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Charity Tate (Nee Dingle)
30th March 2000 - 1st March 2005

Charity in 2000

Charity on her wedding to Chris Tate - November 2001

Charity circa 2002

Charity, Debbie (played by Charley Webb) and Cain

Charity with her baby Noah in March 2004.  Charity has given the baby to her sister-in-law Zoe to be legally adopted by her.

February 2005 Charity is about to have the last laugh on Jimmy and Sadie King

Episode: 3987 (One Hour Special) - Tuesday 1st March 2005
Charity gets her revenge and leaves the village triumphant

ITV1 Network 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Review :-

There’s fireworks all round as Charity departs.

Debbie is torn between Cain and Charity - Who will she choose?

Chloe sees the Kings for who they truly are.



Jimmy’s (Nick Miles) 40th birthday party becomes an unforgettable evening when Charity (Emma Atkins) bursts in and blurts out that she and the birthday boy have been having an affair. When the Kings refuse to believe her allegations, she whips out the evidence and plays the incriminating videotape.
Tom (Ken Farrington) is stunned as the tape confirms that Sadie (Patsy Kensit) set Charity up to stop the wedding and a distraught Sadie launches herself at Charity. The Dingle retaliates by flooring her arch rival before heading for the door.
Charity goes to collect Debbie (Charley Webb) but as Cain tells his daughter that he can’t bear the thought of losing her, Debbie turns to Charity and announces that she is staying with her father. With Noah (Sam Duffy) beside her, an emotional Charity drives off into the night.
Back at Holdgate Farm, Chloe (Amy Nuttall) continues to watch the tape and is shocked to hear the truth about Paul Marsden’s death. Matthew (Matt Healy) threatens her to forget what she has seen, but will she remain tight lipped?


* NEW ITV2 Tuesday 1 March 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Those who believe Charity is a virtue haven’t met Charity Dingle (EMMA ATKINS). Since arriving in Emmerdale she has lied, cheated, loved and lusted her way through village life, but now her time is up. In Emmerdale Special: Farewell Charity we take a look back at her dark and dangerous past, from her first thieving episode, to her final sensational exit. We talk to the people who made it all happen, ask what the future has in store, and join EMMA ATKINS behind the scenes during her final days as Emmerdale’s best loved bad girl.

A Yorkshire TV production.

ITV Update

Charity bows out in style Tues, 7.00pm, 1st Mar

PLEASE NOTE All Opinions expressed and any errors in this update are those of the ITV visual updater and not of this site's or necessarily ITV's or Emmerdale's.

The big day arrives as Charity spends her last day in the village. Cain begs her once again not to take Debbie with her and admits that he has made a mess of things, but tells her that he’s not the only one. He then asks her if he can go with them!
‘We’d tear each other apart,’ she tells him. He insists that they could both change, but Charity knows this could never be the case and blames him once again for ruining her wedding, if it hadn’t been for that, ‘Debbie could have had the best of both worlds,' she tells him, adding: ‘If I never see you again it’ll be too soon.’ For once we actually feel sorry for the crook1
Meanwhile, The kings are getting ready for Jimmy’s 40th birthday celebrations. The birthday boy is clearly a different man after paying Charity the last of the money, he even flirts with Sadie for the first time in months (it's not pleasant). Tom decides to shut up shop for the afternoon to begin the party.
When it comes to the speeches, Tom is full of pride for his sons, particularly Jimmy, he says, for he had the toughest time of the lot of them. Little does he know that as he tells them all how proud he is of his eldest son, Charity is on her way over – in a car with a number plate that reads W861 MEN – brilliant!
Jimmy begins his speech by toasting his wonderful wife, Sadie. Carl adds that Chloe also needs to be toasted as they agree to raise their glasses for the ladies – ‘Well, I’m honoured,’ says Charity, as she walks in at just the right time.
The Kings are obviously furious at her and Tom insists she leaves. But she tells them that she has a few things to say first. As the accusations flow thick and fast between her and Sadie, until she says, ‘No wonder your husband couldn’t wait to have an affair with me.’ She then produces a wad of cash as evidence that Jimmy wanted to keep their affair a secret.
There’s no way out for Jimmy except to confess, ‘I was a stupid, gullible fool, but I’m not the only one.’ Charity begs Tom to listen to what she has to say before she produces a copy of the videotape. Jimmy goes to snatch it, but Tom stops him and agrees to watch the tape.
Sadie soon rushes out of the room when she sees the two of them in bed together, but is then ordered back into the room by Tom when it becomes clear that she did in fact set Charity up with the help of Cain. ‘What do you have to say for yourself?’ Tom bellows.
Sadie breaks down and tells Tom that she did it all for him, ‘I’ve never let you down.’ At this point Charity pips in telling Tom that Sadie lied about not being able to have children simply because she didn’t want any. Sadie makes a lunge at her foe, but hard-as-nails Charity is too quick for her and floors her with a punch! Before leaving she tells her: ‘I told you I’d bring you down, didn’t I?’ And we loved every bit, Charity!
Tom rushes out after her and begs her to stay. He tells her how wrong he was and how happy he was with her. He says they could move away together and start afresh and it seems for a moment that Charity may agree. But although she admits to Tom that she’s tempted, she tells him that it doesn’t feel right and that she can’t do it. She then drives out of his life forever.
She drives back to the Dingles to collect Debbie, but is distraught when the teenager tells her that she can’t leave her dad. Charity begs her to change her mind, but knowing that it’s useless she bids a tearful (we’re all crying too, Charity!) farewell to her daughter.
Away from the tears, though, and Chloe has continued to watch the tape and hears about the Kings’ involvement in the death of Paul Marsden. Matthew tells her to forget about what she’s just seen and when she replies with a cocky answer he instead threatens her to keep quiet with sinister eyes that show perfectly clearly that he means exactly what he says.



Debbie Dingle Charley Webb
Charity Tate Emma Atkins
Lisa Dingle Jane Cox
Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter
Jimmy King Nick Miles
Sadie King Patsy Kensit
Zoe Tate Leah Bracknell
Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley
Carl King Tom Lister
Matthew King Matt Healy
Chloe Atkinson Amy Nuttall
Tom King Ken Farrington
Steph Stoke Lorraine Chase
Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher
Emily Kirk Kate McGregor
Viv Hope Deena Payne
Jack Sugden Clive Hornby
Max King Charlie Kemp
Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock
Donna Windsor Verity Rushworth
Louise Appleton Emily Symons
Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt
Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw
Terry Woods Billy Hartman
Danny Daggert Cleveland Campbell
Robert Sugden Karl Davies
Libby Charles Ty Glaser
Tamsin Charles Jenny Gleave

This episode of EMMERDALE is written by John Chambers and directed by Alan Wareing. The executive producer is Keith Richardson and the series producer is Kathleen Beedles. It is a Granada Yorkshire production for ITV1.

Special Thanks to Tracey Whitton at the ITV Picture Desk Leeds

Emmerdale.org would also like to thank Michele Fawcett & Jo Cox from Emmerdale for the Production Credits.

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