Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3311-3315; 18 November - 22 November 2002

Updated: 23 November 2002

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Cast List :-

Angie Reynolds
Lisa Dingle
Cain Dingle
Viv Hope
Steph Stokes
Latisha Daggert
Edna Birch
Zak Dingle
Ollie Reynolds
Marc Reynolds
Sam Dingle
Bob Hope
Chloe Atkinson
Cynthia Daggert
Charity Tate
Len Reynolds
Seth Armstrong
Alan Turner
Jarvis Skelton
Danny Daggert
Sydney Woolfe
Tricia Stokes
Christopher Tate
Rodney Blackstock
PC Bruce
DC Collins
Suzi Brown
Marlon Dingle
Freya Copeland
Jane Cox
Jeff Hordley
Deena Payne
Lorraine Chase
Danielle Henry
Shirley Stelfox
Steve Halliwell
Vicky Binns
Anthony Lewis
James Hooton
Tony Audenshaw
Amy Nuttall
Kay Purcell
Emma Atkins
Peter Martin
Stan Richards
Richard Thorp
Richard Moore
Cleveland Campbell
Nathan Gladwell
Sheree Murphy
Peter Amory
Patrick Mower
Jenni Williams
Trevor Fox
Sian Foulkes
Mark Charnock

Two Episodes joined together

Date: Monday 18 November Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Angie is disarmed when Latisha confronts her with Cain's true feelings. An irate Lisa returns from holiday without Zak. Edna continues to rubbish the new binman, and begins a campaign to save the traditional village bins.
Written by Bill Lyons & Janys Chambers

Marc is shocked to discover his mum, Angie, slumped on the sofa where she has been all night. The telltale signs of her real problem lies at her side – an empty bottle of wine.

Concerned for their mum, Ollie and Marc argue over whether or not they should tell her that Sean is to marry Tara. How will she react when she accidentally overhears the news?

Venturing out into the real world only for more booze, Angie is alarmed when Cain follows her. Keen to avoid conflict, Angie tells him to back off and leave her alone.

Cain isn’t the only one pursuing her, though, and Angie finds herself being confronted by Latisha on her own doorstep.

But as a furious Latisha blames her for Cain dumping her, Angie is oblivious to the fact that Ollie is listening to every word.

Disgusted by what she has heard, Ollie tackles her mum and warns her to steer clear of Cain – but she isn’t convinced that the message is getting through.

But with Marc and Ollie going to Sean’s, Angie resolve is tested sooner than she had anticipated when Cain comes calling. Will she be able to resist his bad-boy charm?

Sam is confused when Lisa returns from holiday without Zak. But as he questions whether it means they have split up, Lisa seems more bothered about the whereabouts of the TV and Latisha.

When Sam pursues the issue of Zak’s whereabouts, Lisa finally reveals that he is being held in custody – for air rage!

Edna’s battle of the wheelybins continues, but she is annoyed to discover that Betty has taken a liking to her new bin. But Edna isn’t about to give up the fight and tackles Jarvis about recycling once again. She tries to get Len on her side but he insists on a favour for a favour and asks her to be his dance partner at the village tea dance.


Cain and Angie

Date: Tuesday 19 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Angie is torn between her emotional needs and the risk of losing her family. The Dingles' plight is compounded by further catastrophes. Viv is in dire straits as she finds herself treated like trash. Written by Tim Dynevor.

Angie Reynolds is living dangerously – after all the heartache that Cain has caused her family, she still cannot resist the sense of danger that he exudes.

The morning after the night before, Angie is appalled by her actions – she finds herself filled with conflicting emotions and cannot help feeling drawn to him.

But when Cain leaves, the reality of what she has done begins to sink in. And when Ollie rings and leave a message on her answer phone, Angie is brought firmly back to earth.

On Cain's return Angie desperately to tell him that their night of passion was strictly a one off. However, he steadfastly refuses to lose Angie a second time and tries to persuade her to reconsider.

Edna's campaign against the wheelybins hits a snag when Jarvis decides to fight dirty.

Rodney is delighted when Chris invites him to his anniversary party. Determined to make an entrance with a glamorous lady on his arm he asks Steph to accompany him. But his ego takes a knock when she admits that she has already received her invitation and will be accompanied by a much younger model. With time running out Rodney turns to his little black book for an alternative date.

Viv 'Houdini' Hope finds herself in a tricky predicament when her efforts to clean her brand new bin go disastrously wrong. After toppling in, her attempts at escapology come to nothing, and Sam is gob smacked when he walks passed and discovers the world's first talking bin. 

Viv falls into the bin

Teletext :-

Angie came close to dumping Cain for good. Viv fell into a wheelie bin. Lisa bumped Alan's car and later found she was uninsured. ITV 1 Tuesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Tuesday 19th November Angie was appalled by her actions when she awoke after sleeping with Cain, but still felt drawn to him.

Rodney was happy when Chris invited him to his anniversary party, and vowed to take a glamorous lady.

Viv smelt the stench of humiliation when she fell into the wheelie bin whilst trying to clean it.

Sam was amazed when he walked past and heard the bin talking.


Date: Thursday 21 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Angie hatches a plan in a bid to get her life back on track. Zak jeopardises the family home to get the Dingles out of debt. A guest at the Tates' party has an eye on the family heirlooms. Written by Chris Thompson.

Angie is forced to finally admit that she can’t live without Cain – but realises that they can never have a future together in the village.

Cain is stunned by her sudden impetuosity, and even more surprised by Angie’s plan to escape.

She reveals that she is prepared to cross the line and turn crooked so that the pair of them can escape to a happier future together.

Angie eagerly tells him about inside information she has on how the Tate Haulgae yard works and how they can use it to their advantage.

They then set about planning the perfect robbery – Angie will help Cain steal a Tate van and sell the valuable load to set them up for life!

Over at the Tate’s dinner party, Rodney and Steph flaunt their dates in front of each other.

But Steph clearly has other things on her mind, too, and openly admires Chris and Charity’s possessions.

When they aren’t looking, she measures an attractive figurine against he size of her bag and is thrilled to discover that the two are compatible.

Charity is amused to hear about Viv’s wheelybin plight, but realises that it could mean an end to their introduction.

Edna watches gleefully as she realises she has won the battle of wits with Jarvis and the wheelybins are on their way out.

Lisa is growing increasingly angry with Zak for getting them into a financial pickle as Christmas approaches.

But will Charity live up to her name when the Dingle clan go cap in hand to her?   

Zak pleads with Charity for money


Angie quit her job and plotted to rob Tate Haulage with Cain before going away. Charity loaned Zak money in exchange for his house. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap:-

Thursday 21st November Angie admitted she couldn't live without Cain and suggested they run away together.

She was even prepared to turn crook for him and came up with a plan to steal goods from Tate Haulage.

Edna was ecstatic when she beat Jarvis and the wheelie bins were consigned to the scrap heap.

Steph had her eye on the silverware at Chris and Charity's party.

Date: Friday 22 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Angie's plan goes awry with fatal consequences. Upon discovering Zak's foolishness, Lisa's worries for the future increase. Steph celebrates the result of a successful scam. Written by Paul Quiney.

Cain and Angie put the finishing touches to their heist plan and Cain is excited about the thought of finally being able to start a life with the love of his life.

As dark falls, Cain sneaks into the haulage yard and hotwires a loaded van. But as he makes his way to the gates – things start to go wrong.

Angie is there waiting for him – but the gates are locked and the key he has won’t open the lock.

In a panic, he smashes through the gates and speeds off into the darkness, with Angie close behind.

He drives erratically in a bid to make a quick escape. With Angie close behind, he is sure that they can make a getaway.

But Cain hadn’t reckoned on what happens next and is stunned to see Angie’s car career off the road.

Have they gone too far and paid the ultimate price?

Steph and Rodney continue to outdo each other at the Tate’s dinner party. Danny is intrigued as Steph talks about a rare figurine worth thousands of pounds.

Rodney points out that it would be worth three times as much as a pair. As the guests gather to watch Chris and Charity open their presents, Steph steals the figurine.

Lisa demands that Zak retrieve the deeds for their home from Charity, not realising that he had given them up in return for the loan that paid for their holiday.

[Considered to be one of the best episodes of Emmerdale in a long time. Full of many surprises. Watch out for a visual update on She Wolf's site at www.emmerdale.tk.

It became apparent in this episode that Angie had been stringing Cain along all week. She did not love him. She was planning to be rid of him once and for all. The mobile phone theft was a trap. Once Cain was cornered the game should have been up and he arrested. However Cain fled the scene with fatal concequences.

As the police car (with Angie and DC Collins inside) took flight after Cain, it crashed. A devestated Cain stopped and pulled out a badly injured Anie from the wreckage (DC Collins we assume is dead).

As Angie lays dying in Cain's arms, Cain explains how he cannot live without her and he will never love anyone as much as her. He pleads with Angie to tell him that she loves him. Angie won't.

Angie's dying words are for Ollie and Marc and how much she loves them.

With Angie now dead in Cain's arms, emergency service sirens can be heard in the distance. It is time for Cain to leave if he wants to save his own neck. However the episode ends]

Angie dies in Cain's arms


Cain tried in vain to save Angie's life after her police car went off the road. Steph stole a valuable figurine from Chris' house. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap:- 

Friday 22nd November As darkness fell, Cain sneaked into Tate Haulage yard and hotwired a loaded van, then made his escape.

Angie followed him out in her car but Cain drove so erratically she crashed badly whilst trying to keep up.

Cain stopped the van but was left in tears when he pulled Angie from the wreckage and she died in his arms.

Steph stole a figurine from the Tate's house during their party.

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