Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3300-3304; 4 November - 8 November 2002

Updated: 10th November 2002

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Cast List :-

Zoë Tate
Viv Hope
Eric Pollard
Gloria Pollard
Diane Blackstock
Cain Dingle
Scott Windsor
Sydney Woolfe
Louise Appleton
Ashley Thomas
Cynthia Daggert
Bob Hope
Edna Birch
Terry Woods
Christopher Tate
Laurel Potts
Geoff Graham
Tricia Stokes
Sam Dingle
Latisha Daggert
Kirk Daggert
Jerry Mackinley
Marc Reynolds
Nicola Blackstock
Rhona Goskirk
Rodney Blackstock
Mr Skip
Len Reynolds
Alan Turner
Angie Reynolds
Jack Sugden
Ray Mullan
Ryan Leader
Charity Tate
Danny Daggert
Ollie Reynolds

Leah Bracknell
Deena Payne
Christopher Chittell
Janice McKenzie
Elizabeth Estensen
Jeff Hordley
Ben Freeman
Nathan Gladwell
Emily Symons
John Middleton
Kay Purcell
Tony Audenshaw
Shirley Stelfox
Billy Hartman
Peter Amory
Charlotte Bellamy
Jack Lord
Sheree Murphy
James Hooton
Danielle Henry
Alexander Fothergill
Rob Dixon
Anthony Lewis
Nicola Wheeler
Zoe Henry
Patrick Mower
Dave Dutton
Peter Martin
Richard Thorp
Freya Copeland
Clive Hornby
Seamus Gubbins
Daniel Pape
Emma Atkins
Cleveland Campbell
Vicky Binns
Una McNulty


Date: Monday 04 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Gloria agrees to dig for dirt in order to save her political campaign. Zoe makes Scott an offer he is too scared to refuse. Syd is stunned to learn the real reason why Cain has a problem with him. Written by Mark Wadlow.

The Press are hounding Gloria

The Press has been hounding Gloria, keen to dig some more dirt on her drink problem and attempted suicide. Playing them at their own game she offers to strike up a deal in return for them burying the story.

True to form Gloria has a master plan. Bribery is the name of the game -in return for ditching the dirt on her, something far juicer must be unearthed and Ledbetter is the perfect victim.

Pollard is perplexed on how they are going to achieve their smear campaign until Gloria tells him he is going to break into Ledbetter's office and steal the evidence they need to ruin him. Once again as Gloria takes the front seat, Pollard reluctantly has to play second fiddle.

Zoe faces idle gossip as she enters the vet 's surgery for work for the first time since she s been ill. Nicola is titillated as Zoe confirms she does not know who the father of her baby is.

Keen to get on with her life as normally as possible, Zoe questions why there are no appointments in the diary for her when Rhona seems so busy. Tactless Nicola is quick to remind her of her drink-driving ban, leaving Zoe immobile without a driver.

In the street, Scott stops dead in his tracks as Zoe calls after him, paranoid that she has remembered their encounter he tentatively turns to face her. He breathes a sigh of relief when she asks him if he would like a job driving for her. He is so relieved he doesn t question the implications of spending so much time alone with Zoe. Having accepted her offer he suddenly fears he may jog her memory.

Although Laurel's main ambition in life is to be a barmaid, she isn't very good at it. While cleaning the Woolpack, she decides to practice but ends up cleaning up more glass then any thing else.

Diane doesn't bite when clumsy Laurel hints that she is after some extra part time work pulling pints. She points her in the direction of Pollard's factory where there may be some work going.

Luckily for Laurel, Pollard was impressed by the work she did on the campaign and agrees to give her a trial. Upbeat Laurel is pleased to be working with Marc and during her trial is eager to impress him with her stain removing skills. Marc is uninterested but Sam is impressed and asks her to guess the stains on his trousers. Sam appears to be taking a shine to Laurel.

Gloria comes up with a plan to get the press of her back


Zoe returned to work. Gloria bargained with a reporter to prevent him from revealing her past - in exchange for information.

BBC Puresoap:-

Monday 4th November Gloria told Pollard she planned to break into Ledbetter's office and find the evidence needed to ruin him.

Zoe realised she couldn't work at the vets with her drink-driving ban so she hired Scott to drive for her.

Laurel accepted a job in Pollard's factory after failing to impress Diane with her pint-pulling skills.

She took an immediate shine to Sam, who was equally interested in her.

Date: Tuesday 05 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Pollard turns his hand to breaking and entering. Zoe is troubled over the limits her pregnancy places on her. Intrigue is rife as a guest disappears from the B & B in mysterious circumstances. Written by Peter Kerry.


Gloria is upbeat predicting future opinion polls after Ledbetter has been discredited. As they reach Farrers Barn Gloria reveals she purposely forgot her keys to test Pollard s lock picking skills. Mack gives them a few tips, but doesn't notice how intently Pollard is listening.

Pollard sports his burglar outfit and has made his way to the town hall, he is nervous as he spots a security guard. Adrenaline fuelled he flexes several credit cards outside Ledbetter's office and manages to get in without being caught. But he gets a fright once in the office as his mobile rings, it is Gloria checking up on his progress.

Suddenly there's a key turning in the door. Pollard ducks out of sight and narrowly misses being seen by the cleaner, but as she exits he creeps out and comes across the documents he needs to ruin Ledbetter  evidence that he has invested heavily in the land fill that is bound to cause public uproar.

Syd is winding Scott up about how attractive Zoe is and that he should try to make a pass at her. Hiding his anxiety Scott bites back insisting Zoe is a lesbian.

Zoe is glad to be back at work, as at one time she thought she would never be able to again, due to her illness. At Home Farm as she prepare to go on her rounds, Scott is shocked but relieved to see a leaflet about adoption on the table.

On her rounds Zoe meets her first obstacle, as she cannot treat a pregnant sheep because she is pregnant herself and there is a risk of catching toxoplasmosis, which could damage her own baby.

Zoe is resentful that she can t help the sheep, as the baby is getting in the way of her life., Scott is guilt stricken as it is apparent that Zoe is suffering because of the pregnancy.

A brooding Cain watches Angie greet Syd as he arrives at the Reynolds. He takes his anger out on Sam but Latisha is quick to defend him.

Syd questions Angie about her previous relationship with Cain. She is taken aback and plays the relationship down, wondering why Syd is curious. But Cain has been acting strangely and it has not gone unnoticed by Syd.

The crowds gather in the Woolpack in anticipation of the calendar launch. Ryan asks Louise if she has considered modelling, she politely declines sensing Ray's jealousy.

Scott: Urgh, Zoe, that STINKS!

Teletext :-

Pollard broke into Ledbetter's office. The negatives for the 2003 nude Emmerdale calendar went missing. Latisha had a row with Cain.
ITV 1 Tuesday

Pollard Breaks in to Ledbetter's office

BBC Puresoap :-

Tuesday 5th November Pollard broke into Ledbetter's office and found evidence that proved his investment in the land fill site.

Zoe started working at the vets but couldn't treat a pregnant sheep because she risked infecting herself.

Syd alarmed Angie when he started questioning her about her previous relationship with Cain.

The villagers gathered in the Woolpack for the calendar launch.

Some home truths for Eric this week.

Date: Wednesday 06 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Pollard is left vulnerable as Gloria goes to extremes to achieve her ambitions. Ashley persuades Zoe to attend ante-natal classes. Louise is uneasy as she receives a gift from an unknown admirer. Written by Peter Kerry.

After his successful stint as a cat burglar, Pollard is now content that they have the information they need to get rid of the opposition for good. With Ledbetter out of the equation Gloria s campaign is sure to take her on a fast track to Westminster.

They hand the incriminating information over to Geoff, who in turn promises to bury the scandal on Gloria. She is so thrilled at the prospect of ruining the competition she offers all the factory workers bonuses, much to Latisha, Sam and Laurel's delight.

Gloria is smug when she hears the radio news announcing Ledbetter's scandal and cracks open the bubbly, leaving Pollard worried that he ll be dispensed of next like Glynis and Ledbetter.

Pollard confronts Gloria about his worries citing that he hates the person she has become and he despises being at her beck and call. But power mad Gloria assures him she is not going back to being his number two and tells him everything will be fine once she reaches Westminster - Pollard is not so sure &

Zoe is annoyed that she keeps receiving reminders to attend ante-natal classes. She doesn t need reminding that the baby is hindering her life. Worried Zoe reluctantly agrees to go to the classes, but wanting some moral support asks Ashley to accompany her. Later he calls around to Home Farm dropping off all Bernice's old pregnancy books to prepare for the classes, Zoe doesn't take too kindly to the gesture, saying that she is only going to see what the classes are like.

Charity offers Cynthia and Danny a place to stay after she hears that Ray is evicting them, but on the condition that they share a room. Danny doesn't take too kindly to Cythina s good news and decides to explore a different avenue.

When Ollie asks Angie if Danny can stay, it becomes apparent that he isn t welcome, but the idea of staying in the same room as his mother still seems a bit like torture. So he makes his way to Dale View where Steph welcomes him to stay, she is looking forward to having a young man around the house.

Louise is still plagued by a mystery admirer, she has received a parcel containing perfume. She is cautious about showing it to Ray, who has a jealous streak.

Ray and Louise

Teletext :-

Ray evicted Cynthia. Gloria met a journalist to ruin Leadbetter. Louise received a mystery bottle of perfume in the post. ITV 1 Wednesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Wednesday 6th November Gloria's smear campaign worked perfectly but Pollard was becoming fed up with being her number two.

Zoe reluctantly agreed to go to her antenatal classes and asked Ashley to accompany her.

Charity gave Cynthia and Danny a room after Ray evicted them, but they had to share so Danny went to the B&B.

Louise received a bottle of perfume from her mystery admirer.

Date: Thursday 07 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Scott hides his shame as Zoe confesses her torment over her pregnancy. Cynthia is worried as the eviction day draws nearer. Viv resents the hold that Diane has over her. Written by Stephen Bennett.

Zoe asks Scott if he can drive her to her ante-natal class as she is meeting Ashley there. Scott is anxious but can t think of an excuse, so agrees. The midwife refers to Ashley as the father of the baby, but Zoe snaps and denies he is, leaving Ashley embarrassed.

Zoe flippantly reveals she's a lesbian and doesn't know who the father is, as she conceived when she was experiencing a psychotic episode.

Scott is uncomfortable as Zoe talks about the class and recalls the look on the midwife's face when she told her Ashley wasn't the father. Scott feels like he's skating on thin ice, wondering if her memory will come flooding back.

Later Zoe has a confrontation with a stubborn farmer who disagrees with her methods of treatment. Scott finds himself consoling her as she breaks down.

There is a frosty atmosphere between Gloria and Pollard. They intend to attend Ledbetter s press conference that afternoon, but fed up of being second in command Pollard refuses to go. His absence doesn t seem to bother Gloria. She has struck up a valuable partnership with the media.

After the conference Gloria and Geoff share a celebration drink, they discuss their plan of action if Gloria gets elected as an MP. With Gloria off schmoozing with journalists, Pollard is beginning to regret ever getting involved in politics.

When Steph offers Viv an olive branch, she snaps her hand off. The two strike up an unlikely partnership. But Viv is treading very carefully, as there are a handful of people that know about her fling with the limo driver and enemies could be fatal for her marriage.

Ray is furious that the Daggerts  are having difficulty paying their rent. Having given Cynthia an ultimatum he doesn t waste any time in showing some new tenants around.
Dale thinks Danny has wasted no time making himself at home. Nicola is disgusted to find him on the sofa in just his boxer shorts.

BBC Puresoap :-

Thursday 7th November Scott had to drive Zoe to antenatal classes and was terrified her memory could come flooding back at any time.

Pollard regretted being in politics when he watched Gloria flirt with the press at Ledbetter's conference.

Viv befriended Steph because she was worried she may reveal her fling with the limo driver to Bob.

Danny wasted no time in making himself at home at the B&B.

Ashley tried to keep a seethingZoe calm at antenatal class.

Teletext :-

Zoe and Ashley went to an antenatal class, but she stormed out. The Daggerts got ready to leave. Zoe argued with an awkward farmer.
ITV 1 Thursday

Date: Friday 08 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Edna is forced to back down as Zoe battles to save Tootsie's life. Cynthia is defiant as Louise intervenes in the Daggerts' eviction. As Bob returns from Spain, Viv is terrified that her guilty secret will be revealed. Written by Stephen Bennett.

Viv welcomes Bob Home

Scott and Syd have been out on the town, but despite all attempts to drown his sorrows and take his mind of Zoe, Scott can't get over his dilemma. Having sobered up he is quick to turf out his conquest from the night before.

Meanwhile at the vet's surgery Rhona has called in sick, leaving Zoe worried as she will have to cope on her own. As the surgery is full, Zoe is rushed off her feet when Scott turns up to drive her on her rounds. Under pressure she snaps at him and sends him away. Edna tests Zoe's patience further when she refuses to let Zoe look at Tootsie who is ill, questioning her diagnosis.

Having visited his ex wife and son in Spain, Bob is a little nervous about seeing Viv as he had stayed away longer than expected. Expecting a hard time he is more than surprised when she showers him with affection. But Viv has got more on her plate worrying about whether Bob has found out about her fling. She is treading on eggshells and it's only a matter of time before someone lets it slip.

Angie and Syd have quickly become a cosy couple. He is now the proud owner of a key to the Reynolds house. Angie insists he wait at home for her while she is at work. From a distance Cain watches despising their idyllic set up.

Louise has convinced Ray to give the Daggerts another chance to pay up, but Cynthia has had enough of the intimidation and threats. Things get a bit nasty and Ray ends up covered in beer.

While Diane and Louise look on in shock, Cynthia throws a drink over Ray.

Teletext :-

Cynthia threw a drink over Ray in the pub. Cain fired airgun pellets at Syd. Diane told Viv she wouldn't tell Bob about her fling. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap:-

Friday 8th November Bob came back from Spain and expected a hard time from Viv but she showered him in guilt-ridden affection.

Angie gave Syd a key to her house as their relationship progressed. Cain despised the idyllic set-up.

Ray agreed to give the Daggart's another chance but Cynthia had had enough and threw beer all over him.

Zoe continued to have a hard time at the vets and snapped at Scott.

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