Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3326-3330; 9 December - 13 December 2002

Updated: 15th December 2002

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This  week is dominated by who is stalking Louise and the fostering of two girls by Paddy and Emily

Main Cast List :-

Zoë Tate
Charity Tate
Marlon Dingle
Stephanie Stokes
Tricia Stokes
Eric Pollard
Christopher Tate
Viv Hope
Ashley Thomas
Rodney Blackstock
Danny Daggert
Paddy Kirk
Emily Kirk
Glynis Hardy
Alan Turner
Edna Birch
Laurel Potts
Cynthia Daggert
Louise Appleton
Nicola Blackstock
Lisa Dingle
Ray Mullan
Scott Windsor
Zak Dingle
Sydney Woolfe
Brian Addyman
Andy Sugden
Katie Addyman
Sam Dingle
Marc Reynolds
Geoff Graham
Jack Sugden
Victoria Sugden

Leah Bracknell
Emma Atkins
Mark Charnock
Lorraine Chase
Sheree Murphy
Christopher Chittell
Peter Amory
Deena Payne
John Middleton
Patrick Mower
Cleveland Campbell
Dominic Brunt
Kate McGregor
Christine Cox
Richard Thorp
Shirley Stelfox
Charlotte Bellamy
Kay Purcell
Emily Symons
Nicola Wheeler
Jane Cox
Seamus Gubbins
Ben Freeman
Steve Halliwell
Nathan Gladwell
Martin Reeve
Kelvin Fletcher
Sammy Winward
James Hooton
Anthony Lewis
Jack Lord
Clive Hornby
Hannah Midgeley

Paddy have their hands full with foster daughters Chantelle and Carly

Date: Monday 09 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Edna's neighbour from hell moves in next door. Suspicion of stalking falls on Mack, but Louise and Ray need evidence. Paddy and Emily brace themselves for another bout of fostering.

Episodes 3326:-

Edna is intrigued to find the identity of her new neighbour. As she sees the ‘To Let’ sign being removed, she collars the estate agent demanding some answers.

Fearing a troublesome family could move in, Edna’s mind is put to rest when she is told that an elderly gentleman has taken up the lease.

Determined to get off on the right foot, she bakes a cake and takes Laurel round for a nosy.

But Edna gets more than she bargained for when her archenemy, Jarvis answers the door and thanks her for the cake!

There is no doubt in Ray’s mind that it was Mack who vandalised his car and Louise is beginning to suspect that he is responsible for the stalking too.

At the Woolpack, Diane is shocked to think that her ex-boyfriend could be responsible for the nightmare Louise is enduring.

The Dinlges are still in financial strife. With their debts hanging over them, Christmas looks bleak - although Charity has offered them a loan extension till January.

But, true to form, Zak comes up with an ingenious plan. The harebrained scheme involves turning plastic Easter bunnies into snowmen! Lisa reluctantly accepts it might be the only thing that will see them through the festive season.

Paddy and Emily’s fostering continues and they welcome two troublesome girls into their home with the fostering agency’s warning ringing in their ears.

The couple bravely accepts the responsibility, but it isn’t long before the trouble starts and the eldest, Chantelle, quickly proves to be a handful.

Teletext :-

Emmerdale Paddy and Emily agreed to foster two sisters. Steph shaved Bob's moustache off. A bin-man moved in next door to a shocked Edna.

BBC Puresoap :-

Monday 9th December Louise started to think Mack could be the stalker after Ray accused him of vandalising his car.

Edna was furious when she found out the gentleman moving in next door was her arch enemy, Jarvis.

Christmas was looking bleak for the Dingles with all their debts, until Zak came up with a plan.

Paddy and Emily took two troublesome foster girls into their home.

Bob considers a change of appearance

Date: Tuesday 10 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Edna and her new neighbour get off to a shaky start. Louise is sickened to discover that Mack used her bed while she was on holiday. Zak is unmoved by the news that his father is dying.

Episode 3327:-

Louise’s theory about the stalker’s identity is fuelled when Syd lets it slip that Mack had invited women to stay at Mill Cottage while she and Ray were away.

She is horrified to think of strangers in her bed and sees this as confirmation that he is the stalker.

Ray comes home to find Louise hysterically stripping their bed linen. Ray is incensed when he hears what Mack has done and insists they must call the police.

There is bad news for Zak when Shadrach turns up out of the blue at the Dinlges. He greets Zak warmly, but it is obvious something is wrong. After sharing several cans, Shadrach finally opens up and tells him their father is dying.

Zak hasn’t seen Jed for many years after he walked out on the family when he was young. But when Shadrach relays Jed’s dying wish – Zak is torn by the request of a reunion.

Edna agrees to bite her tongue and do the neighbourly thing by inviting Jarvis round for tea. To her surprise he accepts her offer and downs tools to come over.

But the atmosphere’s frosty at Edna’s cottage, as Ashley, Seth and Jarvis exchange small talk over tea and cake.

Jarivs manages to get Edna’s back up again, however, when he mentions his idea to build a workshop in his back garden.

Sparks fly in Smithy Cottage as Paddy and Emily catch Chantelle trying to sneak her boyfriend up stairs. Laying down the law is difficult for the new foster parents, but they stand firm. Fostering is proving to be a real challenge.

Steph teases Viv about the stubble rash she has all over her face from Bob’s moustache! Viv realises the time has come to rid her husband of his lip hair!


Teletext :-

Emmerdale Zak's brother told him their father was dying. Louise heard about Mack's exploits in her bed. Edna harassed her new neighbour.

BBC Puresoap :-

Tuesday 10th December Louise decided Mack was the stalker when she found out he had asked women to her cottage while she was away.

Zak received bad news when Shadrach turned up out of the blue and told him their father was dying.

Sparks flew when Paddy and Emily caught Chantelle trying to sneak her boyfriend upstairs.

Edna did the neighbourly thing and asked Jarvis round for tea.

Jack has to keep Ray off of beating up Mack

Date: Wednesday 11 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Mack is accused of stalking Louise, but it's Ray who ends up in jail. Zak is in a dilemma over whether or not to visit his dying father. Jack finds fatherhood troublesome as Victoria falls under the influence of a wayward friend. Written by Dave Simpson

Edna is not impressed with her new neighbour Jarvis

Episode 3328:-

After a pleasant day out with Ray, Louise comes face to face with Mack in the village.

Determined to defend his name Mack approaches Louise, who finds herself paralysed with fear. Fortunately for Louise, Ray is close by and quickly rushes to her defence.

A confrontation breaks out and Ray can no longer restrain himself. He gets physical with Mack – but soon starts regretting it and leaves Louise more vulnerable than ever.

Home alone, Louise locks the door – unaware that Terry is lurking outside in the darkness with his eye on Mill Cottage!

Edna is perturbed to see that Jarvis’s garden is cluttered with old bits of junk.

The noise from next door becomes unbearable. Edna shouts over the fence that she has had enough. Jarvis remains unconcerned for his new neighbour’s sanity.

She is further riled by the fact the rest of the village have really warmed to Jarvis – even Tootsie is finding their new neighbours backyard more interesting than their own.

Ray tries to attack Mack while a helpless Louise looks on

Teletext :-

Emmerdale Ray was arrested for punching Mack. Paddy decided he would have to be harder on the girls. Victoria dyed her hair bright pink.

BBC Puresoap :-

Wednesday 11th December Mack approached Louise, determined to clear his name, but Ray started a fight with him and was arrested.

Home alone that night, Louise locked the front door - unaware that Terry was lurking outside in the darkness.

Edna was furious when Jarvis started building a workshop in his back garden, disturbing her peace.

She was further riled by the fact everybody else had warmed to him.

After a row with Paddy over loud music, Chantelle smashes the radio

Date: Thursday 12 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise decides to tackle Mack head on, but things don't go according to plan. Turner worries that Steph is up to no good. Fostering pushes Paddy to breaking point. Written by Janys Chambers

Episode 3329:-

Bob notes Terry has been missing all night, but on questioning his whereabouts, Bob isn’t convinced by Terry’s response.

Later that morning, Louise is overcome with relief as Ray returns after a night in jail. She is glad to have him home and warns him not to lose his rag again – she desperately needs him close by.

But even with Ray back home, the nightmare is far from over. The stalker kindly reminds Louise he is not backing down and delivers a sinister Christmas present to her door – a decapitated doll.

Louise receives the head of a doll


Jarvis seems blissfully unaware of the torment he is causing Edna, but she is quickly becoming convinced that he really is the neighbour from hell!

Turner has got his beady eyes on Steph. Convinced she isn’t going to deliver her Christmas hampers on time, he decides to have a quiet fatherly word.

Elsewhere, Paddy looses his temper with Chantelle when she drops and breaks their radio. He is so angry that he almost smacks her.

Later, he is desperately guilty about his sudden outburst and realises that parenthood is a lot tougher than he’d ever envisaged.

Chantelle drops the radio

Teletext :-

Louise found out that Mack wasn't the stalker. Walter gave Victoria a dead mouse. Chantelle deliberately smashed Paddy's radio. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap :-

Thursday 12th December Louise was relieved to have Ray back from jail but the stalker left a decapitated doll on her door step.

Bob realised Terry had been out all night and questioned him but wasn't convinced by his response.
Paddy snapped when Chantelle dropped and broke their radio. He almost hit her and was later racked with guilt.
Jarvis seemed blissfully unaware of the torment he was causing Edna.

Date: Friday 13 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Ray has had enough, but Louise refuses to be driven from her home by her sick stalker. Paddy and Emily's patience is tested to the limits. Len finds an unexpected ally in Jarvis. Written by Janys Chambers

Episode 3330:-

Louise is at breaking point - she can no longer take the stalker’s bombardment and extreme paranoia is setting in.

She sees several men going about their business. They all seem oblivious to the nightmare she is enduring, but she knows in her heart that anyone of them could be responsible for her misery.

Ray is angry that Louise has risked her life in confronting Mack, he suggests they move away from Emmerdale and leave their troubles behind.

But Louise has too much to lose and is determined not to be driven out of the village she once loved.

Tension mounts ahead of the tea dance as the villagers practice their routines in time for the competition. Edna is having a frustrating time, though, and discovers that Len has two left feet.

Len is ready to throw the towel in and give up, until Jarvis steps in to lend a helping hand.

After a turbulent couple of days, Paddy and Emily bid a deflated good bye to the two foster children.

Teletext :-

Emmerdale Mack pleaded his innocence in the Woolpack. Paddy and Emily said goodbye to the sisters. Jarvis helped Len master his waltzing. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap :-

Friday 13th December Louise reached breaking point as extreme paranoia set in so Ray suggested they move away.

But Louise said she had too much to lose and was determined not to be driven out of the village.

Tension mounted as the villagers practiced their routines for the dance competition.
Len dropped out of partnering Edna, and Jarvis stepped in to replace

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