Updated: 29th December 2002

Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002

Episodes #3331-3335; 15th December - 20th December 2002

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This week's episodes were directed by Oliver Horsbrugh
This Week's Cast List includes :-

Zoë Tate
Charity Tate
Marlon Dingle
Stephanie Stokes
Tricia Stokes
Gloria Pollard
Eric Pollard
Joseph Tate
Christopher Tate
Betty Eagleton
Viv Hope
Chloe Atkinson
Ashley Thomas
Rodney Blackstock
Danny Daggert
Paddy Kirk
Emily Kirk
Glynis Hardy
Alan Turner
Edna Birch
Henry Ledbetter
Laurel Potts
Cynthia Daggert
Louise Appleton
Nicola Blackstock
Lisa Dingle
Ray Mullan
Scott Windsor
Zak Dingle
Sydney Woolfe
Angie Reynolds
Brian Addyman
Andy Sugden
Katie Addyman
Sam Dingle
Marc Reynolds
Geoff Graham
Jack Sugden

Leah Bracknell
Emma Atkins
Mark Charnock
Lorraine Chase
Sheree Murphy
Janice McKenzie
Christopher Chittell
Oliver Young
Peter Amory
Paula Tilbrook
Deena Payne
Amy Nuttall
John Middleton
Patrick Mower
Cleveland Campbell
Dominic Brunt
Kate McGregor
Christine Cox
Richard Thorp
Shirley Stelfox
Robin Bowerman
Charlotte Bellamy
Kay Purcell
Emily Symons
Nicola Wheeler
Jane Cox
Seamus Gubbins
Ben Freeman
Steve Halliwell
Nathan Gladwell
Freya Copeland
Martin Reeve
Kelvin Fletcher
Sammy Winward
James Hooton
Anthony Lewis
Jack Lord
Clive Hornby


EXTRA EPISODE - Date: Sunday 15 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Determined to salvage his marriage, Eric heads for London. Terry digs himself deeper into a hole as the stalking allegations fly. The Reynolds prepare for Angie's funeral. Written by Bill Lyons

Louiseís nightmare continues when she discovers that the stalker is getting more and more personal.

A photograph of her, taken in the village, is delivered to the Woolpack and acts as a stark reminder of just how vulnerable she is.

Rayís anger reaches fever pitch and, desperate to protect Louise from any further abuse, he insists that they should move abroad to escape the fiend.

Pollard canít help but feel that his life has stalled since he started playing a distinct second fiddle to Gloria and her political career.

Since heading to London, Gloriaís silence speaks volumes and Pollard grows increasingly annoyed as he is forced to rely on Geoff to update him on her movements.

The final straw comes when he sees his wife being interviewed on TV ahead of delivering her maiden Parliamentary speech. Pollard decides the time has come to travel to London and confront the problem head on.

Terry is settling in at Viv and Bobís but as the stalker allegations continue to fly, Donna grows increasingly uncomfortable in his presence.

Even Bob is feeling the strain of having a lodger, as Terry fails to heed his request to wear a few more clothes while the ladies are around.

Ollie and Marc return home from their fatherís house to find Angie fast becoming a memory and her belongings packed up. Len informs them that he has left her most personal things out for them to sort through.
As the final plans are made for the funeral, Sean breaks the news that he wonít be attending. Itís more than Ollie can take and she breaks down in front of Danny.

But there is worse to come and Marc reveals that he has decided to leave Emmerdale to live with Sean and Tara - leaving Ollie to decide whether she follows suit.

Meanwhile Turner fears that history may be repeating itself as Steph struggles to deliver the Christmas hampers. With her criminal past in mind, he decides its time for a fatherly chat.

Teletext :-

Lisa asked Zak to go and see his sick father. Eric left for London to be with Gloria. Ollie went to visit Angie in the church. ITV 1 Sunday

Ollie, Len and Marc say farewell to Angie

Date: Monday 16 December Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Gloria flounders as the time of her maiden speech approaches, but Eric saves the day. Ollie and Marc say their final farewells to Angie. Charity recognises Cain's guilt as he is drawn to Angie's graveside. Witten by Mark Illis

Jason Kirk returns

It is a true hour-long episode special - not two together.

In a bid to resolve his differences with Gloria, Pollard arrives in London and makes a beeline for Westminster.

Within minutes of tracking her down, though, he soon realises that she is way out of her depth. Gloriaís secretaries are calling the shots and itís obvious that she is in dire need of help in preparing her maiden Parliamentary speech.

And his concern deepens when they take a coffee break and he notices that Gloriaís includes a healthy dose of rum!

But can Pollard get her back on track and steer her away from a disastrous debut in Parliament?

Itís a black day back in Emmerdale as Angie is finally laid to rest. The turnout is large but the gossips have a field day speculating about why Sean has seemingly snubbed the funeral.

Marc is bitter and angry about the death of his mother and vents his fury at her colleagues - blaming the force for her death.

Itís more than he can take and he announces that he needs to escape the village for good and put the painful memories it holds behind him.

Cain is forced to watch the funeral from a distance - unable to share his own grief with anyone for fear of the truth about his involvement with her death being revealed.

Charity provides a shoulder to cry on - but will Cain unburden his guilt on her?

Zak is troubled too, but for very different reasons. He is struggling to deal with the news that his father is dying and Lisa urges him to see him before it is too late.

And a familiar face [Jason Kirk] returns to the village with some surprise news for Latisha that could see her heading for pastures new.

[Zak and Sam remember Butch and Ben.

Louise's stalker - A new suspect is put into the mind of viewers, Jack sees Brian playing with a mobile phone, turns out Brian has had one for a while and says he needs one to keep track of Katie. Seconds later Louise receives a text from her stalker.]

BBC Puresoap :-

The turnout for Angie's funeral was impressive but the gossips had a field day over Sean's absence.

Cain could only watch from a distance and was unable to share his grief in case his guilt was revealed.

Pollard arrived in Westminster and realised Gloria was well out of her depth so he began helping with he.

Lisa urged Zak to go and see his father while he still could.

United Gloria and Eric

Teletext :-

Emmerdale Gloria made her maiden speech in Parliament. Jason wanted Latisha to go to Lisbon with him. Len decided to stay in the area. ITV 1 Monday

The village say goodbye to Angie at her graveside

Zak visits his dying father Jed

Date: Tuesday 17 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zak is confounded by his dying father's talk of stolen treasure. Ollie and Marc make conflicting decisions about their futures. Diane worries that the stalking is taking its toll on Louise. Written by? Stephen Bennet

Still troubled by the thought of his dying father and with Lisaís words ringing in his ears, Zak finally decides the time has come to face his past and visit him.

But he isnít prepared for the sight that greets him when he arrives at the hospice. Jed is weak and decrepit - almost beyond recognition.

Upon seeing his son, Jed mumbles about the Dingle inheritance being hidden in South America and insists that Zak should head for Santiago and retrieve the family fortune.

Zak is saddened that his father has been reduced to a frail fantasist and reluctantly returns home.

Latisha and Jason are busying themselves with plans for a new life in Lisbon. He even offers to take the whole Daggert clan with them - knowing that it will make it easier for Latisha to leave.

But Danny is preoccupied by the surprise news that Ollie has decided to follow Marcís lead and leave Emmerdale.

Cynthia is tempted by the offer, but her attempts to seek advice from Terry fall on deaf ears. He has only one thing on his mind - Louise.

The continued stalking is taking its toll on Louise and Diane becomes concerned that it is pushing her over the edge. She is frustrated by the lack of action by the police and is even terrified in her own pub.

Terryís presence in the Woolpack doesnít help and he has a run in with Diane - berating her for accusing him of being the stalker.

Teletext :-

Emmerdale Latisha had doubts about going to Lisbon with Jason. Marc left the village to live with his dad. Zak visited his father in hospital. ITV 1 Tuesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Tuesday 17th December Zak decided to go and visit his father but was shocked when he saw how weak and decrepit he had become.

Upon seeing his son, Jed mumbled about a large family fortune that had been hidden in South America.

Latisha and Jason were keeping themselves busy as they prepared to go and live in Lisbon.

Diane became concerned that Louise was heading for a nervous breakdown.

On Thursday Louise reads her own obitury in the newspaper

Date: Thursday 19 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zak discusses his dead father's ramblings, but Sam won't let it lie. Cain looks for a target for his anger, and finds Jason. Louise is stunned by the stalker's latest move.
Written by? Stephen Bennett

Lisa is increasingly worried about the Dingle debts spiralling out of control Ė but Zakís mind is elsewhere as Shadrach delivers the sad news that their father has passed away.

Having led a fairly simple life, he hasnít left much behind. But that doesnít stop Sam dreaming up a wild fantasy of a hidden fortune when he unearths a key to a bank box in Jedís belongings.

With little to keep her in Emmerdale now that she has split from Cain, Latisha mulls over the chance of a new life in Lisbon. And her mind is made up for her when a brooding Cain picks a fight with Jason.

Cynthia is happy that Latisha has made a sensible decision for once and hopes that having a mother in tow wonít cramp her style.

But unsure where his future lies, Danny has to decide whether to follow his family overseas or go it alone in Emmerdale.

Laurel is bursting with enthusiasm as she recruits able voices for a Christmas choir. But the songs she has in mind are hardly traditional hymns.

Meanwhile Louise is far from full of Christmas cheer, she has just read her own obituary in the local newspaper.

Rodney catches up with Louise, however could he be the stalker?

Date: Friday 20 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise makes plans to leave the village. Sam's investigations unearth a fortune in a Chilean bank. Ollie and Danny's living arrangements cause strife for Len. Written by Bill Taylor

The shock of reading her own obituary is still fresh in Louiseís mind and Ray feels increasingly unable to protect her any more.

Feeling more vulnerable than ever, she starts to seriously consider the idea of escaping the village for good in a bid to find a safe haven away from the stalker.

But before the idea can take shape, Louise is spooked when Rodney makes a surprise visit to Mill Cottage.

Disturbed by his manner, she flees out of the backdoor and races to the village Ė realising that he too could be her stalker!

Later that evening she tells Ray she is ready to put this nightmare behind her and leave Emmerdale for good. Ray is massively relieved and starts making plans immediately.

Refusing to let go of his dream of hidden treasure, Sam is ecstatic with what he finds in Jedís safety deposit box.

Zak is far from convinced, though, when Sam eagerly produces an ancient bank book for an account in Santiago and a newspaper clipping about a daring back raid!

But when Lisa goes wild with rage after getting wind that Zak missed his court date for the TV licence Ė the idea of a trip to Santiago suddenly seems like a very tempting idea.

Meanwhile the village is awash with colour as Viv and Tricia go head to head in the battle of outrageous Christmas decorations!

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