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Episode: 4,018 - Thursday 7th April 2005
Temptation spells trouble for Ashley and Laurel

ITV1 Network 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM


Ashley (John Middleton) is led into temptation when one too many glasses of wine unleashes his concealed passion for Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy). Will his determination to prove their sincerity to the Bishop be enough to keep his feelings under control?

Over at the vet’s, Marlon (Mark Charnock) corners Paddy (Dominic Brunt) about the incident in the shop and forces him to come clean about his attraction to Viv (Deena Payne). Later on in the pub, a determined Paddy makes a promise to Marlon that he won’t let Emily (Kate McGregor) down. Will Paddy stay true to his word?

Meanwhile, a determined Matthew (Matt Healy) snatches a kiss with Louise (Emily Symons) but he is shocked when she knocks him back. Feeling dejected, he tells Jimmy (Nick Miles) all bets are off but will he really accept defeat this easily?

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After dressing up his wound the previous day, Matthew sends Louise a huge bouquet of flowers. Diane spots them and tells the barmaid to be careful, ‘Fast cars, flowers and money are seductive, but men like Terry are rare.’ Yeah, but Matthew is really cute!

Speaking of the devil, he walks into the pub and tells her how nice she’s looking in her red top, ‘the colour suits you’. She thanks him for the flowers, but tells him that Terry won’t like them. ‘Well, you don’t have to tell him,’ he replies, with a cheeky grin smacked across his face.

Meanwhile, desperate for money, Sadie tells Tom she’s ready to sign the severance deal. He takes the form over to Home Farm later that day and she asks him to stay for a drink, but he declines. ‘It doesn’t have to be like this does it?’ she asks him, ‘We can still be friends.’ But Tom clearly doesn’t think so and walks out.

He faces another problem when he gets back to the office as Matthew tries to fit in all his work as well as Jimmy’s. Matthew suggests that Carl takes on Jimmy’s role, but Carl says he hasn’t got a clue about what Jimmy used to do. Tom agrees and tells Matthew that it’s too soon to sort out a restructuring of the company - or maybe he just doesn't want to get rid of Jimmy just yet?

It’s clear Tom is beginning to forgive Jimmy and offers to buy him a drink in the pub. But Jimmy feels uncomfortable there with Matthew and tells his dad he’ll have a drink alone with him another time.

Elsewhere and Paddy is doing his best to avoid Marlon so the chef decides to book himself an appointment with the vet through Libby. Sneaky! Once there he quizzes his friend over Viv and despite the two having their tongues down each other’s throats Paddy still continues to deny that he’s having an affair with Viv, unconvincingly.

If only things were passionate between Laurel and Ashley. The two have dinner together and get carried away on the sofa. Ashley breaks it off like he did last week, but this time Laurel is really frustrated and tells him how hard she is finding the whole thing.

Back at the pub and a tired Diane goes home early leaving Louise to close up. Matthew offers to help her clean the tables and they enjoy a night-cap together, but then he kisses her! It doesn’t last long before Louise breaks it off, ‘I told you I wasn’t interested, when are you gonna get the message?’ He grabs his jacket and storms out.

Minutes later Terry walks in and spots the flowers. Louise tells him that Matthew gave them to her and that he was flirting with her all night, ‘He was a right pain,’ she says. ‘You can’t blame him for trying though, you’re gorgeous.’ He gives her a hug, but poor Louise is close to tears.


This episode of EMMERDALE is written by Janys Chambers produced by Jonathan Phillips and directed by Henry Foster. The executive producer is Keith Richardson and the series producer is Kathleen Beedles It is a Granada production for ITV1.

Special Thanks to Tracey Whitton at the ITV Picture Desk Leeds

Emmerdale.org would also like to thank Michele Fawcett & Jo Cox from Emmerdale for the Production Credits.

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