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Episodes #3116-320; 25 November - 29 November 2002

Updated: 29 November 2002

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Betty Eagleton
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Clive Hornby

The police break the terrible news to Ollie, Marc and Len

Date: Monday 25 November Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Steph is forced into a game of bluff and double bluff when her plot is uncovered. Cain can find no comfort as he grieves for Angie. Pollard swallows his fears and comes to Gloria's rescue. Written by John Chambers and Dave Simpson.

Episodes #3316-3317: MONDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2002 at 7.00pm 1 hour (this was not an hour special, but two episodes aired together)

Cain is numb with pain after the death of Angie. He wanders around the house in a daze – unable to comprehend the horror that has gone before.

He soon snaps out of it, however, when he notices that there is a police car outside. Cain and Zak react with horror – for very different reasons.

But the police car is visiting the Reynolds and not the Dingles, and Cain watches as Marc and Ollie return home to be greeted by the police bearing the grim news of the tragedy that unfolded in their absence.

Wracked with guilt, Cain is uncomfortable as Zak tries to talk to him about Angie’s death.

Over at Home Farm, Cynthia is busy cleaning up after the party and is shocked to discover that a figurine is missing.

She is further outraged when Charity suggests that Latisha may have stolen it. Disgusted by the accusation, Cynthia declares that she cannot live where they are not trusted and tells Latisha to pack her bags.

The real culprit, Steph, makes herself scarce as the theft becomes a police matter.

It is only a matter of time, though, before she has to face a grilling from the boys in blue.

While she convinces them of her innocence, Danny isn’t quite so convinced and he soon rumbles her. Cynthia and Latisha are furious at her actions and demand that she own up to Charity and Chris.

But can Steph box clever and avoid taking the rap?

As the election looms, Pollard and Gloria struggle to deal with their rift. The real problem for Pollard, however, is that he fears that Gloria could win the election and he could end up playing second fiddle to his wife!

Jack’s birthday is fast approaching and he insists on going for a family meal, as he has nobody special to share his day with.

The boys wonder whether he is lonely and Robert suggests that they use the restaurant booking to set him up with a blind date.

[FURTHER NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: In this episode we finally realise just how devious and how clever Steph really is. She is a liar, a thief, a con artist and certainly knows about antiques (despite convincing everyone else otherwise).

Having realised Latisha is main suspect for Steph's crime, Steph befriends Latisha and her mother and persuades her father Alan to put them up for free in the B&B. At first the women are happy with their new fond friend, until they realise Steph is the culprit for stealing the figurine from Home Farm.

Forced by Cynthia and Latisha to confess all to Charity, Steph tells Charity it was an accident. While looking at the "Juliet" piece it fell on the floor and broke into pieces. She further explains to Charity that she only took it to see if she could not get it mended. However sadly she couldn't. She presents the pieces to Charity and agrees to pay £3,000 in return for Charity calling off the police.

Later Cynthia and Latisha want to know how Steph got away with it. Steph tells them that on the way to Home Farm she dropped it and it broke, and then proceeds to tell Cynthia and Latisha what she told Charity.

The twist however, came at the end of this episode when we see Steph selling on not only the "Juliet" statue to a dealer but also she has its pair "Romeo" (heaven knows where she got this from) for the sum of £9.500.]


Len is helplessly stands by as his grandchildren are left distraught over their mother Angie's death.

Teletext :-

News of Angie's death spread throughout the village. Cynthia quit her job and lodgings. Robert arranged a blind date for Jack. ITV 1 Monday


BBC Puresoap :-

Monday 25th November Cain was devastated about Angie and felt wracked with guilt as he saw the police give Mark and Ollie the news.

Cynthia was outraged when she saw a figurine was missing and Charity accused Latisha of stealing it.

But Danny realised Steph was the thief and told Cynthia, who demanded she own up straight away.

Pollard was worried Gloria might win the election and leave him stranded.

Date: Tuesday 26 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Election fever hits Emmerdale, but Pollard fears that he may lose Gloria. Jack puts his foot in it when he meets his birthday blind date. Cain is tormented by the pressure of his guilty secret. Witten by Matthew Westowood.

Episode #3318:

Gloria and Pollard busy themselves with last minute canvassing ahead of the Election Polls closing.

Pollard is under instructions to do everything in his power to help Gloria’s chances and ferries pensioners to the polling station to secure their vote.

But despite his best efforts, Pollard can’t ignore the fact that if Gloria does win, he may well end up losing the woman he loves.

As the polls close and the count gets under way, will they have done enough to sweep Gloria to power?

As Jack opens his birthday presents, he becomes suspicious when the kids reveal that he has one more big surprise to come.

They tell him that he has a hot date waiting for him at the Woolpack – but who will it be and how will he take the news?

As Cain watches Ollie and Marc preparing to go and stay with their dad for a while, he is desperate to pass on Angie’s dying words – that she loved them.

But despite the guilt that weighs so heavily in his heart, he can’t bring himself to do it for fear of implicating himself in Angie’s death.

As Charity pays Cynthia her last pay packet, she humbly apologises for accusing Latisha of theft and asks her to reconsider her decision to quit.

Meanwhile, Ray is not a happy man after discovering that Mack has been taking liberties while he has been away on holiday.

Teletext :-

The election was held, but the result required a recount. Ollie and Marc left for Spain. Jack had a date with Diane. ITV 1 Tuesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Tuesday 26th November Pollard reluctantly ferried pensioners to the polling station to ensure Gloria won the election.

The kids surprised Jack on his birthday with a hot, mystery date waiting for him at the Woolpack.

Cain wanted to give Angie's dying words of love to Marc and Ollie but it would prove he was involved.

Charity apologised to Cynthia and asked her not to quit.


Date: Thursday 28 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Pollard and Gloria's future hangs in the balance as they await the election result. Ray is disturbed as Louise receives an intimate text message. Andy and Robert get a taste of their own medicine.

Episode #3319:

It’s a tense time for Gloria as she awaits the result of the election recount – will it go her way.

But she is more than a little putout when she realises that Pollard is seemingly quite happy for her to lose.

It is only when Pollard spells out that he is scared of losing her too, that the penny finally drops and they reassess the importance of their marriage.

As the outcome of the re-count is announced, Gloria steps forward – but is it as a winner or loser?

Mack is furious at Ray’s refusal to pay his bonus, but takes satisfaction from the knowledge of what he did in his and Louise’s house while they were away.

Syd warns him not to get on the wrong side of Ray, but Mack is confident that he knows just how to handle people like Ray.

Bumping into Louise, Mack asks about the holiday and comments on how good she is looking.

But his words come back to haunt her when later that evening she receives a mysterious text message referring to her homecoming.

Ray is furious and makes it clear that he will deal with the sender in his own way!

Jack is bemused as to how his children persuaded his date to join him – she admits that it was because it was his birthday and she was glad to be his dinner date.

The kids wait at home in eager anticipation of news as to how the date has gone, but Jack is having a great time and keeps them waiting.

Steph is proving troublesome during her stay at Nicola’s and domestic bless isn’t the order of the day.

Gloria awaits her moment of glory.


Gloria won the local election. Louise received an anonymous text message. Lisa grew concerned over Cain's state of mind. ITV 1 Thursday


BBC Puresoap:-

Thursday 28th November Pollard told Gloria he was worried about losing her when she won the election and begged her to resign.

Mack was furious when Ray refused to pay his bonus and swore to get even, despite Syd's warnings to stay clear.

Jack enjoyed having dinner with Diane. The kids wanted to hear how it went but he kept them in suspense.

Steph was proving troublesome during her stay with Nicola.

Date: Friday 29 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Paddy and Emily return from their honeymoon to find themselves in demand as foster carers. Louise becomes anxious as the mystery admirer's attention intensifies. Pollard feels left behind in the wake of Gloria's success. Written by Karin Young

Episode #3320:

Paddy and Emily return from their honeymoon – eagerly hoping for news from the fostering agency.

And while they have resigned themselves to the fact that it may not be the news they hoped for, they haven’t given up all hope.

But will they be looking forward to the arrival of foster children or will they have failed to meet the agency’s strict requirements?

There is definitely no good news for Louise and she becomes increasingly spooked by yet more disturbing text messages.

Things then taken a sinister turn when all the beer mats with her calendar pictures on start to vanish.

Pollard is growing tired of the election aftermath and the attention that Gloria is getting after the big night.

Even a big order for his factory as a result of her high profile can’t lift his spirits.

Convinced that he is about to lose his wife to politics for good, he finally swallows his pride and begs her to give up on the idea of becoming an MP. Pollard is determined to make her change her mind – but Gloria will take a lot of persuading.

Jack enjoys teasing the kids about his blind date and implies that they got on better than expected. He then reveals that his date will be calling round to make an important announcement – how would they feel if she moves in with them!

Cain is becoming increasingly desperate in the aftermath of Angie’s death. His loss drives him to break into the deserted Reynolds house in a bid to feel close to her again.


Louise received more text messages and blamed Terry. Paddy and Emily were offered a foster child. Eric became jealous of Gloria.
ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap:-

Friday 29th November Paddy and Emily returned from holiday, anxious to hear how they had scored with the fostering agency.

Louise became increasingly spooked by the text messages she was receiving from Mack.
Jack said the date with Diane had gone well and teasingly asked the boys if she could move in with them.

Cain was approaching breaking point as he grieved for Angie.

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