Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3321-3325; 2 December - 6 December 2002

Updated: 29 December 2002

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This week's episodes were directed by David Kester
This Week's Cast List includes :-

Zoë Tate
Charity Tate
Marlon Dingle
Stephanie Stokes
Tricia Stokes
Gloria Pollard
Eric Pollard
Joseph Tate
Christopher Tate
Betty Eagleton
Viv Hope
Chloe Atkinson
Ashley Thomas
Rodney Blackstock
Danny Daggert
Paddy Kirk
Emily Kirk
Glynis Hardy
Alan Turner
Edna Birch
Henry Ledbetter
Laurel Potts
Cynthia Daggert
Louise Appleton
Nicola Blackstock
Lisa Dingle
Ray Mullan
Scott Windsor
Zak Dingle
Sydney Woolfe
Angie Reynolds
Brian Addyman
Andy Sugden
Katie Addyman
Sam Dingle
Marc Reynolds
Geoff Graham
Jack Sugden

Leah Bracknell
Emma Atkins
Mark Charnock
Lorraine Chase
Sheree Murphy
Janice McKenzie
Christopher Chittell
Oliver Young
Peter Amory
Paula Tilbrook
Deena Payne
Amy Nuttall
John Middleton
Patrick Mower
Cleveland Campbell
Dominic Brunt
Kate McGregor
Christine Cox
Richard Thorp
Shirley Stelfox
Robin Bowerman
Charlotte Bellamy
Kay Purcell
Emily Symons
Nicola Wheeler
Jane Cox
Seamus Gubbins
Ben Freeman
Steve Halliwell
Nathan Gladwell
Freya Copeland
Martin Reeve
Kelvin Fletcher
Sammy Winward
James Hooton
Anthony Lewis
Jack Lord
Clive Hornby


Date: Monday 02 December Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise's fear takes shape as she realises she is being stalked. Pollard is devastated as Gloria heads for a life in politics. Paddy and Emily are full of trepidation as their fostering begins in earnest. Writen by Sarah Bagshaw & Margaret Simpson

Episodes 3321-3322:-

Having just arrived back from their holiday, Louise has almost forgotten her nightmare of being stalked when the cryptic text messages begin again.

Ray tries to convince her to stay at home, but she is determined to act as normal as possible. Despite pulling a brave face, the bombardment of unwanted attention is having its toll.

But the arrival of flowers at the Woolpack with a chilling message does nothing to calm her nerves. She fears the stalker could be any man in the village. Ray does his best to hide his boiling jealousy and tries to be patient and comforting.

But there is worse to come and Louise is terrified to discover that someone has been in Mill Cottage, while she’s been away. Unable to cope with the intrusion, she decides to call the police. Ray, meanwhile, is growing suspicious of Terry and is sure that he knows something.

Paddy and Emily have been bubbling with excitement at the prospect of meeting their first foster child, Jacob. And while they know they have got a lot to learn, they are determined to do the best job possible.

As new parents they are forced to learn quicker than they’d envisaged, though, when Jacob refuses to come out of his bedroom. Paddy is impressed when Emily deals with Jacob, it seems to do the trick!

Gloria has packed her bags and headed for Westminster, leaving a disillusioned Pollard behind. He decides to drown his sorrows in front of the telly and the last thing he expects to see is Gloria.

But he has to take a double take when he sees his wife being chatted up on National TV by a familiar face! And just when he thinks things can’t get any worse - Glynis arrives.

Zoe is unsteady on her feet at work and takes a heavy fall. Scott is quick to help her to her up, questioning whether the baby is all right. He is shocked that Zoe remains unconcerned.

Louise and Ray call in the police

Date: Tuesday 03 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise lives in fear, but the police believe they have the stalker in their sights. Zoe accepts that she may never remember the identity of her baby's father. Emily and Paddy find they have very different attitudes to parenting. Written by Ian Fenton

Episode 3323:-

On his way back from buying Louise a new mobile phone, Ray spots Terry and, convinced that he is the sinister stalker, threatens him to stay out of her life.

Mill Cottage, meanwhile, is fast turning into a fortress. Fresh on the heels of the police's visit the previous evening, workmen are busy changing locks in a bid to make Louise feel more secure.

Terry tries to quiz her about the visit from the boys in blue, but she is clearly uneasy in his company.

And her fears prove founded when Diane reveals to Louise that she has found a screwed up picture of her in Terry's bin. She is left with no choice but to call the police.

Paddy and Emily continue to try and come to terms with the conflict that their new arrival is causing.

Jacob is desperate to be excused from P.E – but Paddy and Emily find themselves at odds about how to deal with him.

They are both stunned, however, to discover that he is playing truant from school.

But when Paddy tackles Jacob about the truancy, he finds himself relating to him when he reveals that he is being bullied because of his size.

Their bonding goes one step too far, though, and Emily is not happy.

Zoe is starting to face up to how she will deal with the arrival of her unborn child and prepares for an adoption meeting – insisting that she doesn't care where the baby goes, as long as it goes somewhere away from her.

She confides in Terry that she finds it difficult talking about the unknown father and has to admit that she will probably never know who he is.


Date: Thursday 05 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

The village is rife with accusations about Louise's stalker. Emily fears she's failing as Paddy and Jacob bond. Jack is exasperated by Victoria's antics. Written Stephen Bennett

Episode 3324:-

Ray is furious at the police's lack of action towards Terry but heeds Louise's warning not to go taking the law into his own hands.

He insists, however, that his restraint will be sorely tested if the messages and gifts continue to arrive.

Diane is shocked to think that Terry could be the stalker, but has to admit that it all fits into place – particularly as the messages have seemingly stopped since the police visited him.

Finally coming round to Louise's way of thinking, Diane feels she has no choice but to let Terry know of her suspicions and admit that she doesn't want him living under the same roof as her.

Forced out of the Woolpack, Terry flees in search of a bed for the night.

Paddy's battle to build bridges with Jacob continues and he is stunned to discover Jacob about to throw a stone through Viv's window.

But when he claims that Viv called him fat, Paddy picks up a stone of his own and is set to join him until Emily arrives to put a stop to their attack.

Jacob later breaks down and reveals that his parents argued a lot. Emily is concerned about the friction in their house and can't help but worry as to why he isn't warming to her.

Jack is alarmed to discover that a bottle of wine has been uncorked and the cork is still missing.

Sure that Robert is responsible, he challenges him but Robert is quick to point out that if he'd taken the cork, he would have taken some wine too.

All is revealed when Victoria enters with a blackened face – but she isn't too eager to explain why.

Date: Friday 06 December Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

The police are no closer to catching the stalker, and things take a nasty turn for the worse. Victoria's adventures cause uproar at the Sugdens.' Written by Bill Taylor

Episode 3325:-

Having been ostracised from the Woolpack Terry is glad that Viv has offered him some temporary accommodation.

Uncharacteristically, Viv has given him the benefit of doubt over the stalking allegations - although she is revelling in all the speculation.

On her return to Mill Cottage, Louise finds a funeral wreath has been delivered. As she reads the message, a torn up photo of her falls out. She pieces the photo together only to reveal it spells out a chilling message.

Clutching the wreath in her hands she heads for Café Hope – demanding answers from Terry.

Paddy and Emily bid farewell to Jacob as he returns to his real parents. His mother has come out of hospital early and they have come to pick him up.

Their first experience of parenthood has been a challenge. But despite everything they have leant a lot and look forward to the prospect of taking more children in.

Building work is slow at the church conversion as they’re a man down. Syd suggests Mack might be a good stand-in to Ray.

But Ray is no push over and Mack is forced to grovel after stealing brandy from Mill Cottage during his last job.

Having apologised for pilfering, Mack is annoyed when Ray proceeds to make a total fool of him! With a bitter taste in his mouth, Mack plots instant revenge.

Teletext :-

Emmerdale Louise thought Mack must be the stalker. Jacob returned home. Mack sprayed graffiti on Ray's car after he was refused a day's work. ITV 1 Friday


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