Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3290-3294; 21 October - 25 October 2002

Updated: 26 October 2002

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Cast List :-

Zoë Tate
Charity Tate
Marlon Dingle
Stephanie Stokes
Tricia Stokes
Gloria Pollard
Eric Pollard
Joseph Tate
Christopher Tate
Betty Eagleton
Viv Hope
Chloe Atkinson
Ashley Thomas
Rodney Blackstock
Danny Daggert
Paddy Kirk
Emily Kirk
Glynis Hardy
Alan Turner
Edna Birch
Henry Ledbetter
Laurel Potts
Cynthia Daggert
Louise Appleton
Nicola Blackstock
Lisa Dingle
Ray Mullan
Scott Windsor
Zak Dingle
Sydney Woolfe
Angie Reynolds
Brian Addyman
Andy Sugden
Katie Addyman
Sam Dingle
Marc Reynolds
Geoff Graham
Jack Sugden
Leah Bracknell
Emma Atkins
Mark Charnock
Lorraine Chase
Sheree Murphy
Janice McKenzie
Christopher Chittell
Oliver Young
Peter Amory
Paula Tilbrook
Deena Payne
Amy Nuttall
John Middleton
Patrick Mower
Cleveland Campbell
Dominic Brunt
Kate McGregor
Christine Cox
Richard Thorp
Shirley Stelfox
Robin Bowerman
Charlotte Bellamy
Kay Purcell
Emily Symons
Nicola Wheeler
Jane Cox
Seamus Gubbins
Ben Freeman
Steve Halliwell
Nathan Gladwell
Freya Copeland
Martin Reeve
Kelvin Fletcher
Sammy Winward
James Hooton
Anthony Lewis
Jack Lord
Clive Hornby

Outside the clinic Charity talks to Zoe.

Date: Monday 21 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zoe is troubled as she faces the prospect of terminating her fatherless child. Pollard and Gloria resort to dirty tricks to aid Eric's parliamentary campaign. Steph's presence makes Marlon squirm. Written by Lesley Clare O'Neill.

Zoe is due to attend the abortion clinic today and is feeling particularly vulnerable. As Joseph throws his arms around her she is reminded of her maternal feelings, making it difficult to leave Home Farm. Unbeknown to Zoe, rumours still seem to be centred on Charity being pregnant. Overhearing the idle gossip, Chloe tries to put a stop to the Chinese whispers insisting it isn’t Charity that is pregnant. Village busy bodies Betty and Viv are in their element as they speculate that it must be Zoe. Later at the clinic, Zoe waits alone for her operation. Hiding her anxiety she worries she is making the right decision. Will she go through with it?

Ashley goes to Home Farm to see Zoe and Chris tries to fob him off with excuses, but Ashley can tell by Chris’s state that there is something up and questions the pregnancy rumour. Chris is shocked that people are aware and quizzes him where he heard the rumour. Ashley is horrified as he learns she is about to abort the baby, believing it would be a huge mistake.

Pollard’s dirty trick campaign backfires as the evidence they have cunningly unearthed about Ledbetter’s previous conviction turns out to be incorrect and a case of mistaken identity. Sent away with a flea in his ear, Pollard is humiliated as Ledbetter proves their claims as slander.

Danny reluctantly off-loads the antiques Rodney has bought from a house clearance. As he struggles to get the job done quickly he brings an antique mirror smashing down - it certainly will be seven years bad luck when Rodney gets his hands on him!

Marlon is annoyed with himself for allowing Steph to stay, but with Tricia unaware of her advances he had no excuse to say no. But to make matters worse Marlon and Tricia can’t believe their ears when she confesses over breakfast that she’s been in prison. It doesn’t take long for Steph to be back at the B&B as Rodney is up to his old tricks again. He has taken a fancy to Steph and when he makes his advances clear she does not rebuff him.


Steph told Tricia she had been in prison. Zoe decided not to get an abortion. Emily told Viv she was going on honeymoon to Hawaii. ITV 1 Monday

BBC Puresoap:-

Monday 21st October Zoe went alone to the abortion clinic but had to wait and began to wonder if she was doing the right thing.

Pollard’s dirty tricks backfired when the muck he had dragged up against Ledbetter turned out to be incorrect.

Marlon and Tricia were shocked when Steph admitted she had been in prison. She moved back in to the B&B.

Danny was worried when he dropped and broke a large antique mirror.

Date: Tuesday 22 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris is furious when Zoe loses her nerve. Pollard's cocktail of politics and sex finally gets the better of him. Steph impresses Rodney in more ways than one. Written by Bill Taylor.

Zoe is troubled as she comes to terms with still being pregnant. Chris refuses to accept her decision, convinced she’s making a mistake. Zoe doesn’t deny she’d rather not be pregnant but believes a termination would be wrong. Seeking a friendly face, she goes to see Ashley, leaving Chris frustrated. He debates taking power of attorney over Zoe to force her to have the abortion and reiterates his doubts about her capacity to make her own decisions. Charity is troubled by Chris’s determination to take the matter into his own hands. Ashley is relieved that Zoe is still pregnant assuming her religious beliefs contributed to the decision. Zoe states that she made her decision for herself and not for God - admitting she’s willing to give birth to the child but that she will give it up for adoption. Scott is unnerved as it is now public knowledge that Zoe is pregnant. He keeps his head down but is living in fear of being exposed.

The morning after the night before, Steph wakes up in Rodney's arms and realises her mistake. But when Rodney seems keen to make it a regular liaison, Steph realises he may be handy to have as an ally. Rodney is livid when he discovers Danny has damaged the antique mirror. Danny admits to breaking it but lied that it was a complete accident. Later, Steph arrives at the antiques barn looking for Rodney and finds Danny trying to repair the mirror. She urges Danny not to worry and, flirting a little, is confident they can make the best of a bad situation. Marlon’s desperate to get rid of Steph and despite making it clear he doesn’t appreciate her staying she is too thick skinned to take the hint. He takes Turner aside and begs him to take her back.

After their father / daughter chat, Steph’s adamant she will make it work and will find her own place and make him proud of her. There’s an uneasy peace but both are pleased. But Tricia and Marlon are stunned to learn she is moving in with Nicola. Turner guesses Rodney had something to do with it. Marlon is relieved that he and Tricia finally have some space.

Cynthia is having a spot of bother getting her rent money together, much to the annoyance of Ray who decides to up her rent.

Zoe puts the Woolpack straight, it isn't Charity who is pregnant, but Zoe herself.


Nicola agreed to let Steph move in with her. Zoe told a packed Woolpack that she was pregnant. Cynthia got a reduction on her rent. ITV 1 Tuesday

BBC Puresoap:-

Tuesday 22nd October Chris didn't like Zoe's decision to have the baby adopted but she assured him it was the right thing to do.

Scott was keeping his head down as the news of Zoe's pregnancy spread throughout the village.

Steph was shocked when she woke up in Rodney's arms, but she also realised he could make a good ally.

Marlon and Tricia were relieved when Steph left them to live with Nicola.

Date: Wednesday 23 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Pollard's career crumbles when he refuses to lie anymore. Steph takes advantage of Bob's goodwill. Angie enjoys the attention she is receiving from Syd. Written by Stephen Bennett.

Pollard summons strength and attempts to tell Glynis the relationship is over. The consequences are disastrous for Pollard as hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Angry Glynis loudly reveals she and Pollard have been having an affair behind Gloria’s back to the whole Woolpack. Gloria, who knew about the affair and gave it her consent, feigns shock and slaps Pollard. But Gloria is furious for a different reason and explains the slap was for ending the affair not having it. Glynis has been instrumental to their political campaign and with out her on side they might as well give up.

Steph is making herself at home once again as Nicola trips over a very heavy suitcase in her hallway. Angry Nicola is curious about what’s inside but Steph makes it clear it’s not her business – what is she hiding? She also takes advantage of Rodney’s good nature as she sets up a stall in the antiques barn to sell ‘knocked off’ Halloween gear that she’s bought from the Dingles.

Angie is enjoying all the male attention, she’s been getting recently - first Mack and now Syd and Mack are hot on her tail. Playing hard to get she strings Syd along and then finally gives in, but to his disappointment decides they should go orienteering – not exactly what he had in mind.

Scott is getting ever more anxious that Zoe remembers their secret liaison but is relieved when she blanks him, her thoughts are obviously else where. But for how long? Will she suddenly remember? Scott knows he’s on borrowed time…

Zak, Emily and Paddy discuss Zoe while Scott looks very uncomfortable.


Gloria slapped Eric in the pub after Glynis revealed their affair. Steph angered Rodney when she used the shop to make money. ITV 1 Wednesday

BBC Puresoap:-

Wednesday 23rd October Pollard told Glynis their affair was over. She was furious and revealed their relationship to the whole pub.

Gloria slapped Pollard for show but later told him it was because they needed Glynis for their campaign.

Scott became more and more anxious as he wondered when Zoe would remember their previous secret liaison.

Angie enjoyed all the male attention and chose to go out with Syd.

Syd and Angie get it together

Date: Thursday 24 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Pollard is happy to be out of politics, but Gloria has other plans. Syd makes headway with Angie. Andy and Katie go in search of a little privacy. Written by Mark Illis.

A row ensues between Pollard and Gloria over who is to blame for their failing campaign. Accepting his decision to end the affair probably means the end of his political career, Pollard asserts all that matters is the love he feels for Gloria. Later at a press conference, Pollard steels himself to make a statement to the village and reporters. Gloria holds her head high as Pollard guiltily announces his terrible mistake and announces the end of his campaign to be an MP, but that he will continue as mayor. Although Gloria’s name has been dragged through mud, she announces that she’ll stand by her man. The audience is enthralled by her honesty and courage. Inspired by their reaction Gloria seizes the moment as she stresses - in spite Pollard’s of infidelity - her devotion to the anti-landfill cause and announces her intention to stand for parliament in his place. She’s thrilled when a spontaneous round of applause erupts. Pollard’s stunned.

Syd is bored of going on bike rides, and is up for something different – but Angie is playing hard to get, so he decides to try another tactic. She is amused by his persistence and finally caves into his demands, suggesting they both need a lie down after all that exercise.

Katie worries about her lack of money and fears they won’t be able to get married for a long time. Supportive, Andy suggests he take her out to cheer her up. After their evening the issue of sex arises. Katie’s anxious as Andy questions if she’s okay with this as it’s the first time in months. Andy’s reassured and makes her promise to tell him if she feels uncomfortable at any stage. Katie appreciates his understanding and they begin to kiss again. Feeling more relaxed with each other Katie takes Andy’s hand and begins to lead him upstairs. Brian returns and as the door opens Katie’s embarrassed and quickly drags Andy back to the sofa. Andy and Katie share a frustrated look.

Zoe is still in the dark as to who the father of her unborn child is. She realises with horror that it could have been any man in the village and is desperate to remember.

While Eric's political ambitions lay in tatters, Gloria announces her plans to stand office.


Eric made up with Gloria, who announced she would be standing for MP. Viv accused Ashley of being the father of Zoe's baby. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap:-

Thursday 24th October Angie finally gave in to Syd's advances after a hard day's hiking ended with a roll in the fields.

Katie and Andy were left frustrated after they tried to get passionate again but were interrupted by Brian.

Pollard announced his decision to step down from the campaign and said all that mattered was Gloria.

He was stunned when Gloria said she would stand for parliament instead.

Date: Friday 25 October Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Pollard is shell-shocked as Gloria continues the good fight. Andy comes up with a plan to ensure he gets time alone with Katie. Angie confesses to Marc about her relationship with Syd. Written by Matthew Westwood.

Gloria assures Pollard she is up to the challenge of standing for parliament and informs him of plans to cash in on the publicity they have received. Finding himself suddenly out of the picture, Pollard is miffed as all the attention shifts to Gloria. Wasting no time Gloria gets canvassing underway, tackling the locals first. Pollard reflects on how much his affair has cost him. Now out of the running for MP, he is still content as he still has Gloria. At the press conference Gloria is subjected to a barrage of questions. But she appears to be a natural and does well against the opposition despite some hefty digs. Pollard will have to get used to playing second fiddle, but he can’t help but admire Gloria’s slick technique and begins to believe that Gloria could really mobilise the electorate.

Katie and Andy have planned a fishing trip - desperate for a bit of quality time on their own, they’re excited as they finally get a bit of piece and quiet. Happy as two peas in a pod, they snuggle up together by the riverside.

Zoe is having a bad day. Charity and Chris are concerned that she is refusing to come out of her bedroom. She finally comes to terms with what is happening to her and admits that for the first time she is truly grateful that Charity married Chris, as she doesn’t know how she would have coped without her.

Cain is keeping a close eye on Angie and Syd. Jealous of their budding relationship he broods.


Eric was jealous as Gloria basked in the limelight. Brian accused Zak of poaching fish. Cain grew envious of Syd and Angie. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap:-

Friday 25th October Pollard was secretly impressed as he watched Gloria's campaign tactics get underway.

Katie and Andy planned a fishing trip and finally got to spend some happy, quality time together.

Zoe admitted she was glad Charity married Chris and said she didn't think she'd have coped without her.

Cain was jealous of Angie and Syd and decided to keep a close eye on them.


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