she is in the hands of the stalker!

Louise panics – desperate to get away from the maniac. She reaches across and grabs the steering wheel in a desperate effort to get the car to stop.

But as she does so, the car swerves and crashes into a wall. Fortunately for Louise she isn’t injured – the same can’t be said for her stalker, who lies motionless, slumped against the wheel.

Scrambling free from the car she races back to the village on foot – convinced that the stalker is dead and her nightmare in finally over.

Finally back at Mill Cottage, Louise is convinced she is safe, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

Ray isn’t there to help her and no sooner is she inside than a bloody, menacing figure appears at the door.

Elsewhere Christmas is looking dark, the village is out of power and Christmas dinner looks out of the question.

But things are looking brighter at the Tates, who have survived the blackout. As word gets out, Chris is reluctantly forced to accommodate most of the village for Christmas dinner.

Jack and Andy are still trying to puzzle out Victoria’s reasons for conjuring an imaginary friend. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Robert decides to teach Victoria a lesson – but she doesn’t rise to the bate leaving them all baffled.

So who was the Stalker?

Click here for She Wolf's visual update of this episode and find a graphic account of virtually every scene at www.emmerdale.tk

or read here :-


It is Chistmas Day in the Village. Viv and Bob come out of the post office. Ashley waves hello. Seth and Laurel come out of their cottage. Rodney and Steph celebrate. Edna walks out of her house. Paddy, Emily and Debbie make their way into the village and Marlon and Tricia close their front door. They all convene in the middle of the village for a bid switch on of the fairy lights now that the electricity is back on. Diane invites everyone in to the pub for some Mulled wine. As they go in Turners Car pulls up and he and Terry get out. Diane calls Merry Christmas over to them but Terry is unenthusiastic. In Mill Cottage Ray and Louise are preparing to leave. He gives her an early Christmas present - an Italian recipe book. Louise says she wants to say sorry to tell Terry before she goes. Ray suggests she writes him a letter. Outside at the Dingle's, Sam comes to find Zak. Zak is watching the house - he reminisces about Butch and about when Belle was born 4 years ago in the pigpen. In the Woolpack everyone is drinking mulled wine and getting into the Christmas spirit. Diane hands Tricia a mulled wine. Tricia tells Marlon to get a bit more in the Christmas spirit. Steph is looking forward to having a nice day with her family. Viv and Bob feel guilty about accusing Terry of being the stalker - Diane overhears their conversation and goes to leave the pub asking Laurel if she would look after things while she is out. Laurel is honored. In the B & B Terry and Mack have a cup of coffee. Turner comes in and offers them a drink to get them in the spirit. Diane enters and asks to speak to Terry. Mack and Turner leave the room. Diane apologises. Terry is angry that she accused him. Diane tells him Louise is leaving today so he probably won't see he again, then she suggests he goes and says goodbye to her but Terry dismisses this angrily. In Smithy Cottage, Paddy and Emily are worried because they haven't bought Debbie a Christmas present. Debbie enters and gives then a present she has bought for them (some soaps). Guiltily Paddy grabs a random present from under the tree, he can't remember what is in it but gives it to Debbie anyway. She opens it and it is a bra and knicker set! At Tricia and Marlon's, Marlon is cooking the dinner and is moaning about how Tricia has invited so many people to lunch. There is a knock at the door and Steph arrives with lots of presents and some wine. Marlon is agitated by her presence. Louise enters the Woolpack looking for Diane - no one is around. The electricity goes off again and she hears a noise and is frightened. Rodney arrives at Marlon and Tricia's. Marlon is now upset because he can't cook the turkey without electricity. Rodney bets Steph £50 that Marlon can't make a meal good enough for Turner to enjoy without electricity. Diane and Louise talk in the backroom of the Woolpack. Louise says she hates the stalker for making her do this - she has stored his number in her phone and says that she is finding it hard not to phone him and leave a message on his voicemail. Louise says she regrets everything that has happened with Terry. They both say goodbye to eachother and Louise leaves. Outside Mill Cottage Ray is packing his briefcase in the car. Louise comes out of the Woolpack, and gets her mobile out of her pocket. She rings someone. We see Ray going back into Mill cottage as a mobile rings in his briefcase. Louise walks down the road - she has rung the stalker. She tells them they are a looser and that she is going away with Ray so they will never bother her again. She just finishes the message as she gets to Mill Cottage. Ray is there waiting for her, he is ready to leave.


In Bob and Viv's sitting room, Bob, Viv and Donna moan about having no power. Viv gets an idea - she is going to open the shop and make the most of people having no where to go to buy any candles on Christmas Day. Terry comes out of the B & B and walks up the main street. Louise and Ray go by in the car -Terry shouts to Louise but they drive by and out of the village. In the Dingle's Cain and Zak drink some beer. Sam opens his present - it is a Tin Tin book called "Prisoners of the Sun". In it Tin Tin goes to South America looking for treasure. Lisa is angry with Zak that Belle's Christmas and Birthday present hasn't come - he reassures her that everything will be OK. Diane, Andy, Turner, Ashley and Turner are all in the shop. Marlon enters and they all blame him and his fairy lights for the power being off. Viv comes in and with six boxes of candles - she tries to sell them for £5 a box but everyone kicks up a fuss. Zoe comes in, pleased that Viv is open because she has forgotten the Cranberry Sauce for their dinner. She mentions that the power is off in the village but that it is still on at Home Farm. She invites everyone to Home Farm until the power comes back on. In the car on the way to the airport Ray and Louise look at houses in Italy. Ray says he thinks Louise's stalker has done them a favor. In Smithy Cottage, Debbie and Paddy sit by the fire. They don't really know what to say to each. Emily comes in saying they are probably going to have to have cheese sandwiches for dinner. There is a knock at the door and Nicola enters with a bottle of Advocat. She is shocked to see Debbie there but makes herself at home anyway. In Annie's Cottage Robert and Jack are sat eating chocolates. Victoria comes in - she has been wrapping a present for Walter. Jack thinks she is spending too much time with Walter. Andy comes in without candles but with the invitation from Home Farm. Jack is shocked. Turner and Marlon arrive back from the shop. Marlon tells everyone about the invitation to Home Farm - he persuades everyone to go but Rodney doesn't want to loose his bet and so makes sure that everyone would rather stay where they are. At the Dingle's Belle and Sam play cards. Cain has got a barbecue going outside to cook their dinner on. Shadrach arrives with a pony - it is Belle's present from Zak. They sing Happy Birthday. In the car Ray and Lousie talk about houses in Italy. Ray's mobile phone rings from his briefcase. He tells Louise to leave the phone because he doesn't want to talk to anyone but she insists that it might be important and so she goes to get it. In the briefcase Louise finds two mobile phones - one is ringing to tell Ray he has a message on his voicemail. Louise recognises her own number on his missed calls register. Thinking it is an old message, she listens to see what she said. But as she listens she hears the message that she left on the stalkers phone earlier that day. Louise realises that her stalker is Ray. She thinks quickly telling Ray that the message was from Diane so as not to alert him to the fact that she knows. In Home Farm Chris reads a story to Joseph who is sat with Charity on the sofa. Zoe comes in along with all the villagers. Chris is angry. Ray pulls the car up at a lay-by. He tells Louise that it couldn't have been Diane ringing that phone because Diane doesn't have the number of that particular phone. Louise tells him it was her message. She asks him to take her back to the village. He won't. He suggests they still go to Italy and just pretend that this never happened.


In Smithy Cottage, Debbie, Paddy, Emily and Nicola play Trivial pursuit. Nicola gets asked a question - Debbie knows the answer and Nicola is put out. Marlon is still trying to cook up a perfect meal for Turner to enjoy but is getting very frustrated. Determined not to loose her money to Rodney, Steph has a plan…….In Home Farm everyone is having a great time apart from Chris. Jack talks to Robert about Victoria having an imaginary friend (Walter). Robert thinks he may have an idea about what to do. Ashley thanks Zoe for the party. She apologises for not going to the carol service the night before. In the Car Ray tries to explain why he was stalking Louise. He tells her he thought they were drifting apart when she turned down his propsal and so this was something that brought them together again. Louise is frightened of what he might do next. At the Dingle's Belle is riding her new pony with Sam and Zak. The pony is called Hamish. Sam takes Belle off with the pony and Zak joins Lisa by the front door. They hug each other and say it is days like this that they realise how lucky they are. Marlon is sat on the floor waiting for Steph and Tricia to come back. The girls enter with the last of Steph's Christmas Hampers. Marlon thinks he can make something out of what is in it. In the Car Ray and Louise are still talking. Ray says the only thing he guilty of is loving Louise too much. He says they can start a new life together in Italy and put all this behind them. She says he is mad. At Home Farm the party continues. Ashley tells Zoe how much he misses Gabby. Seth tells Laurel how much he misses Betty. Robert gives Victoris another Christmas present saying it that Walter Todd had just dropped it off. In the Car Louise sees a man walking a dog outside and tries to get his attention by peeping ht car horn but Ray stops her. She has pushed him too far now and he drives off. In Smithy Cottage Debbie and Paddy are getting on much better. Debbie talks about her mum and wonders if she is thinking about her. They are interrupted by Nicola wanting to play another game. At Home Farm everyone is dancing and having a good time. Chris realises that Zoe has let Seth talk to Betty on the phone for ½ hour……..in Australia! Ray drives the car fast down a country road. Louise pleads with him to slow down, she tries to grab hold of the steering wheel but as she does the car swerves and spins out of control. It crashes into the side of the road.


It is now dark and Ray and Louise still lie unconscious in the crashed car. At Home Farm Seth thanks Zoe for the use of the phone. Victoria asks if she can use the phone now. Viv talks to Donna and Edna about how guilty she feels about Terry. Jack finds Victoria as she is just getting off the phone. She tells him that the present Robert gave her from Walter couldn't have been from him because she has just spoken to him on the phone and he has dropped her off her present at home. Louise wakens in the car - she opens the door and gets out. She uses her mobile to phone someone for help and then runs off down the road. At Home Farm everyone is singing. Diane's mobile phone rings in her bag but she doesn't hear it. At the Dingle's Zak, Sam and Shadrach talk about going to South America to find the treasure. Lisa comes in and Sam tells her about their plans but luckily she thinks it is just a joke. Louise runs down the road and over a fence into some woods. She has flashbacks about what has happened with Ray. She stumbles and falls to the ground. At Smithy Ciottage they are playing scrabble - Nicola is getting more and more drunk. Debbie is winning and Nicola deliberately ruins the game so that she doesn't loose face. At Marlon and Tricia's everyone has finished the meal. Turner has enjoyed it and so Steph takes her winnings off Rodney. However, Tricia lets it slip that all the food came from one of Steph's hampers and Rodney takes his winning back. In the B & B Mack and Terry are asleep. Louise runs into the village - she bangs on the door of the Woolpack but no one is in. She shouts for someone to hear her but most people are at Home Farm. In the Dingles Lisa has roasted some chestnuts on the barbecue. She tells Zak how much she loves him for organising the pony. He tries to tell her about going away but she won't listen. Louise enters Mill Cottage. She lights a candle amd gets her mobile phone out to make a call. She calls Terry and leaves a message telling him that the stalker was Terry. She asks him to come to Mill Cottage to help her and then finishes the call. She hears a noise in the darkness. It is Ray come to find her!

Date: Thursday 26 December Time: 8:00pm to 8:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise is left devastated after her terrifying ordeal. Lisa looks forward to the New Year, unaware that Zak is making his own plans for the future. Nicola dampens the festive atmosphere at Paddy and Emily's.

The following is based on the offically released synopsis from Yorkshire Television, however it has had to be ammended to give certain important information that had been left out.

Louise finds herself terrified and alone at Mill Cottage when she faces her stalker alone. Having seemingly left the stalker for dead in the car crash the day before, she is terrified when a battered and bloodied figure suddenly appears in the house. Thinking on her feet, she tries to distract the fiend by questioning why he has been hounding her and making her life a living nightmare.

Having come this far relatively unscathed, she is determined not to be beaten and summons all her courage to face her enemy head-on – with fatal results when she throws a vase at him as he heads towards her on the stairs. The stalker crashes down to his death.

Nothing could prepare Louise for the horror she feels in having killed somone - albeit accidently - and although she is overwhelmed with guilt, her relief is overpowering.

But she has little time to take in what has happened before her saviour, Terry, finally arrives (whom she had rung in desperation before hand)

Louise confesses to Terry what has happened and he quickly suggests a way of making it look like a terrible accident in a bid to throw the police off the scent. They decide that she should join the party at Home Farm and make it appear that she has been around all day.

Louise sneaks into the Tate’s, struggling to keep a brave face as the Christmas celebrations commence, she lies to Diane saying that Ray has been called away on business and they will leave for Italy the next day.

The electricity makes a welcome return to the village and the Woolpack soon
becomes the order of the day. But even though the power-up is short lived,
regulars enjoy being back in the pub and hold a Christmas sing-song by candle light.

Over at the Dingle’s, Zak is busy organising his trip to South America, with
Sam listening intently – thinking that he will be at his dad’s side
throughout the adventure. Zak, however, doesn’t have the heart to tell him he’ll be going on his own.

There was a new twist in the Victoria and Walter Todd saga. She confessed to Jack and Robert that he didn't exist. Later however, we saw her talking to somone or something saying that they must remain a secret.

The question remains who or what is Walter Todd if he is indeed real?

Official Synopsis

Still alone and clearly not about to be rescued by Ray, Louise is terrified that her battered and bloodied stalker is now in her house threatening her. Louise tries to distract the stalker by questioning why they have hounded her.

But Louise has come this far and is determined to end her nightmare once and for all. She summons all her courage to face her enemy - the result is fatal.

Nothing could prepare Louise for the horror she feels when she realises she has killed her stalker. Although she is overwhelmed with guilt, the feeling of relief is greater.

Louise’s saviour finally arrives at Mill Cottage. She is exasperated as she confides in him what has happened. They decide to make it look like an accident, as Louise could be charged with murder if the police found out the truth.

They decide to join the party at Home Farm and make it appear that she has been around all day. Louise sneaks into the Tate’s struggling to keep a brave face as the Christmas celebrations commence.

Zak is busy organising his trip to South America, Sam listens intently thinking they he will at his dad’s side through out the advanture. Zak however doesn’t have the heart to tell him he’ll be going on his own.

Walter, Victoria’s imaginary friend, has been eating all the biscuits again at the Sudgens. Jack decides to tries and let his daughter down gently, to no avail.

Click here for She Wolf's visual update of this episode and find a graphic account of virtually every scene at www.emmerdale.tk

or read here :-

Ray Mullan dies


It is still Christmas Day. Ray and Louise confront each other in Mill Cottage. Ray grabs Louise and throws her to the floor. At the Dingle's Zak just gets off the phone from his Uncle Moses in Whitby. He was telling Zak how to get to South America and from what he said Zak doesn't think he is up to the journey any more. Back in Mill Cottage Ray and Louise are fighting. He says he just wanted her to need him. She says he is sick. At Smithy Cottage Debbie, Nicola, Emily and Paddy play charades. Nicola gets up and starts to mime "Harry potter". Debbie guesses it straight away and Nicola is put out. In Mill Cottage Ray tells Louise that she had always known he was a dangerous guy - he mentions all his illegal dealings and then he mentions Tony who used to work for him. He asks Louise what she thought had happened to him when he mysteriously disappeared. He says she loved him for who he was and that is why they were so right together. She struggles to get away from him and runs towards the front door. Ray follows her and grabs her. As they talk Louise moves up the stairs slowly and Ray follows her. She says she wishes she'd never met him and then grabs a vase from the table at the top of the stairs and hits Ray over the head with it. Ray falls backwards down the stairs and lands at the bottom. Louise walks towards him and looks over his body. Terry walks in is shoked by the scene he finds. At the Dingle's Sam and Zak talk about South America. Zak says he is too old to go travelling - Sam tries to persuade him otherwise. In the end Zak agrees to go so that he won't let Sam down. In Mill Cottage Louise realises that she has killed Ray - she tells Terry she has killed him and that she is going to phone the police. Terry convinces her not too. He thinks it would be easy for the police to come to the conclusion that one of Ray's connections from his illegal dealings had done it instead of Louise. In the Dingle's Zak and Sam talk about the trip. The have to get a frieght liner from Grimsby to Montevideo in Uruguay and then travel overland through Argentina to their destination of Santiago in Chile. Lisa arrives and they shut up. In Mill Cottage Terry comes up with a plan. He tells Louise to get changed, clean herself up and get to Home Farm. He thinks that because all the village are there and they will all be drunk by now, no one will notice what time she has arrived. He says he will sort out her car and get rid of all the evidence that frames Louise. In Smithy Cottage Jack, Robert and Victoria are back from Home Farm. Jack looks for a new packet of biscuits that he knew were in the cupboard. Victoria thinks Walter has taken then, Jack says he couldn't have done because he doesn't exist. Victoria leaves. In Mill Cottage Louise is ready to leave for Home Farm. Terry says that when she comes back from the party she should discover the body and then phone the police and act like the grieving girlfriend. She is prepared to do anything to not to go to jail.


Lousie arrives through the back door of Home Farm kitchen. She pours herself a drink. Diane and Laurel come in to find her. She tells them that she has been there for two hours already and that Ray has been called away on some business so they are going to Italy tomorrow instead. Turner comes in and tells everyone that the power came back on just as he left. Diane decides that she should go and open the Woolpack - Zoe says she doesn't have to but Diane insists. In Smithy Cottage, Debbie tells Paddy and Emily that she has had the best Christmas ever. They are pleased. Terry enters the B & B. Mack is still asleep - Terry wakes him up by switching on the light and pretends that they have both been asleep all this time. Turner comes in and invites them to the Woolpack - Terry is apprehensive but agrees. In Annie's Cottage Jack confronts Victoria about having an imaginary friend. Terry enters the Woolpack with Mack and Turner. Diane gets him a drink on the house. Louise says she is going to go home and see where Ray is. Zoe comes in and Diane says she can have free drinks all night. Bob apologises to Terry for accusing him of being the stalker. In Smithy Cottage, Debbie decides to go to bed. Nicola is up for a party now that the 'child' has gone to bed but Paddy and Emily want to get rid of her so they pretend they are going to bed also. Nicola leaves. In Annie's Cottage Victoria is sat on the stairs still talking to Walter like he is real. In Mill Cottage Louise gets ready to call the police. In the Woolpack Chris and Charity come to join Zoe for a drink. Chris admits he had a good time at the party and that what really pleased him was seeing Zoe so happy. Behind the bar, Bob has an idea of how to make the party more special. In Mill Cottage Louise is on the phone to the police. She tells them that she got home to find Ray lying on the floor and that she thinks he is dead. In the Woolpack, Bob has switched all the lights out and brought candles in instead to create a more Christmassy atmosphere. This prompts the pub into song - They sing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". In the Dingle's Zak, Lisa and the dog are sat on the sofa. Zak promises Lisa that next year will go down in Dingle history as the best ever! In Mill Cottage Louise sits looking at Ray's body. She is crying as we here the police sirens in the distance.

Date: Friday 27 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

The villagers are shocked by the previous night's tragic turn of events. Paddy and Emily enjoy a family day out with their latest foster child. Lisa laughs off Zak's plans to make the Dingles rich.

The stalker’s death sends shockwaves through the village and Emmerdale is
awash with policemen as the boys in blue cordon off Mill Cottage. Crowds of
locals quickly gather to watch and speculate as to how they spent their final

Louise is feeling alone and vulnerable and the blood drains from Louise’s face as the police ask her to accompany them to the police station for questioning. She reluctantly agrees – convinced they can see straight through her façade.

Zak finally plucks up the courage to tell Lisa he is going to go in search of
Jed’s lost fortune, but she brushes it off as merely a joke. Despite her
reaction, Zak forges ahead with his plan to save the family by finding the
lost Dingle fortune.

The fierce rivalry to win the dance competition proves a small distraction
from the events at Mill Cottage and Viv and Edna are at loggerheads about who will take first place tomorrow.

Paddy and Emily continue to enjoy the company of young Debbie and feel as
though they are making good progress with her.

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Teletext :-

Emmerdale The police arrived in the village to ask Louise questions surrounding Ray's death, prompting her to turn to Terry for support. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap :-

Friday 27th December The village was awash with police and news of the stalker's death spread amongst the locals.

Louise felt terribly alone as she was taken off to be questioned, convinced the police wouldn't believe her.

Zak found the courage to tell Lisa he was going off in search of Jed's fortune but she brushed him off.

Paddy and Emily were making good progress with Debbie.

Updated Synopsis from the Press Office

The village is ablaze with blue flashing lights and red tape as Mill Cottage is cordoned off by the police.

The crowds are gathering as they speculated how Louise’s stalker spent his final hours.

The blood drains from Louise’s face as the police ask her to accompany them to the police station for questioning – she is terrified they can see straight through her façade.

Surprised by Ray’s reaction to the stalker being unveiled and realising that he isn’t the rock she once thought he was, so unable to turn to him, Louise goes to Diane for comfort and asks if she can stay at the pub.

When Zak tells Lisa he is going to go in search of Jed’s lost fortune, she brushes it off as merely a joke – leaving him downcast as he feels he has no option but to go to save his family.

Only the fierce rivalry to win the dance competition can detract attention away from Mill Cottage, as Viv bickers with Edna about who will take first place tomorrow.