Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3305-3309; 11 November - 15 November 2002

Updated: 13 November 2002

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Cast List :-

Zoë Tate
Viv Hope
Steph Stokes
Angie Reynolds
Sydney Woolfe
Christopher Tate
Louise Appleton
Cain Dingle
Laurel Potts
Jerry Mackinley
Ray Mullan
Latisha Daggert
Edna Birch
Sam Dingle
Marc Reynolds
Alan Turner
Diane Blackstock
Cynthia Daggert
Terry Woods
Charity Tate
Nicola Blackstock
Melanie Say
Rhona Goskirk
Bob Hope
Jack Sugden
Brian Addyman
DC Collins
Tricia Stokes
Scott Windsor
Geoff Graham
Len Reynolds
Danny Daggert
Ashley Thomas
Seth Armstrong
Betty Eagleton
Ollie Reynolds
Licence officer
Jarvis Skelton
Leah Bracknell
Deena Payne
Lorraine Chase
Freya Copeland
Nathan Gladwell
Peter Amory
Emily Symons
Jeff Hordley
Charlotte Bellamy
Rob Dixon
Seamus Gubbins
Danielle Henry
Shirley Stelfox
James Hooton
Anthony Lewis
Richard Thorp
Elizabeth Estensen
Kay Purcell
Billy Hartman
Emma Atkins
Nicola Wheeler
Kelli Hollis
Zoe Henry
Tony Audenshaw
Clive Hornby
Martin Reeve
Trevor Fox
Sheree Murphy
Julian Finnigan
Ben Freeman
Jack Lord
Peter Martin
Cleveland Campbell
John Middleton
Stan Richards
Paula Tilbrook
Vicky Binns
Robert Maxfield
Richard Moore

Date: Monday 11 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Cafe Hope goes up in smoke as Viv confides in Steph, unaware that Steph has been stealing supplies from the shop. The subject of the limo driver's mystery conquest is a hot topic in the village. Cain becomes more and more obsessed with Angie's movements. Written by Lesley Clare O'Neill.

Steph is being her usual scheming self and has come up with a Christmas scam to fund her festive season.

Unknown to Viv she has been pilfering food and drink from the village shop, arranging them neatly into hampers to sell.

She pitches her new business interest to Viv who sees the opportunity to rival the Woolpack as a perfect way to get Diane's back up and pinch her customers. Little does Viv know all the stock so far has come directly from her shelves.

They decide to toast their new partnership and crack open the champagne. After several glasses of bubbly Steph decides to put the chip pan on with disastrous consequences.
Time passes by as Viv confides in Steph about her secret fling with the limo driver. The girls are deep in conversation as the cafe goes up in smoke!

Laurel has been cleaning in the Woolpack when she unintentionally earwigs Diane on the phone to Bernice, they are both howling with laughter as Diane tells her who slept with the limo driver on Tricia s hen night!
Only hearing part of the conversation Laurel is enthralled, but hasn t heard to the guilty party was! Later that day she cannot keep the gossip to herself and is desperate to confide in someone, hoping to find out who did the deed!

Soon the whole Woolpack are bickering about the limo driver and his mystery conquest!

Cain is becoming more and more obsessed with Angie s movements, she finds herself denying she knows him to Collins, when she comes across him while on duty.

Little does she know that he has been watching her very closely and is unhappy to witness Syd and Angie kiss on her return from work.

Zoe finds the friendship she made with Mel in the clinic invaluable as she offers to accompany her to the antenatal classes.

Cafe Hope has a chip pan fire.


Steph started a fire in the cafe. Laurel spread gossip about who slept with the limo driver. Angie rejected her boss' advances.
ITV 1 Monday

BBC Puresoap:-

Monday 11th November Disaster struck when a chip pan caught fire in the café while Viv and Steph chatted over champagne.

Laurel overheard Diane telling Bernice that someone slept with the limo driver on Tricia's hen night.

Cain became more and more obsessed with Angie as he spied on her at work and later when she went home to Syd.

Zoe found a new friend in Mel, who she met at the clinic.

Date: Tuesday 12 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Cain confronts Syd and warns him off Angie for good. Mack is wary of Ray's offer to start work at Mill Cottage, but doesn't like the idea of turning work away. Viv gets bad news from the insurance company, and then finds herself dropped in it when gossip about her and the limo driver spreads. Written by Matthew Westwood.

Cain threatens Syd

Angie and Syd's new found relationship has had a profound effect on Cain, he is determined to take matters in to his own hands and throw a spanner in the works.

But his first attempts to make his presence felt do not have the desired effect, as Syd only appeared to be mildly shaken, when Cain asserts his authority.

Later Syd leaves the pub to go back to the Reynolds, he is suddenly aware that he is begin followed. His pace quicken as he realises it is Cain.

When Syd arrives at the Reynolds, Cain jumps him from behind. Syd finds himself pinned up against the wall and Cain tells him again to stop seeing Angie. Using brute force seems to have a more profound effect on Syd who hasn't taken the warning lightly.

Exhausted from her shift Angie returns home to an empty house. She is surprised that Syd is not there and when she calls him she is confused to find his mobile is switched off.

Mack is wary of Ray's offer to start work at Mill Cottage but cannot turn away a good job even though they haven't seen eye to eye.

Geoff asks to interview Louise about her popularity in the calendar, she is flattered by the attention but is unsure.

Louise returns home from working thinking they are being burgled as there is someone moving about upstairs. She is relieved to find out it is Mack working on their bedroom conversion.

After the fire, Viv has pinned all her hopes for the repairs to the café on the insurance. She is anxiously awaiting the Loss Adjuster to assess the damage.
The news that they are not covered for the damage isn't exactly what Viv wanted to hear - she is distraught!

Steph can t help hinting to Nicola that Viv slept with the limo driver on Tricia 's hen night. Nicola revels in telling Louise, Diane and Tricia the juicy gossip which is overheard by Bob!

Steph realises she has fuelled the rumour and tries to make amends by feebly admitting that it was really her that slept with the driver, leaving Bob relieved and everyone else confused!

Viv s heart nearly skipped a beat, but Steph has saved her bacon. Viv pulls Steph aside and thanks her immensely.

BBC Puresoap :-

Tuesday 12th November Cain jumped Syd and pushed him up against the wall, then told him to stop seeing Angie, or else.

Viv had steam pouring from her ears when she found out the café wasn't covered for fire damage.

The gossip that someone had slept with the limo chauffer did the rounds until eventually Bob overheard.

Steph saved the day by pretending she was the one who bedded the driver.

Cain threatens Syd

Teletext :-

Bob almost discovered Viv's secret. Zoe and Mel attended the antenatal class. Cain warned Syd to keep away from Angie.
ITV 1 Tuesday

Date: Wednesday 13 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Under pressure, Syd buckles and dumps Angie. Latisha is angry with Cain for standing her up the previous night, and notices that he seems preoccupied. Louise gets some flowers from a mystery admirer. Edna is in uproar about the village's new refuse services. Written by Janys Chambers.

Angie has been trying desperately to get hold of Syd but to no avail. He has made himself very scarce and is not turning on his phone. It is clear he is petrified of Cain.

When she comes across Cain, she wonders why he looks like the cat who's got the cream, she doesn't realise his smugness is due to his success in scaring Syd off!

When Syd finally shows his face at the Reynolds, Angie can't believe her ears, as she expects an apology for disappearing but gets dumped instead!

Latisha is angry with Cain for standing her up the night before - he had promised to take her out but not come home at all. When she questions his whereabouts, she starts to see him in a different light. He just tells her off for letting the place get in a mess  ordering her to clean up.

Latisha tries to smooth things over later but she can't help but notice Cain seems pre-occupied as he looks out of the window to the Reynolds' house.

Louise receives some flowers and is surprised to see that the card attached has a quote from the article that Geoff wrote about her. The mystery admirer captivates Tricia, but Louise is not to keen on the attention from the anonymous sender!

Later at home Louise feels uncomfortable with Mack in the house, she asks him how long it will take him to complete the conversion. She is anxious about telling Ray about the flowers, worried that he may become jealous.

Edna is in uproar about the village s new refuse services! But she ll have to take it up with Jarvis  has she finally met her match?

Nicola tells Steph she saw Laurel looking through the mail and suspects she's a thief.

Teletext :-

Cain continued to neglect Latisha. Syd reluctantly ended his affair with Angie. Louise received flowers from her mystery admirer.
ITV 1 Wednesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Wednesday 13th November Latisha saw Cain's darker side when she got cross with him for standing her up the night before.

Syd took heed of Cain's violent threats, leaving Angie stumped when he unexpectedly dumped her.

Louise received more flowers from her mystery admirer and worried about telling Ray in case he got jealous.

Nicola told Steph she suspected Laurel of being a thief.

Date: Thursday 14 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise is disturbed when a stalker starts sending her underwear. Angie is not taking the break-up with Syd well, while Syd explains himself to Marc. Laurel is caught going through the mail at the Woolpack. Written by Janys Chambers.

Syd and Angie

Angie hasn t taken the break up with Syd well, she didn t go to work last night! Marc is alone at the Reynolds when Syd turns up to get together his belongings. Caught on the hop, Syd is forced to explain to Marc about the break-up. He feels guilty that he has had to face the music.

Collins teases Angie about not turning up to work, questioning whether it was her toy boy giving her trouble - her reaction says it all. He knows he has one over on her and attempts to make a pass at her - insisting if she plays along, he won t tell her superiors! Angie is furious and throws coffee on him.

Later, Syd sees Angie and tries to explain but she wont listen to his excuses until he reveals Cain s threats. Both Cain s arrogance and Syd s cowardice horrify Angie as she goes to confront Cain.

Cain has been acting very strangely with sudden mood swings. Sam is tip-toeing around him hoping he won t erupt! But they can t understand why he is suddenly a good mood, this worries Latisha. She notices he takes pleasure in seeing Syd and Angie arguing.

At the Woolpack, Louise is fed up of being talked about and Ashley comments on how full the pub is compared to usual. It must be due to her new found celebrity status!

She is even more alarmed when she opens a mystery package containing some sexy underwear. Ray is not impressed with the mystery package and Louise is starting to worry about his reaction to the unwanted attention.

Tricia speculates whether the underwear could be from Ashley as he has had a thing for barmaids in the past! Louise is not taking the matter as light-heartedly, later at home she bolts the door opening it only to Ray, who offers support upon his return.

Edna is determined to have it out with Jarvis about the Emmerdale bin saga!

Laurel gets caught going through the mail at the Woolpack, Diane thinks she s a thief. And she is forced to come clean!

Date: Friday 15 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Cain makes Latisha homeless when he throws her out. Angie decides to quit the police and is hit with a sexual harassment suit by Collins. Edna continues her crusade against the wheelie bins. Written by John Chambers.

Latisha is sick of Cain s erratic behaviour and is looking for some answers but Cain refuses to explain. Sam is caught on the hop when the TV license officer visits to tell him they have not got a license.

He covers and confounds them with his own confused logic. They commit to returning when a responsible adult is in the house and he hides the TV.

But Sam being Sam only manages to drop the TV down the stairs in front of the officers and Cain, who is furious when they decide to prosecute.

Cain is so angry he takes his pent up aggression out on Latisha and tells her to leave  for good!

Cain can not take his eyes of the Reynolds and Latisha is well aware of what is going on, but he doesn t realise Angie is staring back!

As Marc and Ollie catch her looking at the Dingles, she reveals she is thinking of quitting the police which explain Collins sexual harassment.

Later Ollie and Marc are shocked when Angie reveals she has resigned and that Collins had already filed for assault and started rumours that she was back with Cain.

Not wanting to see their mother easily defeated, Ollie and Marc offer their support if she wanted to fight back, Angie is warmed but thinks the best option would be to back down.

Edna is waiting to ambush Jarvis, but is annoyed when she has to go out for a vet s appointment. But she spies Sam coming down the street in the refuse truck.

She accosts him and asks him to empty her old bin, but Sam explains the new policy that everyone has to use the plastic wheelie bins to have their rubbish collected, Edna is furious!

She finally gets her hands on the rubbish ringleader  Jarvis, after what seems like hours of bickering they come to a temporary agreement. Edna is furious but has decided it isn t over yet! Will it be a wheelie bin war?

Laurel has come clean to Diane and Louise that she has been going through the mail looking for competitions. They agree she can use her names to enter some more!

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