Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3295-3299; 28 October - 1 November 2002

Updated: 26 October 2002

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Cast List :-

ZoŽ Tate
Eric Pollard
Gloria Pollard
Paddy Kirk
Emily Kirk
Angie Reynolds
Sydney Woolfe
Glynis Hardy
Cain Dingle
Ray Mullan
Zak Dingle
Louise Appleton
Rodney Blackstock
Sam Dingle
Marc Reynolds
Laurel Potts
Betty Eagleton
Geoff Graham
Nicola Blackstock
Rhona Goskirk
Ashley Thomas
Katie Addyman
Robert Sugden
Andy Sugden
Marlon Dingle
Tricia Stokes
Lisa Dingle
Councillor Ecclestone
Brian Addyman
Mr Skip
Edna Birch
Billy Aaron
Viv Hope
Danny Daggert
Alan Turner
Jack Sugden
Bill Shepherd

Leah Bracknell
Christopher Chittell
Janice McKenzie
Dominic Brunt
Kate McGregor
Freya Copeland
Nathan Gladwell
Christine Cox
Jeff Hordley
Seamus Gubbins
Steve Halliwell
Emily Symons
Patrick Mower
James Hooton
Anthony Lewis
Charlotte Bellamy
Paula Tilbrook
Jack Lord
Nicola Wheeler
Zoe Henry
John Middleton
Sammy Winward
Karl Davies
Kelvin Fletcher
Mark Charnock
Sheree Murphy
Jane Cox
David Telfer
Martin Reeve
Dave Dutton
Shirley Stelfox
Michael De Burca Harrison Howarth
Deena Payne
Cleveland Campbell
Richard Thorp
Clive Hornby
John Griffin


Angie and Syd kiss out in the street while Cain looks on seething with jealousy.

Date: Monday 28 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm       
Subtitled, Widescreen

Pollard is uneasy as Gloria revels in Glynis' political downfall. Cain's jealousy is fuelled by Angie's deepening relationship with Syd. Andy and Katie spend some precious time alone. Written by Sarah Bagshaw

As Gloria prepares for her first visit to the Town Hall as a prospective candidate, Pollard canít help but think he is being forced to play second fiddle. He quickly notes the gathered Press and wonders how they knew he would be there. Gloria, as smooth as ever, turns the Press to her advantage and does a deal for a positive magazine article. She doesnít realise, however, that the press always like two sides to every story. As she busies herself with the job in hand, the reporter gleans some damaging information about Gloria Ė from an over enthusiastic Betty armed with a megaphone.

Paddy and Emily are frantically trying to make last minute arrangements before going away on holiday. Paddy is concerned about leaving Zoe in sole charge of the vets in his absence and calls on Rhona to supervise. Emilyís biggest worry, though, is the forthcoming fostering selection result and she canít help but think that they may not be suitable. Paddy tries to stay strong for her, but admits that he too is scared. Zoe, on the other hand, is still seriously considering having her own unborn child adopted and doesnít take kindly to what she sees as moral blackmail from outsiders.

Trouble is brewing elsewhere as Angie decides to play a dangerous game Ė making Cain jealous. Knowing that he is watching, she deliberately plants a passionate kiss on Syd.

Elsewhere, a strange newcomer to the village is causing a stir.

While Gloria takes centre stage, Eric is pushed to the background.


Gloria canvassed for votes. Syd and Angie flaunted their relationship in the Woolpack. Zoe decided to have the baby adopted. ITV 1 Monday

angie & Syd kiss

BBC Puresoap:-

Monday 28th October Paddy and Emily prepared for their honeymoon but were worried about the looming fostering selection result.

Trouble brewed as Angie decided to play a dangerous game and kissed Syd when she knew Cain was watching.

Gloria learnt how the press work when one reporter gleaned some damaging information about her from Betty.

A newcomer to the village caused a bit of a stir amongst the locals.

Date: Tuesday 29 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Emily is anxious as Paddy voices last minute nerves at the prospect of being a foster carer. Gloria strides ahead with her political campaign, unaware that a murky secret from her past is about to be revealed. Louise is flattered by Rodney's gift but Ray questions his motives. Written by Ian Fenton.

Paddyís concerns over fostering deepen when Katie delivers an injured cat to the surgery. Itís evident that it is the victim of a childish attack. His frustration grows when he challenges Danny and Robert about playing football on the street, only for them to cheek him back and shoot him down in flames. It all becomes too much for him and he eventually tells Emily about his worries. But she isnít as sympathetic as he hoped and demands to know why he hasnít mentioned his fears before.

With all the talk of Paddy and Emily going away on holiday, Lisa raises the subject of a second honeymoon to Zak. But while she dreams of an exotic break abroad, Zak sets his sights considerably lower. Cain is preoccupied with Syd and Angie and finds the perfect excuse to get even. Zak has discovered that Syd has got the building work at Chez Marlon Ė he hadnít even been told they were hiring. The two Dingles put their heads together to come up with a plan to teach Syd a lesson.

News of a Peeping Tom keeps Gloria off the front page and sends shockwaves through the village. The strange new visitor at the B&B becomes the centre of the speculation. Meanwhile, Louise is unnerved when Rodney offers her a beautiful gift Ė but how will Ray react?

In this episode Zak suggests a second honeymoon to Lisa

BBC Puresoap:-

Tuesday 29th October Paddy became increasingly concerned about his abilities as a foster parent but Emily was unsympathetic.

Lisa suggested Zak take her on a second honeymoon. She wanted an exotic break but he had other ideas.

Cain wanted to take revenge on Syd for winning Angie, so he and Zak planned to steal his van.

News of a Peeping Tom sent shockwaves through the village.

Cain is not pleased


An angry Cain considered teaching Syd a lesson. Paddy worried about the kind of child he and Emily might end up fostering. ITV 1 Tuesday

Date: Wednesday 30 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Tensions rise as Paddy struggles with his doubts about fostering. Syd is left shocked as the Dingles escalate the feud in Mack's absence. Ray is increasingly insecure about his relationship with Louise. Written by Tim Dynevor.

Cain simmers with jealousy as he once again spies Angie and Syd in a passionate embrace. Itís more than he can take and he sets about plotting his downfall. Turning to Ray, Cain hints that Syd has been flirting with Louise and suggests he isnít the best employee that Ray could find. Ray takes the suggestion on board and fires a veiled threat in Sydís direction. But Cain and Zak have even bigger plans for Syd and, while he is distracted, they steal his van and take it to a deserted field. They then systematically strip it down, bit by bit, with the intention of selling it for scrap to pay for Zakís second honeymoon.

Gossip in the village is rife as to the identity of the Peeping Tom Ė with the focus of the attention falling firmly on the mysterious guest at the B&B.

Meanwhile, Louise has cause for concern when she receives a bouquet from a secret admirer. Realising how Ray may react to the gift, Louise decides that she would be best to keep the delivery a secret. She doesnít bank on Tricia opening her mouth, however, and Ray soon rumbles her.

Itís a big day for Emily and Paddy as they prepare for yet another crucial fostering meeting with a social worker. But as the questions come thick and fast, it is soon evident that Paddy thinks he may not be ready for the responsibility of fostering.

Cain and Zak steel Mack's van.


Zak and Cain stole Mac's van. Paddy continued to worry about fostering a child. Ray handed Cynthia an eviction notice. ITV 1 Wednesday

BBC Puresoap:-

Wednesday 30th October Cain and Zak stripped Syd's van down, then sold all the parts so Zak could pay for his honeymoon.

Paddy and Emily went to another fostering meeting but it was obvious Paddy didn't want the responsibility.

Louise received a bouquet from a secret admirer. She wanted to hide it from Ray but Tricia let it slip.

People thought the Peeping Tom must be the mysterious guest at the B&B.

Date: Thursday 31 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zak is in deep trouble as the full extent of the Dingles' financial crisis is revealed. Strange goings-on at Halloween prompt Louise and Ray to settle their differences. Zoe sets the adoption process in motion. Written by Andrew Kirk.

Angie & Syd

Thursday 31 October 2002 at 7:00pm

The Dingles revel in Sydís heartache as he surveys their handiwork on Mackís van. Knowing exactly who is responsible for the damage, Syd begs Angie to exert some police pressure on the culprits. But trouble is soon brewing when Syd comes face to face with Cain and Zak in the Woolpack. Syd is prepared for a one-man war with the entire Dingle clan, but Angie warns against it.

Meanwhile, a stranger spooks Lisa Dingle at home. Is it the Peeping Tom Ė or does the visitor have another reason to scare the Dingles?

Ray tries to make amends for his behaviour to Louise after his reaction to the flowers. But she is in no mood for his apology and stubbornly makes her way home from the pub alone. She soon regrets it, however, when she is frightened by a figure lurking in the shadows. Ray and the villagers turn on the stranger at the guesthouse Ė but how will his explanation for his bizarre behaviour go down with locals?

With all this spooking going, itís not hard to forget that itís Halloween and Paddy certainly seems game for a laugh. But after donning his fangs and fake blood, his efforts to scare with a smile backfire. First he shocks Emily with his get-up, and then his efforts to gel with the young trick or treaters are welcomed like a vampire in a blood bank.



Zak was visited by a benefit fraud investigator. Zoe had a meeting with the adoption agency. The villagers feared the peeping tom. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap:-

Thursday 31st October Syd was devastated when he saw his van. He begged Angie to put pressure on Zak and Cain but she refused.

Syd decided to take matters into his own hands and declared a one-man war against the Dingles.

Louise walked home alone after an argument with Ray, but she was spooked by a figure in the shadows.

Paddy scared the life out of Emily with his Halloween costume.

Zak and Lisa plan a second honeymoon

Date: Friday 01 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zak goes to great lengths to make amends with Lisa. Gloria's campaign suffers a blow when her troubled past comes to light. Zoe returns to work, refusing to let her unwanted pregnancy rule her life. Written by Bill Lyons.

Zak is firmly in Lisaís bad-books and has spent the night on the sofa. She tells him in no uncertain terms that their second honeymoon is off as a result of his underhand activities. With his back against the wall, Zak goes cap in hand to Charity in a bid to get his old job back. She is in no mood for listening until Zak tells her that he is doing it for Lisa and not himself. Charity soon lives up to her name and offers to foot the cost of the second honeymoon herself Ė until he can pay her back.

As Gloria prepares to lap up the glory of her article in Horse and House magazine, the reality is about to knock her sideways. The magazine reveals her addiction to alcohol Ė a scandal that brings more than a few titters from Viv, Betty and company. But as Pollard encourages Gloria to draw strength from the article, Gloria is convinced that more skeletons may yet tumble from her closet.

Ray is becoming increasingly worried about Louise and confides in Ashley - it is clear that something is bothering her. He assures her that he will always be there for her, a gesture that she appreciates. But she insists that she is still not ready for marriage. As talk turns to the pending calendar, Ray is uncomfortable with Louiseís involvement in it in the present climate.

Zak plead with Lisa for forgiveness by offering her a holiday abroad


A magazine published an article about Gloria's alcoholic past. Charity footed the bill for Zak's holiday tickets. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap:-

Friday 1st November A magazine article revealed Gloria's alcohol addiction. She worried there could be more bad publicity to come.

Lisa learnt about Zak's plans to raise money by sabotaging Syd's van. She made him sleep on the sofa.

Zak went to see Charity and she gave him money for the honeymoon but said he would have to pay her back.

Ray told Louise he didn't want her to appear in the nude calendar.

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